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This Christmas Don’t Start Political Arguments, Finish Them With This Knockout Blow Against Anyone Trying To Justify Abbott

Ok, as for the promise in the title, I’m saving that till the end. (All right, I know you can scroll down and look, but that’s like going to the end of an Agatha Christie book and pretending you’re smarter than Hercule Poirot – or Miss Marple. Don’t want to appear sexist… No problem with being sexist, just don’t want to “appear sexist” and it’s hard not appear sexist when I write such disparaging things about the Minister for Women who’s clearly doing all he can for the weaker sex.)

However, the subject of this diatribe is to talk to you about some things which I’m sure that many of you have already seen on social media.

First, we have Tony Abbott’s Facebook Page. 390,000 odd likes. (Ok, the odd was just one of those figures of speech that seems more appropriate after I’d written it.)

Abbott likes j

And strangely, he’s most popular in New Delhi.

Of course, I don’t find it strange that he’s most popular with the 18–34-year-olds, because, after all he’s such a cool, funky, groovy guy that people of that age all love…

Why am I remembering an article by Paul Sheehan which suggested that the Facebook Page that was anti-Abbott had bought its “likes” because there was no way that it could have jumped to 170,000 so quickly?

Now, I wouldn’t suggest that Abbott would be so… so… Mm, shallow? Pathetic? Can’t think of the right word…

Needy, that’s it!

Surely, the Liberals wouldn’t be so needy as to be paying to get people to like the Abbott page? Surely, it just must be that there are more people who like him in New Dehli than at home. (By home, I mean Australia – I’m making no judgement on his marriage which seems to be just fine and surely nobody’s business but their own!)

Anyway, that gives me a nice lead in to my next little media insert. It’s a Tweet and the Twit who posted – (is that the way one refers to people who tweet? “Twitterer” just seemed like too much of a mouthful!) – it was the Eddycation Minnsta, Christopher Pyne.


Christopher Pyne's Tweet J


There’s been a lot of negativity about Mr Pyne on social media over this tweet, but I feel that Christopher – as is usual for someone for whom Coherent is not their first language – has been misunderstood.

Nowhere in the Tweet does it suggest that he thinks that Freya “Australian of The Year Nominee” Newman should have been given a more severe sentence. He simply says that he’s not convinced that the sentence sends a clear message that breaching privacy is wrong. And clearly, clearly, if there’s no clear message it means that – when he or Mal Brough or James Ashby or whoever decided to steal pages from Peter Slipper’s diary and publish those disgusting text messages about things that we don’t want to know about – then he’s not convinced that the Freya Newman verdict sends a clear message to those what done it…

Besides, it wasn’t him and, besides, that was different, that was about almost $1000 worth of taxis and it’s worth spending ten times – or even a thousand times – that to ensure that justice is done. Whereas, Freya Newman exposed a young vulnerable girl who’d received a scholarship completely on her merits from an organisation that benefited from a decision that the girl’s father’s party made completely on its merits.

I think it’s very clear that one was a whistleblower and the other was attempting to use their position in a very political way. (Gee, Freya, I hope you don’t read that and try to sue. I don’t think you’d have much luck unless you could prove that you were the second party in that previous sentence!)

Ok, so just for fun, this Christmas try doing this if you can:

At the Christmas argument with your right wing relatives, instead of being distracted when they bring Gillard, Rudd, Uncle Tom Cobley and friends into it, and trying to explain that the six years of Labor weren’t all bad by using Logic and Reason, accept that the person you are arguing with hasn’t achieved the Age of Reason, simply say: “Yep, I thought so. The only justification for anything that Abbott has done is that he’s the lesser of two evils. Then why don’t you vote for Clive Palmer like I’m going to do… But don’t you think that he’s just a bit of a girlie man in that he never tells us what he’s really thinking? Anyway, I’ve heard that there’s a challenge where you ask one of his supporters to justify his lies without once mentioning the previous government. So far, nobody’s reached the 4 second mark. Care to give it a try?”

Then get out the stop-watch on your phone.

Your next line will probably be: “Oh, 9 seconds! A new record. But only if I don’t count the long pause before you started speaking!”


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  1. John Fraser


    Abbotts a mook.

    Pyne attacks woman while the rest of Australia wears a White Ribbon.

    Johnston's a canoe.

  2. Venetta Lee

    I posted that picture yesterday and this is the reply I got from an old “friend” –
    ” I love the way people rort figures to convince dumb people who can’t think for themselves. 25% of Abbott’s votes could come from India and he could still have the most Australian votes there. Also those 25% of votes could easily come from Aussies living in New Delhi. Likewise its possible that Rudd has 10,000 votes from Australia total and all the rest spread around the world or even (although most unlikely) all Gillards likes could be by jihadists, ISIS, Taliban and Al Queda spread across Asia, Middle East and Australia. The figures mean nothing and if anything most likely support Abbott. Its just attacking someone with rubbish which removes all faith and validity of further argument. I guess it was started by Unions who have such an unscrupulous record recently and never use propaganda, bully boy tactics or slant info to support their cause. Do you really believe this Venetta Lee, It certainly holds no merit or validity. sorry couldn’t help myself…hahaha…ur way than smarter than this. hope all is well with u and family.”

  3. Kaye Lee

    Just in case you think the facebook explosion is a beat up, go to Tony’s facebook page and click on the top of the left hand column on the arrow next to the word People. You will find that Tony’s new likes are down 95.9% from last week (with accompanying graph) or click on this link. Note the spike on Tuesday last week.

  4. stephentardrew


    Naughty little bit of trolling going on there because if true it would be some sort of a record for an incompetent dunderhead. Coming from India? Well bugga me those Indians are so kind and considerate. What bullshit we are like a pimple on a polar bears bum to India.

    Damn that Credlin is really getting desperate as she looses control of puppet man.

    Cupla strings broken there hey luvy.

    Whatcha gunna do when the rest go ping?

    Tie them to some toxic asbestos?

    Sounds like a plan er, um, you know. Well sorta more like a disaster actually.

    Good show hey what old cock?

    Like her Royalness Highnessy thing Queeny will be most impressed and crown Tones with the royal dunny seat of groveldom and bad pongs.

    Not even fit to play corgi.

    Compost comes to mind.

  5. Kaye Lee

    So your friend thinks that 61,000 young ex-pat Aussies living in New Delhi all randomly chose to “like” Tony Abbott’s facebook page in the space of one week? And then they say to you “ur way smarter than that”?

  6. mark delmege

    stephentardrew kinda beat me to it – there is an alternative RL – just say ‘Joe Hockey’ -( it’s an insult with humour and he is such a joke). And if you need too say it again ‘Joe Hockey’ or again ‘Joe Hockey’. end of story.

  7. Annie B

    Don’tcha just love the way Facebook fiddles things.

    When I first clicked on the link provided by Kaye Lee ( 26 Nov 9 pm ) …. the graphs were all over the place. That was an hour ago.

    At 1.44 am 27 November this is what the graph shows ( in numbers – can’t post the graph )

    New Page Likes
    v 95.8% …………… ( in red – a ‘down’ figure.)

    This week has bottomed out all of a sudden – but a large spike shows for just yesterday and plunges again – on LAST weeks’ graph line.

    That is actually very funny.

    Some clever hacker is in there fiddlin’ methinks. And it ain’t the LNP ……. LOL 🙂


    As for Christmas Rossleigh ……..a tongue in cheek, fun article. – – –

    Even though I hate flying I think perhaps I will go somewhere and find a cave to live in until about January 5th. As the black sheep of the family – politically – I ain’t lookin’ forward to Christmas. The damned subject ALWAYS comes up – and I am more than ready and willing to tell it as it is ……… in SPADES ….

    ………….. which is why I should perhaps remove myself altogether ???? 😉


  8. rossleighbrisbane

    Anne B, the most likely explanation for the Facebook change is that administrator of the Abbott page discovered about the sharing of the “New Delhi” information from the page so that they changed the settings on what’s visible, merely leaving the trends without realising that they’d also give embarrassing info.
    When the choice is between a stuff up and a conspiracy, usually it’s more likely to be the former. With this current mob of Liberals, the likelihood moves to 100% because even their conspiracies include an element of stuff up!

  9. CMMC

    The Minister for Defence has announced to the world that our Naval fleet is defective and badly designed.

    P.M. tries to detract attention from this treachery by blaming the Labor party for his Mediscam failure.

    This is truly a ‘Baldrick’ government. (Blackadders’ comprehensively incompetent manservant, that is.)

  10. mars08

    Kaye Lee:

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Facebook page has become massively popular in the past week — with 18-34-year-olds living in New Delhi, India…

    It’s worth remembering that Indian PM Narendra Modi (elected about 56 months ago) recently spent some time with Abbott. It’s quite likely that the folks back home were simply following that story on social media.

    I’m not convinced that there’s anything underhanded going on in this case.

  11. mars08

    Slightly off topic… I’m dreading the (now traditional) appearance of the “Muslims want to outlaw Christmas in Australia” stories in our MSM and social media. It’s all so tediously predictable…

  12. Almost Fit

    The “justify one lie” question won’t work on my right winge relatives. They will simply ignore the question and answer with “He got rid of the carbon tax”. The argument will spiral dive from there.

  13. Kaye Lee

    My family will say “they are better money managers – Labor left a debt of $667 billion on the nation’s credit card”, at which stage I will either stab someone or open another bottle of champagne. This government is changing my drinking habits 🙁

  14. diannaart

    So grateful, what remains of my close relatives (sister & her family) are on the same page as I am, politically – doesn’t mean that things don’t get a bit animated over the dinner table.

    Which is good, coz I no longer drink.

  15. oldfart

    they have already started here in the ACT. We have a rather large Xmas tree set up every year. Apparently it has worn out so the hunt is on for a new one, but the headline was ” no Xmas tree for Civic”. Well the rednecks pounced on it on 2GB saying that it was caving into the Muslims and other religions. They obviously had not read beyond the headlines which went on to say that a smaller tree was being put in place until a large replacement tree could be found. Much to the DJ’s credit he told the redneck that he had yet to find solid evidence of Xmas being watered down by other religions and politely told the redneck to bugger off.

  16. corvus boreus

    According to Buzzfeed, Mr Modi(who has a very large facebook following) posted a close-up photo of himself and Tones(with signatures), taken at the MCG whilst the Indian PM was visiting, just before the spike of likes occurred.
    Although LNP staffer shenanigans are not impossible, liked by link seems more likely in this case.
    All peripheral, anyhow.

  17. stephentardrew

    John Fraser: you mean obsequious grovling little scum bag I take it.

  18. townsvilleblog

    the conservatives are quite rightly on the nose, hopefully we will witness the beginning of the end this weekend in Victoria.

  19. Lee

    I looked at Tony Abbott’s Farcebook page immediately after the G20 ended. There were comments of support on his page that were so over the top they couldn’t possibly be genuine supporters. I clicked on some of them. All had very few Farcebook friends, no profile photos, and the only people who posted on their own Farcebook wall was the owner of the wall. Some of them had conversations with themselves on their own wall to make it look like something was happening there.

    A couple of days ago when Tony’s newfound popularity with Indians began circulating on Farcebook, one of the anti-LNP pages had a post about checking some of the posters on Abbott’s page and some were associated with hundreds of fake accounts (being used to provide comments for a fee). This person also noted that Farcebook has been removing a lot of these fake accounts lately but there was no link on Abbott’s page to report the fake accounts.

  20. Lee

    “This is truly a ‘Baldrick’ government. (Blackadders’ comprehensively incompetent manservant, that is.)”

    It sure is. Abbott has a team of highly paid folks to generate his propaganda and the bunch of incompetents cannot remind the Minister for Indigenous Affairs to acknowledge that the G20 is meeting on ground originally inhabited by our indigenous brethren, his speech writer wrote about nothing but bush in 1788, and no one can remind the Minister for Women to wear a white ribbon on White Ribbon Day.

  21. stephentardrew


    I have a real soft spot for ‘Baldrick’ because he was a likable unknowing fool. Abbott however triggers every cell in my body with ultra vigilance and a visceral dislike of an openly self-interested egotistical narcissistic fool.

    Know it is just fun so not being critical just sayin.

  22. DanDark

    Christmas is crap, its all focused on money and how much we can spend, they are already predicting how much money the sheep will spend on a day to what, make the rich richer and the poor poorer, I wont have to worry about that conversation at christmas , its been banned in my house this year and in the future, its just another excuse for shops to make a shit load of money, same as Easter its just consumerism gone mad in the name of religion…

    “In addition, several closely related and often interchangeable figures, known as Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and Christkind, are associated with bringing gifts to children during the Christmas season and have their own body of traditions and lore.[29] Because gift-giving and many other aspects of the Christmas festival involve heightened economic activity among both Christians and non-Christians, the holiday has become a significant event and a key sales period for retailers and businesses. The economic impact of Christmas is a factor that has grown steadily over the past few centuries in many regions of the world”

  23. Mic

    Yes, you can buy “likes” and “followers” for FB. I see listings for them all over eBay.

  24. Annie B

    Mic …….. looked up E-Bay and found scads of likes and followers for sale – one was 200,000 followers for $1,300 + ??? Mostly Europeans selling them, and I rather think one would do their dough. Still and all – they are there for the taking ( if one is fool-hardy enough ). …… And if they are there, then they most likely would be elsewhere as well.


    DanDark …..

    Yes Christmas has become sooo ho-hum because of the pursuit of the mighty $ and the commercialism it REALLY is – apart from what it was originally meant to be ( which was wrong in the first place, as Jesus – according to high profile students and theologians, was not born then at all – but rather towards the Spring months of March / April the following year. )

    Wouldn’t it be a nice gesture to have just a ‘goodness’ day on 25th December. Where all that money spent could go to a good cause – charities – even a Kris Kringle could he had – $50 to whoever gets a charity in the draw etc. etc.

    And a nice Aussie “Goodness” Day dinner could be dreamed up, instead of ploughing thru and sweating into and over the usual turkey, pork and ham humungous roast – and heaven knows what else ( seems more and more every year ) ……….

    Ah – tis but the stuff that dreams are made of ???


    Thanks Rossleigh for the explanation about Facebook. I did understand ‘stuff up’ …… but I am not too good understanding much else on Facebook myself – and so I take your word for it all ….

    They continually change all the rules, for heaven knows what reasons. Probably have massive migraines managing the damned thing.

    “Stuff up” sounds good though, especially for the LNP … 🙂

  25. JohnB

    Got to give it to the LNP, they never miss an opportunity.
    To grab a few hundred thousand Indian followers during/soon after the new Indian PM’s visit was a stroke of genius.
    Never let a chance go by – plausible deniability is a most favoured device of all polished liars.

  26. Roswell

    I saw an article the other day showing that Abbott has bought Twitter followers too. Wish I could remember where I saw it. It has evidence that something like 54% of his followers wwre from fake accounts.

    That should suit Abbott. He’s a fake too.

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