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Everything Is Political So Even Saying Nothing Is Political If You Think About It!

Now I promise not to spend too much time on this but I feel the need to point out that the idea that King Chuckles can’t comment on climate change because it’s just a wee bit controversial is one of those things that needs a bit of an examination. I’m just going to do a short examination and then we can go back to discussing politics like we normally do, ok?

Or maybe not, because I’m hoping to one day be voted King and… Oh yeah, that’s right, I’m not eligible owing to the fact that there’s very little in-breeding in my family. Actually, none as far as I know, but I do think that there are several royals who are more than enough evidence that cousins shouldn’t be allowed to breed, even for strategic defence alliances. Surely they can simply marry and go on their merry way having sex with whomsoever they like.

Anyway, the first point I’d like to make is that if the head of state can’t talk about anything that’s defined as political, just what can he or she talk about. Here is my list of things that can’t be discussed or supported by our King or Queen because of their controversial nature.

  1. Charities that help the poor. Ever since Maggie Thatcher declared that there’s no such thing as society, the idea that we should help the poor is a bit political.
  2. Remembrance Day, Ok, it was fine when we all supported war, but some people thought that invading Iraq was a mistake and the whole Weapons of Mass Distraction thing was a beat-up to get at the oil but even if those lefties who pointed out that there was no connection between Bin Laden and Iraq are wrong, it’s still controversial so any support for returning soldiers is a bit political.
  3. The Commonwealth Games. Some countries are leaving the Commonwealth so any attempt to influence them, like travelling to where the games are being held and opening them, could be construed as attempt to influence the domestic politics of that country.
  4. Support for vaccinations. Enough said. Some idiot will surely comment that there have been more vaccinated people die in the past two hundred years than when cavemen roamed their caves. Whatever, it’s political…
  5. Support for the science of climate change. Actually let’s just make that support for any controversial theory. Gravity seems to be accepted, but there is a bit of support out there for the idea that the earth is flat. As for Einstein’s theory of relativity…

I promised I’d be brief. Now I’m just going to forget all about the Royal circus and watch some television because thanks to the death of the Queen, I’ve hardly heard a word about politics.

Mm, my choices seem to be:

“Elizabeth, the Young Queen”; “Queen Elizabeth, The Longest Monarch”: “The Queen’s Horses”: “The Wit Of Elizabeth”; “The Corgis And Their Role In Keeping Britain Together”; “The Royals: A Life Of Servicing In Order To Produce An Heir”; “Monarchists Remember The Time That They Were In Close Proximity To A Royal”; “Why Paul Keating Touching The Queen Was Wrong But Prince Andrew Can Touch Anyone Because He Doesn’t Sweat”; “Remembering Churchill And Queen Elizabeth’s Father”; “Forgetting Koo Stark”; “Why Hating Meghan Markle Isn’t Racist Because She Should Have Known Her Place”; “How Ita Used Her Experience At The Women’s Weekly To Turn The ABC Into Something That Kerry Packer Would Have Enjoyed”; “Prince William Blames Yoko Ono For The Downfall Of The Empire”; “The Entire ABC Relocate To London To Give Us The Latest News About Any Breaking News”; “Channel Devoted To Following The Queen’s Coffin As It Journeys To Its Final Resting Place”.

Mm, now I know why we need so many days of mourning…


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  1. Terence Mills

    The Shovel sums up the media frenzy :

    Man who had brief conversation with Queen in 1964 interviewed for half an hour by ABC


    Finally, rich white man in charge !

  2. Greg

    Terence, msm promotes thinly-disguised agendas on behalf of those who treat us as mere cogs in their wheels of commerce.
    Eg. ‘Hey you, take another mRNA shot so you can keep working. Don’t worry it’s free’. Except it’s not: gov pays which means we pay via tax.
    As a propaganda outlet for wealthy power brokers disconnected from their humanity, the msm is doing a fine job.
    Celebrity commentators might not be aware of a plan but keeping the Royals in play is useful for the moment.
    One of the most galling of aspects of Western civilization for those who seek to control us is our claim to basic of human rights.
    Especially our rights to protest, free speech and bodily autonomy.
    The Royal Family is seen as a safe pair of hands with its ‘sage’ and conservative advice in national debates.
    They will be used and covertly weaponized against the public until all, or most, basic human rights are stripped away.
    Do all in the Royal Family know they are being used in this manner? I doubt it.
    As long as the most prominent are dumb enough to play along anyway, that is all that matters.

  3. Canguro

    Ah yes, the costumed one, he who likes to play dress-ups, he who ruminates on communing with his hothouse plants on matters existential, the tampon pretender who wished to be a wee homunculus inside his mistress’s vagina, here dashingly attired as a sort of wannabe Lawrence of Arabia, and now at the apogee of his aspirational but otherwise pointless existence, the inheritor of the crown.

    Conbloodygratulations Charlie, we’re pleased for you. No really, we are. You finally made it, after everything conspired to defeat you; you loveless consummation with the tragic Diana, the never-ending game of having to pretend that you’re really the real biological father of the bastard son Harry, spawned by your first wife’s lover, the ignominy of having been born in an era where you’re forced to confront the anachronistic absurdity or your social standing.. it can’t be easy, notwithstanding the mind-boggling wealth and privilege that is your inherited lot. Never mind that most of it was pinched and pilfered and a function of your lot’s abuse of their unentitled hold on the reins of privilege and power.

    Enjoy it while you can, Charlie. We don’t envy you one little bit.

  4. Caz

    You forgot to mention the gut turning eye rolling inducing garbage from one Sir Robert aka Ming the Merciless when he slobbered all over young Liz with his “”I did but see her passing by and still I love her till I die”. Oh Yuk.
    If that wasn’t bad enough he wanted to call our currency the ROYAL. Remember?
    You have to hand it to young Liz, she came back here again, and again.

  5. paul walter

    Have buggered up another post, so I will just say it is not uncomforting to know that others ponder on “policisation”, ” the political”. not understanding events or trying not to, as “political”.

    But I still want to thump ABC executives and journalists for the insufferable arrogance of last week, including the censored history of the secrecy in the lead up.


    I do not forgive them for last week’s insufferable rubbish and wish very, very few of them at all well, at all. This is not what revenues need to be used for.

    If things were “secret”, what did the ASIO and government know of it and how culpable werethey ?
    if not, what has happened to the culprits. Especially when so many are suffering thru a broken social infrastructure system in need of funding.

  6. Michael Taylor

    I just blocked a racist on Twitter who said that Indigenous Australians are full of bullshit. Same person wanted Prince Harry sued for marrying a person of colour and moving to the USA.

    I wonder if she’s taken an IQ test recently.

  7. paul walter

    No. The indiginous man who died a couple of days ago at age 79, was NO dickhead, could not have been and still survive the horrible system.

    It is a good thing to deal with folk with sub single digit IQs including fantasist Hansonists, lest the truth be neglected for hot air.

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