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Fraser Anning Didn’t Realise That Nazis Were Racist!

“I think this is the start of something bigger. The revolution will eventually start.” Fraser Anning at extremist rally in St Kilda.

Good ole Fraser! You remember how he used the phrase “final solution” in his maiden speech? According to him, he didn’t know that it had been used before by Hitler and his mates.

Ok, we can’t all be historians, right? I mean, you can’t be expected to know everything about World War Two. Just because you use a phrase or two from the Nazis doesn’t make you a racist, does it?

Similarly, I guess, we shouldn’t be condemning him for his decision to fly down to Victoria to hang around with a couple of convicted criminals who decided to organise a little get-together…

And just because a few of them were doing Nazi salutes… Well, like I said, Fraser can’t be expected to know what this meant, because as he showed with his use of the words, “final solution”, he doesn’t know very much.

No, indeed, Senator Anning assured us that these were just your everyday Australian: “This rally is Australian people showing their disgust with the Australian government for allowing garbage like these Sudanese thugs coming into our country and … attacking us in our own country.” Attacking people in their own country? Thank god, everyday Australians have never done anything like that. Certainly none of Anning’s ancestors were ever accused of shooting aborigines.

Ok, he may not have been aware that the word “garbage” when refering to people from other countries may be considered racist, because like I said, he isn’t very well informed.

While he happily shook hands with someone who’s suggested that a picture of Hitler should be hung in every classroom, Anning suggests that the other people at the rally are irrelevant… (Now, there’s something we can agree on.) He was only came down here to join in the rally protesting about Sudanese youth playing soccer on the beach, or whatever it was that they were protesting.

There is something ironic about an unelected senator from Queensland coming to Victoria to join a rally which wants to send people back where they came from. And there is definitely something ironic about convicted criminals complaining about immigrants who “don’t respect our laws”.

But the real danger here isn’t the senator who got less votes than I could get if I stood on a platform of insisting that all politicians have to begin each speech with the words, “This is a paid announcement which is brought to you by…” followed by whichever party donor seems appropriate! The real danger isn’t the neo-Nazis who don’t even have the neatly pressed uniforms that made Hitler’s boys so impressive.

The real danger is that people like that make the racists with power seem almost reasonable by comparison. They’re not, of course. No, no, insist the politicians, this is unacceptable. Australia is a tolerant country and diversity is great and these people are just terrible.

Let’s forget the way we’ve treated the Indigenous people. Black-armband view of history and anyway it was a long time ago. Let’s forget the things we said about the European migrants coming here after the Second World War. We welcomed them, because they were prepared to have a go, we never called them names or mocked them. Let’s forget that we were being overrun by Asians. John Howard never said that, you’re making it up, and I’m sure Pauline said Muslims in her maiden speech twenty years ago.

Let’s all condemn the senator who was too extreme for Bob Katter and overlook that he hasn’t actually had much power and like the neo-Nazis behind the event, if he wasn’t getting so much media attention, he’d just be a joke. And let’s just forget how figures like Morrison and Dutton in our current government have fanned to flames of racism for political expedience. We can forget this because – rather belatedly – Scottie has tweeted what a great, diverse nation we are. (Don’t use the word “multicultural”!) Dutton, it seems, hasn’t had time because he’s been busy counting votes.

Fraser suggested that this could be “the start of a revolution”. Even if he has the backing of the nineteen people who voted for him, it should be easy to crush. No, I’m more worried about that people like Anning and the other nuph-nuphs start to make the extremists in the media and the government appear normal by comparison. (Yes, it’s quite a stretch to include Craig Kelly in that!) When Anning suggested -in spite of photographic evidence – that the stories of Nazi salutes were the result of misleading reporting from the “left-wing media”, we’re starting enter a strange Trump-like world.

Actually, did he vote for himself? That only leaves eighteen…

Mmm, I feel better already!


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  1. Josephus

    Why wasn’t the numbskull sacked after his maiden speech? Should there be an IQ test for politicians? Plus a simple general knowledge test. Say equivalent to the 20 out of 100 HECS mark would – be teachers have had to attain. Such people would also be perfect exponents of the dark history of this continent as well of other global blocs, a la Anning .
    As for the neo Nazis, a few comedians could send them up easily. Chaplin did that brilliantly decades ago.

  2. New England Cocky

    “Dutton, it seems, hasn’t had time because he’s been busy counting votes.” That won’t take much time …..

    From Kaye Lee January 6, 2019 at 2:20 pm

    A little history on the delightful Mr Anning…..murder, slavery and theft made his family wealthy…what a pedigree

    Anning is the great grandson of Charles Cumming Stone Anning, a British pastoral squatter who came to the Australian colonies in the mid 19th century to acquire landholdings. In 1862, Charles and several of his adult sons established the Reedy Springs property north of Hughenden. The family soon expanded their claims by forming the nearby properties of Chudleigh Park, Mount Sturgeon, Charlotte Plains and Cargoon. All this land was occupied at the time by various Aboriginal clans and subsequent frontier conflict occurred as the Annings forcibly took control of the land from the local people. In response to the spearing of cattle, Charles and his sons would ride out with firearms, attack Aboriginal campsites and capture young boys who had survived in order to use them as labour on their cattle and sheep stations.

    In 1865, the Annings employed W. R. O. Hill, an officer in the paramilitary Native Police, to be their station manager at Reedy Springs. Hill, who had experience in warfare against Aboriginal people, wrote in his memoirs that at Reedy Springs the “only wise thing to do on seeing a black was to shoot and shoot straight”. Frank Hann, another pastoralist in the region and who regularly participated in extrajudicial punitive raids on Aboriginals, described in his diary in 1874 how he saw “Anning just come back from hunting blacks”.

    Fraser Anning’s grandfather Francis “Frank” Albert Anning spent much of his time at Reedy Springs but also bought into further properties such as Wollogorang, Savannah Station and Compton Downs. At Wollogorang in particular, Frank Anning had to surround his hut with wire mesh to prevent spear attacks and was knocked unconscious by a waddy in another incident. One of Frank’s sons was W. H. (Harry) Anning who took up the Wetherby property and whose wife gave birth to Fraser Anning in October 1949.

  3. Miriam English

    I wonder why so many horrible creeps are attracted to “conservative” politics.

    I put quotes around the word because there don’t seem to be any actual conservative politicians anymore — they’re all radicals. True conservatives don’t like change and consider the precautionary principle very important. The faux conservatives throw precaution to the wind and care little about massive change wrought by climate destabilisation.

  4. Rossleigh

    Counting may not take much time for you, NEC, but remember that Dutton will have to take his shoes and socks off if he needs to count above ten…
    This may help to explain his abortive coup last year.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    “This rally is Australian people showing their disgust with the Australian government for allowing garbage like these Sudanese thugs coming into our country and … attacking us in our own country.”
    Isn’t this racial vilification from a supposedly elected representative, and as such should he not be reprimanded? called to question? taken out the back and introduced to Dr Mbula and Professor Mdele so he can reappraise his opinion of Sudanese or Africans in general? or should he face criminal charges?
    how low can we go with tolerating this kind of ignorant, racist senator?

  6. Keitha Granville

    Hopefully only as far as the next election Pierre – surely the 19 people who voted for him weren’t expecting him to be a Nazi, and if they were then perhaps no-one will send prefs to him so he can’t POSSIBLY get back in.

    But you never know . . . .

    An IQ test for pollies ? gosh, there would be quite a few looking for a new job I reckon 😛

  7. Ill fares the land

    It is simple. Anning is a non-entity. A pathetic little nobody who garnered virtually no 1st preference votes and gained those only by aligning himself with the monumentally inarticulate Hanson. That such people can be elected to Parliament tells us all that is good and bad about our political system.

    Presumably, his 19 votes from the last election will now increase to something over 100 (the number of people railing against migration who fronted up to the “rally”). But his choices are typical of the “man” – poorly considered. He either knowingly went to the rally, fully aware of what he was aligning himself with, or he had no idea. Would you vote for a guy who would make either choice?

    I’m also struck by the photo-op with the “leader” of the pack. I imagine the leader is mostly self-proclaimed, but I think the size of his biceps suggests a person who wants to be imposing – to the point he craves the idea that his size is intimidating (I imagine he drives the biggest dual-cab or SUV available – to allow him to feel intimidating on the roads as well. That suggests to me a person who insists he is afraid of nothing and of no-one, but who harbours inside a frightened little boy whose layers of muscle offer some insulation against his inner fears, but have never quelled them entirely.

    One might say of he and his followers that such people “fear nothing but fear itself”. One might also note that since they are typically unable to draw on a pool of evidence that supports their views, what they express are their “fears” – the hallmark of the conservative and I suggest even more so for the rabid conservative. With SUV’s in particular, there is no option but for them to get bigger – when everyone else is in such a vehicle, what is left but to get a bigger SUV!

    I note further that the anomaly here is that Anning is not leading the rabble; he is following it – like the weak and pathetic individual he must be.

  8. Kaye Lee

    When I hang out here, I think the world is sane. But there is some seriously weird shit going on outside. Anning did an interview on the Today Show. On their facebook page the story has 7.6K Comments 5,646 Shares 471K Views. The first comment says “Thank goodness someone is saying what the rest of us think.” It has 4.4K likes. The vast majority of comments are in favour of what Anning said. This is the result of effing idiot politicians legitimising racism for political gain. The thugs and bigots are piling on.

    “We told Fraser months ago, we had a meeting with him… we said… when you make your maiden speech Fraser, you gotta get up there and say something really controversial,” says Savage in the recording. “Hit that f**king nerve, otherwise you’ll be forgotten, no one will know who you are. We told him to do that, and that’s exactly what he did.”


    This paltry nobody is willing to stir up hatred and incite violence to get his name out there. He disgusts me.

  9. Frank Smith

    Anning is an abominable aberration of our current electoral system. He is irrelevant – a creature of the sensationalized MSM. Starve him of media oxygen, as he should be, and his image would disappear – as would Hanson.

    The real protagonist in this saga is the monster Dutton with his dog-whistling calls about African gang violence and “people afraid to go out to restaurants at night”. Attention needs to be focused on the evil Dutton not on this fly-by-night fool Anning. So where in PM Scummo’s response is there any mention of the inciting of ultra-right-wing Nationalist views by Dutton? Let us all do whatever we can to oust this bastard from the seat of Dickson at the coming election. It (I refuse to acknowledge Dutton is part of humanity by referring to the monster as “he”) has irreparably damaged countless lives and, along with Scummo before him, has been responsible for destroying Australia’s human rights record. Anning, Dutton, Scummo do not represent Australian values – they are the antithesis of who we are!!!

  10. Bulletagate

    We have Turnbull to blame for a system where the Fraser Anning’s of the world can gain a seat in the Senate. For him to claim that he represents Queenslanders is laughable. If he only received eighteen or nineteen votes then we need to change the system as soon as possible. He swore to serve the people of Queensland and he has shown he is failing to represent our values. I strongly object to this individual receiving any taxpayer’s money to pursue his racist agenda. He has abused his position, promoted dissent and intolerance and should be dismissed from the Senate forthwith.

  11. Matters Not

    Voters demand politicians really listen. Anning does.

  12. Kaye Lee

    Peter Dutton’s latest post on facebook…

    “The Move it Aus grant program is now open. If you run a local sporting club or physical activity organisation, I encourage you to apply.”

    My response….

    “Organisers of a long-running annual South Sudanese basketball tournament in Melbourne have been forced to cancel this year’s events due to all the “fear” drummed up about “African gangs” by the media.” Well done you. I hope you are happy with the result of your dogwhistling. Bring on the election so we can get back to being a decent country. You disgust me.

  13. Diannaart

    Damn straight Kaye Lee

  14. Diannaart

    Kaye Lee

    Just reposted your comment on Facebook, (minus the final comment).

    Bet it won’t last long, but hey, it was satisfying

  15. Kaye Lee

    Senator David Leyonhjelm will quit federal politics so he can contest the NSW state election. One idiot down at least.

    But wait, Peta Credlin is waiting to see who her opponent would be before deciding whether she should run for the seat of Mallee.

  16. Matters Not

    Dutton reads his Facebook page … … … … never?

  17. Diannaart


    Basic social skills not your thing?

  18. Kaye Lee

    I couldn’t give a rats arse about Dutton MN. It is the others who are visiting his page who need to be informed.

  19. Aortic

    I think we should all on bended knee be truly thankful for the wondrous contributions Queensland politicians have made to better our lives. People like Dutton, Anning, Katter, Hanson and Christensen have truly enriched us all. I, for one would be the poorer for their absence and wish them all the best of luck in the next election. May the sun continue to shine into their cranial cavities and bring that enlightenment to us mere ordinary mortals.

  20. RosemaryJ36

    Sadly I fear there is a much larger proportion of the Australian population that is seriously racist than we recognise. As a migrant of nearly 50 years standing, I see Australians as insecure and needing to prove themselves. It is epitomised by our cricketers who are rude and cocky when they are on top but seem unable to accept the reasons for defeat. They lack real self-belief.
    Look at someone like Roger Federer – a quiet, confident, modest achiever.
    Our women in sport put the men to shame and are not properly recognised.
    Graceful acceptance of defeat is as alien to too many Australians as is respect for difference.

  21. Michael Taylor

    Gosh you’re a funny man, Rossleigh. Some lines in this were gold.

  22. Kaye Lee


    I couldn’t agree more. Rossleigh has a unique talent for, regardless of how deplorable the topic, making us laugh at the absurdity of it all.

  23. Terence Mills

    Having been presented with irrefutable evidence that terrorism suspect Prakesh is not a Fijian citizen and thus has been made stateless by Peter Dutton in breach of international law, the minister’s office were asked for comment, they responded :

    “The minister does not intend to provide a running commentary on this matter”.

    WTF ?

  24. Kaye Lee


    I agree WTF. Spud duddy was all over the media proudly announcing his decision to strip Prakash of citizenship. But NOW he doesn’t want to talk about it?????

  25. Kronomex

    Tantrum Time in Tater Tower by Tuber Tyrant?

  26. Adrianne Haddow

    Pure gold again, Rossleigh. A pity the right wing nasties don’t understand irony.

    It must be horrible to have a world view like Anning, Dutton and Hanson.
    Every day having to face world full of people who are not like them, must fill them with anxiety, and loss of self confidence.
    The need to falsely reinforce their own worth by denigrating others and whipping up outrage because of the colour of someone’s skin, or religion, or cultural practises must sour their own day to day lives immensely.

    Anning representing his constituents, all 19 of them, by joining with the panting- for- violence thugs at the St Kilda Rally is galling, as was Lleyonhelm’s endorsement of Milo Yiannopolous’ performance in Parliament House. Then the added insult of using the public purse to pursue his ideological hatred is just rubbing our noses in it.

    We need to be rid of these ‘deplorables’ in the interests of public health.

  27. Paul Davis

    As the old saying goes, The Honorable Minister for Love, Razorwire and Waterboarding only opens his mouth to change feet.

  28. Rossleigh

    “The minister does not intend to provide a running commentary on this matter”.

    “…does not intend to provide a running commentary on this matter” is code for “X has already made a fool of himself/herself with their original comments, compounded by his/her later attempt to explain away the first statement and while getting out of the hole may be impossible with so many eyes on it, it has been decided to remove the shovel from his/her hands before there’s a cave-in which threatens everyone within several kilometres..”

  29. helvityni

    Anning, Dutton, etc….it’s getting all too depressing, I can hardly bear to read about Oz politics, unless it’s told in the delightful Rossleigh fashion here AIM or by my very favourite comedian, Micallef on ABC, where even the repeats get repeated this time of the year…..

    Thank you Mr Rossleigh, you have done it again…

  30. Kronomex

    And now Leyonhjelm is jumping ship to run in NSW state parliament. No doubt he has the feeling that he’s being sorely picked upon but mainly because he’s sees the writing on the wall for his chances of being re-elected dropping to zero. Poor ickle Prince Precious.


    “‘I am not about glory'” No, you’re not, it’s more about keeping your piggy snout in the public trough, any public trough.

  31. Adrianne Haddow

    “‘I am not about glory’” (Lleyonhelm)

    Well that’s good because, although he has fierce competition from many on the government benches, he’s a contender for the title of the most ‘inglorious bastard.’

    He needs to keep his nose in the trough to fight the defamation case Sarah Hanson Young has brought against him. He can’t be expected to pay for that out of his own pocket.

  32. Michael Taylor

    Good to hear that Facebook has pulled down this disgusting mob’s page.

  33. Terence Mills

    Listening to am radio whilst driving this morning, there was a talkback on the Prakesh matter but not one of the callers (or the host) seemed to understand the issue. It was not about whether Prakesh is a good guy on not, we mostly accept that he is a bad guy.

    The issue as I’m sure AIMN readers all understand [being astute followers of the relevant facts] is that this minister has removed Australian citizenship from a sole citizen [not a dual citizen] which is illegal under international law as it effectively makes the person stateless and is a blatant abdication of our responsibility to and for an Australian citizen, no matter how repugnant he is.

    Having created this situation Peter Dutton in typical fashion pulls a pontius pilate washes his hands of the matter and refuses to discuss it.

    It is important that our fellow Australians actually understand these issues and not be misled by am radio and the Murdoch media empire and thanks to AIMN for providing the platform.

  34. Kronomex

    Terence, rather than “pontius pilate” you could use “putrid pileofpoo” instead.

  35. Kaye Lee

    It is also rather important to point out that Duttion has lied. Where is his legal advice? Why is the Fijian government saying nope, they never spoke to us about this. This man thinks he is above the law and above any form of accountability. He was more than happy to blitz the media for his own tough guy image and then he runs away when his lies are exposed.

  36. Peter F

    I find it amazing that our government (?) should deal with an Australian citizen as if WE have no responsibility for his behaviour. It would seem that in the nature/nurture debate, they come down firmly on the part of nature. How could WE possibly have had any effect on this man?

    I suppose if you look at many of our ‘leaders’ you have to concede that there might be a case to be made against nurture.

    Personally, I believe we have created this man, and we should be the ones to deal with him according to our laws.

  37. DrakeN

    “This man thinks he is above the law “…

    Standard Operating Proceedure for a drug squad plod, so deeply ingrained.

    Compare “Nanki Poo” – Lord High Everything Else – in the Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera “The Mikado”: Peter the Potatohead to a ‘T’.

  38. Cool Pete

    Well, I didn’t know that ordinary, hardworking Aussies set fire to their ex-girlfriend’s new love interest (or whatever you want to call it) and then attempt to convince a judge that they were just engaging in a bit of naughtiness. Nor did I know that ordinary, hardworking Aussies thought that women deserved a clip around the ear (that’s domestic violence). No, Anning cannot plead ignorance!

  39. Kaye Lee

    Spud Duddy said he had legal advice “based on all the intricate detail and fact of this particular matter” from the Australian Government Solicitor and the Attorney-General’s Department “that Mr Prakash is by operation of law a citizen of Fiji”. Either the governnment solicitor and attorney-general’s department are completely incompetent or they are mouths for hire or Spud is lying – this MUST be pursued. If our senior legal advisers don’t know shit from clay they should be sacked. If Spud lied, he should be exposed. He is already costing us a fortune in litigation.

    PS I just remembered David Tyler’s name for Dutton – J Edgar Tuber…. lolol

  40. Matters Not

    So the Prakesh (read Muslim) non-issue is still front and centre. How many days has it been? And with Morrison to visit Fiji from January 17 to January 20 it still has some time to run. Dutton will be very pleased. (It’s just so easy to distract.) Indeed the Government as a whole will be pleased – protecting us from terrorists and all that. (As though Prakesh’s citizenship needs to be decided before the second coming. Unlike Dutton’s which has immediate, ongoing relevance. But Dutton’s situation is not sexy – both literally and figuratively)

    Now there’s an eighteen Saudi woman who’s rejected Islam and is seeking asylum in Australia. I suspect there’s no future island detention for her. Just a round of talk shows and photo opportunities to show how tolerant and welcoming we are.

  41. Matters Not

    Legal advice flows from the specific question asked. Don’t like the first response? Then modify the question? Still don’t like the response? Repeat the process. But make sure you (now) know what not to ask.

    When all else fails (but rarely does), give the various responses to the (non legal) press sec to generate a media release. In this process, Ministerial responsibility can evaporate. And does.

    So many political back doors.

  42. Matters Not

    Travel scandals are par for the course across the political spectrum. Mal Colston was known to fly from Brisbane to Perth via anywhere and then to return on the same flight. Why? To get the frequent flyer points.

    In 1997, Colston was charged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions with 28 charges of defrauding the Commonwealth by allegedly misusing his parliamentary travel allowance. He then revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Prosecution was not pursued after medical opinion was provided that Colston was unlikely to live long enough for a trial to be completed. In the event, he survived for a further six years. He retired from the Senate at the end of his term.

    Note – he survived for a further six years.

    Yes there is a new body established to approve (or not) travel claims. As I understand it, they are refusing FOI requests re Barnaby’s jaunt to Perth (with new partner plus child) to attend a meeting re live sheep exports. So far nine months + have elapsed.

    While Anning faces public criticism, the majors have their own black sheep. What with George Christ … et al, they hope to hide behind this new ‘independent’ body.. It’s called outsourcing responsibility. Look who’s on that body and wonder. But at some stage someone will have to go under that political bus. Anning (the oncer) might just be that candidate – but think of the precedent that might be established because the hardheads will.

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