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Exposing the Underbelly of Australian Politics: The Fight Against Parasitic Elites

By Denis Hay  

In the heart of Australian democracy, a subtle but grave threat has taken root. Hidden behind the facade of leadership and authority are the parasites of political elitism – individuals who manipulate the system for their benefit, undermining the values of fairness and equity that Australia prides itself on.

Unmasking the Parasitic Elites in Australian Politics

These political parasites mirror the characteristics of biological parasites – they drain resources and skew policies for personal and select group interests, offering little in return to the broader community. This is particularly troubling in Australia, where the spirit of ‘fair go’ is integral to the national identity. Yet, some elected officials have diverted from serving the public good, focusing instead on advancing the interests of the wealthy and influential.

Such behaviour not only goes against the ethos of Australian democracy but also erodes trust in public institutions and widens the gap between the affluent and the average Australian. These political elites work within the intricate structures of government systems, where accountability is often diminished, and transparency becomes clouded.

A Rallying Cry for Change and Transparency

The solution lies within the power of the Australian electorate. Recognizing these parasitic elements is the first step towards reform. Citizens must become vigilant of policies that disproportionately help the few, a lack of clear and transparent decision-making processes, and resistance to accountability.

The call to action is clear: demand transparency and accountability from elected officials. This means voting for representatives who genuinely reflect the public’s interests, engaging in civic activities, and ensuring our voices contribute to policy discussions. The focus should be on creating a political environment that fosters equity, fairness, and the common good, embodying the true Australian spirit of egalitarianism.

Question for Readers: Are You Ready to Stand Up for True Australian Democracy?

This call goes beyond mere participation; it is a demand for the revival of Australian democracy in its truest form. It is an invitation to join the movement to cleanse Australian politics of self-serving interests and restore a government that stands for all Australians.

Hashtags for the Movement

  1. #FairGoForAll – Emphasizing the need to restore the fundamental Australian value of fairness in politics.
  2. #OzPolCleanUp – A call to purify Australian politics from self-serving interests.
  3. #AccountableLeaders – Demanding responsibility and transparency from Australian political leaders.
  4. #AussieDemocracy – Celebrating and advocating for a democratic system that truly stands for the diverse voices of Australia.

Together, we can confront the parasitic elites in Australian politics, ensuring our democracy still is robust, fair, and truly representative of all Australians.


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Denis Hay: At 82 years young, I stand as a testament to the enduring power of dedication and belief in social justice. My journey has been shaped by a deep conviction that every individual deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and that equal opportunities for thriving should be a universal right.

My beliefs are not just ideals; they are the driving force behind my active engagement in advocating for change. I am deeply concerned about the pressing issue of climate change, recognizing its urgency and the need for immediate, collective action. This is not just a matter of policy for me, but a moral imperative to safeguard our planet for the generations to come.

As an administrator of several Facebook pages, I use my platform to challenge the prevailing neoliberal ideology, which I see as a destructive force against our society and environment. My goal is to foster a political system that truly serves the people, ensuring access to essential needs like decent housing, secure and well-paid jobs, education, and healthcare for all.

In this chapter of my life, my mission is clear: to leave behind a world that is better and more just for my grandchildren and future generations. It is a commitment that guides my every action, a legacy of compassion and advocacy that I hope will inspire others to join the cause.

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  1. Ken Robinson

    Re WHO RUNS THIS PLACE. Dennis this 89yo totally agrees with you the two party system has become so corrupt and self-serving that the have to go, it looks like the Greens although not perfect and the independents are the only option other than a hopefully peaceful revolution, for the future these bastards have to go and pay for their wrecking of what was “THE LUCKY COUNTRY”

  2. Terence Mills

    Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced her retirement from politics after what can only be considered a class act, having won three elections including the first to unseat the egregious Campbell Newman and bring Labor back from a seven seat trouncing to majority government.

    As usual the Murdoch press couldn’t wait to give her a kick with The Australian headline :
    “Parachuting Out – With a Push” and the Courier Mail telling us that she is “walking away” and implying that she couldn’t have won another election.

    I really hope that my fellow Queenslanders remember the awful LNP and keep them out of office forever. It’s going to be tough as the Qld Minerals Council are already advertising on TV opposing Labor’s taxes and the LNP will obviously be supporting greater investment and exploitation of fossil fuels – not a good look !

    Sky after Dark are haters of Labor and Annastacia Palaszczuk and are using their free to air regional TV broadcasting to denigrate Labor. Even so, they have a problem as the LNP Premier in waiting is a bloke called David Crisafulli who seems to have a personality problem (he doesn’t have one) and he has no policies but that is an LNP strategy isn’t it ?

  3. wam

    sadly, Dance if the Cuckoo, your words apply loudly to the NT. A paper and local tv ch1 and 4.5 are swift to denigrate labor and give preference to the ‘no’ clp. The 2012 win for the clp gave us a disastrous government with numerous examples of greed and self-interest. The disfunction has lasted 11 years despite the media and a huge population turn over. It got so bad that a former chief Shane Stone came back as president. He could steady the rust bucket and use the ‘no’ momentum to defeat labor.
    The rich, ethnically led, elite may be a stumbling block provided enough corporate memory in the suburbs is left to negate the media bulldust..

  4. Max Gross

    This sounds like a proposal to ban and disband the Libs, Nats, PHON and what’s left of United Australia. I’m all for it!

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