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Answering a question the other day, Scott Morrison dismissed a journalist’s concern with the facts about the medivac legislation, because, well, nuances like the truth won’t matter outside “the Canberra bubble”…

But the thing about bubbles is it only takes one prick and they quickly disappear. And let’s be real here, the Coalition has plenty of pricks.

This morning much is being made of a bit of a poll bounce but let’s not remember the old adage that one swallow doesn’t make a summer and remember that, as politicians like to tell us, the only poll that counts is the one on election day. So let’s just forget about the recent week where Bill Shorten has taken a stand – only Bill Shorten if you listen to Morrison’s rhetoric – and this means he “lacks ticker”. Hey, isn’t that what Howard said about Beasley? If it worked then, it must surely work again…No, let’s look at how this will potentially play out.

As I wrote the other day, Morrison wants to discuss boats so every time we do, we’re playing into his hands, but let’s forget that for just one moment. Let’s play their game and take the things they say at face value. Let’s forget for one moment that this legislation has nothing to do with boats and refers only to people already on Manus and Nauru. Let’s forget that the only link between boat arrivals and the actual law change is the ones that Morrison and some in the media are keen to make.

Today Morrison will wave through a bill asking for a Royal Commission to be established into the disability sector. So when will they establish this? After the election, because they need to deal with the boats.

There’s a flood in Queensland? Forget about us giving you much help. We need to open Christmas Island detention centre because of the boats.

Energy prices? Well, we had legislation on the table but we can’t deal with it till after the election because of the boats.

Recommendations on the banks? We won’t be rushed; you can trust us to do something after the election because we’re the ones who called it. And boats are more urgent!

Climate change leading to rising sea levels? Forget it. We can’t worry about whole islands drowning when people might drown because of Bill Shorten. We need to stop the boats.

NBN not working in your area? It’s the boats we need to concentrate on!

Dry rivers and dead fish? Why, who cares about fish when ten times that many boats are headed our way?

Change of leaders? Well, Malcolm wouldn’t have been able to stop the boats much longer because he supposed marriage equality.

Another minister behaving badly with a staff member? It was because he was worried about boats.

Poor retail sales? The boats! Low wage growth? The boats! Falling house prices? The boats!

It’s the boats, it’s the boats. It’s the boats!

And you must forget everything else and vote for me, because you need strong borders and you care more about that, than the things that affect you every day.

Yeah, that should work.

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  1. Perkin Wingback

    In a comment to an article in the ‘worlds Greatest Liberal newspaper’, responding to a senator’s comment that he would burst Labor’s bubble, I wrote ‘Are you admitting that you are a prick.?’ The World’s Greatest Liberal newspaper censored my comment. The control this government has sought to exercise over free speech in Australia has extended to muzzling any contrary views. Indeed, a blogger to another article wrote that he had suggested to an acquaintance – who was a member of the AFP – that the AFP was now wholly politicised and his acquaintance agreed.
    We are one federal election away from being a fully fledged police state. A bit like Askin’s NSW, but worse.

  2. Rossleigh

    In the coffee shop, I often read “The Herald-Sun”. While the Internet can be an echo chamber, reading the Murdoch papers makes me aware of how good it is not to be in an echo chamber because of the diversity of views from people like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, Chris Kenny, Rita Panahi and so on…

    Anyway, this morning I was rather surprised that a clear majority of the letters were extremely cynical about Morrison and the whole boats thing. Did they let the work experience kid edit the letters page?

  3. Keitha Granville

    I will be astounded at the next election at the number of people for whom it WILL work.

    How can there be so many people who listen the raving and ranting from the LNP and STILL want to keep them in charge ? Do they care about any of those things on your list ? How can anyone in Townsville have faith when climate change has so destructively affected their town ? Millions of dead cattle, that’s not normal, surely they must realise.

    What will be the next dirty trick ?

  4. Perkin Bottleneck

    Your comment on millions of dead cattle got my attention.
    Last week there was an article in the Guardian by a grazier who spoke of her heartache and that of her childen ‘watching our beloved girls dying in front of our eyes.’ These ‘beloved’ cattle were destined for the abbatoir.
    Obviously the grazier and her children don’t watch.

  5. David1

    I note in the Fairfax/ISPOS poll this morning Labors support has fallen from 54 to 51% over the Coalition which is up to 49 from 46%. While it is not saying the change is in direct response to Labors support for the medical transfer law passed by Parliament last week it does intimate voters have shifted against Labor in significant numbers amid the escalating row over the refugee transfer. The poll was taken between the 12th and 15th of February.


  6. helvityni

    “the Canberra bubble”…

    The man himself is nothing more than ‘a thought bubble’….

    Even kids usually get sick of blowing soap-bubbles, but it looks like the Scomo -siders can’t get enough of them….

  7. Paul

    @David1, David it might be worth recalling the polls leading up the the Victorian state election.
    IIRC the Liberals were very close and quite optimistic about the result however we all know how that went.

    My advice to Bill and Labor would be ‘stay the course’.
    The vote on the medivac bill was honourable and will appeal to the middle ground something the LNP have been unable to do as they have slipped further and further to the right in search of the Hanson vote.

  8. David1

    Good point Paul. I have no idea how the question was framed for the poll to reach that result, however the polls have been fluctuating somewhat recently, so the truth could be anything.

    As the article came from the keyboard of former The Australian Political writer David Crowe, who has somehow ended up with Fairfax (they are not fussy these days) I doubt that leopard has changed his spots.

  9. blair

    ”however the polls have been fluctuating somewhat recently, so the truth could be anything”
    the LibNats havennt won a poll sonce they were elected.
    If you believe the Ch9/Murdoch/Ipsos poll i have a bridge to sell you.

  10. blair

    *haven’t and since!
    damn spellcheck!

  11. David1

    @blair….I don’t recall mentioning I believed or disbelieved anything, however my comment re Mr Crowe may give you a clue.

  12. Bronte ALLAN

    Great & so bloody true article, as usual, Rossleigh! Could not have said it any better. Perhaps AIMN could start a “list” or something of the litany of lies & untruths this lying, inept bloody so-called “liberal/country party” mob say, from now until the Federal election? It would occupy a few pages, perhaps, but would illustrate to anyone who reads these pages just what an incompetent, lying lot they all are!

  13. Diane

    @David1 – the poll you mention is the only one being spoken about on the ABC this morning, but from the Guardian:

    “The Ipsos result contradicts the broader polling trend. The latest Newspoll had Labor leading 53-47%, and last week’s Guardian Australia/Essential poll showed Labor extending its lead over the Coalition to 55-45%.”

    I’m getting pretty fed up with the ABC choosing which news to tell us… the sooner Li Lin Chin gets appointed as boss there the better!!

  14. Wat Tyler

    Yes, Diane. And the stage has been set by the ABC until the election. The clue was on display on the Insiders yesterday; last week their studio guest was the talking clock, Christopher Pyne. Yesterday, breaking a routine that has been their policy, since The Insiders started, of a government spokesman followed by an opposition spokesman the following week, we were presented with another minister (who was absolutely crucified by a determined and unrelenting Barrie Cassidy).

  15. Rossleigh

    Gee, Bronte, a list of the “lies & untruths” from the government between now and the election? Who’s got time to do that?
    Still, if someone hired people to do it, we’d have shaved a percentage point or two of the unemployment rate!

  16. Wat Tyler

    Kronomex, that link won’t open. Maybe Newscorp has pulled it.

  17. Stephengb

    Excellent Rossliegh, a clear example of good satire, pointing to the reality of this Prime Muppet!

  18. Stephengb

    Excellent Rossliegh, a clear example of good satire, pointing to the reality of this Prime Muppet!

    Forgive the brevity, but I was once rebuked for having an opinion contrary to one of the writers, someone I greatly admired.

    The phrase ‘echo chamber’ came to mind at the time.

    But Rossliegh I do like your style.


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