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Gladys Behaves With Integrity And Other Stories For Journalists

It seems that we have two very interesting narratives over the past week. After it’s announced that ICAC is launching an investigation into Gladys Berijiklian, the NSW Premier resigns. This is widely mourned by politicians and their stenographers, who argue such things as: Why should an unelected body have the power to take down a popular premier in the middle of a pandemic. Unelected bodies investigation politicians? This is undemocratic. Would we allow the police to check whether a politician has obeyed the law? I mean if it’s discovered that a member of the Morrison government has breached a law, we get told that it must be the law that’s wrong and just because a judge says in court that a minister has broken the law, that doesn’t mean that the minister shouldn’t be promoted.

Of course, this narrative overlooks a few basic facts and I’m not just talking about the fact that Gladys resigned and wasn’t actually forced to. There is an argument put by some that once an investigation was launched she had no choice but to stand aside and that’s what’s outrageous about it because of the whole presumption of innocence thing… I’ll come back to this later. However, the most obvious basic fact is that an Independent Commission Against Corruption needs to be what it’s name suggests: It needs to be independent and – ignoring the fact that every media organisation seems to suggest that there’s always and a need for balance – it actually needs to be against corruption.

«Hi, every one. We’re just making some changes. ICAC will be brought under the office of the Attorney-General and will need the minister’s approval before it can ask anyone about anything. As well as this, it will need to also look at the benefits of any corruption and how it has driven economic growth, as well as any negative economic consequences from the corrupt party hoarding any bags of cash and not spending them. Henceforth it will be called the Commission For And Against Corruption Depending On Who’s Doing It And How Much It Cost Taxpayers.»

So, we’ve had several days of mourning for Gladys, the strong, competent, clear-headed courageous leader who is simultaneously unable to get the stars out of her eyes and has just been deceived by a cad who didn’t tell her what he was up to and she had the good sense to tell him not to.

Then, along comes the story about IBAC and Dan Andrews. A story is published which says that an anonymous source has tipped them off that IBAC may be going to question Andrews. About what? A deal with the Firefighters Union. This, according to some, is more than a good reason for him to go. When asked about it, he says that you’ll have to ask IBAC because you’re not meant to go public about their investigations, but hey, surely, if you’re not being questioned, you should deny it.

Presumption of innocence? That’s only for people who are actually being investigated… Or in the case of federal ministers, not being investigated because the police don’t start investigating them because they should be presumed innocent and what’s the point of wasting time investigating someone innocent. Of course, if evidence turns up without the police investigating that’s a bit inconvenient but we need to be sure that the evidence is sound, so we’ll ask some of those connected to the innocent party if they know anything about where the evidence could be found and if they don’t, well, what can you do.

When it comes to a Labor premier, as Tim Smith said, «Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.» This may have been a reference to the firefighters union or it may have just been him using an old saying which is demonstrably wrong because there are other things which may produce smoke apart from fires. However, notwithstanding Tim Smith who’s main role as shadow Attorney-General is to make Michaelia Cash seem like a competent choice, it’s interesting to compare the reaction to the two premiers.

Gladys, whose involvement with a corrupt boyfriend where she either deliberately ignored his behaviour or was dangerously incompetent at noticing, resigns before an investigation and there’s a general gnashing of teeth at the unfairness of it all. This is the middle of a pandemic and changing leaders is not something anyone should want. Dan, who may or may not be appearing in an IBAC investigation which may or may not be about his behaviour, is «refusing» to stand aside and «stubbornly» continuing to lead his state and refusing to answer questions that may be a breach of the law were he to talk about the inquiry which may or may not exist.

We’ll probably know more in the coming days. And if it’s discovered that Andrews has appeared then it’s only right that he should be placed in the stocks and publicly flogged, even if he was only appearing as a witness where he is cooperating to help bring to light branch stacking in the Labor Party. (Branch stacking doesn’t occur in the Liberal Party; they only have aggressive recruitment).

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  1. Ross

    The NSW ICAC is a fearsome beast. A Spanish Inquisition, sinister Gestapo goons in long black leather coats, wide brimmed hats pulled low, a dark cloud of Dracula’s brood hovering above, dripping fangs at the ready, beady eyes peering into every nook and cranny of politicians everyday lives making them terrified to do their job says Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce.

    But if ICAC is so fearsome and so terrifying a beastie why is there is an ever growing conga line of NSW politicians being felled by ICAC investigations? Do they not know what a beast ICAC is and what it can do to politicians who cross the line? A line incidentally they themselves draw.
    Not the sharpest pencils in the box says Ross.

    And as night follows day immediately after the fall of Golden Gladys the Saintly Ruby Princess of NSW the mainstream media embarked on a beat up against the Victorian premier Dan Andrews. Who saw that coming? Apart from me.
    Jesus wept, taking any notice of the gong-beaters in Rupert’s mainstream media is bad for your mental health.

  2. Phil Pryor

    We are very lucky to be rid of old Glad, a show pony contrived into position to shut up well deserved vomitous reaction to the incompetent and clumsy O’Farrell and the even worse nonentity carrying a name, Baird. The donor driven and media coddled conservatives are a corporate conniving clique of crooked merdivores, able to plot the steady steams of profiteering, extraction, filtering, bleeding, gouging of “modern life” with its hordes of (us) peasant and serf types who should shut up, drink, eat, gamble, shop, travel, absorb bowelfuls of maggoty media and pay out heaps for essential housing. The REAL people in town and bush are the operators, those who rig, rort, ravage. Let not barrier of morality, ethicality, decency of restraint hinder the march of class and insider progress towards a dark past doomed tomorrow. Bottom lines need our help, by any means, and, the Glad and Bonkerlaro types polish the saddles and shine the spurs of their type of progress. Savagery it is, not satisfactory nor fair. But, what have we here to replace this written off rubbish? It’s a mediaeval man of mystery and misinformation, backed by an ageing lad who taught catholic kiddies. This is just what we need, contrived ignorance and devious diversion all over again…we will have the profits of fornicatory fraud and financial frigging again…, and again.

  3. BB

    Gladys visits Daryl… with integrity… yep, she’s now giving him her whole undivided attention… again again.
    A movie, a musical is in the air, will become a hollywood blockbuster… Gladys ❤️ Daryl…

    Ok, move along folks, nothing to see here… just normal boring everyday corruption… 🙄🙄🙄


    Hypocrisy piled upon stupidity. Yes, St Gladys of the Arc, oh so sweet and demure in her tailored jackets, yet not an iota of respectability, cries injustice and ultimate sacrifice, and falls on her or someone else’s sword, yet spares not a second, to race to be beside the Dazzling Dazza.

    What pile of sticking bullshit these coalition types are. Now the new England fornicator is screaming and frothing at the mouth about media reports about linkages between his special squeeze and good old Porky Barrels.

    And throughout it all, Murdoch and his maggots and the rest of the bastard MSM, focus on Labor and its popular premier Dan Andrews.

    My message, if they’re listening or reading this, get your fingers out of your collective arses and get some journalistic credibility or just F**k off.

  5. Kathryn

    The way the malevolent, disingenuous, Z-rated garbage wrap known as the LNP/Murdoch-influenced media (which, tragically, now includes our taxpayer funded ABC) are treating the disgraced sad-eyed Gladys Berejiklian with kid gloves, is DISGRACEUL and undemocratic! Could you just IMAGINE the uproarious outcry, the never-ending shrieking accusations, the virulent attacks against a politician (caught in her circumstance) if he/she was a member of the LABOR PARTY! The right-wing bias of our media – so undemocratically influenced, controlled and manipulated by the notorious self-serving sociopaths in the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance borders on fascism. The Alliance, bloated on their OWN nefarious propaganda, have manipulated the WHOLE scenario to make it look like Berejiklian was some “innocent” sacrificial lamb and/or a woebegone martyr on the cross of some malignant political conspiracy! This is a devious (but not surprising) manipulation of the facts in order to “rescue” some semblance of credibility for their rising notoriety as the worst, most corrupt government in living memory (at State and Federal level). Now Berejiklian and the LNP are pushing an agenda that is entirely FALSE and goes way, way beyond what intelligent and fair minded Australians can consider to be justifiable or tolerable! Sadly, there are enough Murdoch-manipulated and totally gullible LNP-supporting fools out there who are willing and prepared to inhale all the lies and believe it!

    The REAL FACT is that Berejiklian was PROVEN to be corrupt and has such an atrocious lack of good judgement she chose to openly favour and collude with her notoriously corrupt boyfriend, the devious, discredited Daryl Maguire, when she handed him countless MILLIONS of hard-earned taxpayer funds so that he, in turn, could fund a whole series of dubious little projects (including funding a clay shooting gallery)! Gladys Berejiklian decided it was OK to oversee a fund that reserved $5.5 million in grant funding for the Australian Clay Target Association’s clubhouse and convention centre in Wagga Wagga in order that her then shifty boyfriend could precariously cling to his political seat – THIS is a disgraceful and wanton abuse of taxpayer funds known as PORK BARELLING. As such, Gladys seriously abused her rights as Premier of NSW.

    Is she sorry? No way – she was only sorry because she got CAUGHT with her hand in the taxpayer purse!
    Is she remorseful? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! Instead she now faces a justifiable NSW ICAC investigation due to her dealings with her shady, underhanded boyfriend (at that time) who was forced to step down due to his own rather murky dealings and underhanded level of corruption.

    The fact that the LNP and their Propaganda Minister, Murdoch, have now got the unbelievable audacity and gall to turn around and blame NSW ICAC for doing their job as efficient Watch Dogs (on the behalf of the taxpayers of NSW); the fact that the LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance are screaming blue murder at the “injustice” of forcing Berejiklian to step down whilst NSW ICAC continue to shine a light in the dark corners of NSW State LNP corruption (from the very top down); the fact that so many shady little NSW LNP State MPs are fleeing the NSW State government like rats leaving a sinking ship – is further indication of just how entitled and corrupt these born-to-rule sociopaths in the LNP (at State AND Federal level) really are!

    Ever since that mumbling, bumbling, incoherent fool, Abbott, crawled across the electoral line on a platform of outrageous lies, the non-stop misogynistic character-assassinating attacks against Julia Gillard and then turned around and broke every single promise he made before the election, the staggering level of self-serving corruption, rorting, lying, virulent attacks against the most vulnerable people in our society and defundment of EVERYTHING Australians value, is getting worse and worse with each passing day! We have now reached the sorry stage where these arrogant, pompous pack of bible-thumping hypocrites and Hillsong cultists in the LNP, absolutely REFUSE to be made accountable for their increasing level of self-entitlement and continual rorting and scandalous waste of countless BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars!

    Enough! FFS Wake up Australia and kick these political psychopaths to the kerb at the next State and Federal elections! Put them DEAD LAST on the ballot paper because, God knows, that’s where they HAVE ALWAYS – and WILL ALWAYS – put YOU!

  6. Harry Lime

    I second your emotion,Kathryn.

  7. New England Cocky

    @Kathryn: Well said!!

    But really you guys are being very unreasonable, thinking that politicians can exist on a mere $200,000+ per year income from salary, perks and Parliamentary Allowances. As Beetrooter has claimed, it is very expensive to maintain two families simultaneously and even more expensive when two bastards hit the floor.

    It is time for a spring clean-out of these Liarbral Nazional$ COALiiton misgovernment with their dubious politics of personal enrichment of pecuniary interests.

    Time to put the best interests of Australian voters ahead of foreign owned multinational corporations rorting JobKeeper and paying no taxation in Australia.

    It’s time!! Again!!

  8. !


    The REAL FACT is that Berejiklian was PROVEN to be corrupt …

    Proven to be corrupt? Really? When did that happen? Berejiklian has been prosecuted, tried and convicted? Why didn’t the Murdoch papers report that? Same with the ABC. No reports. Not even a mention. Now that’s a real scandal.

    And here I was thinking that the NSW ICAC was to hold public hearings beginning 10:00 am on Monday 18 October 2021 to see IF there is a case to be referred to the Department of Public Prosecutions for their possible action in a duly constituted court of law.

    Or is this supposedly proven claim of conviction just more fake news?

  9. Kathryn

    In response to the above ridiculous comment, let me assure the writer (whom, I notice, chose to remain cowardly anonymous) that ICAC NEVER EVER EVER initiate an investigation unless they have FULL PROOF AND EVIDENCE of political corruption and subterfuge LONG BEFORE any action is taken!

    It is not FAKE NEWS as you so foolishly indicate OTHERWISE Berejiklian would STILL be in the job as Premier, right? This rather deluded right-wing Berejiklian fan makes this erroneous assumption of innocence but the fact is that ICAC have already established PROOF. Her dodgy dealings have already been fully revealed in relation to the huge part Berejiklian played in Daryl Maguire’s pork barrelling of more than $5.5 million of hard-earned taxpayer dollars!

    WTF do you think she stood in front of a bloody microphone, shedding crocodile tears and (astoundingly) saying that she DIDN’T WANT TO RESIGN, eh? The fact is: she DID NOT RESIGN, she did NOT go willingly! Instead, deluded right-wing sycophants need to WAKE UP and realise that sad-eyed Glad was FORCED OUT by NSW ICAC requirements which stipulate that corrupt politicians MUST step down whilst ICAC complete their investigations into the level of (already established) corruption has been completed! If you doubt that even MORE shit isn’t going to hit the fan with the nefarious grubs in the LNP, you are living in a parallel universe! Already we have seen a pack of snivelling, dodgy NSW LNP MPs scuttling away like rats leaving a sinking ship! No surprise, no coincidence there, eh?

    If this writer doesn’t believe that the NSW and Federal LNP are the worst, most obscenely corrupt, smug, callously inhumane pack of miscreants and nauseating bible-thumping hypocrites this nation has EVER seen, then he or she has been hiding under a frigging ROCK for the last eight years!

  10. Vikingduk

    Even so, ! Has a point. Nothing has been proven and yes I’m another cowardly custard hiding my name, like a fish, in a barrel. Having said that I’ll now say this —

    Dear scotty and co fuck off and dear scotty when you get there fuck off some more
    Actually dear scotty and co just keep fucking off until you get to the gate that says you can’t fuck off beyond here.
    Dream the impossible dream, jump that gate and just keep fucking off.
    There ends my considered, subtle diatribe, one packed with much educated conundrums and deep thought. Aloha


    Alas poor Gladys; poor in ethics, poor in judgement, poor in honesty but ever so rich in passing the buck, whitewashing her reputation, claiming ignorance, always rolling her lollipop eyes and forever showing a dainty set of knees.

    Good riddance, and mind the door as you leave.

  12. Roswell

    The REAL FACT is that Berejiklian was PROVEN to be corrupt

    !, it’s true that she hasn’t been found guilty of corruption in a court of law, and I would have preferred it if Kathryn had have said; “In the opinion of many people Gladys is considered a corrupt etc etc.”

    Back in January the Sydney Morning Herald reported that “NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s office broke the law when it shredded documents relating to a $250 million grants scheme.”

    That’s a bit sus. It may even lead people into believing she’s corrupt. Or at least dishonest.

  13. Roswell

    Technically it would be incorrect of me to call Hitler a war criminal as he was never tried and convicted of being one.

    What a lousy court system we have. The man was as guilty of sin!

  14. BB

    Some folks just love being pedants, in trying to defend the bleeding obviously guilty, makes them feel oh so gooood…..
    ………………..but hey we live in a democracy, yes?
    Of justice being circumnavigated by technicalities and rich fancy QC’s, oh fuck it, just why not just buy a judge instead…
    Of course everybody is innocent until proven guilty.
    (but wait, there’s always exceptions……… if your name is Julian).

    Of course we all know that someone like George Pell was completely innocent. Just a lovely man, he’s very religious you know.
    That was a real fuck up eh, a terrible miscarriage of justice right. And some were accusing him pre-trial of being a pedophile.
    Luckily though Pell had all that Vatican “expertise” to make sure justice prevailed in the end… Phewww.

    Anyway I reckon a lump of shit would smell just as disgusting by any other name. And a spade is still a spade!

    And if folks don’t mind, I’ll still call Johnny Howard a war criminal. But wait, he’s still innocent right.
    What a lousy court system we have. But hey Johnny has good mates right.. He’s in the the Boys Club.

    Iraq 2003: what the leaders say, and what they leave out

    Now whilst there is still arguments about WMD. Excuse me, I’m just clearing my throat.
    There is no argument that Gladys loves her paper shredder.

    Gladys, if you’re reading, here’s some advice, lose the skirt & lipstick, wear trousers, ask Johnny if you can join the Boys Club.

  15. Kate Ahearne


    In response to your response: ‘In response to the above ridiculous comment, let me assure the writer (whom, I notice, chose to remain cowardly anonymous)…’ How many Kathryns are there in the world? Which one are you?

  16. BB

    Hi Michael.
    Thanks for the link… Interesting..
    Unfortunately despite immense efforts to bring the weasel to justice, so far it all has come to zero, with fancy lawyers across 3 continents, the war rat still walks free and now feels emboldened, entitled in his criticism of Afghanistan war crimes… FFS!!! The whole system is rotten rotten rotten. The Liberals are scumbags, the whole fucking lot of them, dregs, low life criminals. Morrison insults the French, intent on causing max trouble with our neighbours the Chinese, enjoys brown tonguing yanks.

    Hey there Kate Ahearne, what’s the weather like overseas?
    It’s a sunny day over here in NSW now that Gladys is gone..
    Unfortunately dark clouds are looming on the horizon..
    there’s a new kid on the block, a “DoPer” on the scene..

    PS…There’s only one genuine BB in the world, here I am…🤩😁😎

  17. Vikingduk

    Woopdedoo, BB, we are so fucking incredibly fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, perceptive person telling us how we should think fuck mate we are truely blessed pray tell who else is guilty who else doesn’t meet your standards of judgment who else will you choose to denigrate tell us what qualifies you to be a judge how is it that you are so certain that your judgment is the one and only wank on please do

  18. BB

    Thank you Vikingduk, such praise, very kind of you, ter be sure.
    As for wanking, you are doing a fine job, please, do carry on…

  19. Max Gross

    I am in my mid-60s and can honestly say I have never seen a more corrupt. secretive and incompetent government as the one Sideshow Scott presides over. As for my home state of NSW… Rum Corps rules!
    BTW. Totally agree with Kathryn. Abso-fucking-lutely!

  20. Wayne Turner

    That terrible ICAC,going after Eddie Obeid and Ian MacDonald,said no one ever. – Funny the COALition loved ICAC then.But,when it goes after another NSW State Lib Premier, suddenly ICAC is terrible.You can’t pick and choose when you love,and hate ICAC,based on who they investigate.Corruption is corruption,no matter what political party you are in.

    Hypocrites promoted by their MSM.Sadly, believed by so many gullible morons of the public.

    The mediaocracy continues…

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