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From 2013: “Dealing With Liberals And Trolls – A How To Guide”

The following was first posted in early 2013. While I don’t normally do repeats, this one seemed appropriate:

Some Christians knocked on my door early this morning, even though there is “Do Not Knock” sign clearly displayed. Now I subscribe to the philosophy that religion is like a penis: Some people have one and others don’t and it’s fine either way. But if you have one, don’t knock on my door and ask me to have a look at it. That they should pick today is ironic, because I was actually planning to write about the Christian ideal of turning the other cheek in this blog today.

It seems to me there are two sorts of people considered “trolls”: the first is attempting to win you over to their way of thinking by presenting an alternative viewpoint of reasonable arguments and evidence to make you consider a different viewpoint. It’s always been a danger that people associate with others like them, and don’t get to see a different world view. (After Jeff lost, Felicity Kennett said she didn’t know how that was possible as she didn’t know ANYONE who voted Labor!?!). The internet makes it easier for people to join groups that just perpetuate their view that God wants us all to own guns so we can shoot gay people who want to marry. Strictly speaking, people who just want to challenge and present other points of view, aren’t trolls. Trolls are, like Andrew Bolt, deliberately provocative, and use language designed to infuriate.

Bolt, of course, gets paid for it. So why do trolls do it? One possible explanation is that they like making people angry; another is that they have some sort of desperate need to be abused. Either way, I recommend we treat them all with compassion, and understanding, so when some troll writes: “Juliar is redhearded witch who wuz neva alleckted.”, writing back that they should use a spell check or commenting that this is what happens when Queenslanders marry only validates them. Far better to ignore them.

Quoting evidence or facts back at them may seem like a reasonable course of action, but I wasted many valuable moments of my life arguing with one troll who just dismissed all sources I presented as being part of a plan for world government which included the mainstream media and the left, scientists and government, the United Nations and, of course, teachers. (I pointed out that this was as likely as Hitler’s claim that the Reichstag was burned done by Jewish bankers working with the socialists, but he seemed to think the Jewish bankers and the socialists were STILL working together). He regularly told me that I was incapable of thinking for myself, followed by a link to a web site where someone was telling him what to think when he was thinking for himself.

And then I remembered the Christmas discussions with my older brother, who liked to provoke all tertiary educated by supporting One Nation policies. I don’t know whether he really believed the things he said, I do know that he enjoyed the argument. There was no point trying to win the argument, because he would change the subject. It was frustrating until I decided to become as irrational and dogmatic as he was. Then it just became fun.

So if you find yourself unable to ignore a troll. Or if you find yourself at a family lunch with a Liberal supporter, don’t expect reason to win the day. Try making them the frustrated exasperated one. For example:

“Well, you can’t deny global warming now, after what’s happened.”

“We’ve always had extreme temperatures, the recent weather patterns…”

“I’m talking about what’s happened in North Korea!”


“Someone on the news said that it was the world’s biggest hot spots”

“That’s got nothing to do with the weather.”

“So, you’re denying that there’s a problem in North Korea!”

“It’s got nothing to do with global warming”

“Next you’ll be denying that Julia Gillard was born in Australia.”

“She wasn’t!”

“What’s that got to with anything? Neither was Tony Abbott!”

“It doesn’t matter where Julia was born!”

“Then why are people demanding to see Obama’s birth ceritificate?”

“To prove he’s an American!”

“What’s that got to do with the situation in Syria?”


“Then why did you bring it up? You’re just being ridiculous.”

Let them be the one with the high blood pressure.

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  1. Pilot

    Same ol’ lying libs, same lies, same outlook, same ol’, same ol’. The only things that have changed is our position as a World economy, our position as climate warriors, our stupid, inane PM changes, and looks like another change is in the wings. The poor are getting poorer, the rich getting richer, and our country is burning.
    So, inform me, when is good government going to start? Ah yeah, that’s right, no change on that front.
    Jesus wept.

  2. wam

    Trolling can be dangerous and republicans have threatened my anti-guns trolling in replying to shared post from australian relatives.
    Just before xmas I shared the post of 7trillion nerves and scummo gets on every one of them.
    fred, a clp twit answered: :he is definitely the best that we have had since little Johny H
    me: beauty fred. Unfortunately I only remember the weapons, the children, the asset selling can you help by telling me anything little johnny did that you remember?
    clp:Put Australia in the best financial position it has ever been in until
    “Bill ya later”
    gave it all away and just about sent the country broke again
    me:Good one freddie but little J wasted the biggest boom on, investment property tax relief for the rich and bought votes from people who believed his bullshit but can you give me any evidence of his doing good for Australia? You must know something? It is here that you clp boys stop because sadly they don’t have any reason for their statements they just believe what mum, dad and murdoch tell them. Are you different?? Have you got any thoughts on the debt???
    clp Vote for the one that will do you the least harm because none of them are going to do you any good
    me: good try fred but what did little johnny do in 12 years??? then look up what gillard did in 3 years with a minority gov. then if you support howard you will have evidence?
    fred You will never convince me
    me:That is not the point you need to have a reason for yourself or you are just a no brain sheep who does what others tell you.
    fred Nah
    me:hahaha you gutless clp twit no evidence just baa baaa baa
    clp:Not a good idea to call me names(oops check the home page)
    fred Hey Jack as you are the administrator of this group can you explain to me just who this Billy Moir is
    clp: He used to write a lot of hard left letters to the editor a few years ago.
    fred: Ah ha comrade
    that is the end
    Sadly opinion needs no facts or evidence to be truth.Just believe it is true is enough. Lord is often on about truth but honesty would have some chance of setting up a learning situation because his truth, yours are definitely not freds.
    Where is albo and labor on the median wage announced? Where is he on his salary increases? Where the *&$&^& is he?

    pps happy new year for 2014 rossleigh did you notice the loonies present to the rabbott? I wonder if he will double the debt???

  3. corvus boreus

    Haiku in requiem of NoS

    Gillard Rudd Labor,
    trashed economy, killed cars
    looped repeat, endless.

  4. L-GH

    My favourites are the ones deliberately bombarding with countless provocative questions trying to stir the pot & you see poor patient souls trying to answer their endless questions. They have no interest in those detailed answers. Usually if you call them on it & tell them to bugger off & stop sealioning they vanish.

  5. wam

    labor and the greens
    make such a toxic slogan
    how can albo win

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