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Donald Trump must have been in a hurry

The terrorist attacks in Belgium were appalling and we have all been touched as stories of heartbreak, loss and despair emerge.

Politicians from across the world have been quick to condemn the attacks, and rightly so. I join with them.

But you often wonder if many of these politicians – though obviously themselves appalled – don’t seize such events as moments to grasp some political traction.

We saw this from Tony Abbott during the Lindt Cafe seige. I don’t doubt his genuine disgust at the event. It may be just me, but I doubted his heartfelt sorrow.

I feel the same about Donald Trump.

I don’t think he could get to a microphone quick enough so he could use the Belgium attacks as a weapon in his political arsenal. In fact, he was in so much of a hurry that he didn’t bother to ask what Belgium was. Speaking on NBC’s TODAY, Trump said:

“Belgium is no longer Belgium. Belgium is not the Belgium you and I knew from 20 years ago, which was one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world”.

So there you go, Belgium is a city.

He was in so much of a hurry to tell Americans that he would close their borders et al that he forgot to even wonder what Belgium was!

It just doesn’t sound genuine to me.

It was as though he was ready to pounce within seconds of a terrorist attack.

My, he would have had a real problem if the attacks were in Yackandandah, Timbuktu, Humpty Doo, Bringthekegalong or Whyrootamoocow . . . same speech, but wouldn’t know where it was.

By the way, where is Whyrootamoocow?



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  1. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yep, Trump is just a bullshit artist. Unfortunately, it has taken me a lifetime thus far to realise that the so-called successful operators in politics or any other system, are the ones who bullshit and don’t bother about you finding out the truth coz you probably won’t.

    Now we have Turnbull who assisted the HIH debacle and who worked for the obnoxious Goldman Sachs.

    Now, America has the hawk Trump ready to pounce on the remainder of their democracy.

    Be prepared People to withstand the onslaught of the infidels.

    I want my kind, wide, hopeful Australia back and I’m damned if I’ll let the likes of Turnbullshit and Trump ruin it.

  2. archiearchive FCD

    Whyrootamoocow is Cory Bernardi’s home town – – –

  3. Hugh Jurgen

    In Cory’s case the question is whynotrootamoocow?

  4. brickbob

    ‘The Belgium Ambassador to Australia gave Turnbull a serve for dog whistling about refugees being terrorists and rightly so, the PM is a grub and showed his true colours just hours after those poor people were killed and injured,it was a weak and pathetic display from a desperate and gutless bastard.”””

  5. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes brickbob,

    the Belgium Ambassador was right to pull Turnbull up, even without knowing what kind of loser he is considered at home.

  6. mark delmege

    The thing is it is not Trump who created this crisis – this crisis of terrorism fed by instability and war. The Democrat front runner did have a big part to play in the past crimes of empire and the rise of fundamentalism and terrorism and you can be certain she will again in the future.
    This week was the 13th anniversary to the invasion of Baghdad. Since then there has been the invasion and reinvasion of Afghanistan and the destruction of Libya and a US led proxy war in Syria. ( I really could go on but you get the picture) All these have destroyed the lives of millions of people. And as much as I hate terrorism its kinda understandable in the circumstances. Madame Clinton was a willing participant and promoter in all of those wars of empire and now she lines up as the candidate of preference for many of the so called left. Her role in Libyan destruction was front and centre and her leaked emails now show how she thought the removal of al-Assad in Syria would be good for Israel. Her craven speech at AIPAC should scare the bejesus out of anyone – with a critical mind.

    She is the chosen candidate of Wall street and the military security state for a very good reason.

    With her at the helm expect more war, more roll back of progressive states in the developing world and more instability – and thus more terrorism.

  7. Salstarat

    Mark Delmage, are you crazy? The REASON the world is in so much chaos is because of the megalomaniacal sociopath GEORGE DOUBLEYA BUSH! If it wasn’t for the corrupt, despicable Republicans … always the first to jump into any pointless war … and the fact that Bush, Blair and the idiot, John Howard marched into Iraq and unnecessarily deposed Saddam Hussein, we would not be in this unholy mess! Bush, Blair and Howard are WAR CRIMINALS who should be charged and jailed! Compared to Bush and the frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic, Trump, Clinton looks like a saint! Bush, Blair and Howard (the Three Stooges) deposed Hussein so that Bush could get his hands on the rich oil supplies in Iraq and, in so doing, destabilised the whole middle east region, created the vacuum that was quickly filled by the worst, most blood thirsty psychopaths (ISIS) ever known and, subsequently, the greatest humanitarian crisis since WWII. In addition the cost of MILLIONS of lives and the expenditure of countless BILLIONS – STILL being expended on war, weapons of war, ramped-up terror campaigns and security! The Three Stooges, the gun-crazy Republicans and the dumbed down LNP (In Australia) are to blame for the horrific, catastrophic mess that was once referred to as the cradle of civilisation, ie Iraq. The tragedy that unfolded after the rapacious, self serving greed of Bush, Rumsfold et al, has cost the lives of millions and millions of innocent men, women and little children – not to forget the lives of hundreds of American, British and Australian soldiers in Iraq.

    Sadly, the overwhelming number of American red neck Republicans are dumbed down by the manipulative hyperbole and character assassinating libellous LIES spewed out in the biased, disgraceful Murdoch press. Most of them can barely point out Iraq or Belgium on a map, let alone know what is going on in the rest of the world!

  8. mark delmege

    pay attention Salstarat have a look at the record of Clinton.

  9. Michael Taylor

    Pay attention, Mark. Have a look at the record of Bush (and Cheney).

  10. mark delmege

    Bush didn’t do Syria or Libya – thats was Obama and Clinton. They were the ones who provided the weapons that IS and al qaeda types used and were at the helm when IS emerged. They were the ones who empowered death squads and proxy armies and the circumstances that flooded Europe with refugees. However it is good to see you, Michae Taylor, backing Clinton – you show your colours clearly. In my book liberal war hawks are as bad as neo liberals – and arguably worse.

  11. Wally

    “I feel the same about Donald Trump”

    At first I thought it was just me.
    Then I saw how others reacted.
    Spent some time thinking alone.
    And more time thinking in depth
    Realisation set in and I realised

    First thought was correct- Trump is full of shit.

  12. Michael Taylor

    Mark Delmege, where the hell did I say I backed Clinton? FFS it really pisses me off when people put words in my mouth.

    I may back Clinton, I may not back Clinton.

    But if I did back Clinton I’d prefer her ahead of that crazy lunatic Trump – who it ‘appears’ that you back.

    Anyway, I’m not telling you if I back her or not.

    Now, what other shit do you want to make up that I said?

  13. mark delmege

    Don’t be coy Michael. (I’ve made it clear on here before I don’t like either)

  14. Keith

    Cruz is very dangerous as well.
    The USA appears to be locked into Corporatisation which allows for little movement by governments.

    Meanwhile, James Hansen et al, had a paper published which projects serious consequences from fossil fuels emissions at a business as usual rate.

    A further paper by Zeebe et al, states that the rate of emission growth is dangerously high being unprecedented for the last 66 million years.

  15. Phil

    Mark and Salstarat. You might also include the social destruction of neoliberalism accelerated in the Thatcher and Reagan eras that has infected almost every western economy since, including Australia.

    Former colonial powers like France and Belgium have allowed to develop in their suburbs ghettos of disadvantage, concentrating people from their former colonies. The Paris bombing and the Brussells bombing appear to have been hatched in such places of unchecked social and racial disadvantage.

    This pattern of neoliberal induced disadvantage, underscored by a concentration of youth unemployment, poor educational opportunity and almost every other indicator of social rejection, becomes the cauldron of resentment that jihadist recruiters exploit so effectively. I think we risk over simplifying the matter by trying to put jihadi terrorism down to primarily US foreign policy adventures when it seems to me to be equally a failure of the neoliberalism that so many states seem unwilling to call out as the cancer that it is.

  16. James Mason

    To Mark Delmege, Michael Taylor & Salstarat;

    You are all right, and what is needed is not infighting but action against the real perpetrators .. the moronic(in abbots case)/syncophantic politicians and the greedy business/media/banker slugs that control all the action …

    I’ve said this before but it needs to be said again .. please read ‘The Blood Bankers’ x James S Henry (who is highly qualified) .. He exposes the methodology that ‘america’/CIA/etc has employed for over 50 years in starting ‘wars’ to create wealth for american murderous/thieving/selfish psycopaths that should be brought to justice in a world court .. The book is not a ‘great read’ by any stretch of the imagination, but it contains facts and figures that have never been challenged (for the obvious reason that they are correct) .. Yes george dubya, blair & the toad howard all should be hung drawn & quartered for their crimes against humanity (and many others as well). It’s the american psyche behind the ‘machine’ that needs stopping .. ASAP..

  17. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Hear, hear Phil and James Mason.

  18. John

    Cities in Europe are patrolled by machine gun wielding police and soldiers and the Middle Eastern migrant areas are under heavy surveillance, yet the bombings continue. The failures of policing and surveillance expose these measures to be nothing more than security theatre.
    Now we have a heightened terror alert in Oz – the political opportunists are using terror to further impose on our private lives.
    Who are the real terrorists?

  19. Gangey1959

    C bernardi is the reason that onedoesn’trootamoocow

  20. diannaart

    Unregulated capitalism continues to divide people into (ridiculously) wealthy, a majority of strugglers and at the very bottom; youth. Lack of education, constant vilification, no viable career paths; these factors will continue to feed the dispossessed a diet lacking in hope and, in turn, become fodder for those who see war and terrorism as a means to an end.

    Security, health, education, a viable future tend to create people who (mostly) wish to live in peace – not at all useful in creating armies or guerrillas.

    We are all to blame, although those who continue to vigorously support rampant capitalism own more of the blame.

  21. Pilot

    Dear Mr/Ms AIMN,

    We have enough stupidity and moronic attitudes here in Australia without having the need to import same.

    We know Trump is an idiot and a moron……. Please, let us return to the closer stupid people, Turnbull, Abbott, Morrison, Abetz, Sinodinos, Brandis, Brough, Hunt, et al.

    Trumps a joke, right? He really isn’t in the race, right? No one can be that stupid, that full of themselves, so ignorant of the World, so self-obsessed, right? Let’s leave out the obvious candidates like Turnbull, Abbott, Morrison, Abetz, Sinodinos, Brandis, Brough, Hunt, Cash, blah blah.

    Stone the bloody crows, the world’s gone mad……


  22. townsvilleblog

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith I’m with you I also want the Australia that we know and love back, sadly now we have so many Muslims here it is virtually impossible to know how many religious terrorists are among them.

  23. James Mason

    dianaart .. thanks for your response .. I agree with the first part of your blog, down to the last paragraph, but I can’t agree with the concept that WE are to blame .. for one reason only .. the concept of victim-perpetrator, which the worlds bullies work by, like to blame ‘us’ for everything .. They want us to feel guilty .. from religion, to purchasing goods at the local store .. WE are the ‘victims’, either we are sinners (religion) or suckers (buying) and it’s all our fault because ‘we demand’ more .. ALL of which is advertising/public relations/promotion/lies/corruption .. call it the way you see it .. but it’s all the same. What a load of dinosaur dung .. we have to stand up against the victim/perpetrator concept .. We are not responsible for their greed ..

  24. diannaart


    …sadly Australia now have so many white immigrants here it is virtually impossible to know how many religious terrorists are among them.

  25. diannaart

    @James Mason

    I considered the very same point as I wrote my above mentioned post.

    …and decided, if we do nothing; we are as culpable as those who are actively parasitical towards our world.

    History shows that it is primarily the innocent who clean up the messes our species creates.

  26. James Mason

    I have (now) read the link re john howard .. war criminal etc .. thanks for that .. a few years ago a Malaysian (International) Court .. tried and found howard/blair/bush, guilty .. but the court unfortunately doesn’t have the teeth to be able to carry out any punitive measures ..

    PS It came as no surprise to see the AFP and the CDPP find there was ‘not sufficient’ evidence .. What a joke ..

    PPS”The Moe Hotel Fraud Case” a book by Lorne Campbell (an ex detective from the fraud squad) writes of his long battle for justice against the legal system (the man in the street versus the legal goliath) .. well worth reading to see how Oz has ‘progressed’ as an honest and moral nation..

  27. James Mason

    Diannaart .. Yes I agree that if we do nothing then nothing will change .. (I think this is why rebel groups/terrorists are doing what they can to stop ‘western immorality’, which 1. is not the way to resolve the issues we have in the world and 2. I do NOT support in any way) ..
    However WE collectively MUST find a peaceful way to put an end to the ‘problems’ caused by the greedy/selfish few. I was referring in my last missive to the victim-perpetrator system that ‘they’ operate on .. ‘THEY’ have caused the problem/s .. WE must find a way to make them see that they are responsible, and they must fix the problems..
    WE must NOT see ourselves as the victim otherwise we shall remain victims ..
    Unfortunately my small brain does not have the capacity to know HOW this can be achieved .. but there is/are way/s and there are much smarter people than me who can help this ‘evolution’ begin ..
    Viva la internet … social media .. the spread of ‘the word’ … great sites like theaim are where it will happen ..
    No I don’t work there, No I am not being paid .. I just see this as being the way of the future ..
    Let the TRUTH be seen ..

  28. laramelia

    Please let’s stop pretending religion causes terrorism. Port Arthur & the regular mass shooting acts of terrorism in the USA? Not a Muslim (give them a break!) or religious zealot in sight. Religion makes a good cover for some base human drives (cf Christensen), & the promise of “heaven” makes it easier for some people do some strange/revolting things; but they’re not driven by religious zealotry. Better suspects are fear, anger, envy, greed, mental illness… I’m much more concerned about what the right wing fundamentalists are doing to the people of Australia & the USA, than the likelihood of them being blown up by IS or any other terrorist. Given the probabilities, we’re more likely to die from an act of road rage, a work accident, or falling out of bed during a “terrorism”-induced nightmare.

  29. diannaart

    @James Mason

    I understand your perspective completely.

    Bullying from the (relatively) minor form of denigration through to outright violence does not and never will solve problems.

    Which is why we must continue to speak out at any and every opportunity.

    …and remain consistent and true.


  30. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Donald Trump is a lump,
    who needs a thump
    just like Humpty Dump


  31. MichaelW

    Whyrootamoocow is near Kickatinalong.

  32. Terry2

    I would have liked to see John Kerry having another go at the Presidency for the Democrats : I think he has shown himself to be a statesman as Secretary of State.

    If Hillary wins the nomination and chooses Kerry for her VP I think she is home & hosed.

  33. Wayne Johnson

    i hope not hillary is a career criminal

  34. billca45

    If you blink when you pass through Belgium you miss it. there are plenty of cities in the world that are bigger then Belgium . Look at Mt Isa City in Australia

  35. Rais

    Aussie Muslims getting on with their lives and keeping as far away from war zones as possible were so relieved when Turnbull took over and stopped the dog whistling and, what’s more, criticised extremists in his own party for their dog whistling. With an election in the air I guess all bets are of and it’s back to the dog whistle. I might go overseas until it’s all finished.

  36. James Mason

    MichaelW ..

    Nah! Sorry mate but whyrootamoocow is in NZ .. Kickatinalong is just past Bringyabarrowback in northern NSW .. or was it QLD .. nah sorry it’s in NT .. anyway its near the border .. outback a way .. cheers any’ow mate ..

  37. mark delmege

    Synthetic terrorism is not as outrageous or as hard to organise as it might seem.

    Various governments have used it as an instrument of policy for hundreds of years or longer. More recently and well documented were the so called ‘left terrorism’ attacks in Europe from the ’70’s to the ’90’s. Gladio networks – false flags or strategy of tension. No doubt they continue in various forms.

    Instigating terrorism serves many obvious purposes.* They can be carried out in many ways – from simply running an operation and then blaming patsies or through deep penetration of groups (even those legitimately) angry at the world. A carefully planed long term operation could use multiple deep cover agents to seek out vulnerable individuals and guide them all the way into planting bombs or whatever was the plan. Along the way providing them with ideological support, materials and arms and even backup operatives to ensure that a suitable event is spectacularly successful.

    Many states individually or collectively could be complicit in any one or series of operations. You can use your own imagination as to the who’s and why’s. A lazy or complicit media will help provide the environment for ready public acceptance (perception management). Years or decades (as we have had) of misinformation ensure the gullibility of the majority.

    Of course thats not to say there are not individuals and groups willing to do bad things but knowing which is real or synthetic is another matter.

    *If the various bombings are false flag attacks, the governments will get away with them, because the attacks blamed on Muslim terrorists fit every agenda that is out there. Government agendas for more war, military spending, and police state measures are served. But so also are the agendas of those who want to limit immigration, those who want to blame the bombings on blowback from Western imperialism, those such as the Russian government who desire a united front against terrorism, and those who use the bombings to stress the innate goodness of the West, which attracts hatred because of its goodness. Washington likes the bombings because they keep Europeans scared and the governments under Washington’s thumb.

    Is the Latest “ISIS Attack” Another False Flag? — Paul Craig Roberts

  38. mark delmege

    invading countries, arming death squads and terrorist armies is one thing – as brazen as it is but blatant summary executions also breeds anger and more understandable terrorism. Interestingly Madame Clinton is a big fan of Israel and will probably undo the piddling moves Obama made in the direction of the Palestinian. France and the EU who both talked up Palestinian justice (and have been subject to terrorism of late and) were chided by the arrogant Israel for doing so.

    BREAKING: IDF Soldier Who Executed Unarmed Palestinian, and His Battalion Commander–Exposed

  39. diannaart

    I’m not a fan of Hilary Clinton either.

    However, I am interested in which political aspirant you would prefer for the US presidency, Clinton or Trump? I am also interested in your reasons.


  40. mark delmege

    You question diannaart is like asking me which mafia leader I prefer – but I do like team sports and I have an AFL club membership. Unfortunately they are getting a hiding.

  41. diannaart

    Well, go back to watching footy – please don’t pay any further attention to what is happening in the USA, because the world is going to experience one of these people. Which does make me wonder why you bother commenting at all.

    Despite my misgivings over Hilary I have enough courage to admit I would rather see her as the next president.


    Go Saints!

  42. mark delmege

    thats very shallow of you diannaart

  43. diannaart

    Pot is irritated by kettle.

  44. mark delmege

    Do you ask a vegan if they prefer pig or cow?
    Does a different driver make a broken car run better?
    Does a slave really care who is doing the whipping?
    Can a leopard change its spots?

  45. diannaart

    Do you enjoy a debate or just like to leave comments?

  46. mark delmege

    I like debate though most people take it personally. Madame Clinton has form and I don’t like it. Her record is as bad as Bush maybe worse. To be frank I really don’t care what Amerixcans do to themselves anymore but I do care for the damage they do to the rest of the world and Clinton will be another disaster. I think she is right of Turnbull but with guns and will use them.

  47. diannaart

    I like debate though most people take it personally

    Is that so?

    Well, I see Turnbull as somewhat further to the right than Hilary – all Utegate, Godwyn Grech and current bending over for the RW faction of the Libs, tends to form part of my reasoning. What is yours?

    Would Hilary Clinton be more gung-ho than Trump? – I really don’t think so. She has been in politics for far longer than Trump and maybe, just maybe, has learnt a few things, whereas Trump does not learn – he proclaims.

    I do care about USA, because, to reiterate an old (but true) cliché – The USA sneezes and the world catches cold.

    Also to have a Republican government in at the same time we have an Liberal government – too horrifying to even think about.

  48. mark delmege

    Well you are in ‘fine’ company. Ukranian oligarchs and Soros are big funders of Clinton (plus Wall Street and the military/secury industries). You remember Ukraine – where the US ran a coup and swapped one bunch of oligarchs with another but backed by Nazi’s and then brought the country to its knees. A country so rotten and corrupt even the IMF doesn’t want to lend it money – don’t you.
    OR Libya where she was spokesman for Obama – who helped destroy the most advanced developed state in all of Africa (with social welfare policies that Australians could only dream of)– where as he was bombing and killing thousands, al quaeda, and soon to be IS types where taking over on the ground. You remember that … surely?
    Or Syria where the US armed trained and co ordinated death squads and proxy armies to take down one of the last secular countries in the Middle East. Surely you remember that one?
    Oh let me guess somehow that was all the fault of the victims or even George Bush – none of her doing at all – she was passively sitting back or actively advising Obama not to do any of those things – I don’t so.
    You see she as a Liberal war hawk, she never saw a war she didn’t like or a multinational she couldn’t support…a neo liberal globalist to the bone and as far from a socialist as you could get.
    Progressive governments all over the world will fear her coming to power and most progressives in most countries will rue the day she is elected.
    Bernie might do well in the coming primaries but the stench of US politics and the Clinton machine will ensure he gets rubbed out at any and every corner.

  49. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I don’t want Clinton or Trump. I want Bernie Sanders for America because what is good for the American progressive movement is good for Australia’s progressive movement and throughout the world.

    Bernie Sanders is winning for us already anyway by raising our political expectations and that pulls Clinton away from her extreme right position.

  50. diannaart


    Do not make up assumptions about what company I keep – you have no idea and only serve to make your comments appear trite.

    I never said, I personally, wanted to see Hilary as president – just that I preferred her to Trump.

    Very difficult to have a conversation with someone so ready to jump to conclusions about others and you have said yourself you do not care about the USA.

    I am in agreement with Jennifer – I would prefer to see Bernie Sanders take the mantle – however, I do not think that is likely. I do hope, therefore, that Bernie will hold a prominent position in a Democrat led government – only because that is the least worse of a poor choice.

  51. mark delmege

    As I said ‘I like debate though most people take it personally’. No comment on her record diannaart? Maybe you’d like Bush back too learning from experience and all that? NO? I didn’t think so.

  52. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    mark delmege,

    both Trump and Clinton are ugly. But the uglier one is Trump coz he attracts degenerates coz he is a degenerate.

    Clinton is a faux democrat but she still has an image to uphold and has to be mindful of that.

    The longer dear Bernie lasts, the more Clinton has to uphold a moderate line in Democratic terms.

    Don’t wish a pig like silver spoon Trump on any of us.

  53. Light at the end of the tunnel.

    FFS it is Easter, why are we so involved in politics at the time Christ died????

    Give peace a chance, love each other, love the 1 u with, do to others what u want to be done to u and f*ck (up) the establishment! but pay as u enter and donate before u leave.

    We listen for direction BUT forever we are mislead!

    So we have no idea where we are today!

    Follow mw cos I will piss in your pocket no more than those who say they will lead you.

  54. diannaart

    @Mark D

    I also choose when to leave off commenting for the day.

    Judgement much, Mark?

    As for your comments, you continue to make assumptions about me – that’s not debate, Mark, even you should realise that.

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