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Day to Day Politics: I’m offended not by her racism but her thickness of intellect.

Friday 16 September

1 Pauline Hanson’s maiden Senate speech, a rich diatribe of vitriolic undisguised racism, duplicated her House of Representatives one 20 years ago. It contained all the vile nasty racism of her previous oration, embellished with another 20 years of built up loathing.

Politicians, journalists and other folk with an interest in sensationalism or political expediency have rushed to defend her right to say what she wants. It’s a free country with free speech. Who is saying she hasn’t the right. Nobody needs to defend her right to say what she thinks. Julie Bishop and others in the government , regardless of what they really think, have a vested interest in courting her favours. They say because she got 1% of the vote she should be respected and listened to. We should not attack her vileness but simple present the facts. Well frankly I think that’s bullshit.

An observation

“People often argue from within the limitations of their understanding and when their factual evidence is scant, they revert to an expression of their feelings”.

After her maiden speech twenty years ago the Herald Sun, yes the paper where the truth goes to die, devoted a full-page to it. The headline read, ‘Facts lacking in Hanson’s claims’. They listed 11 claims from her speech and conclusively proved that she was factually wrong in each.

An observation.

“It is the smallness of the mind that true ignorance can be found”.

To repeat that “we are in danger of being overrun by Asians” when it didn’t happen with the same line about Muslims both revealed her stupidity and her capacity for lying. Muslims are a little less than 2% of the population. About the same as Buddhists. Even if they bred like rabbits it would take hundreds of years for them to overrun the country.

I don’t see why you cannot call her out factually, for all her nonsensical misunderstanding of an Australia now and in the future and at the same time expose her hatred for what it is. The Greens have been criticised for walking out. Good on them, I only wish Labor had done the same.

She is a racist bigot with no redeeming features. A person who is attracted to the media for reasons of self-interest. One who disregards facts because to do so would take away the essence of controversy on which she thrives.

There are many words one could use to describe Pauline Hanson, words like vile, depraved contemptible, hateful, abhorrent, and despicable but really the worst thing about her is her incapacity to understand the truth of things and the damage that ignorance does in the wrong hands.

Fact is a derivative of objective reasoning and evaluation. It would seem that in the past 20 years she has learnt none of it.

An observation.

“It is the misinformed who shout the loudest. The rest of us are content with the truth we enquired about.”

We need to call her out for what she is and back it up with facts at the same time. Journalists should ask the obvious. Ask her for the evidence of what she preaches.

The images of Senators like Hinch and Cash condoning her speech with hugs will remain indelible in my mind to remind me that ‘The standard you walk past is the standard you accept’.

That’s what the honourable Senators who shook her hand and hugged her did. Sorry did I use the word honourable.

2 I have written this week almost to the point of exhaustion about the inane proposition of a plebiscite on Marriage Equality.

It looks highly likely that the Labor Party will knock back the Coalitions plans for a Plebiscite in February.

Of course Bill Shorten could always allow the bill to pass saying, “I will out of respect for LBGT people allow the bill for a plebiscite to pass and ask the people of Australia to do what their Prime Minister didn’t have the guts too”.

That of course won’t happen and the Prime Minister and the conservative right-wing of his party will make hay while the sun shines blaming Labor for putting an end to Marriage Equality for the next three years at least. However those in the gay community who will no doubt feel disappointed, even let down, will also understand what motivates Bill Shortens decision.

I messaged a gay friend to gain some insight into their reaction.

Me: “I am caught between a rock and a hard place. I want Marriage Equality but not via a plebiscite. How are you and Smithy thinking?”

Smithy: “Selfishly we want Marriage Equality but in terms of the big picture it’s horrible to think how much hurt and suicides it will cause.”

When introducing the bill to Parliament, perhaps inadvertently, the Prime Minister gave us a taste of the discourteous tone a plebiscite is likely to produce. His attack on Julia Gillard sounded contrary to the civil tone he has suggested the debate would take.

A plebiscite would no doubt have produced a civil unrest usually reserved for the Muslim bashers of society. One that would see religion at its worst and best and social activists the same. Neither would do justice to our way of life.

In the aftermath of it all one bright journalist might ask the question of Malcolm Turnbull. If you are the Prime Minister at the next election what will be your policy on Marriage Equality?

It’s a question to ponder if you think about it.

Now that Turnbull has done a backflip on Superannuation it might also be asked of the PM, why he could not also have changed his mind on the plebiscite.

John Howard changed the marriage act to say a ‘man and woman’ so it could be changed back. We just need the will and the leadership.

Some further comments by others.

Bravo Dean Smith!

“As a lifelong parliamentary and constitutional conservative, I cannot countenance a proposition that threatens to undermine the democratic compact that has seen Australia emerge as one of the most stable parliamentary democracies in the world. I have never heard a candidate standing for election say they want to represent their community – except on issues where it’s all too difficult, in which case they will contract-out their responsibilities as a legislator.

Not only am I opposed to a plebiscite on same-sex marriage shirking politicians of their elected representative responsibility, I’m vehemently opposed to public money funding the campaigns, especially taxpayers money going to the church who seem to think they have some moral imperative franchise on matrimonial Union. Not only is it offensive to put debate in the public forum enabling the soap box hate lobby, it’s a catastrophic failure of leadership in maintaining overwhelming progressive community values and majority mainstream sentiment.

Yet, this is effectively what the plebiscite proposal is – a willing admission by some that an institution suddenly, on one issue alone, not up to the job.”

Paul Bongiorno @joshgnosis the hypocrisy breathtaking Tony Abbott foisted the plebiscite on his party to delay and defeat SSM.

As for me, as I said, I am exhausted by the subject but the fight for social justice is a never-ending story.

My thought for the day.

In the information age, those who control the dissemination of news have more power than government”.


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  1. Neil Hogan

    So 20 years ago we were in danger of being swamped by Asians, now 20 years later we’re in danger of being swamped by Muslims…when I was a kid back in the fifties we were going to be swamped by Greeks & Italians but that never happened…according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, on 30 June 2014 there were 6.6 million residents who were born outside Australia, representing 28% of the total population..

    At the 2011 Census residents were asked to describe their ancestry, in which up to two could be nominated & proportionate to the Australian resident population, the most commonly nominated ancestries were: English (36.1%) Australian (35.4%) Irish (10.4%) Scottish (8.9%) Italian (4.6%) German (4.5%) Chinese (4.3%) Indian (2.0%) Greek (1.9%) Dutch (1.7%)….the Muslim population in Australia is 2%!!

    Considering that it’s taken more than 200yrs to get to this stage, what’s your interpretation of “being swamped” then Pauline??

  2. Möbius Ecko

    Considering when Hanson made that speech nearly 20 years ago she was mostly referring to Vietnamese when saying “Asians”, and not the Chinese, it’s telling that Vietnamese don’t figure in the list Neil Hogan.

    By the way Howard in opposition within the same period was also referring to Vietnamese when walking down the street in I think Springvale from memory, said there were too many Asians in Australia and their immigration should be cut.

  3. Jaquix

    The sight of Michaelia Cash enthusiastically hugging Hanson, made me feel sick. Surely taking the Liberals’ “be nice to Pauline, we need her 4 votes” edict far, far too far. She claimed afterwards that she always welcomed people doing their maiden speech. I would like to see proif of that, there were several maidens this week. Did she hug Malcolm Roberts? Derryn Hinch? Linda Burney? Anne Aly ? Cathy O’Toole ?

  4. bobrafto

    Pauline is not thick otherwise she wouldn’t be in the senate.

    She is playing to her followers and she knows the facts but those facts don’t suit her agenda and she’s smart enough to dance around them to everyone’s exasperation.

    Pauline and her followers remind me of the song ‘What about me’ by Moving Pictures

    Well there’s a little boy waitin’ at the counter of a corner shop
    He’s been waitin’ down there, waitin’ half the day
    They never ever seem to have the time
    He gets pushed around, knocked to the ground
    He gets to his feet and he says
    “What About me, it isn’t fair
    I’ve had enough now I want my share
    Can’t you see? I want to live!
    But you just take more than you give…”
    Well there’s a pretty girl servin’ at the counter of a corner shop
    She’s been waitin’ back there, waitin’ for her dream
    And dreams walk in and out, they never stop
    Well she’s not too proud to cry out loud
    She runs to the street and she screams
    “What about me, it isn’t fair
    I’ve had enough now I want my share
    Can’t you see? I want to live!
    But you just take more than you give…” (More than you give)
    Take a step back and see the little people
    There’s nothin there but the words that make the big people big
    So listen, as they whisper
    “What about me? …”
    Now we’re standin’ on the corner of a world gone home
    Nobody’s changed, nobody’s been saved
    And I’m feelin’ cold and alone
    I guess I’m lucky, I smile a lot
    But sometimes I wish for more than I’ve got…
    “What about me, it isn’t fair
    I’ve had enough now I want my share
    Can’t you see? I want to live!
    But you just take more – What about me?!
    It isn’t fair!
    I’ve had enough now I want my share!
    Can’t you see? I want to live!
    But you just take more
    You just take more
    You just take more than you give…
    What about me?
    What about me?
    What about me?

    Read more: Moving Pictures – What About Me Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  5. paulwalter

    It was a bit nauseating listening to bits of it then all those others duds crawling all over her. So much for keeping the lunatic fringe out through a new voting system.

  6. oldfart

    Dutch (1.7%)…. oooh geeez, you had better keep an eye on those clog wogs Pauline, they will overrun the place with wooden shoes and corner the renewable market with their cute windmills. They will never assimilate, they will always like their own cheese and salted herrings. No Chiko rolls for them. Whatever will our politicians on a handsome salary waste our money debating about? They chat about Chikos and we get rolled.

  7. Graeme Henchel

    She is just another politician using ignorance and fears
    To keep herself in the headlines for a few more years
    She’s changed her targets and honed her shtick
    Appealing it seems to the angry and thick

    Who is to blame for the reconstitution
    Of this populist shrew with no real solution
    Somehow I think it’s much more complex
    Than a simple appeal to some racist rednecks

    The fears that she taps are as old as mankind
    Held in the darkest recess of the mind
    Exploited by shysters for thousands of years
    To garner support from gullible ears

    Australia had come a very long way
    From the days when white racists held the sway
    From Menzies to Fraser and Whitlam to Keating
    Saw the country progress and the racists retreating

    When Howard was facing near certain dismissal
    He developed the art of the racist dogwhistle
    First there was Tampa and children overboard
    Then 9/11 ensured that he scored

    Ever since then the cards been in play
    Assylum seekers, Asians, Muslims the prey
    An ugly, divisive, inhuman distraction
    Fuelled along by the medias attraction

    And while this ugly game has been played
    The stupid emboldened the enlightened dismayed
    The rich have got richer the poor not a scrap
    Laying more fertile ground for her populist crap

    She’s in the game for the power and the money
    as cunning as a rat in an outside dunny
    Perhaps it’s a good thing she’s got enough rope
    To show us that hate can’t win over hope

  8. Peter Stanton

    After hanson’s hate mongering speech was reported i had a phone call from one of my wife’s aunts. The aunty is a lovely old lady who spends her time helping those less fortunate. Sh is one of the most gentle caring people i have ever known. She was concerned for her granddaughters who being muslim always suffer an increase in abuse after these bouts of hate from the political right. I comforted her as best I could. After the call I realised that my wife’s family are hanson’s nightmare. They are part indigenous, part asian and muslim. My wife adds to the problem by having been a single mother in her youth. Unfortunately they can not be sent back to where they came from because they have been in Australia for over 40,000 years and their muslim faith predates christians arriving in Australia.

  9. Trish Corry

    A great piece to start the morning. I really like the idea of the question to ask Turnbull on Marriage Equality, if he wins the next election. I am hoping there will be an opportunity for the Libs to stuff up and a private bill to get through.

  10. Graeme Henchel

    Is Hanson a racist, anti-Muslim, a climate change denier? By her rhetoric it would seem so, but really this is not what defines her. In essence she is an opportunist and a politician. She markets her simple divisive message to simple disenfranchised voters and is rewarded with their support. She uses racism, fear of terrorism and suspicion of “greenies” as her ticket to the trough. In this she is no different to John Howard who used the Tampa incident and 9/11 to get re elected. The coalition have been on this game ever since. Hanson is just an uglier more overt practicer of the dark arts of division. In some ways we are lucky that she is so inarticulate and her position in the senate will expose the fact she has no idea. Howard and Abbott have been able to get away with their dogwhistling for years using latent racism as a distraction whilst they enrich themselves and their corporate masters.

  11. wam

    You may look at pauline with disdain but, in this context, it is the rabbott, andrews, morrison, cash, bernardi and christensen that are repulsive and dangerous.
    The plebiscite will divide family and friends with bitterness.
    Although, in my family, the bitter homophobes, who, for over 50 years, ignored the life of my big sister, have, in recent years, embraced her and her partner. So we will avoid conflict.
    It will be difficult for the church to avoid being exposed as bigoted and homophobic. Giving a tiny chance that this pope could put reform on the agenda.
    Sadly, gay men and women of my vintage have experienced far worse than anything these bigots can throw at them but today’s youth may be vulnerable and need the support of their peers, family and friends who must be inclusive, not intrusive, at all levels.
    Personally, I find the serious approach of the god botherers a joke. Their reasoning humourous and their lack of understanding silly.
    So invoke the song of the cross and laugh at them with a little whistle and
    A L O T B S O L.

  12. Zathras

    Just swap the word Muslim with the word Jew and it all seems strangely familiar.

    When it comes to policy, just add the item that “welfare should not be paid to known drug addicts” and it’s the same policy agenda as the Ku Klux Klan – aspirational on the surface but built on a profound ugliness at its core.

    Rather than creating a harmonious unified society, Hansonism is only about division – a “them and us” mentality and a futile attempt to return to days that were not as pleasant as some like to remember.

    How bad is this going to get in the next six years?

  13. Kaye Lee

    “Muslims are imprisoned at almost three times the average rate. The rate of unemployed and public dependency is two to three times greater than the national average. Muslims are prominent in organised crime, with associated violence and drug dealing. Antisocial behaviour is rampant, fuelled by hyper-masculine and misogynist culture.” says Pauline.

    In Ms Hanson’s home state of Queensland the percentage of Muslim inmates is only 1.5 per cent. It is higher in Victoria and NSW – partly because of jailhouse conversions to gain the protection of a group. Aboriginal people represent only 3% of the total population, yet more than 28% of Australia’s prison population are Aboriginal. What does Pauline suggest we do about that?

    One of the few academics to study Islam in Australian jails, University of Western Sydney’s Michael Kennedy, said the fact Muslims were over-represented reflected recent immigration.

    “If you go back over the last 50 years, every new group of immigrants is over-represented in the prison population,” he said.

    Each wave of immigrants had become involved in organised crime, often forming gangs ­defined by family and ethnic ties.

    “They’re prepared to do anything to prevent them going back to where they came from,” Professor Kennedy said.

    “They get caught and they end up in jail. Most recently, you are seeing ­arrivals from Muslim countries which are currently conflict zones, meaning their social dislocation and disadvantage is even more stark.”

    As for drug dealing, perhaps Ms Hanson needs to read up on the “7 families of Adelaide”. The Calabrian Mafia controls the supply and trafficking of large quantities of methamphetamine into Australia.

    And if we want to talk about hyper-masculine and misogynist culture, who could go past Sam Newman and Eddie McGuire.

  14. Trish Corry

    The problem is Kaye is the thinking of Hanson followers logic.
    If 2% of the population are Muslim and 1.5% of the ones in QLD are in jail, then that means nearly all of them are criminals.

    *Insert rebuttal of the miscalculation here*

    Response – Have you even read the Koran?

  15. Michael Taylor

    Or another response to them: “Have you even read the Bible?”

  16. Linda

    If churches receive money from the government to promote a “side” of the plebiscite won’t that be politicking and jeopardise their tax free status?

  17. Adrianne Haddow

    It seems like the focus for our ‘new’ parliament is denying people who are not ‘them’ basic human rights. A top headline on Murdoch’s ABC this morning is Georgy Christensen with his 2 cents worth about immigrants from extremist countries.

    It must be a celebration of ignorance in parliament this week. What a wonderfully educated government we have.
    And we should all be delighted that we will be funding these deadheads well into retirement, while all you leaners who have worked hard and paid your taxes all your working life, will be living in poverty.

    Where, for the sake of balance, are headlines or reports about people who are not preaching hate, but are actually doing something for the betterment of our country.
    I am sick of being assaulted by the opinions of bigots and fools pushed into my face each day.

  18. Trish Corry

    Michael. Don’t you know. Most of them have read the Bible AND the Koran.

  19. Kaye Lee

    Hanson has no answers to how we tackle social disadvantage. She doesn’t even seem to recognise that it exists. She has no positive plans on how to help people. Her job is to demonise.

    Pauline’s personal history may explain some of her attitudes.

    Hanson met Walter Zagorski, a Polish refugee, in 1970, at 15 after she left school. The pair married a year later, when Hanson was 16, after they discovered that she was pregnant. Zagorski worked away in central Queensland, leaving Hanson to raise their children alone. In 1975, Zagorski left Hanson for another woman, after months of several extramarital affairs. Hanson was heavily pregnant with their second child. They reconciled briefly in 1977, but later divorced that same year.

    In 1978, Hanson (then known as Pauline Zagorski) met Mark Hanson, a tradesman on the Gold Coast. They married in 1980 after Hanson became pregnant with their son. Hanson had two more children before the couple divorced, Mark Hanson made claims that “[he] was blackmailed” into marrying Hanson because of her pregnancy and that she made racist and derogatory remarks about their Aboriginal clients.

  20. joanday45

    Pauline Hanson is certainly proving to be a challenge to the Liberal Government. Otherwise she would not be focussed upon, with such intensity and relentless negative scrutiny. She poses far less a danger to the Australian people, than a Government who governs duplicitously the Australian people, and sells the country out, to foreign ownership, lock stock and barrel.

  21. Michael Faulkner

    Neil Hogan I agree with your sentiments entirely.

    But the Muslim 2 per cent can be broke up further as ‘ Muslim’ is not a nationality like the other categories.
    Thus the 2 per cent includes people from Pakistani, Malaysian, Indonesian, Iraki, Iranian and Egyptian backgrounds and more. Very different language groups, different cultures.

    It makes an even bigger nonsense of Hanson’s hysterical falsehoods.

  22. helvityni

    Pauline, Michaelia, big boy Christensen (of Danish canecutter background), Dutton, Morrison, Brandis….

    It’s more than I can take, I’ll try to calm myself, I read a poem by Lao-Tzu:

    All Things Pass

    All things pass
    A sunrise does not last all morning
    All things pass
    A cloudburst does not last all day
    All things pass
    Nor a sunset all night
    All things pass
    What always changes?


    These change
    And if these do not last

    Do man’s visions last?
    Do man’s illusions?

    Take things as they come

    All things pass

  23. helvityni

    I was wondering who the blond female hugger was, thanks Jaquix for identifying her. No doubt Brandis was next, I noticed a faint approving smile on his lips when listening to Hanson…

  24. Glenn K

    excellent point Linda.

  25. Möbius Ecko

    Kaye Lee at 8:15 am

    The Calabrian Mafia…

    Hanson should look at the Liberal Party links to the Mafia before being so welcoming of their embrace.

    Mafia in Australia: Major drug trafficking group linked to senior politicians, investigation reveals
    Key Liberal fundraising body took Mafia money for access
    Suspected mafia link to Liberal fundraising
    Mafia adviser’s meetings with Malcolm Turnbull, MPs

    Slain gangland lawyer and Mafia associate Joe Acquaro spent two decades cultivating, and donating to, senior Liberal politicians on behalf of alleged crime figures, even having a meeting with Malcolm Turnbull.
    Leaked documents and photos tell the inside story of the political activities of Mr Acquaro, who considered himself the long-standing legal, business and political adviser for Melbourne’s alleged Calabrian Mafia cell, and whose political access raises serious questions about Australia’s donations regime.
    Mr Acquaro’s lunch meeting with Mr Turnbull occurred after the now Prime Minister became opposition leader in 2008.

    Police probe sought on Mafia party links

    …and so many more sources

  26. Kaye Lee

    And they worry about who Jarred Hayne gets his photo taken with…..

  27. Carol Taylor

    Neil Hogan and, “So 20 years ago we were in danger of being swamped by Asians, now 20 years later we’re in danger of being swamped by Muslims…when I was a kid back in the fifties we were going to be swamped by Greeks & Italians but that never happened..”.

    Plus they would never integrate – Italians refused to intermarry, Greeks not only refused to intermarry but worshiped some heathen version of Christianity and sent their kids to Greek School, the Vietnamese might be useful running laundries and market gardens (Hello Dr. Pham) and of course anyone ‘of color’ was simply NOT a real Australian.

    An interesting fact from:

    And while many Australian Muslims have emigrated from Lebanon, Turkey, Bangladesh and Fiji, over a third are Australian-born.

    That’s right, of our 2.2% Muslim population over one third were either actually born here or born in Fiji.

  28. Michael Taylor

    And they’ve all read the Consitution so are fully aware that we are a secular country.

  29. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, if I see one more Jarred Hayne story on the front page of – just one more – I think I’m going to throw up.

  30. Michael Taylor

    Carol, I wonder if George Christensen considers Fiji an extremist country.

  31. Kaye Lee

    I consider Queensland an extremist state. I think we should build a wall to stop Qld politicians from crossing the border.

  32. Michael Taylor

    And make them pay for it too, Kaye.

  33. trishcorry

    No maybe just put a wall around George Christensen. The ideas of him and a few of his QLD cronies do not represent the wider view of politicians or people in QLD. We just rejected a dictator with great force in January 2015.

  34. helvityni

    Trish, it has to be a very big cage, high and wide. It also needs to have a mechanism for expansion, enlarging…

    A bit like the Canberra school, where they kept an Autistic boy locked up not so long ago.

    There are bad people, bad politicians everywhere, Hansons/Christensens are in every state.

    I certainly expected better from Canberra head masters…

  35. Kaye Lee

    Trish, without even going to the HoR, out of 12 Qld Senators, seven of them are truly shockers

    BRANDIS, George
    HANSON, Pauline
    CANAVAN, Matthew
    McGRATH, James
    O’SULLIVAN, Barry
    ROBERTS, Malcolm

    Add in Christensen, Laming, and quite a few others….

    But I have to agree you did well in ousting Newman.

  36. Freethinker

    Michael Taylor September 16, 2016 at 9:39 am
    Carol, I wonder if George Christensen considers Fiji an extremist country.

    You can bet that he will considering all the lefties from South America extremists.
    I do not care one single bit about him but I ma sad about the amount of people that vote for this kind of politicians.

  37. Michael Taylor

    Freethinker, of course he would. They’re all evil in his eyes.

  38. helvityni

    “And make them pay for it too, Kaye.”

    Michael, you are starting to sound like Trump 🙂 He too wants to erect fences, but does not want pay for them..

  39. aussie5108

    Pauline talks for me and many many other Australians Mr John Lord.. you only speak for yourself. I have two bits of advice for you ..
    1. learn about Enoch Powell and his “River of Blood” speech and what he warned about immigration into Great Britian AND look at the Moslem Problem there today, and
    2. Do something really worthy for yourself and get a copy of the Koran(imal) Book and read it. Particularly whats in line for the Christians, Jews, and the non-believers of allah.
    IF, now this is a very little word and very short BUT it has a HUGE meaning; IF you have the intelligence to understand what you read.. you might just change your mind…… and save your own neck!.

  40. helvityni

    Me too, Freethinker, I’m very sad that so many redneck politicians get voted in, we certainly can’t blame the Muslims for that… 🙂

  41. David

    Kaye Lee: Queenslanders regard anything south of the Tweed as a bit “suss”. Same as West Australians regard anything east of the rabbit-proof fence. Draw a line from Brisbane to Adelaide, and the majority of people can be found to the south east, and the majority of resource commodities are found to the north east! Nothing much has changed in 70 years in that respect.

  42. Carol Taylor

    Michael, I very much doubt that when people think of Muslims that they are thinking of Fijians. As far as Christiansen, he is side-tracking the issue, it’s not so much Muslim as anyone with brown skin. That is, if he wants to ban immigration from “extremist countries” stating that:

    “Why did they choose to come to Australia in the first place?” he asked the House of Representatives.

    “There are other countries that they would find less offensive, countries where they could enjoy a similar level of oppression and violence to which they are accustomed, which they obviously want.”

    Has it crossed Christiansen’s mind that people wishing to emigrate to Australia are trying to escape that “level of oppression and violence”? They’re not trying to leave because they enjoy it..idiot!!!

  43. townsvilleblog

    Day to Day Politics: I’m offended not by her racism but her thickness of intellect. Please excuse me for going back to the subject. I am in a similar position, I left school in Grade 9 as Pauline probably did. I don’t understand things quite as well as you all do, however I was taught to accept people for who they were, regardless of race, colour or creed. Hanson’s arguments cannot be argued on fact, just supposition, One Nation Senator’s will not acknowledge the facts. As a line I remember from The Bible say’s ‘there are none so blind as those who will not see, and they fit that argument.

    They are so blindingly ignorant that you just can’t argue with them on a logical basis. I too was sucked in at first by the ‘Muslim’s are all terrorists’ it frightened the life out of me until I thought about the subject instead of reading Uncle Rupie’s twisted stories. It was then I did some research and found that Muslim’s number around 500,000 2.2% of our population. If that amont of people were terrorist we were stuffed as a country. The further I looked the more I understood that only a tiny percentage of that 2.2% were radicalized. In my humble uneducated opinion I think we should be more afraid of paedophiles interfering with our children, than we should be of Muslim terrorists.

  44. Adrianne Haddow

    John Lord, I have no doubts about your intelligence or your ethics or your commitment to social cohesion and good, having read many of your posts for several years.

    I am sure your reading and comprehension of the Koran would not result in fear or hatred of a huge section of the world’s population, because of the abhorrent actions of a handful of radicals sponsored by the CIA and the weapon manufacturers of the USA.

    You speak for me and 42 other commenters on this site.

    Why anyone would choose to visit this website to insult a writer of integrity is beyond me?
    But then ………. they have been empowered by this LNP government seeking votes for their austerity campaign and Murdoch’s press.

  45. Kaye Lee


    I have watched you change your opinion through reading and researching for yourself and that is to be truly admired. Learning never stops – except for people like Pauline who has given the same speech every decade. In 1996 it was the Asians, in 2006 the Africans, in 2016 the Muslims. She is a political opportunist whose career depends on fear and hatred.

  46. Harquebus

    John Lord
    In my opinion, you are that which you claim to despise; hateful and narcissistic.
    You lack the “capacity to understand the truth of things” and are the most ignorant of all contributors to theAimn.

  47. Michael Taylor

    I strongly disagree, H’. I’d say that John is one of the wisest.

  48. Freethinker

    I would not give a well deserved reply to Harquebus post because I refuse to come down to his level, but I take this opportunity to thank John for his excellent contributions to this site where only those with limited intelligence cannot appreciate or understand.
    Some people (like Pauline) will benefit themselves to just refrain to contribute with their opinion and just read and learn from others at higher level of education and well informed.

  49. Harquebus

    I’ve yet to see it.

    “limited intelligence cannot appreciate or understand” – Lookin’ at you.
    “just refrain to contribute” – Take your own advice.
    “read and learn from others at higher level of education and well informed.” – This is what I do. Again, take your own advise.

    Outside of his made up little world, John Lord knows nothing.


  50. Carol Taylor

    Townsvilleblog, to add, I think that Hanson’s ‘values’ are based on EGO, that everyone is inferior to herself. If you look at her list of targets, it is always minorities, the oppressed or the vulnerable. I would like to see her take on someone with not just power but with intellect, but that would be too hard for her.

  51. The AIM Network

    If anyone doesn’t like John Lord’s posts then they are under no obligation to read them.

  52. Carol Taylor

    Harquebus, first year in criminal law my lecturer said one thing that I’ve never forgotten: Never ask a question unless you know the answer. I would suggest that you are making assumptions about John that you know nothing about such as his life experiences which are extensive.

  53. The AIM Network

    I’ve yet to see it.

    Looking at the hundreds of responses to your comments then I might suggest that the same could be said about yours.

  54. Harquebus

    If John’s life experiences are extensive, they are not reflected in his articles which, are pretty much just repeated nonsenses.

    The AIM Network
    Looking at the hundreds of articles posted here, with a few exceptions, the same can be said about yours. Lots of opinions with very few facts and no understanding of the factors that destabilize complex societies.
    Preaching to the converted, as you do, is easy. Raising awareness which, you don’t, is much harder.

  55. guest

    Harquebus, you are doing exactly what you claim John Lord to be doing.

  56. Harquebus

    John Lord.
    Something I have just come across and for you to contemplate.

    “There’s also the 40 year lag-time between behavior and outcome to consider which means that we’re only now experiencing the repercussions of our collective behaviors and actions from the 1970’s.”
    “The only entity that has ever required saving is homo sapien. If we were courageous enough to evolve beyond our cultural conditioning, the planet would never, ever be in the state of collapse we’re currently experiencing.
    “Rather than choosing the path of the warrior, the well-worn path of the wimp has been chosen and Gaea is once again negated. This is not courage, this is a wasted opportunity fueled by conformity, bargaining, denial and fear. As psychologist Rollo May says “The opposite of courage in our society is not cowardice, it is conformity.””

    Pauline Hanson can go screw herself. We’ve got much more important things to worry about.

  57. Harquebus

    I am a narcissist but, that is the only similarity.

  58. guest


    you try to make it clear cut that Pauline Hanson is correct, so you will listen to her because she speaks to you.

    (1) You mention Enoch Powell, who was Professor of Greek at the age of 25. He dreamed of being the Viceroy of India. He believed that the USA was secretly intent on destroying the British Empire. He was a strong British nationalist.

    His speech about “rivers of blood” (1968) was based on a line in the writings of the Roman poet Virgil about the River Tiber stained with blood. There have not been “rivers of blood” in Britain. Yes there has been violence, some from radical Islam, but some also, for decades, from Irish Republicans. Powell was an Ulster Unionist MP supporting British rule in Northern Ireland.

    The idea that people might take up violent action for economic reasons, such as poverty, unemployment and deprivation did not appeal to Powell. He said black people are simply “alien”. PM Edward heath sacked him for his racist attitude. Despite the popularity of Powell’s ideas, the “rivers of blood” have not haappened.

    What has been shown is that those most open to radicalisation are the young, often of second or third generation immigrant origins, who see themselves marginalised and deprived.

    When Hanson speaks, she does not tell the truth about immigrants coming to Oz. She exaggerates their influence. The numbers are small; the numbers of radicalised are tiny. Clearly Hanson has no confidence in the security measures of our government. Hanson appeals to those who want to fear immigrant because they see them as “aliens” and therefore a threat: they will take our welfare and our jobs – all at the same time apparently. It is fear-mongering of a racist kind.

    (2) You suggest we read the Koran. It suggests that infidels should be killed if they do not accept Islam .It is a tactic used by Islam in its early days as defence against attack. Moderate Muslims say this is not true Islam today.

    Try reading the Bible about how the God of Abraham smites the enemy, kills the ungodly, drowns the world in a great flood.

    Think about the three Christian leaders of the Coalition of the Willing – Blair, Bush and Howard -who attacked Iraq even though Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11 and had been ally with the USA against Iran.

    If you want more truth about radical Islam, find out more abut the interference of Western powers in the Middle East. You will not hear anything about that from Hanson because she knows nothing about it.. Far easier just to sound off about Muslims and create an us-versus-them kind of racism as a blanket complaint for all the grievances that people feel about their own lives – unemployment, poverty, not being heard…

    I have listened to Hanson. It is the same old cracked record. I cannot see how she will solve the problems of all her adherents. What she says is based on falsehoods, imagination and ignorance. By all means believe if you wish, but be prepared to be disappointed.

  59. John Lord

    Harquebus it’s one thing to accuse me of what you say but it’s another to provide evidence for it. Otherwise it’s just an opinion.

  60. Harquebus

    John Lord.
    That’s what I said. “In my opinion…”
    Deb Ozarko’s link that I provided for you is a good read.
    There are no bigots nor gay weddings on a dead planet. Get your priorities sorted.

  61. Annie B

    Harquebus ….

    Of your comments, only one statement rings true – an admittance by yourself that you are ‘a narcissist’ … as though that might be something be proud of.

    The rest of your comments are not relevent, not right, but are repulsive.

    Quit attacking a damned good writer like John Lord – and other writers on here, I have seen you have a nasty go at in the past.

    …… Cheers ???

  62. helvityni

    Annie B, agree with you that John Lord is a damn good writer, I always find his posts interesting, humane and thought provoking, he is also always willing to give us something of himself, it’s not just about facts and figures, you also get a glimpse of the writer as a human being…

    John, don’t worry, you have lots of followers. Reading some of your posts got me interested in AIMN. Many thanks.

  63. Trish Corry

    Does H log onto AIMN, expecting AIMN contributors to have written exactly what he wants them to write?

    I can imagine him going to an ACDC Concert and flipping out and jumping on the stage and destroying the fold back because they omitted “We will Rock you’ in their set list. Then start yelling at Angus cos he plays shit guitar! Here Angus, here is a link to Brian May’s best riff’s of all time. Watch it and Learn!!! You have to start playing Queen songs because I like them!!! I came to this concert to hear Queen songs!!!!! @@@

    Goddamn it John, if you stare at the static on the TV long enough, you may be able to tune in and read H’s thoughts. I expect that your post tomorrow will be more pleasing to the his demands. Fix this by tomorrow! It’s just not cricket!

    And for goodness sake, start reading the work of “good writers” so you know how to write what H want to read about!

    Then go sit in your armchair for a week and just hammer everyone about how crap their personality is and make lots of judgements about them “like you really know them” from your keyboard. This will give you some real life experience!

    For the record, John’s posts are always my first read of the day. I’m sure many others fall into the same category. 🙂 Regardless of topic, whether it’s up my street or not, I am always in awe of John’s writing style. For me, it is not always just about the topic. I learn something every single morning from his posts.

  64. Michael Taylor

    H’, you seem to have a problem with what John writes about and what all his readers enjoy him writing about. He, myself, and our readers are not interested in the articles you want him to write. I’m not saying they aren’t important, it’s just that nobody here but you is interested in seeing them on this site. That is no reason to attack an author because he’s not writing what you demand him to. I’m not going to tolerate this any further.

    Either you do what everybody else is doing and discuss the subject of the article, or you can find an article somewhere that is what you want it to be about and comment accordingly.

  65. Annie B

    Definition from Mayo Clinic :

    Specifically : ” You may belittle or look down on people you perceive as inferior. “ There is much much more detail about narcissistic personalities on the above link.

    From experience of narcissists ( two of them in my life ! ) … they generally will never ever acknowledge that anyone else has the right or ‘courage’ to make a statement, bold or otherwise, on any bloody thing. Theirs is the only opinions that count.

    It is a condition that can be medically helped.

    I am hoping that ‘H’ seriously reconsiders calling himself a narcissist – but I doubt that he will. The link posted from ‘debozarko’ said a great deal more than just the quote delivered. If you, ‘H’ thought I might not be bothered to have a look – AND read the entire article, then you thought wrong.

    It was interesting, and she (debozarko) exercised her right to speak as she has, has CHOSEN to speak as she does, as much as anyone else does – on blogs or on independent media.

    This btw, is my last word on this off-shoot tangent.

    I will leave it there. …

  66. Harquebus

    Annie B
    Thanks for that link and definition. I guess I’m not narcissistic after all.
    Damn it. There goes the one thing I had in common with J.L.

  67. Sean McFarlane

    Pauline Hanson may not posses the same skills as a schooled speech maker but her message is clear to many including me. You only need to see what’s happening in European countries today that are letting in the so called “refugees” to understand how much a threat they are for Australia. You can’t compare other ethnic groups that came to Australia the same as Muslims no way you can. A Muslim is quite the different beast. To describe people like Pauline and myself as red necks, racists and bigot’s is weak as piss! We see what the future looks like with Muslims in it (Europe) and we will do for you what you can’t do for yourselves and that is stop the further islamisation of Australia. But that only addresses half the problem what about the 2.6% that are already here do you think they will lay down there Koran and integrate with Aussies? No! There loan dogs will still come after us for a long time to come yet.

  68. Annie B

    Sean …

    You have put your points across, as is your inalienable right to do….

    Can’t agree with you however.

    2.6% ? will not lay down their Q’ran … ? … No they won’t and it would be bigotry and dominance in its’ worst form to expect them to. That however, does not make every last Muslim in this country, a terrorist.

    No way mate. … There’s good and bad in every country, belief, creed, colour and culture.

    Compare the Bible and Q’ran some time – when you have a year or two to spare ……

    And get back to me !!!

  69. Matters Not

    Sean McFarlane, I do understand why Pauline gets elected. You provide the evidence at so many levels.

    And no, I won’t go into the detail because I don’t want to upset your ‘thinkin’.

    But one question, have you ever lived in a Muslim country?

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