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Electricity Bill and Raising the Standard of Debate in Seven Easy Points.

1. My Maggie Thatcher Moment:

Joe Hockey said that most other countries were moving toward a “direct action” approach to Climate Change. My response: Name Two.

2. Tony Abbott wants to raise the standard of debate, but decides that making fun of Shorten’s first name is appropriate.

“TO celebrate his 50 days since winning the election, Tony Abbott made a special meal – of “Electricity Bill” Shorten.

What the Prime Minister did last weekend to the Opposition Leader in just one sentence should terrify Labor. He put a label on Shorten that will stick like Tarzan’s Grip, reminding voters Shorten is keeping power bills too high by stopping Abbott in the Senate from scrapping the carbon tax.”

Andrew Bolt

Tarzan’s Grip? That brings back memories of my childhood. It was considered a very strong glue until superglue came along. Still perhaps, Andrew Bolt hasn’t heard…

But given that’s the way we’re going to raise the standard of debate. I suggest Labor start using names like “Tiny Tony”, Joe “Even More in Hock” key, or “Moron” Warren (You know, the Deputy PM)! That should make the Liberals shiver, shake and what didn’t Andrew Bolt – I know let’s call him Andrew Nut, that should really nullify him – say? Terrify, that’s it.

3. Tony Abbott: “This was a very, very big fire.”

Who needs experts when you have Tony Abbott to analyse the situation. Apparently, he was a Road Scholar, which explains why he won’t put into money into public transport.

4. Abbott on President Obama: “He’s a very busy man, and I don’t want to make his life more complicated by demanding an early meeting.”

Tony, I suspect that you wouldn’t make his life more complicated. I suspect that if he didn’t want one, you’d just be told no. So, if you demanded an early meeting, and he said no, you’d just have to find some way of saving face. Like saying:

Obama’s a busy man and there’s no need for us to meet any time soon.


5. From an interview with Lally Weymouth:

“So do you believe in climate change or are you skeptical?”

Tiny Abbott (teehee, that’s almost as good as “Electricity Bill”): This argument has become far too theological for anyone’s good.

Yet Abbott abolishes the Climate Commission, incoorporates the Science Ministry into other portfolios, dismisses evidence from the CSIRIO and other bodies and makes no comment about George Pell’s sceptism on Climate Change. Perhaps, he’s right – perhaps it HAS become too theological.

6. Apparently, he’s a “Rhodes Scholar”. Sorry, but easy mistake to make.

7. From the same interview:

“But Labor wanted to extend fiber to every household?

Welcome to the wonderful, wacko world of the former government.”

Giving everyone access to faster broadband without paying an enormous amount for it. How wacky is that? Labor haven’t done anything that wacky since they introduced health care to everyone whether they were sick or not, or since they introduced superannuation for all workers.

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