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Do these fools know what they’re doing?

The mouths of fools are their ruin; they trap themselves with their lips.

I think the above quote comes from the Bible. I’ve never read the Bible (and never intend to) so I guess I’ll never know. But I have listened to Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, and forgive me for believing that it could easily refer to them. They are not yet ruined – politically (surprising enough) – but their own lips are surely setting the trap that may well one day lead to their long-awaited political ruination.

I’d be very perplexed if it didn’t. They recklessly behave like fools and they speak like fools.

I won’t dwell on their long history of foolishness as I could be bogged down writing a million words filled with example after example. There’s enough evidence elsewhere.

It’s the latest example I wish to focus on (which in itself should be enough).

We’ve all read about Joe Hockey’s budget woes (which have recently been pushed off the front page of the dailies – conveniently perhaps – by Tony’s pursuit of a ‘vote winning’ war). Tony Abbott tells us that our contribution of $500 million to war can carry on while the budget is in shambles:

He said it was important to keep the $500 million cost “in perspective”.

“That’s a significant amount of money but, in the budget of something like $400 billion a year, we can manage these things,” he said.

That was two days ago.

Only a week earlier Joe Hockey had:

. . . signalled more budget cuts are on the way, saying the Government has “no choice” but to look for new savings.

The move has been prompted by the failure to win Senate support for billions of dollars of budget measures and new spending on security and the defence mission in the Middle East.

So Joe Hockey is telling us that we can’t afford to go to war and Tony Abbott is telling us that we can. Joe Hockey is the more persistent of the two, today telling us that Labor needed to pass stalled budget measures to pay for Iraq war.

To Bill Shorten’s credit he asked Tony Abbott whether he backed Joe Hockey’s comments. There was, of course, no response. Tony Abbott would have looked a fool if he had answered the question, and still manages to look like a fool for remaining silent. Perhaps, in future, before he talks about our fiscal position he might want to confer with the Treasurer. Whilst I have no confidence in the Treasurer (or the PM) it would be a big plus if they trumpeted a consistent message. Seriously, do these fools know what they’re doing?

As you can see it’s easy to assume that the Bible might have been talking about these too men with the quote, which I will repeat:

The mouths of fools are their ruin; they trap themselves with their lips.

I am also unable to comprehend why the media in this country hasn’t asked the same simple questions as Bill Shorten. One says we can afford to go to war, while the other says we can’t. And the media swallow each comment without even thinking of saying; “Hang on, the other day the Prime Minister/Treasurer said… ”

But can these fools ever be trapped with their lips while the media allows them to flap them about so thoughtlessly?


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  1. Anne Byam

    Cocky Joe Hockey made hay while the sun shone ( somewhere ) in Australia today.

    He tried to make political ‘hay’ out of the current ‘war’ and link it all to HIS beloved budget.

    Didn’t work. On either side of politics.


    …… “Mr Shorten said he was “extremely disappointed” Mr Hockey had “chosen to make the Iraq intervention a source of political point-scoring”.

    “I would ask the Prime Minister to correct the Treasurer, because the Treasurer has made a dreadful statement today,” he said in Melbourne.

    “Joe Hockey thought he was probably being clever creating this political issue – well it’s not. Every time Joe Hockey opens his mouth now he says something silly.” ……………


    There seems to be rancour amidst the ranks.

    Liberal that is …… as the Abbott and Cocky Hockey seem to be at loggerhead.

    And THIS from the “Australian ” ???????????? ( Is Murdoch backing off. Too old, too rich, too Americanised, ,to be bothered ? )


    Interesting times ahead folks. !

    Watch ALL spaces.

  2. Anne Byam

    @ Roswell …. Sorry about that ….. got carried away a bit, initially.


    Your article is precise and accurate ———- and well written ….. thank you.


    And frankly —- apart from sensationilism in ANY form whatsoever, I don’t think that the MSM could give a tuppenny stuff, one way or the other.

    ( given in my attempt to answer the last sentence in your article ! ).

  3. Roswell

    Thank you, Anne.

  4. donwreford

    Simple put, TV, presenters and media presenters, are not allowed to make controversial views? or if they do they risk their job, often, having families and mortgages and so on, look at what has happened to Snowden, to be moved by conscience, can lead to your physical death, of existential death, as potentially Assange, if shipped to America, its not about truth today, its about national prestige.

  5. martha

    then i laughed when abbott said and used an american term ( bills is a patriot} re the budget,,l war
    lol then it would be right to think tony gave bill and other million votes

  6. martha

    anne i read he is in New York I wonder why he is New York does any one know

  7. stephentardrew

    A small mater of lypus syncronus with talking buts and flatulent ears.
    Can’t quite work out where the noise is coming from and to which part of insanity these statements apply.
    Far be it for me to contradict these contradictions for I am of the mind to bleat out any of a variety of vomituous renderings of Captain Courageous and Slimy Games Stick Man in the hope that some connections may randomly develop over time.
    Me thinks it will be a very long time.
    A type of self-organizing fractal language.
    Unfortunately the self and the organizing seem to be eons apart.

  8. John Fraser


    Sad that Hockey is no longer on the same page as …… even Shorten.

    Another slap down for Hockey from Abbott.

    I thought everyone knew that Shorten was sitting at the feet of Abbott …. how could Joe have missed it.

  9. stephentardrew


    Attila the Hun was a patriot too.
    Says a lot for Team Dunderbirds.

  10. bobrafto

    But can these fools ever be trapped with their lips while the media allows them to flap them about so thoughtlessly?

    The answer appears to be no.

    A majority bought Abbot’s lies at the election and they’re buying them again with the Iraq war.

    I don’t believe Australia is under threat or any other country from ISIS, what we are seeing as some academic put it ‘theatre’.

    After the beheadings the scare campaign started, 2 supposedly suspects detained at Tullamarine, the next day one suspect detained at Mascot, all subsequently released, then ASIO head says he has a ‘notion’ to put the terror alert at high, then Abbot declares high alert to cause fear and then deploys troops which is no more than a token gesture in this war but one taken by the majority as a security pill with subsequent courses of terrorist law bills and of Muslim baiting.

    I await with bated breath to see the next distraction, when this phoney war starts losing traction.

    As I’ve stated before Abbott is the biggest Con Man Australia has ever known and I add this quote ‘We hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to high office’, Aesop. Obviously things don’t change.

  11. stephentardrew


    I fear Shortens low profile is doing a disappearing act.
    Soon we will be left with invisible sign language.

  12. Anne Byam

    @ donwreford ….. guess it’s what side of the aging Murdoch punching bag they are on. ……….

    Assange is a marked man ( by the U.S. and why ? … ( have never been able to remotely figure THAT out ). As an Aussie ‘stirrer’ ( admittedly ) he printed what he was fed. Be it right or wrong. That’s what blogging is — I believed, anyway. All he did was create a website blog with information – contentious, admittedly – but ……. !! Wonder what it is they want covered up ???

    And all that was WRONG. ? ….. the Yanks always want a head or three to tie to a flogging tree. ….. a Piñata for their pleasure ?

    What about Andrew Bolt ? He make statements that are outrageous, but no-one bothers to stop him. But then, he IS a Murdoch troll.

    Alan Jones ? He seems to have quietened down a little – but I’ll bet, not for long. Unless he too, is getting too old for on-air punch-ups.


    @ martha ……. I heard that delightful little americanism too……….. a ‘ patriot ‘ ??? Ugh, ugh, ugh.

    As far as I know, Abbott is still in Australia ……….. but then who would really know. Best wait for the next couple of days to find out …… cos the media will be sure to be all over it, IF it is ‘important’ enough to report, and IF permitted for the mainstream.

    If he IS in New York, the mind boggles at … the reason for his umpteenth overseas flight at tax payers expense ?

    Let’s sit on it, until we know for sure.

  13. Lorraine Stansfield

    How this disgraceful and inept government is still governing is beyond me.

  14. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott goes on his merry way, saying whatever comes into that vacant head, On a daily basis he is in conflict with at least one of his ministers, Same goes for what the likes of Obama says, Abbott will come out with a comment, that is the opposite of what is said . Does not seem to worry him.

    One has to wonders if he even bothers to keep a eye on what is occurring in his government,

    One wonders whether the likes of Obama even let him in what they plan to do. Seems to get his information from the media, often behind the public.

    He looks and acts like a outsider or onlooker.

    Yes, very little sense comes out of the mouths of fools. This one even contradicts himself.

  15. Anne Byam

    Hey …… here’s an idea ……. replace Hockey with Bill Shorten ( If Bill continues his cow-towing and bowing to the ‘heir presumptive’ )….

    Then send Hockey over to Labor to sort them out with some superb logic as to how to run a country, fiscally ! OMG ……..

    I don’t really think I can laugh at the concept. !!!! 😉

    Mad as I am, I am still hoping that Bill Shorten has something up his sleeve that we don’t yet know about, and that will slam the Libs down in a big way.

    Well – hell …….. I can hope can’t I ?

  16. stephentardrew


    That is so cool. I fear the the LNP have a permanent snare and little left of the soul.

  17. Anne Byam

    @ florence-nee-fed-up ……… An interesting observation.

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ” One wonders whether the likes of Obama even let him in what they plan to do. ” ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    I seriously doubt it. Abbott is not viewed with much delight or admiration in the U.S. of A. …….. at this time. ( I have posted a couple of links on other articles on that subject ).

    i.e. the Yanks look after themselves first and foremost …. the Brits do much the same ( in a different way ) … China will always look after China, the Japanese the same. As for the Arabians – who knows …. they could jump any which way, according to oil and money – primarily. The French will flex their muscles – get in and get out ( but they are usually effective ).

    While dear little Australia with a population of 23 million ( miniscule on the face of things ) brings up the rear, and when asked to jump – simply says :” How high, sir “.

    Bah bloody humbug. …….. Do we sit back and wait for time to heal – or do something about it —- and if so, what ?

  18. mars08

    As long as the vast majority of Australian voters believe that ISIS is the greatest threat facing the world world today… Abbott’s foolish statements will continue to be ignored. Fear is be biggest motivator.

  19. Old Dude

    ISIS wants to win ? Pinch all the bread slicers. Then everybody will fold. hahahaha

  20. Anne Byam

    Mars08 …..

    Fear IS the biggest motivator – and the biggest divider. Used by indiscriminate and master controllers ( in all spheres ) …. like a certain Government leader we know, who whips some form of fear speak in, at least once a week on TV – to keep us ( he thinks ) full of weakness and trepidation. It’s been used throughout history, to keep a populace humble, cowered and obedient.

    …………..We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;

    …………..the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light. ——- PLATO.

    We should all learn to give fear the big two finger salute. That would be a start.

  21. Truth Seeker

    Roswell, thanks for that 🙂 and well said 😎

    I also came up with a few questions that I’d like to hear the answers to in my latest post “Gross National Insecurity.” much of which relates to your post also 😉

    Gross National Insecurity!

    Cheers 🙂

  22. Wayne Turner

    NO because these Libs know they have the MSM promoting them,they know they can be as stupid as they like.It’s the continued sign our democracy is broken,and a HUGE part of that,is the MSM that is BIASED & UNDEMOCRATIC,and owned by too few.Plus sadly of course the ignorant fools in the public that blindly accept/follow what the MSM tells them.

    We are a mediaocracy now,no longer a democracy 🙁

  23. Anne Byam

    @stephen ……. thanks for the link. It was very interesting.

    Detailed a lot of the ‘other side’ …. which we have all been talking about here —- war mongering. …. Also showed exactly where abbott got his ideas for the anti-terrorism rules and regs. he has put into place …. ASIO and heaven knows who else, virtually spying on anyone, and everyone, by any means.

    Suspected it might have been the case, but now have heard more, that it’s so. hmmmm !! I do not want to live in little America.

  24. Terry2

    Abbott wants to announce a Free Trade Deal with China at the November G20 and then sign off in Beijing before the end of the year . In the meantime China today announces a tariff on Australian coal imports (3% coking coal and 6% thermal coal).

    To Abbott this is just a blip, he wants to sign an FTA, any FTA , it doesn’t matter what’s in it as long as he can be there for the Photo op.

    These people are dangerous !

  25. Kaye Lee

    As PopsieJ said on another thread, “it’s like watching children play with razor blades”.

    From the second an over eagre Abbott said the deal would be signed by the end of this year we were stuffed. They know how much political cred he has riding on this. They now he knows nothing about trade or economics. The people that advise him are only about image so they don’t care. Get ‘er done Robbo!

  26. Billy moir

    ‘To Bill shorten’s credit…’ A sad little man stumbling under bishop’s law. ‘Can’t understand why the media…’ Sadder little men stumbling under murdoch’s law and/or ratings. The rabbott drove the media’s questions to gillard and the hype sold so well it took on its own momentum. The rabbott now avoids the media and so does labor. The simple strategy of starting every live interview with a rabbottian rave will give the commercial media a chance to ask the hockey’s robb’s bernardi’s etc position on topics thereby putting pressure on the rabbott to appear. Little billy by ignoring the commercial media (appearing on the credibility desert of the ABC is an abject waste of time) and sending labor supporters ‘Facebook messages’ is merely stretching out his own and our necks for the rabbott’s axe. What a let down from Windsor, Oakeschott and Gillard to little billy, torpid tanya and facetious fawkner? Have any of you tried to talk to an anti-Gillard supporter of the rabbott about the debt crisis (or anything?) They simply cover their ears and yell australala. Even retirees, with nothing to gain, cannot see, hear or feel the pain of pyne’s opening the treasury to ‘for profit’ tertiary institutes whose advertising blitz is already invading my inbox deep in training for the assault which will put massive debt on my grand kids. Have any of you tried to talk to an anti Gillard labor supporter about the debt crisis? They simply cover their ears and yell she was a disaster and, in case you want to mention the reforms they yell australalala. So it looks to me that we are in for a sequel to Mendacious Menzies the Maintainer, 23 years of standing still. In the digital age, the rabbott’s first year, already seems that long and the damage wreaked on Australian society has already exceeded ming’s efforts.

  27. doctorrob54

    The bullshit happening in the Middle East and ISIL is the only reason I see the libturds have not already faced a DD election.
    Where is the continuous daily outcry from opposition and MSM screaming LIAR,as was dished out to PM JG,over one doctored comment.
    This libturd gov.has lied about everything to gain power,educ,health.pensions,wages and conditions and work visas,disability.Not to mention promises of long term,meaningful job,instead they forced the unemployment of thousands of people,and is making manufacturing extinct.The lnp is ruining this nation and we are letting it happen,and it’s really giving me the shits.

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