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Giving Peter Dutton Curry!

Twitter showed its nasty side when people heard that poor, old Peter Dutton had been struck done with Covid-19. Of course, I’m sure that many would argue that someone so devoid of empathy can’t expect any when karma strikes. Some were even nasty enough to bring up the repeal of Medevac and suggest that Dutton should have to seek approval from the refugees on Manus or Nauru before getting treatment

Personally, I’d like to think that I’m better than that. Ok, I only said that I like to think that I’m better than that, I didn’t say that I actually was. I did start to say to someone wouldn’t it be terrible if he was so ill that he had to leave Parliament and I managed most of that without smiling broadly. Even if I’m not perfect, I’m not going to gloat or take part in schadenfreude. No, I’m just going to say isn’t it great that Petey is in isolation and getting the treatment he deserves.

Of course, when I say that he’s getting what he deserves, I’m not suggesting that he deserves to be suffering with Coronavirus. No, I’m just simply happy that Mr Dutton will be eating a healthy curry tonight. I’m sure you all remember that our PM suggested that if we knew anyone in isolation then the best thing to do was to take them round a curry, so undoubtedly ScoMo has whipped together one of his curries and rushed it over.

Now I bet some of you are asking the obvious question: Wouldn’t Mr Morrison be risking spreading the virus by visiting someone who has it?

Well, it seems that Morrison doesn’t need to worry because he doesn’t have Covid-19 and there was no danger that he’ll get it. No, he hasn’t been tested. He just knows because, well, he hasn’t been exposed to it because when he met with Mr Dutton earlier in the week, Mr Dutton was just fine and showing no signs of anything. According to the official story, Mr Dutton picked it up the week before but this didn’t mean that he was a danger to anyone in the Cabinet when they met last Tuesday because he didn’t show symptoms until Thursday when medical experts managed to complete a 72-hour test and give him the results before the day was out.

Did I mention that Scottie believes in miracles?

Mr Dutton’s hospitalisation had many calling for the isolation of the entire Cabinet… Actually, many had been calling for the entire government to be put in isolation for several months now, so that may have nothing to do with Dutton’s illness.

Whatever, even though the PM has assured us that the Cabinet don’t need testing and that crowds of over 500 are just fine until Monday, there’s a lot of worried people out there. And one of the things that’s worrying them is the number of people who say that this is no worse than the average flu – which kills millions – so there’s really nothing to worry about. While it may be true that this is no worse, perhaps that suggests that we should take flu prevention more seriously than not take measures to slow the spread of the pandemic.

To me, it’s akin to suggesting that one can safely swim in crocodile-infested waters because more people die from car accidents.

Anyway, hopefully, Mr Morrison’s curry has given Mr Dutton all the incentive he needs to get well and to get back to his main job of telling us that the trouble with the Labor party is that they bring politics into everything.

Thoughts and prayers, Mr Dutton.


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  1. calculus witherspoon.


    I won’t repeat what I wrote at FB. Your imaginations will tell you soon enough if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  2. Ferkin Wetkecks

    I hope the curry gives Dutton what he gives us.

  3. Harry Lime

    Dutton is probably safe because this virus only affects humans,doesn’t it?That’s why mendacious Morri is safe as well.
    Or is he?

  4. Aortic

    “Mr Dutton was just fine and showing no signs of anything.” Even if he wasn’t he would be showing no signs of anything. It is his trademark and raison d’être. Another mouth like Morrison Frydenberg who yell through Mr. Speaker the perecevied inadequacies of those opposite and the awful outside influences that have impacted on their wonderful surplus, whatever the hell that means. Still looking forward to buying 750 bucks worth of toilet rolls if I can find them within 100 clicks of where we live.

  5. Pingback: Giving Peter Dutton Curry! #newsoz.org #auspol - News Oz

  6. Charles Oliver

    I would have thought that a real leader would be first in line for a corona virus test and have plenty of cameras in attendance to record the event. But then Morrison isn’t a real leader, is he?

  7. Terence Mills


    I believe that we need to treat this matter with the gravity and seriousness that it deserves and not trivialise Mr Dutton’s visit to the USA.

    Spud was in Washington on behalf of the Australian people for a one-on-one top level security meeting with Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, followed up by an intelligence briefing from Kim Kardashian.

    This is the business of state !

  8. whatever

    Watch Foxtel (and the rest of the Murdoch Empire that owns TV sport) go crying to the Govt. for compensation now that the NRL is cancelled.

  9. New England Cocky

    The optimal prognosis should be to take two months self isolation on Manus followed by a further two months on Christmas Island both without access to communications of any kind.

  10. Fergy Nell

    Gollum should be sent on a quest to find the ring.

  11. Hotspringer

    I must confess I’m not perfect, not at all.

  12. jake

    but why lie about it – why is the first (and only) option for this govt in name only to LIE!!!!!

    if he was symptomatic on wednesday why lie and say friday

    why make the now so called chief medical person lie about it as well – first by inventing a new rule about not necessary to self isolate if contact prior to 24 hours and now caught out because the doc must have known that spud was symptomatic within 24hrs of the cabinet meeting and all of those meeting attendees must self isolate – but i haven’t heard that they are and if not WHY NOT??? the rules apply to everyone and the virus does not care how important you think you are

    this has now ruined all credibility of the chief medical person and what little credibility this moron of a pm had left – we are in the middle of a medical emergency and we now can’t believe a word the govt and its moronic minions say

    does moron (i love the bogan with a slogan handle – congrats) seriously believe that god will keep him safe because if he does he is not fit to be pm – individual beliefs should not be the reason for governing a country – i personally believe that the lying nasties are all going to be reincarnated as cockroaches and now that the stock market has crashed will be buying big in mortein shares.

    i didn’t think this so called govt would sink this low to lie to the entire world and for what reason?? what do they think they have achieved

  13. RomeoCharlie29

    You have to give Moron credit. He has now destroyed the credibility of the person most of us (?) thought had a real handle on the situation. I am really hoping Spudhead’s infection does spread to his cabinet colleagues, it might be the last straw for those still stupid enough to believe anything Scummo says. And what Charles Oliver said.

  14. LOVO

    In Dutton’s case… I feel sorry for the virus.

  15. New Bruce

    Oh bugger.
    A sick federal cabinet.
    What will Australia do?

    Have they really cancelled the NRL ?

  16. Michael Taylor

    That particular virus drew the short straw, hey LOVO. 😂

  17. Grumpy Geezer

    “Personally, I’d like to think that I’m better than that. ”

    Imagine Dutton taking control, via a version of the Reichstag fire say, and having dictator powers.

    Personally, I am not better than that.

  18. whatever

    Right on-cue, NRL Chair Peter V’landys is demanding Fed Govt compensation for the cancelled matches.

  19. TuffGuy

    And perhaps the spud should have been sent to Xmas Island too, like he did to the first victims of the virus, or to a mining camp in the Northern Territory.
    Many also believe Scummo’s decree that we could attend major gatherings until Monday was more to allow his pedo protecting mate to make millions from his massive Hillsong event this weekend, hosting many from all over the globe.
    And let us not forget Scummo contributes a lot of money to Hillsong and his imaginary sky fairy so he is automatically protected from the likes of corona viruses, unlike those of us who don’t and will probably end up getting it.

  20. Terence Mills

    Hillsong have advised their attendees to wash their hands and remember :

    Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the Most High, your dwelling place, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.” Psalm 91:9-10.

    So that’s alright, then !

  21. Rossleigh

    Gee, Terence when you put it like that, it sounds like the Lord is running a protection racket.
    “If you pays me da money, nobody’s gonna touch you… Thinks of it as insurance!”

  22. 3poodles

    whateverMarch 15, 2020 at 2:02 pm
    Right on-cue, NRL Chair Peter V’landys is demanding Fed Govt compensation for the cancelled matches.

    was that the same grub ( V’landy’s ) that was front and centre 4 corners revelation, of race horse cruelty/deaths. I’m sure he was lying through his front teeth over that matter. CEO at the time too.

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