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The actual headline in The Australian Financial Review was

“Send miners to parliament and students to work, Gina Rinehart says”

Now, I can’t help but feel that even they found Gina Rinehart’s speech a little over the top, but it is hard to tell. Anyway, Ms Rinehart did have some pearls of wisdom in her sermon.

Apparently, “Platitudes and press releases move precisely zero tonnes of iron, copper, nickel, rare earths or any other mineral.” An observation that I found less than educational because I already knew that moving such things requires heavy machinery. However, as Gina was talking to a bunch of mining executives, it makes me wonder how out of touch they are.

Speaking of out of touch, did you happen to catch the transcript of Reserve Bank Governor, Michele Bullock’s, latest pearls of wisdom. Inflation is apparently now “domestically driven” and it’s the service industry that’s particularly showing this. To quote the RBA Governor directly:

“Hairdressers and dentists, dining out, sporting and other recreational activities – the prices of all these services are rising strongly…”

She went on to suggest that it was easier for businesses to raise prices rather than increase output. Call me economically ignorant but I fail to see how an interest rate rise will encourage dentists to pull more teeth or hairdressers to take more off the top.

Still, if people have no spare money, they may just decide not to dine out or get their teeth fixed. In the latter case, this may lead to them working less efficiently and losing their job. This would go some way of achieving Bullock’s aim of increasing unemployment to the sort of levels that would discourage workers from seeking pay rises that almost keep pace with inflation and stop them going out to dinner, going to sporting or other recreational activities, leading in turn to more lay-offs and more unemployment. While that seems like a shame, as the RBA head told us, she only has the blunt instrument of interest rate rises and she’s got to think of what’s good for us collectively…

Just like Gina who understands that getting rid of ridiculous red tape that stop people mining wherever they damn well please without having to check whether there’s some reason not to:

“Now I’m suggesting something in addition, encourage and support people from our industry, to put themselves up for parliament. We need strong people in government, not afraid to stand up for common sense, and for mining.”

She urged her audience to spend fifteen minutes a day advocating for mining. I think she could have added that they should also spend a further fifteen minutes praying to the god of production asking him to remove all obstacles to production such as politicians that she doesn’t own and laws that she doesn’t like.

Anyway, she went on to praise Peter Dutton as an outstanding leader, which is odd because all I remember him leading is the failed coup against Turnbull that led to Scott Morrison being elected Liberal leader and the current opposition. (Speaking of Peter Dutton I noticed that he recently argued that, unlike our current PM, Scott Morrison didn’t go overseas when he was needed here… Given that Scotty secretly snuck off to Hawaii during those bushfires, it does tend to suggest that Peter Dutton thinks that Scott Morrison was never needed here… or anywhere!)

She also attacked today’s youth for being work-shy.

“Too often today, youngsters who’ve been to uni don’t want to do work they think is below them, and want to jump into senior roles for instant success skipping the hard metres, perhaps with the feeling that their private education or time at uni means they should pick and choose what work they do. I think part of my success was, despite a private education and, with what was required back then, high enough marks to get into uni that this didn’t give me such an attitude.”

Now I’m sure that a part of Gina Rinehart’s success was having the right attitude. I mean plenty of people who inherit millions from their father and a trust fund worth billions don’t go on to become the richest woman in Australia. And it takes a lot of work to make sure all those politicians kiss your ring… I was going to say something about Gina working her way up from the bottom but maybe it’s the other way round.


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  1. Clakka

    Excellent Rossleigh,

    Short and to the point. I’m full aligned with the ironies observed.

    Going straight to the top, looking at the grim underbelly.

    Was there any paper to or from government there, or as a matter of convenience, had they already been wiped?

  2. GL

    Gina want more like Banababy. Banababies good. Bananababies take money and fall to knees with pursed lips. Bananababies kiss Gina’s arse and give Gina what Gina wants. Mines, lots and lots of mines. Mines make Gina more money. Gina can never have enough money. Gina happy with paid for Banababies.

  3. Terence Mills

    I was just reading about Barnaby Joyce and Vikki Campion who tied the knot “in a bush-bash style wedding at their sprawling New England property, Woolbrook “.

    It wasn’t long ago that Barnaby was crying poor about his reduced income following loss of the Deputy Prime Ministership and the fact that he had to maintain two families on a back-bencher’s pay.

    Now all of a sudden he has a sprawling rural property in New England. Where did this new found wealth come from ?

    Has Gina forgotten that it was her Dad, Lang Hancock who nailed those massive iron-ore tenements while she was boarding at St Hilda’s Anglican School for Girls and that she then attended the University of Sydney, later dropping out to work for her father.

    People with short memories and offshore taxhavens should not be lecturing the rest of us !

  4. Harry Lime

    With oracles like Gina the Mean,and lesser icons like Michelle Bollock giving advice and makiing decisions that can instantly shoot people down,why do we need the opinions from so called ‘experts?’ I fully expect the Albo mob to be feverishly scuttling in all directions to accomodate their wishes.It’s enough to make you lose the will to live.Let’s approve a few more fossil fuel projects on the way to COP to talk more shit.

  5. Leigh Ballaam

    How is it that expedient solutions are given to prove a point without the cost benefit analysis being given as well, like mining magnates have the time or inclination to meddle in politics, forever tainted by the experience, no when you need a flunky just call your advisor and it is done. Students working now here’s a thing what are they studying if not for a better job, though the demograph tells us that only a percentile need tertiary education, the others taking up the slack to fill job vacancies or preferred positions as their skill sets dictate. I notice no mention of wealth distribution, or better more responsible ore extraction techniques and practices a major possible job creator. Let’s hear it for the 80,000 abandoned mines in Australia leaking toxic waste into the environment

  6. Max Gross

    Gina is about as loathsome as they come. Like Dutton.

  7. Harry Lime

    Amen, Max.

  8. Ankisip

    I don’t watch sky news, but as I flicked past it this afternoon I thought I’d give it a whirl.
    Unrelenting persecution of “lefties and labour”, and praise for Gina.
    I watched for about as long as it has taken to write this.

    No wonder this place has gone to the dogs.

  9. Michael Taylor

    I often watch a bit of Sky News… on Media Watch when they point out their lies. 😉

  10. Andrew Smith

    The image of the former Nats leader & an alleged think tank donor i.e. IPA in Atlas or Koch Network says it all, not just locally, but how fossil fueled wealthy &/or business donors operate in the US; a metaphor?

    There is the Koch ‘bill mill’ ALEC American Legislative Exchange Council that lobbies US Reps and Committees for big oil, big coal, big ag, big mining, big pharma etc. by donating and developing their draft bills eg. tax cuts, and oppose others’ e.g. environmental regulation, carbon pricing, indigenous land rights etc.; in other words external stakeholders ‘own’ GOP politicians and in Oz think tanks ‘owning’ the Nats?

    The latter have evolved from the Country Party and its small medium family operated farms and communities to the National Party acting on behalf of mining & resources, and regional cities; often it’s to ‘wedge’ their own Liberal coalition partners on climate science etc., nice…..

    According to DeSmog: ‘“ALEC is not a lobby; it is not a front group. It is much more powerful than that. Through ALEC, behind closed doors, corporations hand state legislators the changes to the law they desire that directly benefit their bottom line. Along with legislators, corporations have membership in ALEC. Corporations sit on all nine ALEC task forces and vote with legislators to approve ‘model’ bills.’


    DeSmog also had article citing UTS academic Walker on links between CIS (& IPA) with The Voice No campaign, replicating similar in Canada, on behalf of fossil fuel and mining interests; foreign linked think tanks and a coalition party stymieing the LNP’s own contributions to The Voice…..

  11. Phil Pryor

    Brainless brownshirt brazen bastards, e g, Pox Newsless Nonsense, is run by duds, dills, drongos, dropouts, dickheads, deviates, dullards, dregs and A Blot, the Dutch dickhead dropout. No sign of intellectual activity or life ever emanates, so the Fat Frau of the West, a known scraper, gouger, hoarder, egofantasist fool and family fukaupperer, runs a chronic whinge against all other underlings and outcasts, e g, US and the DIFFERENT, supported by conservative greedite anuses of no known Restraint. POO.

  12. Goog

    Maybe Gina would like to be like 17th century ,9 year olds working in mines , and get the government to shoot any strikers

  13. GL


    Be generous, make it the 18th Century.

  14. Liam

    These people are dangerous to our country. They have no loyalty to “provincial” Australia and see only a labour force (any expertise needed for their own operations can be bought in the international market). The poorer we are, the better for them as they can force down wages and conditions. The knowledge economy is an export industry, it competes with minerals, and drives up the Australian dollar and domestic costs, reducing profits, thus money available for their bonuses.

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