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Fire, Flood and Famine

Sounds Biblical?

As it should.

Man’s inhumanity to man also features.

Talking to a close friend, I was assured that my concern with climate change – more particularly with lack of action to prevent climate change – was doomed because of the selfishness of humanity

And – reluctantly (because I am an optimist) I fear they are right!

The world is over-populated.

We have – at least in the developed world – become addicted to convenience, and we are guilty of high levels of waste and pollution.

Could we do what is necessary to save the planet from our depredations?

In theory – yes – but, in reality, not in time.

I remember what we experienced in the UK during WWII, with shortages – or unavailability – of so many items, rationing restrictions and recycling programs.

Everyone was affected, but we all accepted the need if we were to win the war.

Are we not now in exactly the same situation, but with a different enemy?

And is not that our own selfishness and inability to accept the inevitability of change?


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  1. Perry Gretton

    During the past forty or so years we have developed an individualistic attitude, rather than the collectivist one we had during and after the War. I also fear we are doomed.

  2. Terence Mills

    Something that the media and the US administration seem to overlook is that many (perhaps most) Taiwanese have family roots back into the PRC and that most businesses in Taiwan rely on the China market for their survival – Taiwan for instance produces over sixty percent of the worlds’ silicon chips and is dominant in the global semiconductor industry.

    The US and certainly Australia should keep out of the tensions in the Taiwan Strait and leave these to the Chinese to resolve in accordance with the strategic ambiguity of the One China policy.

  3. RoadKillCafe

    Don’t forget pestilence, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, last seen sitting quietly in a park in Bruges, Belgium, though that was many years ago, they ride now, though, we didn’t listen, we didn’t do, we willingly fucked the place, now is payback time, nature had enough, the horsemen ride, bestowing their blessings, we really are a dumb pack of shits.

  4. wam

    Have you lived in a climate of build up, wet, build down and dry for the last 50 years?
    Greenhouse gases should result in a greenhouse effect? Do you feel hotter?

  5. Fred

    Very disappointing the world has become so egocentric. With “my”gov, “i”this and “i”that it is not hard to be sucked into the paradigm. Fire, flood and famine requires community and sharing. I live in a bushfire prone location and have noticed a continual slow reduction in “community”, with people becoming more insular.

    When going through the education system in the sixties and seventies I came away with a sense of hope the world was on a trajectory of getting better and fairer.

    Now on the way to the departure lounge the optimism is fading. The last decade was wasted. Equality has stalled/run aground – look up ladies, it’s not glass – rather a nuke-proof poly-carbonate ceiling. Domestic violence is on the rise. Indigenous matters have progressed little. Disgustingly the findings and recommendations of the various commissions and reviews of indigenous deaths in custody have not been implemented with the situation arguably worse than ever.

    As for the climate… well Greta might not approve… but where can I buy a “six mile to the gallon” right-hand drive Cadillac, ‘cos it has a boot big enough for lots and lots of 9.5kg gas bottles used in the “outdoor heaters” (wtf) to keep the backyard warm in winter? 🙂

  6. Shoey

    Fred, you just summed up the collective genius of the 1st world consumer – “outdoor heaters” (wtf) to keep the backyard warm in winter”. When the ‘powers who ought not be’ (eg UN Sustainable Goals Team) decide to pull the rug on our frivolous energy wasteful lifestyles (via numerous proxy entities and their baked-in treaties) it will be warranted. A smarter way would have been for the public to negotiate our way to balanced energy use, but desire for more got in the way. Our opulent façade of living was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

  7. RosemaryJ36

    Wam – Feeling hotter is not really the point because climate change has some weird outcomes.
    I have lived in Darwin for 51 years and I know that it is getting hotter, even though – like this Dry – it can suddenly revert to past habits.
    All round the world, we are seeing extreme weather events – indeed the East coast flooding in Australia has been very evident.
    We are very near the point where it will be too late to reduce emissions.

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