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Do try to keep up, Tony

From today’s South Coast Register in their thrilling article Abbott show rolls into town we read these wise words from Tony himself:

“Well, in the case of the Federal Government we are going to have this organisation, Infrastructure Australia, which will do its best to rationally and as scientifically as you can look at various infrastructure projects and rank the best on public cost benefit – then all levels of governments will be able to fund what they choose to be the one that makes most sense.”

Someone needs to point out that:

Infrastructure Australia is a statutory body, established under the Infrastructure Australia Act 2008 which came into effect on 9 April 2008.

Infrastructure Australia advises governments, investors and infrastructure owners on a wide range of issues. These include:

  • Australia’s current and future infrastructure needs
  • mechanisms for financing infrastructure investments, and
  • policy, pricing and regulation and their impacts on investment and on the efficiency of the delivery, operation and use of national infrastructure networks.

Infrastructure Australia’s focus is on assisting Australian governments to develop a strategic blueprint for unlocking infrastructure bottlenecks and to modernise the nation’s economic infrastructure.

Infrastructure Australia reports regularly to the Council of Australian Governments through the Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport.

It has only been a statutory body for five years, doing what Tony says he will do.

Do try to keep up, mate.


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  1. Damien Keitel

    Yes, The Hon. Tony Abbott does live in the 1950’s still.

  2. vicki

    For a Rhodes scholar I think he’s shilling short of a quid. Always have done.

  3. Monicas wckd stpmthr (@Monicas_WS)

    Perhaps being a “grog monster” has affected his memory? After all, he would have voted (yes or no) for this legislation!

  4. dyoll09

    I had trouble trying to make sense of his statement….but not unusual

  5. Jeffrey Quinn

    Perhaps he is hoping the electorate really are as comtemptibly ignorant as he holds them. Just not good enough to be Prime Minister.

  6. Colin Thai

    Look he never seems to amaze me, I would love a bag of that stuff he’s on !! Really people I’m no doctor but he has got a sure fire problem. It’s like that show that used to be on tv (GOTCHA) when ever he discusses anything. If he has got a problem I apologize. Thanking you

  7. Min

    That’s exactly as Abbott said it at Shoalhaven, that he would establish Infrastructure Australia. I hope that someone might tap him on the shoulder to let him know about the Act of parliament which established it in 2008.

  8. Umberto Ledfooti

    Dear gawd. He’s 5 bottles short of a six-pack.

    And yet the MSM never said a word about this, so they’re backing him to the hilt.

  9. PeterF

    Nobody told him, so it mustn’t be true. I just hope he doesn’t get the chance to throw it overboard.

  10. J.Fraser

    Appears very few people noticed that “Slick” abbott was the laziest Minister in any government in the history of Australia.

    People should point that out.

  11. Buff McMenis

    But the MSM ignores what should be frontpage headlines! By all the gods, this scares me!

  12. Buff McMenis

    By the way, try the Morgan Poll … that may give another viewpoint!

  13. Michael Taylor

    CS, do try to keep up.

  14. archiearchive FCD

    He probably got the memo in a report he never got round to reading. Again!

  15. helenmarg

    Hopeless man and Lnp front bench. We will go backwardsif He becomes PM.What a tragedy .Thanks again Michael.

  16. Patricia Ryan

    For crying out loud, how much worse can things get with this man who is looking to be the leader of Australia? How much more crap can come spewing from his mouth before someone in the MSM finds a conscience and starts to ask him a few basic questions?

  17. cowper133

    Firstly, at least Victoria uses her name, CS still censored. Has to be a few points in that. Not that I’m condemning you at all because I don’t use mine but I’m not criticising her.

    Once again the MSM will not bother with this gaffe. Abbott shows he is not across any portfolios or any of the legislation that passed through the house whilst he has been a member and this a problem in a future PM. PM Gillard would run rings around him in any debate but I feel sure he will find an excuse not to appear! Not PM material.

  18. Michael Taylor

    CS, would you like to add some some specifics to your nebulous statement that Victoria and I practise dishonest and unethical behaviour? And I don’t just want a ridiculous opinion. I want evidence.

  19. Marcus

    CS, like a typical LibTard troll, neatly tries to change the subject in order to avoid having to address the subject at hand-namely what a complete.imbecile his beloved Abbott is, or the fact that the MSM let him get away with his ignorant comments. Oh & whay does CS give ud? Another poll. Yes, cause the US polls were so very accurate…not!!!

  20. wantok

    CS did you notice, in the Herald Nielsen poll that you were quoting from, that 63% of those polled preferred Malcolm Turnbull as Liberal leader over Tony Abbott at his worst ever 30%.
    Must tell you something,surely ?

  21. Umberto Ledfooti

    Does Anal Joens admit to the morons who listen to him that he is an LNP member and a twice-failed LNP candidate? If not, why not?

    And, why is that lunatic you worship, Tony “Sniveling Grub” Abbott, claiming he will set up a statutory body that Labor has already established over four years ago?

    Please to lecture me about Victoria Rollinson’s alleged ‘lack of ethics’ – but only after you answer all of the above to my satisfaction, kook.

  22. Michael Taylor

    Idiot ToM.

  23. Möbius Ecko

    Every time an Abbott adorer attempts a look over there at yet another Abbott brain fart in what’s a long string of them it’s absolute evidence they know they’re supporting worse than a lemon.

    Abbott dimmer than a lemon because at least you can hook lemons up to a light bulb and get a feeble light. Abbott has trouble firing a neuron outside of indoctrinated three word slogans they’ve forced into his head.

  24. Möbius Ecko

    Same ol’ same ol’ Migs.

  25. Truth Seeker

    Migs, love your work 😀 and as far as Abbott and in fact CS is concerned I will resort to quoting myself from my latest post which you kindly reblogged at CW.

    The quote in question was WRT Barnaby Joyce, but is just as relevant here.

    Joyce, Abbott and CS can only aspire to “STUPID” 😀

    Cheers 😀

  26. Not a chance!!!

    Why can’t we all be friends? CS don’t make them more upset then they already are! ( let me do it)
    Maybe the prime minister elect! Was pointing out that the that the incumbent minister for infrastructure and transport hadn’t completed thedue diligence needed. Either way this whole site that imposes itself as the “independent” source is anything but. The reason news outlets haven reported on this story. Not because they are bias! It’s just boring and pointless.
    And yes I’m cocky and yes I’m arrogant….. Just like Abbott blah blah blah!
    Enjoy minority!!! Australia will thank you!

    Ps CS check out Obama campaign strategy! Mirrors what labor are trying to do! In regards to social media! Minus 2 things. 1billion dollars and Obama!

  27. andyrob65

    CS, really? you are a F#$%in bogan!


  28. andyrob65

    Oh dear! God forbid anybody should question your illustrious leaders.

    There is a lot of talk of going back to the 50’s now a days but I am starting to think this country is starting to look like, about 1948!

    How on earth could this FINE country of ours fall into such a way?

    It scares me, not for me but rather my children and theirs!

    Come on Australia, wake up!

  29. andyrob65

    Not a chance (whoever you are?) I challenge you! watch this (in its entirety) and tell me this is not happening now.

    yes it is old in your eyes but it is relevant to the situation here in this FINE country of ours NOW.


  30. Tadpole

    Tony Abbott is off limits to some. Must not say bad things against the poor little fellow.

  31. Not a chance

    Omg grab some rations and bunker down the media outlet’s are coming!!! Please!!!!! It sells papers!!! Nothing else! In 4 years time I will be on this site claiming the very thing you are! As i did eight years ago! Solution eliminate mandatory voting!

  32. PeterF

    I managed to see the article you refer to, and notice that he is reported as saying ‘we will have this thing called infrastructure Australia’, which is not quite the same as ‘ we will create ‘ .These are carefully chosen words to take credit for something he did not establish while not having to acknowledge that the Labor Government has produced a policy he backs in it’s entirety. In my opinion, this is even worse that not knowing – he is a very clever man at deceiving the general public, and , possibly , even yourself.

  33. andyrob65

    ah, it has been like that for many years now. Debatable about selling papers, the numbers are reducing I hear, that would be why they give them away to people at Macas. It is called propaganda, not news. If they reported real news, everyone would know about the amount of infrastructure works going on and be proud of what is being achieved, in this fine country, rather than being so negative and hateful. Albo pulled of a cracker IMO.

    You lot remind me of that reily (whatever his name was?) on the video, just tell people to shut up if the subject is not liked then deflect to something else. That is a sad state of affairs if one can only do that rather than debate logically!

    Oh did you hear that Turnbull is much, much more preferred than Abbott. That is news but no questions asked there by media. Like I said, SHUT UP!!!!

  34. socksfullofsand

    CS still censored posted:
    This explains a lot about the current state of the ALP….

    Julia Gillard’s minders are living in a “bubble world of Twitter delusion”, according to a public relations expert.

    Mercer PR principal Lyall Mercer says the prime minister’s office appears to be using social media to plan her political strategy….

    Hardly an objective piece of writing.
    No doubt he’s aware of Lyall Mercer is a paid public relations consultant for the LNP.

  35. Joy Cooper

    Naturally, socksfullofsand, that info, re his affiliation to the LNP, was not mentioned in the article where that Mercer twerp was quoted belittling the PM’s Twitter supporters.

    LNP supporters see nothing wrong in the MSM being so blatantly biased & happy that Abbott’s deficiencies aren’t dwelt on in any detail. Why should the average person be informed that he is such a nong? Such a revelation is irrelevant to them as they so mindlessly believe that the LNP is the only way to nirvana for us all. That is if you believe austerity, recession, poverty, Fraudband, privatised health care (don’t get sick), women in their place in the kitchen, education only for the wealthy & lower class kids should leave school at 14 to work in Gina’s mines, social divisiveness, racial vilification, etc, etc, is the way of the future,

    Do hope these barrrackers have recession-proof lives, as they will certainly get a real wake up call otherwise, if Abbott & bunch of talentless shadow ministry get into power.

  36. NormanK

    Hi Migs

    A few videos that might be appreciated by some of your readers.

    A Love Song for Tony

    Australia – The Happy Country

    Smiling for Australia

  37. Michael Taylor

    Thanks Norman. Great to see you here, btw.

  38. Heather

    Can I suggest the commentators here don’t grace CS with a reply?
    He is so noxious that I guess you feel compelled to, but all you are doing is giving him the attention he craves and allowing him to commandeer the conversation.
    I say ignore him and respond to others with something of use to say.
    PS No, don’t bother to respond CS. I really don’t want to read your shit.

  39. NormanK

    Thanks Michael. Not as active as I used to be. Congratulations on this site – it is getting a lot of exposure. Keep up the great work.

  40. xiaoecho

    Why are Liberal supporters so NASTY? It is a fair question because it is not just this thread but many and varied publications. Talk of policy seems to infuriate them. Why?

  41. rossleighbrisbane

    Actually, I find it strange that someone who goes by the “name” CS still Censored rather than his own name should bang on about the fact that Victoria Rollinson is a member of the ALP. Seems a little contradictory in terms of demanding disclosure, could you perhaps disclose any party membership or other affiliations you may have. Of course, no-one can check them because we don’t know who you are.
    (For anyone who wants to know, I am not currently nor have ever been a member of a political party, unless you count me joining the Australia Party as a junior member when I was still too young to vote.)

  42. rossleighbrisbane

    Perhaps you could CS just tell us how you earn your living then?

  43. rossleighbrisbane

    And your line of work is? Just for interest…

  44. Michael Taylor

    “unethical, dishonest behaviour of Victoria Rollison and Michael Taylor” borders on defamatory and is uncalled for.

    And this is coming from ToM the same person who has made threats here that he could easily hire a hacker to wipe out this site.

    I’m asking you not to return to this site.

  45. rossleighbrisbane

    “Any fool can fight a winning battle, but it needs character to fight a losing one, and that should inspire us; which reminds me that I dreamed the other night that I was being hanged, but was the life and soul of the party.”

    ― W.B. Yeats

  46. jane

    I think Albo mentioned it in QT.

  47. PeterF

    What I find slightly amusing about the satisfaction exhibited by Abbott’s supporters is that you would think that they are all multi-millionaires, standing to gain from Abbott and his supporters. I wonder how they will feel in two years’ time when they realise that they have been deceived by Abbott. He is very cleverly not being drawn to comment on ANY subject, but gives the impression that he will not cause havoc. An example, on Gonski, he remains noncommittal. This doe NOT mean he supports it.

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