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Damned Van And The Whole Problem With Judging When You’re Not In The Room!

This morning I made myself a cup of tea. While this is a normal occurrence, I usually use a teabag but this morning I used loose leaf tea and a few moments later my wife opened the pantry cupboard and told me that there was tea all over the floor.

Just to make sure that she wasn’t exaggerating I went over and checked. Sure enough, there was no more than a few tablespoons of tea but, even though I pointed this out, she was still critical of my motor skills.

“How do you know that I was the one who spilled the tea?” I asked, in effort to placate her. “After all, I have no memory of doing so, and you weren’t in the room…”

“You’re the only one who drinks tea!” she asserted, adding that there was no tea there last night.

“I think your lack of procedure fairness is worse than the Liberal Party’s,” I told her.

Strangely she did not find this amusing and she continued to clean up the mess without so much as a smile. Even worse was her reaction when I explained that my last comment was an attempt to make fun of David Van’s comment about procedural fairness and how I was sending up the whole notion of male privilege.

“I mean,” I continued, “the tea notwithstanding, do you understand what I mean about David Van…”

She insisted that she had as good an idea about male privilege as anyone. I immediately explained how that wasn’t true and anyway, I’m now waiting while I get her a takeaway coffee and writing this on my iPad as she seemed to think that somehow that would be the best thing for my wellbeing. While I can’t see how, there seemed to be no reasoning with her this morning and she’s normally such an intelligent, even-tempered sort of woman.

But enough about me. The topic of the week is: WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN!

It started out with the Liberals trying to weaponise the information that Katy Gallagher may have misled the Senate when she said that she didn’t know about certain events and that wasn’t trying weaponise the fact that there had been an allegation of something happening which needed a steam cleaning to destroy the evidence before the potential crime was reported to the AFP who would have had to suggest that there wasn’t enough evidence to look at the alleged couch.

However, the emergence of allegations about David Van has meant that the WHO KNEW WHAT AND WHEN! has moved across to what the Liberals knew about the various allegations prompting swift action from Peter Dutton to make it look like everything was a complete surprise to him. Scott Morrison felt it necessary to assure us that – as per usual – he didn’t know anything at all and if he was informed he promptly forgot it as he explained that it wasn’t his job to hold a memory.

Outraged that he should be asked to sit outside the party room while Peter Dutton looked into the situation, Senator Van has resigned from Liberal Party. Dutton was at pains to say that he wasn’t presuming anything about the allegations but that the right thing to do was to appear to be taking some sort of action, but Senator Van found the whole idea that we should take the word of three women when he’d has already said that nothing happened is just another example of how several women of differing political persuasions can all make up stories and ruin the career of a man that nobody seems to have heard of, even though “The Australian” seemed to suggest that knowledge of his behaviour was so widespread that the Liberals weren’t even going to try to blame Katy Gallagher for anything.

I can’t help but feel that the Liberals are like a group of insurgents who decides to bomb their opponents and in order that nobody can see the bomb one of them decides to sit on it until the time comes to set it off. Usually, they forget that it’s their side sitting on it and all that happens is that one of them gets their arse blown off and their opponents are relatively unscathed…

Yesterday I read a comment on social media that “Dutton was starting to find his feet as a leader…”

I couldn’t help but wonder why he didn’t think of looking in his mouth sooner!


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  1. Phil Pryor

    One can only dream of Deranged Duckwit-Futton yelling out to the rumpy remains of his partly, “I have seen the enemy and it is US!” After all, following on the Abbott to Morrison misfittery and failure, the nakednutty nobody, of no known ability, qualifications or experience in professional matters of relevance, is a candidate for ejection soon, because he isn’t even bench reserve grade desperation recruitment material. Van is actually a typical conservative grub, the type they hook into the senate as they would not get a handful of votes for personal qualities. Yet, such as Joyce (heave) gets in, and other fornicating bibulosities, hollow and soulless types. We here, mostly, think about us, our human society, our only planet home, our future and the heirs to it. But, conservatives, some extreme, follow the sick side of post-Freudian reporting, with me, me, me, only effing me…

  2. 2353NM

    To make it worse, Senator Bridget McKenzie admitted on Insiders this morning that she has kept confidences from fellow Parliamentarians and staffers in her 14 years in Parliament. David Speers (to his credit) actually asked the question on how this was different from Senator Katy Gallagher keeping confidences. The response was mind boggling, if for no other reason than showing the double standard that seems to be apparent to all except McKenzie. Apparently the rationale for the prolonged attack was something about if Gallagher had fed information to others to mount a political attack (asked and answered numerous times last week with a flat NO).

    Kids in the child care centre have more nous!

  3. New England Cocky

    Boofhead Duddo has acted in the worst LIARBRAL$ tradition by making himself Prosecutor, Jury plus Judge, without due legal process thus denying procedural fairness to Van. This further demonstrates that LIARBRAL$ are the least liberal political party in Australia and as well as the demonstrably worst economic managers in Australian political history.

    Boofhead has taken a page out of the Scummo Secret Seven Ministries playbook showing that his preference is for dictatorial rule to protect his precarious position.
    Was Van a leadership threat? Thinking Australian voters would certainly hope NOT because Duddo should become the Leader for Life of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition supported by his current Deputy, that ever so intelligent Sus$san LeyZee.

  4. Terence Mills

    “Dutton was starting to find his feet as a leader…”

    Why does that statement stir a memory ? I know, do you remember when weapons inspector Hans Blix was sent by the UN to Iraq looking for evidence of nuclear weapons under the Saddam Hussein regime?

    At the time they said that Hans was looking for the arms He didn’t find them and Iraq was invaded. Will Spudley find his feet, will he find that there are no feet, will the Liberal party implode …………?

  5. Harry Lime

    Dutton has resurrected gutter politics in a desperate attempt to besmirch the government,and it has snapped back hitting his brainless skull.When you are assisted by banjo mouth Ley and the broom jockey from WA,you’re bound to end up in deep shit.They are really fucked, and thoroughly deserve it.May they disappear back into the primeval swamp from whence they emerged.,helped on their way by the soon to be cranked up NCCC.

  6. Florence nee Fedup

    Dutton once again acted as judge & handing out the sentence. The man hasn’t changed in any way. He wanted Van out of parliament. I presume he wants a friend in the Senate.

  7. Lyndal

    I am left wondering how the tea got spilled.

  8. leefe

    Prime example of male privilege: leaving the tea leaves there and allowing (expecting) someone else to clean up the mess you made.

    Your wife definitely knows more about it than you do; at least she can see it.

  9. Geoff Andrews

    leefe, leave the poor man alone; he’s confessed his sins and paid the penalty by buying the trouble & strife a take away coffee.
    By any measure of procedural fairness, he is now innocent. But I do acknowledge that the crime can be referred to in the event of another inevitable transgression or in intimate conversation with her girlfriend.
    But it’s hardly a Federal offence.

  10. leefe

    GeoffA: In my world, you don’t get absolution until you’ve made a genuine attempt to fix the damage you caused.
    Correction – absolution is not even considered until then.

  11. Terence Mills

    The Liberals are saying that David Van should resign from the parliament as, he is no longer a Liberal party member and as he was elected to represent the Liberal party he should now make way for a new Liberal senator to be nominated by the Liberals in Victoria to replace him.

    The Greens are saying the same thing about Lidia Thorpe who was elected to the senate as a Green but decamped and now sits as an independent (as would Van were he not on leave).

    The same was said by the Liberals in SA when Cory Bernardi jumped ship from the Liberals in 2017 to form his own party, the Australian Conservatives. The Liberals argued, quite reasonably, that if he wanted to represent a new party then he should resign from the parliament and get himself elected in his own right : it didn’t happen, he stayed on for another two years and then resigned from the senate in January 2020 and now has a talk show on Sky.

    The Constitution is silent on this subject because the senate is the states house (and Van and Thorpe are still representing their respective states so a ‘casual vacancy’ does not exist) and it is in order for a person to be elected to represent a particular party and then to jump ship once elected but, is it ethical ?

  12. Geoff Andrews

    Surely it was a error of omission and not commission and at the worst, negligent -he didn’t realise he’d spilled it.

  13. GL

    Cough…choke…wheeze…gasp! The Spud, “…the opposition needed to present as a compassionate team.” I almost choked on my sandwich. This from the object who took great joy for years in not giving a shit and mentally torturing (and, no doubt in some cases turning a blind eye to the physical maltreatment of) people locked up in detention camps and fanning the flames of fear of refugees.

    @1.04 pm.

  14. Terence Mills

    “This is the problem with Labor.

    They let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    If there’s one thing they don’t like, they vote down the whole lot.

    And then they get upset when they’re held to account for the damage they’ve done to politics and democracy.”

    Quote : Adam Bandt June 2020

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