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Faith, Dope and Hilarity!

Yesterday, after reading the Letters section of “The Herald-Sun”, I was moved to post the following on Facebook.

Mm, I saw a letter in the paper suggesting that if Abbott introduced the death penalty for terrorism his popularity would soar. I’m thinking of creating a T-shirt saying: “We demand the death penalty for all suicide bombers!” Should work a treat with Andrew Bolt supporters!


Let me just emphasis: “…the death penalty for all SUICIDE bombers”.

I wasn’t prepared for the number of people who’d start debating the merits or otherwise of the death penalty for terrorists. Whether or not you agree with my point, I would have thought that it was obvious that I was suggesting that the death penalty wasn’t much of a deterrent for terrorism, because in many cases, they are prepared to die for their cause.

While I was shaking my head this morning, I happened to chance upon something that made me less judgemental of the people who failed to pick up my irony. This, from Liberal MP George Christensen:

So twitter has erupted with a typical politically correct, left wing response to the Sydney siege with these hashtag campaigns #weridetogether & #illridewithyou going viral. These campaigns falsely portray Aussies as thugs who terrorise Muslims and, in doing so, create victims where there are none. How about we just focus on the real victims of the Sydney siege (who, in my view, are more heroic that the left-wing twitter clicktivist keyboard warrior army combined): Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson.


Now, apart from the irony, of course, of him resorting to Facebook and Twitter to attack “left wing clicktivist warrior army”, one only has to read that racist, redneck comments from some of his Facebook followers to learn the meaning of the word. Many agreed with him that there was no racism and it was basically all the fault of those foreigners.

However, just when I thought that there are far too many dopes in the Australia, faith came to my rescue.

Thank god for religion, I say.

I don’t have to go through the day thinking that Australia has some of the stupidest people in the world, because Pat Robertson, an American ex-preacher, made the following statement:

“You know, those who are homosexual will die out because they don’t reproduce. You know, you have to have heterosexual sex to reproduce.”

See, nothing to worry about with gay marriage. Let ’em marry, coz in a generation all the gay people’ll be gone. Like the dinosaurs, they’ll have died out.

Although, I don’t think it’s them who resemble the dinosaurs.

Ah, ya gotta laugh. Just look at the photo of Christensen and Abbott and think these men are our government, and if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

So ho ho ho…

Pax et caritas,


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  1. Blanik

    They aren’t deep thinkers.

  2. unsimplelife

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  3. Ian Joyner

    As Ted Bullpitt would say “Suicide bombers – somebody ought to blow suicide bombers up”.

  4. Möbius Ecko

    Someone better not tell Pat Robertson that the technology is now here that males are no longer needed to reproduce and females can continue the human race without them.

    In other words males like Robertson maybe a dying breed.

  5. Lee

    I have visions of these idiots resuscitating suicide bombers so they can put them to death – again.

  6. aravis1

    I thoroughly enjoyed your Facebook thread on this, Rossleigh! As my gran used to say, ” it just goes to show” that too many of us do NOT read carefully. As for Christensen and Abbott, I am clinging like a shipwreck survivor to the hope that we will see the last of all of them in the near future.

  7. mars08

    US preacher Rick Wiles: “Now this Ebola epidemic can become a global pandemic and that’s another name for plague. It may be the great attitude adjustment that I believe is coming… Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”

    “If Ebola becomes a global plague, you better make sure the blood of Jesus is upon you, you better make sure you have been marked by the angels so that you are protected by God. If not, you may be a candidate to meet the Grim Reaper.”

    You see…. it’s the white, Christian, middle-age, hetrosexual male who is the real victim….!

    And God WILL punish those who seek to oppress the poor blighters.

  8. Gregory T

    Obviously Pat Robertson hasn’t been told what the right hand has been up to.

  9. Peter F

    @Lee ‘I have visions of these idiots resuscitating suicide bombers so they can put them to death – again.’
    I think there might be a few holes in your argument, Lee

  10. Lee

    “Ebola could solve America’s problems with atheism, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography and abortion.”

    It could solve the problems with god botherers too.

    @Peter F – 😀

  11. John Fraser


    " “We demand the death penalty for all suicide bombers!”

    Classic !

  12. stephentardrew

    The Dum, Dum manifest is on the increase.

    All members welcome to express their ignorance in the light of, well, just good old stupidity.

    We really do need a Dum, Dum register spread far and wide to inform the public of the dangers of idiocy.

    Put together it certainly is a sad list of misinformed illogical ideologues who demonstrate that claiming God is on their side is truly f*cked as God, head in hand, despairs at blatant cruelty and insatiable greed of species Dum Dum.

  13. stephentardrew

    Sew the buggers back together and hang em.

    That’ll show them.

  14. Loz

    Sounds a bit of a red neck does George and this photo doesn’t do him any favours, looks a bit of a thug.

  15. Lee

    Speaking of hilarity….. Julie Bishop made Who’s most intriguing people list of 2014. What in hell is intriguing about her? How many cans of hairspray she uses in a week? Does she have the body temperature of a reptile? Or can’t some people work out why she has aged 40 years since appearing on the cover of Herpes Bizarre?

  16. Peter F

    I have long expressed the opinion that for most people, religion is man’s (and woman’s) attempt to communicate with the weather.

  17. Anomander

    If homosexuals can’t reproduce that means the heterosexuals are to blame for having all those gay babies!

  18. Jill Kawalilak

    Many a good chuckle here.

  19. mars08

    Sticking with the “Dope and Hilarity” theme.

    Senator David Leyonhjelm…

    Sooo… we should get rid of a law that was created in response to several shooting massacres (Port Arthur being the worst)… because an unhinged individual (on bail) might have killed two innocent civilians.

    Yesss. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by adding more firepower.

  20. Garth

    I’ve been crying for over a year now. At first it was due to laughter at the idiocy of this LNP mob but now it’s just due to sadness. If people can’t see the changes that are happening in Australian society (not for the better), then they aren’t looking. We have no true leadership and instead have a mob, with the king idiot in charge, that see division and bigotry as their political mantra.

  21. Dandark

    “Yesss. There’s no problem that can’t be solved by adding more firepower.” Mars said
    Where has common sense gone with this pack of morons that sit in the chairs in Canberra
    because for the life of me I cant figure out what they actually do other than wreck the joint
    and contaminate everything they can

    Soooooo plain common sense flies out the window as Leyonhjelm walks in the door
    What a complete nutter this bloke is, Next we will have a sign up on the joint saying ” Free Range Shooting”
    It will be ” duck season” gone mad, and there is a reason America has so much gun violence because “Big Gun Business”
    has taken a foothold there, and another example of commonsense gone wrong is ” give a good guy a gun so he can shoot the bad guy”

    I am not against guns, my mother was a champion shooter, but Leyonhjelm needs to stay off whatever drugs his on
    to suggest to weaken gun laws in this country shows his lack of respect for human life
    which is a sad indictment on a man who is suppose to be representing the people of this country..
    We already have to many illegal guns on the streets as the cops know…to put more out there is just sheer madness.

    OMG loopy Ley has lost his marbles and if he thinks that’s a smart idea, he can go live over in Yankee Land, the land of the Free pfffffffttttt

  22. mars08

    I am against morons WITH guns. I’m satisfied that the current laws, while not ideal, have served us well.

    It’s the only decent thing to come out of the Howard years.

  23. silkworm

    Leyonhjelm demonstrates the evil that is Libertarianism.

  24. stephentardrew


    May God strike you dead you sacrilegious nasty man.

  25. Lee

    “I am against morons WITH guns. I’m satisfied that the current laws, while not ideal, have served us well.

    It’s the only decent thing to come out of the Howard years.”

    Agreed. The last thing we need is a bunch of untrained, frightened people firing guns indiscriminately inside a café. The US has a much higher death rate per capita due to guns than we do and it would be great if we could stop striving to emulate them just this once. Howard had this right.

  26. Anomander

    I laugh in the face of imaginary sky friends @stephentardrew

  27. Anomander

    Leyonhjelm – the dangerous neoliberal extremist elected purely on the basis he happened to secure first square on the ballot paper and because a whole slice of our society are too bloody ignorant or stupid to comprehend the outcome of their lazy decision on election day.

    US gun deaths per year over 11,000 according to the CDC.
    Australian gun deaths per year around 60 according to AIC.

    But hey, let’s not let intelligence, logic, common sense or facts get in the way of an ill-considered ideological rant from an irrelevant idiot.

  28. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes can by pass men if needed. Someone should tell those idiots, homosexual came from heterosexual couples., Unlikely to die out.

  29. mars08

    Guns… in combination with fear, ignorance, paranoia and media sensationalism. What could possibly go wrong?

  30. Zathras

    I’d be prepared to pack heat if only to keep me safe from zealots like Leyonhjelm.

    It would make as much sense if we adopted the recommendation of Inspector Grimm from “The Thin Blue Line” and locked everybody up and only let them out if they could prove they’ve done nothing wrong.

  31. John Fraser


    Davy "Crockett" Leyonhjelm.

    King of the wild Senate ?

    "Patched up the crack in the Liberty bell".

    I just love the smell of banjo's in the morning (apologies to Apocalypse Now).

  32. lawrencewinder

    I was laughing … but then remembered these people have power!

    And then had a vision of the beady-eyed, John Roskam arising through the mist and with pure IPA falsetto blow new thought-bubbles of Rabid-the-Hun’s next “year of achievement.”

  33. Ross

    Ian Joyner, thanks for the reminder of Ted Bullpit, a true giant of the Australian intelligentsia.

    As Ted was wont to say, “just leave your money on the fridge”.

  34. Kaye Lee

    It just gets more and more ludicrous.

    Remember how work choices was “dead, buried and cremated” (ignoring the question of burial AND cremation)…….

    “Workplace Relations Framework

    Public inquiry

    The Australian Government has asked the Productivity Commission to undertake a public inquiry to examine the performance of the workplace relations framework and identify improvements to it.

    The inquiry report is expected to be handed to the Australian Government in November 2015.

    More dates and information will be posted here shortly.”

    Bring on the rebranding guys

  35. Damo451

    The dynamic duo ,Lizard Face and Mr Potato Head fighting against truth and intelligence the LNP way

  36. David K

    CMMC, Take a look at this site…primarily about Featherstone, but it does touch on an old friend….

    From the letter from ABC 7.30 to the QPS requesting information for a story.

    “A private invetigator, Ken Gamble, provided a detailed brief of evidence to the QPS in 2012 relating to allegations of serious organised fraud by a syndicate involving Larry Pickering……..”

  37. Lee

    Impatiently toe tapping, waiting for George Christensen and the ADL to denounce all of Christianity due to the Cairns murders.

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