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Donald Trump And Watching Repeats Of “The Apprentice”!

From what I could work out from watching the trailers, “The Apprentice” consisted of Donald Trump giving the contestants various tasks and when they failed to do what he wanted, he’d utter the magic words, “You’re fired!” and they’d disappear. Apart from the trailers, I only ever saw a snippet of the show when I was some distance from a channel changer and too tired and emotional to process the idea that there were actually better programs to watch.

From what I can work out of Trump’s presidency, it consists of Donald Trump giving his own appointments and any other White House staff various tasks and every now and then just announcing that they’re fired. And it’s working a treat because his ratings now exceed not only Arnold Schwarzenegger’s, but are reaching heights he never managed when head honcho on “The Apprentice”.

It’s pretty amazing that the Trumpster can get even better ratings with what amounts to nothing more than a re-run of “The Apprentice”. I call him the Trumpster because that makes him seem all warm and lovable. Without such lovable nicknames as “The Donald”, “the Trumpster” or “the Orange-u-tan”, he may come across a little bit like that guy running North Korea, Kim without the lovable nickname…

Ratings are what it’s all about. That’s right, isn’t it? Some people think that it’s all about the hokey pokey, but Trump knows that the hokey pokey allows you to put your left limbs in, and he only wants the right limbs in.

Although to call Trump a right-winger, overlooks the way he’s reached out to Russia…

All right, I know that at this point there’s going to be some rabid left-wing type who’s going to accuse me of completely overlooking the way the United States has been a force for evil in the world and that any criticism of Trump is an endorsement of the industrial military complex that has been responsible for not only wars, but also the cold sore on their lip. So let me just make it clear that I would have marched against our involvement in Vietnam were it not for the fact that my mother wouldn’t let me… I was younger then and I needed my mother’s permission for just about everything. Although I did say to her at the time of the ’72 election, “Go ahead, vote for those runny lackeys of the imperial system who want to send me off to be killed in Vietnam… You’ve got other sons and even if they’re not as lovable as me, I’m sure you’ll learn to love them just as much eventually.”

She still wouldn’t let me go to the protest; neither did she vote for Whitlam. In spite of the sexism of the era, women didn’t listen to their youngest son when it came to politics.

I really shouldn’t blame my mother. After all, I’m not Resources Minister. And, while I’m on the subject there’s no truth in the rumour, that Matt Canavan is being investigated for bigamy because his mother had him married to an Italian girl when he was 26. You need to sign something to be married. And to become an Italian citizen but apparently your mother can sign citizenship papers on your behalf if you’re not capable of looking after your own affairs.

Anyway, back to Trump…

As someone who was appalled by the way people who had any association with Russia or Communism were treated during the McCarthy era, I’m pleased that the Republicans now think that colluding with Russia to affect an election result is hardly worth investigating, because it’s nowhere near as bad as colluding with people like Obama and Hillary. I mean, we all know what they are. No, I’m not being racist or sexist. How could you say such a thing? I mean, Obama is a man and Hillary’s white, so clearly my problem is that they’re Democrats!

You know, Democrats. Do you know the difference between a Democrat and a Republican?

Well, neither do I. But I think it’s that some Democrats believe in socialism. At least in the form of not letting people die because it’s a rich country and we all should have some form of health care. Not all Democrats, mind you, but some. I’m pretty sure that both parties believe that America is the same as the United States, even though the USA is only a small part of the continent. After all, it is the most important part because, well, it has most of the toys and when it doesn’t get it’s own way, it’s pretty good at chucking the toys out of the cot…

Mm, I just got to thinking about the refugee swap that wasn’t a swap. You know the one where Donald didn’t hang up on Malcolm because Malcolm stood his ground. I mean that was pretty unbelievable: Malcolm standing his ground. The one where everyone agreed that the swap was going ahead… But only after “extreme vetting”. I just wondered if Malcolm was going to ring again any time soon and say, “How’s that vetting going?” Just so Trump can tell him that it’s still happening but that you can’t expect us to take people that Australia has decided are lawbreakers, can you?


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  1. Kronomex

    I tried on several occasions to watch The Apprentice when it was on and could not make it past the first ten minutes before calling it bullshit and, usually, switching the one-eyed god off and read a book. Trump wanted to make me vomit in disgust then and now is no different. The man, loosely described as such, is a repulsive moron and nothing will make me change my mind.

    Now we have The Donald claiming that diplomats being asked to leave Russia is proof that he and his family have never had any dealings with Russia. I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I he made this nonsensical statement. The Trumpoverse is a bizarre place to exist in. At least The Donald has The Donald to keep him company there.

    Truffles the Timid standing up against Trump. I can picture that: humping The Donald’s leg and telling him that he’s wonderful, great, and tugging (probably the wrong word) his forelock in a grovelling manner.

  2. Presser#1

    Trump is/was pretty clearly a psychopath throughout his pre-Potus life, (initial charm, lack of affect, narcissism, grandiosity, reflex lying, blaming others etc., which lets face it, is not that unusual within the business context), he now seems to be exhibiting additional symptoms consistent with early Alzheimer’s. Ie, can’t keep his lies,allegiances,fantasies straight from one moment to the next. Or is he just another illustration of the Peter Principle, promoted to a role beyond his capacities? I’d be interested in the opinions of others better qualified than I to judge.

  3. bobrafto

    Has anyone noticed the similarities between Abbott & Trump and their first budgets like medicare cuts being blocked.

    It’s as though the Don is also having stand up comedy at the White House. Season 1 that just ended starred Sean Spicer, Season 2 that just started stars ‘The Mooch’. Really!

    If Abbott can Knight a Prince, what can the Don do that is equally bizarre?

  4. Rhonda

    Never watched his stoopid TV show, now very irritated, though sometimes amused but mostly horrified, at being forced to see his current shot show. Thanks Rossleigh, I share your aaargh!

  5. Max Gross

    And as we all know, the USA has never EVER interfered in the electoral processes and governance of other nations!!!

  6. Rossleigh

    While at the time of writing, Season two was to star The Mooch”, apparently he wasn’t doing enough for the ratings.
    Actually, this isn’t a re-run of “The Apprentice” – it’s “Survivor”

  7. diannaart


    Donald Trump’s POTUS is revenge for those of us who refused to watch “The Apprentice”. I thought he was a vile piece of work then and have no reason to change my POV.

  8. jimhaz

    The TrumpKim is a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ mad purposeful people eater.

  9. jimhaz

    [Now we have The Donald claiming that diplomats being asked to leave Russia is proof that he and his family have never had any dealings with Russia]

    So we probably have a squad of brainwashed or otherwise corrupted diplomats coming back to the US to help run the new dictatorship.

    As for his son in law – met to talk about “adoptions” prior to an election. Give me a break. Did anyone in the world not think it was a blatant lie about the purpose. They are simply not the sort of people who care about things like adoption, particularly during a campaign.

  10. jimhaz

    RE: Anthony Scaramucci

    “I see a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango”

    “Scaramouche (from Italian scaramuccia, literally “little skirmisher”), also known as scaramouch, is a stock clown character of the commedia dell’arte (comic theatrical arts of Italian literature). The role combined characteristics of the Zanni (servant) and the Capitano (masked henchman). Usually attired in black Spanish dress and burlesquing a don, he was often beaten by Harlequin for his boasting and cowardice.”

    How apt.

  11. Kronomex

    The Donald – The lights aren’t on and there will never be anyone home.

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