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Happy Anniversary, Malcolm – Shame That Labor’s Spoiling It By Playing Politics With Same Sex Marriage!

Twelve months of Mr Turnbull as PM, eh? Why it seems like just yesterday that Tony Abbott was inviting the Nationals to join the Liberal Party room to discuss what to do about a vote on this same sex marriage thing. Remember? Some were unkind enough to suggest that this was just Tony’s way of stopping the party from calling for a conscience vote. But the meeting resulted in a very clear policy: There’d be a plebiscite at some future date. Certainly not before the election, but soon after it because we shouldn’t rush into such things.

This would enable the Australian people to express their views. And after that, the Parliament of Australia would then allow a conscience vote so that people wouldn’t be forced to take any notice of the Australian people.

And now the election has come and gone, Mr Turnbull has given us a date, and the Liberals are jumping up and down complaining that Labor won’t commit to supporting the date because they’re playing politics and it’s very clear that the Liberals have a mandate to set a date about when those wanting to marry should be able to set a date. And putting it off for a few years is just terrible because we all know that having a plebiscite will be the fastest way to allow this to happen – certainly not a vote last year and certainly not a conscience vote now. And it certainly needs to happen quickly because that’s what all the Liberals speaking in the media keep telling me. Yep, they all keep saying that, personally, they support it but they don’t feel that they can’t support it until the Australian people have had their say. Which Labor seem likely to stop …

Which, unlike the decision to invite the National Party in, or the decision to hold a plebiscite, is all about politics.

No, we need to have a civil debate about this. A civil debate where the Australian Christian Lobby can get back some of the taxes that churches pay…

Or rather that churchgoers pay, because churches are part of those “taxed nots” that Scott Morrison complains about.

You know, the sort of civil debate where Cory Bernardi suggests that this opens the door for bestiality and polygamy and having sex with One Nation supporters.

But anyway, it’s Labor that’s holding it up because we could have same sex marriage as early as February 11th next year, if it weren’t for Labor. Or sometime soon after. That is, providing the parliament endorse the vote of the Australian people.

And if Labor vote it down, as far as Malcolm Turnbull’s concerned, that’s it.

I’m not sure what he means by that because I’m sure that people who are currently unable to marry won’t suddenly decide that they don’t want to any more. Perhaps he simply means that his marriage with the Right of his party is over. But I somehow doubt it, because that’s a marriage that seems to be able to withstand any turbulent current…

Ok, I’m off to make my video for the “No” case. God, if abandoning any sense of integrity has enabled Turnbull to be PM for fifteen months or so (I understand that he’ll be removed over Christmas, when they hope we won’t notice because he’s essentially just steered the Abbott ship through the difficult straits of an election), then creating an ad for the “No” case should help me become rich and famous. And certainly they’ll need it, because if they’re asking for various exemptions to current laws then clearly they have no idea of how to create an ad without exposing themselves as the homophobes that most of them are, while I may be able to create some creative subtext…

Yes, yes, I know. It’s very hurtful for them to be called homophobes. Perhaps we should have some legislation to stop people being hurt or offended…

Oh wait… Of course we shouldn’t. That’s why they want the exemptions.

Gee, I’m getting more and more confused.

Perhaps I should just join Poorlean Hanson and complain about Muslims trying to impose their religion on us all …


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  1. jim

    Hey great post and explains why the LNP need to see what the people want so they can see if they the LNP want SSM or not, well compared to most of the LNP’s policies this one makes sense sort of. I think I get the hang of it wtf..

  2. keerti

    labore are playing politics!!!! I thought that playing politics was what polititians did!? I’m not the polititian, I’m the polititian’s son and I’ll sit here plucking pollies ’til the polititian comes

  3. pierre wilkinson

    it would be funny if it wasn’t so true….
    we could vote on it tomorrow but that would not allow all Australians to understand what we are voting on, so we will give them all a choice to choose what they want to do and then we will vote on it as we wanted to do in the first place because the plebiscite is of course not binding so… we have achieved what we wanted to do: stall the whole procedure then fall back on “do you really want to change something that has worked so well for so long?” well, at least since Johnny changed the wording so that we now need a plebiscite because nobody now has the integrity to actually stick to their stated position on subjects and do what they were elected to do

  4. Jaquix

    How come we didnt get to have a say on the superannuation backflip? Or the changes to Newstart, family payments, funding of ARENA, CSIRO ?? Actually, isnt this plebiscite just a form of privatisation – outsourcing what should be done in parliament house? They’re even using the same reasoning – it can be done better by the private sector, i.e. us !!

  5. Möbius Ecko

    Jaquix you have hit on the can worms this same sex marriage plebiscite has opened. It was raised on the ABC’s Drum the other day that as soon as any contentious (for the Right that is) legislation is tabled there will be calls for a plebiscite citing the same sex marriage one as the precedence.

    This is yet another thing this L-NP government has made a complete mess of, in a long line of screw ups. And they called the Rudd/Gillard governments dysfunctional.

  6. helvityni

    I wonder how many ‘happy’ anniversaries will Mal have.

  7. Wun Farlung

    Jaquix. Good point
    As with all ‘privatisation’ there are rivers of gold attached

  8. Wun Farlung

    Helvtyni. I don’t think the anniversary was too happy
    All he managed to do was a lot of kite flying and scratch the hell out of the ‘table’.

  9. helvityni

    Wun, I’ll give him brownie points, or the old-fashioned smiley stamp for TRYING to appear cheerful, waving hands and smiling…there, there, Lucy will kiss the hurt better…

  10. jim

    from wiki,.As in the wider society, there is a wide diversity of views on the issue of same-sex marriage, and Friends (Quakers) have varying views on the topic. Various Friends meetings around the world have voiced support for, and have recognised, same-sex marriages. In 1986, Hartford Friends Meeting in Connecticut, USA, reached the decision that “the Meeting recognizes a committed union in a celebration of marriage, The same loving care and consideration should be given to both homosexual and heterosexual applicants as outlined in Faith and Practice.”[109] Since then, some other meetings of liberal and progressive Friends from Australia, Britain, New Zealand, parts of North America, and other countries have recognised marriage between partners of the same sex. In jurisdictions, where same-sex marriage is not recognised by the civil authorities, some meetings follow the practice of early Quakers in overseeing the union without reference to the state. There are also Friends who do not support same-sex marriage, and some Evangelical and Pastoral yearly meetings in the United States have issued public statements stating that homosexuality is a sin……….

    The same could be said of islam like the old “belief” Where was the origins of the hijjab it’s from the Sahara desert to help combat the sand storms…. it’s only the Hard Right of the religion pigs the lot of em , and it’s these nasty scumbags that are holding the human race back from learning discovery, etc, etc,.. witness what they do to renewable energy today.. hell some hard right even ban schools ………….Like the nasty hard right Liberals want to put priests and IMOO fill your mind full of shit, priests in your school to bounce around the idea that you must pay/pray kneel submit forever because you did wrong to the boogey man all those years ago…. Science still proves there is no proof of either or either .

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