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Climate emergency

Because people make a lot of money and end up as billionaires does not guarantee that they are honest, truth-telling individuals. Sadly!

There are numerous links on Google, of which this is one, which tell us quite clearly that major oil companies (aided and abetted by all other fossil fuel companies) have totally pulled the wool over our eyes. And, possibly, some governments have been complicit, thanks to bribes disguised as generous party donations.

We ARE in a climate emergency because we have allowed nearly 40 years to go by during which the fossil fuel companies have made massive profits for their shareholders, while the emissions from their products have been damaging our atmosphere and steadily raising temperatures.

Along with this, increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events have been wreaking havoc all round the world.

Scott Morrison mocked Bill Shorten for not putting a figure on the cost of action against global warming.

Did anyone hear Morrison answer the question “What will be the cost of repairing the damage done by these extreme weather events and who will cover it when insurance companies refuse to provide insurance?”

If you Google “What is today’s CO2 reading in ppm?” the answer (on 22/05/19) is:

“The average concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere topped 411 parts per million in May. In April – the previous month – the concentration hit 410 ppm for the first time in recorded history. These are the highest CO2 levels in the 800,000 years for which we have good data.”

And further research will tell you this is exactly in line with the oil companies modelling back in the 1980s!

And, unlike the advice from again-to-be Senator Malcolm Roberts, this is not a figure you can dismiss! The climate-warming gases have acquired that name for a serious reason!

In electing a Coalition government, we are now in danger of being committed to 3 more years of doing nothing constructive to save the planet for our descendants!

Happy now?

Do your own research, take off the rose-tinted glasses and look at the real, endangered world.

At 83, I could ignore the problem as I shall probably die before the worst is on us. But I have children, grandchildren and great grandchildren whose lives will be seriously and adversely affected long after I am gone.


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  1. RomeoCharlie29

    The Liar from the Shire was caught out within 48 hours having to admit his first promised tax cuts won’t arrive as promised. Moreover he knew it would be so, having been told by both the ATO and Treasury, that the timing he chose for the election wouldn’t allow it. Liar. But, as you point out, most of what Morrison, and the two ministers allowe to speak, Fraudenberg and Birmingham, also lied through their teeth consistently. As indeed did the billionaire democracy-killer, Palmer. The mainstream media were complicit, and derelict in their duty to truth, sadly the ALP failed to counter the lies strongly enough. I share your despair and though a few years younger, your concerns for not only my granddaughter, but those millions of children whose future has been put in threat by the election of these absurd fools. I made the mistake of calling those who voted against Labor and the Greens, ‘pig gnorant’. I apologise to the pigs.

  2. Ill fares the land

    Unfortunately, having seen the nincompoops Roberts and Jones (both involved with Galileo Movement, which is a formal group of climate deniers – note, they are not sceptics because at least they might consider other science as being more valid than their own) peddling their “rice” example. It looks and sounds really compelling, until you realise that the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is always miniscule (about 300 hundred years ago it was only 0.03% of the atmosphere – roughly), but the ability of nature to absorb CO2 is limited (bearing in mind that we are rapidly destroying forests and are building bigger houses on smaller blocks with minimal garden and no lawn). But even very small increases in CO2 concentration can have big impacts – ignored by the “rice model” of course.

    The rice “stunt” firstly assumes that it is volcanic activity that is responsible for CO2 emission (false); secondly ignores that even what seem to be very small additional amoounts of CO2 in the atmosphere can have catastrophic implications once we exceed the ability of the earth (trees, plants, the oceans etc) to absorb excess CO2 and seems to assume that all CO2 emitting volcanic activity occurred after industrialisation (again false). What is different is the capacity of nature to deal with excess CO2. If we go back 55 million years, when there was a very large release of CO2 into the atmosphere (one theory is another meteor struck the Earth and there is some evidence for that), there was a significant global warming event and it took the Earth 2.0 million years to recover

    But frankly, the horror is that you need to be a bit smarter than the average bear (or fools like Hanson, Roberts, Jones and Morrison to name but a few) to grasp even the basics of CO2 science. We are, frankly, doomed. Way too many seem to want to drive around urban streets in large SUV’s and dual cab utes (for multiple bizarre reasons that I won’t canvass here – but I wonder how many of them proclaim they are committed to action against climate change – none in Queensland is my guess, but lots in Mosman). We bitch about energy prices but still expect that we can buy more and larger appliances that use more and more energy and the “system” will compensate by producing more power – how perverse and plain selfish, but that is how people think in a word dominated by marketing and neurotic obsession with “visible affluence”.

    It is the “tragedy of the commons” writ large. No single person in a car that is way bigger than they need, living in a house that is bigger than they need (with a minimal if any garden, so nothing to aid with CO2 absorption) bears the cost of their actions, but by the time it is widely accepted that there is a regional, national and global cost that will be borne by us all and the Roberts, Jones and Morrisons of the world are completely discredited and ignored, the CO2 in the atmosphere will have increased further. It is measured to be increasing at around 2 ppm per year, so by 2100, unless we do something quickly, the ppm count will be pushing 500 and that is close to double what it was pre-industrialisation.

  3. whatever

    Just a word on this apallingly dumb ‘Miracle Man Scotty causes Stock Market Boom!’ headline frenzy.
    In the first place it is a FoxNews tactic. Brokers buy and sell according to complicated sets of instructions, in fact it is mostly algorithms in computer prorams doing the trading.
    ‘Scotty is a good bloke’ is probably the MSM message we will get fof the next 3 years, but it does not ‘factor in’ to the investment and securities ecosystem.

  4. Paul Davis

    “I believed the meek would inherit the earth, no matter what state the earth was in once the unmeek had finished with it,” writes Wayne Macauley in his novella ‘Simpson Returns’.

    That pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment.

  5. Zathras

    Science is definitely not Alan Jones’ strong point, no matter how he blusters and bluffs.

    I recall him railing against the NBN when it was proposed, saying how optical fibre is already obsolete because we can now transmit an enormous amount of data on (gasp!) a laser beam – measured in the number of copies of The World Book Encyclopedia for dramatic effect.

    He was obviously ignorant of how such a laser beam is transmitted from point-to-point – on optical fibre. That’s what it’s for.

    All it takes is for someone to effectively challenge and publicly humiliate him and Roberts is even worse.

  6. corvus boreus

    100% of scientists believe climate change to be natural, yes???
    But global warming = sea rise even X-tians can understand???.
    Labor must go hard and ditch loonie narrownose!!!!

    Take the day off, wam, this one’s on me.

  7. whatever

    For 30 years the National Party has been declaring “Drought Emergency” without producing a shred of meteorological evidence.

  8. Kaye Lee

    A Chinese company has suspended its bid for mining leases to develop a large coal mine next door to Adani’s proposed operation in Queensland.

    The China Stone project promised to create thousands of jobs, but the state government says the company has “voluntarily not progressed” with its mining lease applications.

    “MacMines has voluntarily not progressed their five mining lease applications for the China Stone project,” the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy has told the ABC.

    “The schedule associated with progressing a mining lease application are subject to the proponent’s commercial decisions.”

  9. guest

    The fact that these deniers try to hide is that CO2 does more than feed plants.

    CO2 is called a “greenhouse” gas and it is not the only one.

    CO2 acts like a blanket, and for at least the past 10,000 years at a level of 280 ppm it has kept the Earth’s average temperature at approximately 14 degrees C.

    CO2 is now at the level of 411 ppm – the highest in the past 24 million years. Temperatures are rising.

    Tony Eggleton, Emeritus Professor at the ANU, in his book “A Short Introduction to Climate Change” (Cambridge UP, 2013) deals with some of our Oz climate deniers. Readers will come to understand what trash is published almost daily about climate change in the Murdoch press.

  10. Alan Nosworthy

    Meanwhile, in a kneejerk response to federal A.L.P. failure north of Brisbane, with an abrupt procedural change seemingly directed by Murdochs triumphalist Courier Mail the Queensland Premier has indulged in a televised hissy fit excoriating her dept. of envoironment for performing due diligence on Adani sub par protections.
    As noted by C.S.I.R.O the submitted data and method of collection lacks rigour.
    Much as vested interests would like to present it as such the recent electoral results were not a referendum on coal mining. I would suggest that manipulation of residual distrust of Bill Shortens involvement in the demise of Queensland wunderkinde K.Rudd played part, much as the sidelining of Bill Hayden was not soon forgotten.
    The media driven nomination of Jim Chalmers as a potential federal leader just because he is a Queenslander and relatively young shows similarly simplistic reactions.

  11. MöbiusEcko

    I was also going to post on that article Kaye Lee.

    It is the biggest by far of the seven coal projects slated for the Galilee basin, 36m tons per annum compared to Adani’s pared back 10m tons. If MacMines are saying that 36m tons a year is not economically viable as there’s no market for the thermal coal, then how can Adani’s mine be economically viable.

    So Labor was kicked out by Queenslanders on the belief they would lose thousands of jobs because of fake news on Labor policy, and yet they will not get the thousands of jobs under the L-NP’s watch anyway unless of course Morrison massively subsidises the coal mines, which may be on the cards.

  12. TuffGuy

    Because people make a lot of money and end up as billionaires does not guarantee that they are honest, truth-telling individuals. Sadly!
    the two are like chalk and cheese, you can only be one or the other and not both.

  13. Terence

    Kay Lee

    Fact – Satellite measurements over the last 40 years show that there is very little relationship between co2 levels and global temperature.

    CO2 has increased by 40% whilst global temperatures have risen very little in the same period.

    Google “relationship between co2 and global temperature”.

    IPCC are not telling the truth.

  14. guest

    David Bruce, another of your mixed up responses.

    Yes, there is more than CO2 in play eg methane and water vapor.

    But what we find in the atmosphere now is the amount of Carbon isotopes coming from burning fossil fuels, which is a human activity. That is why present warming is not natural and is “20 times faster than than any previous sustained rate of temperature change.” (Eggleton, p 133).

    Certainly much faster than the ‘Medieval Warming’.

    So what is the point of converting a highly powerful greenhouse gas such as methane into another greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide, which we are pouring into the atmosphere at an increasing rate because we in Oz seem to think it is great for the economy?

    As for breathing out CO2, about a kilogram each day per person, 9bn people would breathe out about 3 billion tonnes in a year, much less than the annual 30 bn tonnes of CO2 addition. (Eggleton, p 155)

    David and Terence, which text about IPCC science do you read?

    Terence, there are reasons why there is not a straight line correlation between factors. You nee some homework.

  15. guest


    when I googled “relationship between CO2 and global temperature” at skepticalscience, I found a coloured box labeled CLIMATE MYTH at the beginning of the article and after that some explanation about whether your claim is true – and if not, why not. Worth reading.

    Did you read the MYTH bit only? Its author is named.

  16. Terence


    I avoid skeptical science because of the sub high school level explanations.

    There are many more ethical urls that support my statement when you google..

  17. Kaye Lee


    It would be much more helpful for you to provide your sources because I can pretty much guarantee they are charlatans or vested interests.

    As for the “sub-high school level explanations” at skeptical science, you have obviously never been there or you would know that they give references to peer-reviewed scientific papers shouold others require further information as well as providing information with references at beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

    If you also don’t like the IPCC, perhaps you would prefer NASA

    Or the Bureau of Meteorology

    Or the CSIRO

    Or the UK Met office

    I’ve shown you mine….now you show me yours

  18. Terence


    If there is no relationship between CO2 and accurately measured atmospheric temperature by satellites – – then there is no relationship? Ockhams Razor.

    Measuring temperature by satellites has been a game changer.

    Previous temperatures have been measured by hundreds of people around the world with hand held instruments and then someone attempting to arrive at an average manually.

    Perhaps we should look for the cause of there being no global warming?

  19. Terence

    Kaye Lee

    You have avoided the well documented lack of a relationship between CO2 and global temperature in your response.
    Referring me to sources thar avoid addressing this fundamental issue is not helpful

  20. Kaye Lee

    As you don’t appear to want to read the links we provide, and refuse to provide the links that are informing you….

    A new paper published in the Journal of Climate reveals that the lower part of the Earth’s atmosphere has warmed much faster since 1979 than scientists relying on satellite data had previously thought.

    Researchers from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), based in California, have released a substantially revised version of their lower tropospheric temperature record.

    After correcting for problems caused by the decaying orbit of satellites, as well as other factors, they have produced a new record showing 36% faster warming since 1979 and nearly 140% faster (i.e. 2.4 times larger) warming since 1998. This is in comparison to the previous version 3 of the lower tropospheric temperature (TLT) data published in 2009.

    Major correction to satellite data shows 140% faster warming since 1998

    Read it for yourself

    Or read this from NASA

    The evidence for rapid climate change is compelling:…

  21. Terence

    Kaye Lee

    Old news.

    My satellite data is Hardcutt version 6 2018 which shows tha global warming is around 0.12 degrees C each decade and is linear. Extrapolating this leads to a temp in 2100 around 1 degree C warmer than now.

  22. Kaye Lee

    One of the most remarkable aspects of the paleoclimate record is the strong correspondence between temperature and the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere observed during the glacial cycles of the past several hundred thousand years. When the carbon dioxide concentration goes up, temperature goes up. When the carbon dioxide concentration goes down, temperature goes down. A small part of the correspondence is due to the relationship between temperature and the solubility of carbon dioxide in the surface ocean, but the majority of the correspondence is consistent with a feedback between carbon dioxide and climate.

  23. Kaye Lee

    Why do you refuse to provide a link? Googling Hardcutt just takes me to porn.

  24. Terence

    Kaye Lee


    Your temp graph uses old technology pre satellite. Largely now discredited.

    Your historical chart actually shows that co2 follows temperature. Higher temps cause more co2 to be liberated from the ocean.

  25. wam

    drivel boys and girls manna from heaven for the oil lobby – I remember 60 years ago there was a huge demand for ‘smaller’ many businesses tooled up and produced smaller but society was just repeating ‘smaller’ because it sounded good but the conclusion was wrong because nobody bought smaller. Do youse talk to deniers????
    Talk to the rabbottians who think climate change is a left wing United Nations scam.
    Talk to the scientist 100% agree climate change is a natural ongoing process.
    Ask rabbottians how a greenhouse operates and you will find few have been taught about green houses at school

    Jun 23, 2015 – Students at Richardson Primary School have recycled more than 2,000 plastic bottles to construct a greenhouse in the school playground.

    Talk to a rabbottian about climate and weather? You will find even well schooled are confused.
    Adelaide crows are no exception and their supporters are invariably ignorant of CSa
    Sadly so are those from the mighty PORT.POWER

    If Albo wants a hint he will talk about global warming and the schools demonstrating the hothouse effect and leave the climate change to the loonies(wow didn’t narrow nose cash up in this election, $9 million this time a tidy profit when I thought they had to show their expenditure – in my electorate with recycled corflute and advertising I’d estimate a good $50 including petrol plus how to vote cards? I voted early and didn’t see one..)
    ps he couls also ask which planet is the hottest planet in the solar system and why???

  26. Kaye Lee


    Your link doesn’t work but at least you fessed up to it coming from Roy Spencer.

    More errors identified in contrarian climate scientists’ temperature estimates

    A new study suggests there are remaining biases in the oft-corrected University of Alabama at Huntsville atmospheric temperature estimates

  27. Rossleigh

    I have discovered a graph that demonstrates there is no correlation between climate deniers and intelligence. Some of them are highly intelligent people paid large amounts of money to do it. Others are idiots who do it for free.
    Which are you, Terence?

  28. RosemaryJ36

    Well said, Rossleigh!

  29. guest

    Eggleton (2013, ch 2) discusses Spencer and his idea of a “heat-island effect”. It was disproved by Jones and Quigly (2010).

    “They point out that if all the urban temperature measurements are excluded, there is a negligible difference in the global temperature estimates and it still shows warming.” (p 21)

    Berkley University in California (2011) also took up the challenge of “making their own independent analysis of the world’s climate records” with their “special expertise in the statistical analysis of data”.

    They found exactly the same result as the climate scientists. The world is warming.

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