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COVID-19 and mobile phones

What research, if any, has been conducted to determine any possible link between transmission of the virus and the use of a mobile phone?

I am passing on an idea from a family member which appears to me to have significant merit.


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  1. Sully of Tuross Head

    I am more concerned about it being spread by Uber Eats, there was no Covid before Uber Eats appeared on the scene, what more proof do you need.
    Craig Kelly is giving this theory some serious thought, and as an experienced failed furniture salesperson, he should know.

  2. David Stakes

    Please Rosemary dont fall for this rubbish.

  3. Jon Chesterson

    Not everything needs to be researched. There is absolutely no definable reason to ‘directly connect’ the two on ‘physical causality’. It’s like arguing for research to investigate the relationship between the moon and why people vote Liberal, but it might be worth exploring the role of lunacy, if we can agree on a definition. However, access and capacity to use a mobile phone to arrange face to face social meetings, visits and mass events clearly might be related to opportunity for the virus to spread, but not because the mobile phone is a physical vector for the virus, that is just absurd conspiracy theory!

  4. GYSBERT Cornelis

    I guess if I let someone with COVID use my phone, allow them to breath and cough all over it and then take it back, there would be a fair chance I could get infected.
    Otherwise, this sounds like another conspiracy theory Qanon would be pleased to have out there

  5. BB

    NO. Total conspiracy nonsensical rubbish. There is ZERO link between transmission of Covid and the use of a mobile phone.

    However mobile phones, smart phones do have other nasty side effects and problems. They can be as insidious as hard drugs.

    It’s mad & sad to see groups all standing close together, but not speaking, they are texting each other on their phones instead!

    Causes and effects of smartphone and Internet addiction

    “While you can experience impulse-control problems with a laptop or desktop computer, the size and convenience of smartphones and tablets means that we can take them just about anywhere and gratify our compulsions at any time. In fact, most of us are rarely ever more than five feet from our smartphones. Like the use of drugs and alcohol, they can trigger the release of the brain chemical dopamine and alter your mood. You can also rapidly build up tolerance so that it takes more and more time in front of these screens to derive the same pleasurable reward.”

    Smartphone Addiction

  6. Michael Taylor

    It’s just a conspiracy theory, Rosemary.

    Much like Trump’s claim that windmills cause cancer. Or more recently, that the 5G network causes COVID-19.

  7. Michael Taylor

    BB, at my shopping centre on Saturday I saw at least a dozen people who must have thought that wearing a face mask on their chins (and only their chins) gave ample protection against the virus.

  8. John Hanna

    Possibly true if you borrow someone’s phone and lick it!

  9. Roswell

    The only thing I catch from my phone is the footy scores.

    Rosemary, I think someone’s having a lend of you.

  10. Kaye Lee

    Hey, I am still amazed by faxes. How the heck do they do that?

    Rosemary… waves can only spread computer viruses, not human ones.

  11. BB

    Aye Michael.
    I sometimes see such idiots in my small rural town supermarket and other shops and I make no bones about loudly raising my voice so that all can hear, asking them politely as to what makes them feel so special that they don’t have to cover their nose.
    I have found embarrassing them very effective as they hurriedly adjust their masks to cover up their nose.
    Of course being over 6ft tall, burly looking, with a long pony tail and a big bushy beard protruding past my mask may help….😁

  12. Kaye Lee

    In the 2016 census, there were 745 people staying in my quiet little neck of the woods. When they combined Gosford and Wyong Councils to form the Central Coast Council (which has subsequently gone broke and installed an administrator who hugely hiked our rates to pay their debts) they lumped about 360,000 into one LGA and I swear at least half of them were on my beach today where, in normal times, I would only see my neighbours. All holiday homes here are full. It’s madness.

  13. BB

    Bummer for you Kaye.
    In my little corner of rural Australia, I went for a walk this morning on my 10 km deserted beach, golden sands, the tide was low and calm and not a soul in sight bar one person fishing almost out of sight, I watched a very beautiful red crimson sunrise at 6am. I thought of and felt sorry for all the poor souls stuck in a city, in lockdown in high-rise flats, 4 kids and no balcony.

  14. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, if they’re not at the beach they’d probably be at the house behind ours.

    Pool parties or BBQs during a lockdown must be great fun. Great fun for idiots, that is.

  15. joney

    There was once a conspiracy theory that everyone would be tagged somehow and need to show their papers to walk into a shop and on the street. There was also a conspiracy theory that everyone would be locked in their homes and be forced to vaccinate in order to have their god given freedoms back. There was once a conspiracy theory that available treatments for a virus would be withheld and discredited under false pretenses. The comments here show me that close minded dullards don’t believe in conspiracies even if they were shown to be true.

  16. Mark


    have their god given freedoms back

    So these freedoms were god given? Really? joney you’ve just blown your cover.

    Powerful reason why the development of some understanding of history should be compulsory.

    Note that the current education Minister (Tudge by name) advocates that attitudes to certain events should not be subject to critical examination. The Tudge Fudge wants ANZAC Day to be so venerated.

    So we have Morrison who believes that his deeply held religious attitudes and values can be separated from from his political behaviors and Tudge who wants a critical consciousness that can be switched on and off at will.

    Says much about their delusions.

  17. Michael Taylor

    “have their god given freedoms back”

    Just like the good ol’ days, hey?

    Like when colonists were killing Aborigines because God had ordained that they were a dying race, so they were simply doing God’s work. Great times.

  18. Bill

    Rosemary, you can look at patented uses for graphene, graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide. To answer your question, search – graphene oxide, emf, covid. G, GO & rGO have no place in the human body, they are industrial compounds.

  19. Mark

    Bill – sorry to rain on your tea-party but you’re wrong again. (Why is it that a Karen becomes the lead story-teller for the anti-vaxxers?)

    Allegations that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) are toxic because they contain graphene oxide on their lipid nanoparticles (which help transport the mRNA through the body) are baseless. …

    claims stem from a July 28 talk show ( ) where a woman in the video, introduced as Karen Kingston, points to documentation on a lipid particle maker’s website which allegedly shows that graphene oxide is present in their products.

    Pfizer and Moderna told Reuters, however, that graphene oxide is not among their vaccines’ ingredients.

    Further reading.

    But some just seem ambitious to be the new Karen.

  20. RosemaryJ36

    In general I am totally resistant to conspiracy theories.
    But how many people let others, including children, handle their mobile phone, particularly to read a message or see a photo?
    Do they sanitise it first or afterwards?
    We sanitise many things other people have touched, and many people appear to have been infected by COVID, yet show no symptoms.
    The idea is really not as daft as so many of you seem to think.

  21. BB

    I have a simple explanation for you Rosemary, it is to do with your use of language… what do you think?

    Yes, that people handle others peoples mobile phones is indeed a very possible source of the virus spreading.

    The reason why most of us have said NO to you is because of the way you phrased your original post.

    You used the words transmission and mobile phone in the same sentence, thereby creating the idea that the mobile phone was transmitting the virus by radio waves which is what the phone does, it transmits a type of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum …

    Anyway that’s the misunderstanding that I think has occurred here..

    We think of a virus spreading rather than being transmitted..
    But yes viral transmission is the process by which viruses spread between hosts

    Had you used the word spread in conjunction with the words mobile phone your post would have had a whole new meaning.

  22. Alice

    “when colonists were killing Aborigines because God had ordained that they were a dying race”

    Michael Taylor, you actually believe that an ostensible command from God is what caused the killing of Aborigines?

    Now the COVID conspiracy theories on this site make more sense.

  23. David Stephens

    Perhaps a number of you could have read her comment more carefully. Try reading today’s Conversation article on the very subject of phone (non) hygiene. Thank you, Rosemary.

  24. Bill

    Mark “Reuters did not find evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines contain graphene oxide . . Pfizer . . said that no graphene oxide is present in their vaccines.”
    Did Reuters test any mRNA vaccine using Phase Contrast, Dark Field, Bright Field Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy to verify the Pfizer claim; or are they happy to take nothing-to-see-here statements from fraudulent marketing experts at Pfizer as gospel?
    Last month a dark magnetic substance was found in vials of vaccine in Japan. The day after that finding was made public, the Japanese PM advised of his resignation. Was that a smart move or what?
    What is the point of watchdogs such as the TGA if all they do is rubber stamp claims from drug manufacturers? Given the potential for long term negative health outcomes on an entire population of an experimental product not even tested on animals, would it be sensible to ask the CSIRO to run independent tests to establish vaccine contents? How long would that take, less than a week? Independent researchers in at least 4 countries have found GO in vaccines.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Bill, I would be very interested to see the research that shows GO in vaccines. Instead of you listing a whole host of things in a scattergun approach, please point me to the research you are quoting.

  26. BB

    @ David Stephens

    Perhaps you could have read my comment at 3.34 am more carefully. Try reading it again.
    Looking at all comments it’s easy to realise my explanation is exactly why folks said NO to the idea of transmission by phone.
    Many comments though agree that the physical phone itself could spread the virus, if someone licks the phone, etc etc.
    A simple confusion, a misunderstanding between the use of the words transmission and spread.
    It’s nobodies fault, and nobody meant to disparage what Rosemary was suggesting…

  27. GL


    ” Independent researchers in at least 4 countries have found GO in vaccines.”

    Evidence…evidence…evidence…if you don’t supply any to back up what you say then it’s conjecture, hearsay, opinion and conspiracy theories. Please don’t use the hoary old “Do Your Own Research.” because it’s lazy and plain straight annoying. You have an obsession with the supposed graphene oxide in vaccines and that is all it will be.

  28. Bill

    Hi Kaye, here is one of the latest – Having watched interviews with medical researchers in Germany on this topic, there is, in my view, genuine concern that real science is being swept under the carpet by those with an agenda. Also, NSW teachers are now working with AdvocateMe (All About Teachers Against Mandatory Vaccination) to challenge mandates. They have an open letter here –
    If a Nuremberg 2 happens, forget about watching any of your favourite talking heads on tv in the future.

  29. BB


    “Of course God never ordained it, but the early colonists believed it so”
    “Of course God does not exist, but most early colonists believed in one

    Your article, “They’re going to die out anyway”, is excellent and terrible.
    A truthful indictment of the crimes, the intended genocide of the 1st people of this land.
    And some folks still today believe the whitewashed version of how Australia was “legally” colonised!

    And still today religions cause untold misery, mayhem, death and destruction for so much of humanity.

  30. Mark

    Bill – your first link leads to Dr. Robert O. Young. Here’s a few facts to consider about Robert O

    an American naturopathic practitioner and author of alternative medicine books … Young came to prominence after appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show featured his treatment of Kim Tinkham for breast cancer. Tinkham and Young both claimed that he had cured her, but she died of her disease shortly afterwards

    November 2018 a San Diego jury awarded $105m in damages to a former cancer patient he persuaded to forgo effective treatment in favor of his alkaline diet, resulting in her disease progressing to an incurable stage 4

    … To avoid a retrial, Young pleaded guilty to two more counts of practicing medicine without a license. The 44-month sentence in the plea agreement included a declaration by Young that he has no degrees from any accredited schools, and that he is not “a microbiologist, hematologist, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, or trained scientist”

    Note in particular what he agreed to – not “a microbiologist, hematologist, medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, or trained scientist.

    Your second link leads to one Serene Teffaha who, as of 15 April 2021, no longer has a practising certificate and cannot engage in legal practice.

    Your links are not a good look! Rather they are comedic in my humble opinion.

  31. Alice

    Michael Taylor, I don’t believe there is a misunderstanding actually. Early colonists certainly believed themselves to be superior to the Indigenous, but to twist the massacres into being directly inspired by their belief in God is utterly ahistorical.

    Your link explains nothing; it’s just more of you repeating the same fiction that you wish to be true.

  32. GL

    Robert O. Young –

    A Critical Look at “Dr.” Robert Young’s Theories and Credentials

    Robert O. Young, the naturopath and conspiracy nutter and quack who was once gaoled for illegally practicing medicine? That “Dr” Robert O. Young?

    Yep, what a credible source of information he certainly is not! Did you really think that we were going to take at face value without one of us doing any digging into the person behind that link?

  33. Kaye Lee

    That bit about NSW teachers Bill….there are three of them in this house and they are all double vaxxed and happily so. I asked them about how the rest of their staff feel and there was one woman who was taking leave until she could get Moderna. I note no education staff signed the letter.

    “For the purposes of this letter, and for the purposes of protecting the identity of on-site school staff, we will
    not be disclosing the respective names of the aggrieved employees and members of the school community.
    It is sufficient for you to be aware, that this is a significant population of over 5000 individuals, employees
    including Principals, Assistant Principals, executive staff, teachers, administration staff, counsellors, school
    learning support officers and maintenance staff. “.

    ..Okkaaayyyyyy….if you say so……I am rather surprised that 5,000 employees would contact two obscure organisations rather than their employer but hey….it’s in a letter so it must be true.

    What about the students and their families who may not want to be in close confines with anti-vaxxers during a pandemic.

  34. Michael Taylor

    Fiction, Alice?

    I consider, with no doubt, that I know more about this than you do.

    That article was based on my Honours thesis, which involved researching hundreds of early books and journals.

    And I don’t appreciate any attempts to my work/research being discredited by an amateur such as yourself. Perhaps if you spent three years researching the subject as I had, you might get more of a grasp at what I’m talking about.

  35. Alice

    Michael Taylor, if you have a reliable source to substantiate the claim, you’re welcome to share it. Your link certainly contained nothing of the sort.

  36. Michael Taylor

    Your in luck, Alice. Here are some reliable sources I used in my honours thesis, which was titled “A review of the racist ideologies of Social Darwinism and eugenics in colonial Australia in the formative years of Federation, and how these ideologies were applied to purify and secure a White Australia”:

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  37. BB


    Our entire western civilisation, (and others), is centered upon the mistaken belief in a god(s), has been so for millenniums.
    Politicians of today even still say the lords prayer here in the Australian Parliament. Such obscene old fashioned hypocrisy.
    Religion is the excuse used for the Spanish Inquisition, and the Spanish invasion of South America, in the name of god..
    (PS. I enjoyed Monty Python’s…. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition)
    Religion and god has been the excuse for the invasion and subjugation of many parts of the planet, especially countries the missionaries of old considered to be uncivilised and savage and only the word of god could save the natives.

    Here in Australia it is without argument that the word of god was used as an excuse for murder and attempted genocide.
    And I don’t need to reference no dam link to know what the truth is….!!!

    Are you a devout fervent religious person who can’t handle the truth?
    Just have to jump in to save your god…
    Just asking ok…

  38. Alice

    Michael Taylor,

    I’ll assume your long list of arbitrary materials in alphabetical order is a concession you don’t know which, if any substantiate the claim that the killings were religiously inspired? Just having a read of the first one, Akmeemana, S; and Dusseldorp, T. (1995), ‘Race discrimination: where to from here?’, it’s clear from the opening paragraph it’s on an entirely different subject.

    Thanks for your opinion BB. I’m not religious, I just care about the truth and like to confront misinformation. And the claim that the white settlers were killing our Indigenous people because God told them to is absurd, and even worse, a complete fabrication.

  39. Michael Taylor

    You’re right, Alice. Compared to you I know sweet fck all about the subject.

    I’ll rip up my degree in Aboriginal Affairs, I’ll rip up my honours degree in Aboriginal Studies, I’ll throw away my dissertation, I’ll scrub my years at ATSIC from my CV, and I’ll wipe clean my memories of the three years I spent working in remote Aboriginal communities.

    Just one more thing: take your trollish behaviour somewhere else.

  40. Kaye Lee


    That is why I always ask for the source.

  41. BB

    Your welcome Alice, as my opinions are free, but it’s more than just my ‘opinion’, it’s true fact. Too hard for some folk.
    I too like truth, but sadly some people become adamant with ignorance, bullshit, misinformation and incredible naivety.

    The truth that first “free” white settlers, (as opposed to convicts whom I am sure had long ago stopped believing in any god), were a bunch of god fearing hypocrites using the excuse of religion to persecute, murder and justify genocide is correct.
    The early settlers truly believed they were following the word of god, had to rid the land of the savages. Gods will be done!

    What you are doing is playing with semantics, but god is quoted as speaking to mankind in many instances.. Obey me, I’m god!
    There was a voice from the burning bush or some such like example, not being a religious person I can’t quote exactly..

    Just like Morrison says. I’m the PM. Obey me..
    Morrison and god chat to each other in glossolalia all the time, it’s called a miracle.
    But you already know that don’t you…

    What is truly absurd is the notion of any god… a complete fabrication.

    And your ‘refusal’ to accept fact is just your opinion ,yes, or do you have links to research to back up your ‘absurd’ claim?

    I think that Michael’s bent over backwards in supplying you with info, but then whatever he supplies you are going to refute!

  42. Kaye Lee

    I am not sure Alice was defending God so much as hinting that other things also played a part in the massacres – like land theft.

    But the fingers of God were everywhere. The town I was born in confined the local Aborigines to the mission outside of town as they did in many other towns. Half-caste children were stolen and sent to religious institutions with the specific purpose of breeding them out.

    During my school years, I attended the church that Samuel Marsden started in 1803.

    “Marsden consistently supported the expansion of the pastoral frontier and the use of military force to suppress Aboriginal resistance, and he came to regard Aboriginal People as irredeemable because they ‘put no value upon the comforts of Civil Life … cannot be induced to form any industrious habits … have no regular government, no Chiefs [and] no subordination.’ ”

    Religion has always been used as an excuse to dominate and much worse.

  43. BB

    Such poignant stories Michael, and still happening now.
    Religious people IMHO are cowards, low life, condescending patronising ignorant arrogance and zero conscience.
    I don’t just dislike religion, I really despise and hate all religion! Brainwashing people from the cradle to the grave.
    All the damn religious bastards who have abused innocent people in the name of religion.
    All the damn pedophiles who have used religion to hide in.

    I watched the 4 corners story last night on the Jehovah Witness cult.. So many lives ruined in the name of love
    Religion is Madness!

  44. Michael Taylor

    BB, I saw some horrible stuff in outback SA. Nobody will ever convince me that we’re not a racist country.

  45. Wam

    All my ex-Kormilda students are now over 50 and most of them tell me they have met the ‘triune’ god the father, god the son, lord Jesus Christ and god the spirit. It is too sad to ask questions as they are too ‘faithed up’ to understand. These are intelligent men and women way beyond the grade 3 the system is geared to produce but their heads are filled with American evangelical beliefs when we add wascs and wasps there are millions of political and social zombies believing Jesus is coming and the end is nigh or Nigher or nighest.
    The NT bush is full of scary and scared people..
    Ps Michael that idiot crow is the norm in SA and without the dregs of English mitigate the vile treatment of Aborigines, including our Leonardo, David Unaipon.
    The first thing immigrants learn is our racist beliefs of Aborigines.

  46. RosemaryJ36

    A big THANK YOU to David Stevens, who alerted me to this article in The Conversation, on 14/09/21.

    So I am not being conned by a conspiracy theory, and this might well explain – at least in part – why the Delta variety is popping up unexpectedly!

  47. RosemaryJ36

    Wam – I was brought up in a Christian household, my maternal grandfather having been a Minister in the Church of Christ, and my parents met in consequence.

    Long ago I became an agnostic!

  48. BB

    Aye Michael. Australia is indeed a very racist country. Nothing changes.
    People who think otherwise are hypocrites and live life with blinkers on.

  49. margcal

    BB … if you were not “over 6ft tall, burly looking, with a long pony tail and a big bushy beard protruding past [your] mask” you would find that the usual response to people in supermarkets or elsewhere when asked to wear a mask is a fearsome glare and spitting out “I’ve got an exemption” sometimes along with a few other “choice words”.

    What gets me is that all these people who are frail in some way (otherwise why the exemption?) seem to not worry about their health – not so much as a face shield, wandering about slowly, standing around examining supermarket shelves in detail, no sign that they fear catching a virus that could do them perhaps more harm than to most. I know if I had a condition that made me exempt from masks I’d be either getting someone else to do my shopping or dashing in and out as quickly as I could, certainly not worrying if I’d picked up the cheapest brand of peanuts or whatever.

  50. Michael Taylor

    Speaking of big, burley blokes – and I apologise for being off topic – but we had a bloke at uni, a lovely Aboriginal chap called Tom, who stood well over six feet, had long hair, a long beard, and would often wear a denim vest.

    When talking about racism in one class Tom commented that nobody would sit next to him on a bus because he was Aboriginal.

    The lecturer fired back; “No, Tom. It’s not that. People don’t sit next to you because you’re an Aborigine. They don’t sit next to you because you look like a bikie.”

    We all laughed. But Tom laughed the loudest.

  51. BB

    @ margcal
    Lol, I’m just me, I haven’t groomed myself so with the intention to frighten anyone, that’s their problem if they are, I can’t help that my looks may help them in their decision to pull their mask up, and it’s young to middle aged people, mostly blokes, I can’t say I’ve seen any frail oldies without a mask yet, they probably stay at home or get someone else to do their shopping, it’s a small town. Ahh, yes well choice words eh, no I don’t get many who want to argue, I’m quite good at choice words too…😁

    Lovely story, you’re no more off topic than I am, anyway always helps to have a good laugh. I do appreciate your story for I have noticed many times people shuffle away from me, when standing in line, etc etc, not that it bothers me, I find it quite amusing…

  52. RosemaryJ36

    There seems to be a lot of chat here, unrelated to my original issue.
    Please carefully read the article linked by my post on September 12 at 2.17 am.

  53. Fred

    Getting back to your original post. As an electronics engineer let me assure you that mobile phones in themselves do NOT interact with (viz. affect the number of, create variants of, etc.) physical viruses like Covid-19. Software viruses are another matter in terms of data security and phone functionality, but software viruses also do NOT interact with physical viruses. There is no correlation between 5G and Covid-19 in any way.

    It amazes me how people with no training in electronics and without any supporting statistics are prepared to get on their soap-box, espouse a load of drivel and incite riot about 5G in places where there isn’t any.

    As far as Covid-19 is concerned a mobile phone has the same effect as a pack of playing cards. If you put it down on a surface covered with virus or hand it to someone with the virus to show a photo and you subsequently handle it, without proper sanitation you may catch the virus.

  54. Bill

    Rosemary, re the Conversation’s ‘nudge’ for UV sanatization devices, is there a downside to this tech? ‘The generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by UV radiation is one of the mechanisms through which UV light can manifest its possible detrimental effects on health’. Fred, RF can be used to interact with human biology to read activity, to activate device delivery of drugs/vaccines, etc. ‘Radio frequency controlled wireless drug delivery devices’ (2019) – Given the inaccurate nature of PCR tests, is it possible some cases of ‘covid’ disease are really the result of over-exposure to EMF?

  55. Michael Taylor

    I’m sure that one day some evil regime will find a way to transmit an actual virus electronically, by phone or some other sort of transmitter. Yes, it does sound like science fiction, but we humans are outstanding when it comes to inventing something evil.

  56. Kaye Lee


    I read your linked article which has absolutely nothing to do with COVID. I am not sure what you are asking,


    I think we are ALL aware that we should use sunscreen to protect against UV exposure. What that has to do with mobile phones and covid is beyond me.

    Are you deliberately choosing the whackiest links you can find to test if we are paying attention? Because Robert F Kennedy Jr is a known nutcase.

  57. GL

    Kaye Lee,

    It’s pretty safe to say that Bill believes in the nonsense he posts.

  58. BB

    @ Michael

    Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact!

  59. Fred

    Micheal & BB… So if I keep saying “Beam me up Scotty” at my watch every day, then one day something will actually happen? 🙂

    Bill… Where can I get whatever you’re on. Not sure where UV and mobile phones fit on the same page – mobiles in general do not emit UV. Also not sure how the second link relates to mobile phones and Covid-19, but yes you can pretty much build an RF control into anything – from an IED to a watering system. As for EMF creating the same effects as Covid-19, i.e. the same respiratory symptoms occasionally ending in death, absolutely NOT. You can bet the FCC will appeal the spurious case brought by the CHD as per your 3rd link.

  60. BB

    Aye Fred, Scotty’s on stand by.

    Teleportation: The Impossible Leap… To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before! 😎

  61. Kaye Lee

    My son was given an assignment at school to invent something. I pleaded with him to invent Star Trek teleporting. Instead, he invented hoverchairs to replace wheelchairs – a combination of magnetic repulsion and aero thrust. This, to my knowledge, remains a child’s imagination.

    But listening to him go through job interviews lately (my 2 kids and their partners are living here in lockdown), it is no wonder he is being offered jobs by everyone. It’s not marks in exams that employers are looking for, He finds something in common with the interviewer – oh you must know my uncle, oh I live just down the road from your wedding venue, I played football with your nephew…..these are actual things I have overheard him say as he laughs away with the job interviewer – how he gets there I dunno. I should stress he already has a full-time job. He only decided to explore the market because he had the time (no travelling and a household of six adults to share shopping, cooking and cleaning and lockdown entertainment including going out fishing within regulated limits)

    Sharing this time with the young people in my family inspires me WAY more than anything I am hearing from politicians.

    I consider myself very lucky when so may are really struggling. I feel guilty.

  62. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, magnets are amazing things.

    I think I’ve discovered a way to create perpetual motion by use of magnets. One day I’ll put it to the test.

    PS: Your son sounds amazing.

  63. Bill

    Michael, “one day some evil regime will find a way to transmit an actual virus electronically”. That day might already be in the past. In general, anything with a physical dimension can be represented by a digital signature in the form of a file – zeros and ones. The file could be of a photo, a symphony, plans for a prosthetic limb, even a mRNA spike protein prototype – each awaiting only component assembly at some remote destination. Given that self-assembling nanotech can be put in a human body awaiting only a preset RF signal to activate, that opens the door to your idea.
    Kaye, UV over-exposure leading to ROS is a separate issue to covid-like symptoms caused by EMF.
    Fred, what am I on? Good question. “As for EMF creating the same effects as Covid-19, i.e. the same respiratory symptoms occasionally ending in death, absolutely NOT.”
    Try ‘Oceania RF Scientific Advisory Association’ –
    Why do the 5 Eye Nations have RF mobile signal power densities 100 – 10,000 times higher than other nations?

  64. Michael Taylor

    Bill, I was listening to a science podcast a couple of weeks ago, and apparently there’s a program where you’d be on a video chat with someone and if that someone, say, touches your shoulder on your video image you will actually feel that touch.

    Unimaginably incredible.

  65. Kaye Lee


    If you have worked out a way to construct DNA I am sure the scientific world be very interested to hear about it.

  66. Bill

    Michael, we live 50+ yrs behind the cutting edge of science. You might enjoy this video ‘Future Science – The Wave Genome – Quantum Holography of DNA with Ulrike Granögger’
    Kaye, I read the work of others then convey their message with my understanding. Shoot away.

  67. GL

    Ulrike Granögger as in the “We create unique events and transformational online training programs from internationally renowned speakers, best-selling authors and mystics to allow you to thrive!
    Our unique events blend science and spirituality, giving our students stimulating and inspirational productions that enrich their lives.” Ulrike Granögger?

    You keep trying to foist these pseudoscience, new agers and spiritualist whackos on us and frankly it’s not doing what minuscule credibility you have any good.

  68. Kaye Lee


    I don’t want to shoot anyone .but I would suggest that it’s probably not a good idea to pass on things you don’t understand because you could be being duped by charlatans.

    I have to say that you are linking to known nutcases so I am concerned for both you and others when such material is passed on. A lot of people trust this site to be passing on factual information. I don’t want our reputation sullied either.

  69. Michael Taylor

    Adding to what Kaye has said, Google penalises us if we publish information – or links to information – that they consider dangerous. Yes, they really do scrutinise us.

    We play by their rules because without their ads this site would struggle to survive.

    I don’t know why they pick on the little guy. We recently received a violation report for publishing inaccurate information about COVID-19, so ads were removed from that article. The article itself was quoting stuff from a Murdoch news site. Yet when I looked, the Murdoch article still had Google ads on it.

    We once received a violation report for promoting violence. In one of the comments under our ‘violence-promoting’ article someone wrote that our federal government needed some commonsense bashed into them.

  70. BB

    A shame Michael that Google does not apply that same danger scrutiny to idiots like Palmer and Kelly, (Dumb & Dumber).
    But we all know there’s rules and then there’s rules…

    And I won’t mention there’s also Big Porkers!

    Not much commonsense left anywhere these days, it’s all been bashed out..

  71. Michael Taylor

    Some of the tech giants are getting a bit edgy since the pandemic hit us.

    Now and again I listen to a podcast out of Canada – The Conspiracy Show – which is just a bunch of right-wing loonies. I do so for a laugh. Sometimes at the beginning of a show they will say that this particular episode won’t be live-streamed on their YouTube channel (because YouTube will take it down knowing that it’s all rubbish and because of the penalties they’d get from Google over spreading such crap).

    Facebook are ultra weird. They’ve removed links to some of our posts about COVID-19, even though the info is factual. They’re doing it all over Facebook. YET, there are two large Facebook groups promoting Ivermectin as the cure for COVID-19 and Facebook lets them stay.

  72. paul walter

    Dirty, filthy things. Wouldn’t have one on my mind.

    And the hidden rays, attacking the brain…

  73. Bill

    Kaye, I was a bit obtuse with “shoot anyone”, ‘shoot the messenger’, ie moir, is metaphorically what I meant. I pass on things I understand or that sound plausible in context. The science the public has access to is very dated compared to what DARPA, Big Tech & Big Pharma are toying with. Dive into journals and patents and a lot of it sounds like science-fiction until you see demos of the tech in lab experiments. Look back in time to how leading scientists were treated by religious elites centuries ago. Today the nut-cultists include yes-men/women wearing lab coats for big $, treated in a kindly light by fakestream media that questions nothing lest it conflict with the NWO narrative. Michael, big tech censorship has dictator written all over it – anti-freedom, arbitrary, a one sided anti-scientific agenda-fitting kibosh – see google insider zachvorhies-com. paulw, “hidden rays, attacking the brain” – do tell. You have brain 🙂

  74. GL


    Zach Vorhies, you mean

    An ex-Google employee was behind an online campaign to make a coronavirus conspiracy video go viral

    That Zach Vorhies? You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of nut jobs, conspiracy theorist, anti-vax right wing bigots. Everything you put up to bolster your “arguments” can be shot own so easily.

  75. Kaye Lee


    Perhaps you are unaware that the world has voted to remove patents from the COVID vaccines to allow cheaper generic versions to be made in/for developing nations.

    Do you really feel that all the health professionals around the world, all the scientists and researchers, all the people involved in the manufacture of vaccines, all the people involved in granting patents, and every government, are in cahoots to inject you with nanoparticles which are activated by a signal from 5G towers to give you symptoms of a disease you can get by just being near someone who is infected?

    I’m confused.

  76. paul walter

    Kaye Lee:… “I am confused”..

    Mobile phones.

  77. paul walter

    Bill, of course I can tell, since I don’t own one, my brain…

  78. Bill

    Kaye, not all health professionals, etc are ok with the way this experiment is being rolled out. Zero long term safety data is a total rubbish idea. Big Pharma could have at least ran animal trials parallel to this human trial to get an idea of effects on offspring, they didn’t bother. Cautious health professionals who question the narrative are being threatened with sanctions. The question of vaccine contents could be cleared up quickly. CSIRO could do the job in a day or two, eg. leave a vial of Pfizer out overnight on a lab bench. Let it to warm to room temp then add it to a sample of body temp blood on a microscope slide. Have a neo-dymium magnet on standby. Video the evidence for Nuremberg2. GL, yes.

  79. Kaye Lee

    Pfizer animal trials


    Moderna animal trials


    This crap appears to be coming from Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly

  80. Michael Taylor

    Kaye, not all health professionals, etc are ok with the way this experiment is being rolled out.

    Bill, you mean like the 3% of scientists who don’t believe in climate change?

  81. Michael Taylor

    If anyone is having problems with the site not opening, or freezing if it does open, we are working on it.

  82. BB

    All working well at my end Michael… 😎

  83. Michael Taylor

    It’s a lot better for me too, BB.

    It’s not uncommon for web hosts to run maintenance checks on their servers, which is disruptive to the sites on the server.

    It’s also not uncommon for them to warn us before they do it.

  84. Kaye Lee

    “The question of vaccine contents could be cleared up quickly. ”

    Yup….it’s in the product information.

    What VAXZEVRIA contains:

    Active ingredient (main ingredient)
    One dose (0.5 mL) contains: ChAdOx1-S* 5×1010 viral particles (vp) [corresponding to not less than 2.5 × 108 infectious units (Inf.U)]

    Other ingredients (inactive ingredients)
    histidine, histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, disodium edetate, sucrose, ethanol absolute, polysorbate 80 and water for injections.

    • Recombinant, replication-deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS-CoV-2 Spike glycoprotein. The vaccine is manufactured using material originally sourced from a human embryo (Human Embryo Kidney cells: HEK293).
  85. GL


    “Cautious health professionals who question the narrative are being threatened with sanctions.”

    That’s your opinion and unless you can back it up that is all it will remain.

    “…leave a vial of Pfizer out overnight on a lab bench. Let it to warm to room temp then add it to a sample of body temp blood on a microscope slide. Have a neo-dymium magnet on standby.”

    If such experiment(s) were performed and found to be incontrovertible negative evidence of magnetism would you then possibly admit that you are wrong?

    It all seems to lead back to your seeming obsession with graphene oxide. So here is yet another couple of articles for you to consider –

    “GL, yes.”? Meaning you know he’s incredibly dodgy but it still doesn’t stop you trying to use his nonsense to back up spurious arguments? Or you believe him without hesitation.

  86. Kaye Lee

    this is Pfizer

    Active ingredient

    (main ingredient)

    BNT162b2 [mRNA]
    Other ingredients

    (inactive ingredients)

    ((4-hydroxybutyl)azanediyl)bis(hexane-6,1-diyl)bis(2-hexyldecanoate) (ALC-0315)
    2-[(polyethylene glycol)-2000]-N,N-ditetradecylacetamide (ALC-0159)
    Distearoylphosphatidylcholine (DSPC)
    Potassium chloride
    Monobasic potassium phosphate
    Sodium chloride
    Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate
    Water for injections

  87. Michael Taylor

    What! No gravy! Who forgot the gravy?

  88. Michael Taylor

    Bill, in case you haven’t noticed, this site doesn’t subscribe to conspiracy theories.

  89. GL


    Will the gravy come with chips on a bread roll?

  90. BB

    Whenever I hear the name Bill, I think back to the days of Bill and Ben, Flower Pot Men, and Weeeed, weeeeeeed!!
    “Babap Ickle Weed.” Bill and Ben spoke a largely nonsensical version of English, called Oddle Poddle.
    Maybe it’s catching if your name is Bill? just askin’….

    The theory was the show was code for marijuana… Dem good ole days when kids shows meant something. 😎

  91. Michael Taylor

    Well, this is interesting. It wasn’t server maintenance at all.

    My web host just phoned to say the disruption was caused by a hacking attempt. The first question they asked me was: “Do you have a recent political article that might have upset the hacker, or an article about COVID-19 that someone might have been unhappy with?”

    Yes to all. We get that every day.

  92. BB

    Mmm, a hacking attempt, so what’s new these days..
    It’s a crazy world eh, bit like Alice in Wonderland..

  93. Bill

    BB, funny what sticks in mind, for you it is Bill and Ben, for me it was daleks. Kaye, I trust Big Pharma up to a point, but Pfizer’s $2B+ fine for illegal marketing ended that spell. Michael and regular crew, keep up the good work, your analysis is annoying the crap out of a waste-of-space hacker which means you are over targets. GL, thanks, I had a quick look at the Irish article, Prof Bengt Fadeel “the vaccines would be black, which they are not”. From wikipedia “single graphene sheet is nearly transparent because of its extreme thinness”. My interest in GO is fading, seems it can be dispelled from the body with a common supplement and the passage of time. I comment to fill what I see as a gap in informed consent which is being heavily obscured by maimstream media.

  94. Kaye Lee

    That’s the point Bill. “Informed” consent relies on being presented with the FACTS……the actual EVIDENCE. It does not mean being misled by a whole heap of crap being peddled by whackos. The credibility of the source is really important.

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