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Call to Arms

Make no mistake, we are under attack. The very fabric of our wonderful society is being torn apart to satisfy the ambition of a man who once said

“We are all promoted to our own level of incompetence. So sooner or later mine will be reached.”

We now have a government who thinks unfettered mining is desirable and that environmental protections are an impediment. They are willing to sacrifice the reef and old growth forests for profit.

We have a government who thinks a 9th investigation into the Home Insulation Program is more important that the Royal Commission into systemic child sexual abuse.

We have a government who thinks jet fighter planes are more important than education, excessive paid parental leave is more important than pensions, and profits are more important than health.

University will become unaffordable to most, and techs and trade training centres are being closed.

Science and the Arts are irrelevant and research is a waste of money, unless it’s done by pollie pedal sponsoring big pharma.

We have a government who thinks the internet is for playing games, watching porn, and downloading movies.

School chaplaincy programs and marriage counselling vouchers are more important than welfare and advocacy groups.

CCTVs are supposedly more effective than the many early intervention crime prevention programs that have been axed.

Thousands of kilometres of asphalt will be laid with unknown benefit whilst public transport is ignored.

Instead of closing tax loopholes to address falling revenue, we give amnesties to tax cheats, increase the amount that can be put into superannuation at a reduced tax rate, and lower company tax, even though it has been shown time and time again that companies and wealthy individuals are legally rorting the system and paying very little if anything.

We hear that young unemployed will be thrown to the wolves for 6 months of the year whilst their grandparents will work till they are 70, presumably building Tony’s roads or in the military as they are the only plans they have for creating jobs.

We have a government who is pinning the country’s future on fossil fuels while the rest of the world moves to renewable energy. This aversion to renewable energy has cost us countless millions in lost investment.

We have a Prime Minister for Indigenous Affairs who has slashed millions of dollars in funding to hundreds of programmes that were working to close the gap. Charities and support groups have been decimated.

We have a government who wants to throw away tens of billions in revenue from the carbon and mining taxes for no reason other than the previous government introduced them.

We have a government who wants to dictate to us what our family must look like. Gay people may not marry the person they love, and apparently the children of single parent families are likely to end up promiscuous or in gaol according to our Social Services Minister who, as one of his first actions, repealed gambling reform laws.

We have a government that creates a job for Tim Wilson to be the Human Rights Commissioner for Bigots while we sack the Human Rights Commissioner for the Disabled.

We have a government who would prefer to see private debt spiral out of control rather than run a deficit.

We have a government that sees no responsibility to be a global citizen. We are a wealthy nation who is refusing to meet our Foreign Aid commitments, our commitments to global action on climate change, and our commitment to provide safe haven for asylum seekers. Far from being safe here, we send refugees into danger, locking them up indefinitely without hope, persecuting them even though they have committed no crime other than to ask for our help.

We have a government that condones torture and human rights abuses and who actively assists regimes guilty of atrocities against their own people.

We have a government who is showing indecent haste to sell off the assets that belong to all of us, assuming that because they won an election they have a right to do as they please. Private companies run for profit – they don’t care about equal opportunity and access for all to essential services. If it doesn’t make a profit then the service will disappear.

We have a government who think Kirribilli House and Parliament House are theirs to hold soirees for the party faithful and lobbyists, and that selling access to Ministers is perfectly legitimate.

One of my great uncles is buried in the fields of France, killed during WW1. My father fought in WW2 and, like so many of those who were ‘lucky’ enough to survive, the experience had a profound effect on him and no doubt haunted him for the rest of his life.

Are the sacrifices that so many have made before us to be for nothing? Were the battles fought, that have made this such a wonderful country, won in vain, to be surrendered as we raise a white flag to corporate greed?

This attack on our country must be repulsed. It is up to every one of us to stand together and defend our way of life.



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  1. john921fraser


    Half term Tony.

  2. Matters Not

    Abbott isn’t the only problem by a long shot. Hockey, Cormann, Pyne, Andrews, Brandis, Truss, Joyce, Morrison et al all should be on the list of those who should go.

    And I’m sure I missed a few.

  3. Wendy Fulwood

    Agree, he has to go, but what is the alternative?

  4. Kaye Lee

    And that is the problem. There may be some decent people on the back benches for the Coalition but who would know as they have been effectively neutered. Some of them seem to be Young Liberals who want “small government” and no “nanny state” but they seem to have little clue what that implies. Can you think of any of them who would be Prime Minister material? I can’t but would be happy to hear suggestions.

  5. Keith

    It appears as though we have a government that is apparently prepared to offer financial assistance to GPs to ensure the co-payment system goes ahead.
    We have a government that doesn’t know what its about; for example, to follow HECs “debts” to the grave.We have a lying cheating government.
    We have a government that discourages education, whether it is for a TAFE or Uni education.

  6. DanDark

    Tony is on the ropes
    The match is over,
    And he is done,
    He will be on the run
    After he has been punched so hard
    he will forget his name
    and where he come from
    His demise, will make us smile
    Australia is ours and we are proud
    A nation who cares and shares
    Our environment is our friend
    Stand united, or fall divided….

  7. Tracie

    What I don’t understand is Abbott & Co don’t believe in climate change as they believe it’s ‘unseen’, but they go to Mass… is that a little ironic?

  8. Taswegian1957

    Reblogged this on My Other Blog and commented:
    I am reblogging this on My Other Blog because I am angry, more angry than I’ve ever felt about any government we’ve had. How can these people, Abbott, Hockey, Pyne and others believe this is right?

  9. Matters Not

    There’s plenty of ‘ambition’ on the backbench. Take Kelly Megan O’Dwyer as an example. In the past, when on shows, such as Q&A, she was a complete embarrassment. Now she tones it down a little.

    Then there’s Jamie Edward Briggs, an assistant minister. Jamie is of the correct religion as well. No so with Kelly.

    Very depressing!

  10. Tracie

    I’m very angry too Taswegian1957. I’ve never felt so passionately about politics & against this govt as I do right now.

  11. Kaye Lee

    All Jamie Briggs does is stand up and say

    “and it really makes me happy to intorduce to you the indescribable, the unadorable, the incompatible….Prime Minister for Infrastructure. Take it away Tony”

    I found Kelly O’Dwyer particularly grating as she was trotted out ad nauseum before the election. I think she was a tad disappointed to be overlooked when the jobs were being given to the boys.

    Tony Windsor for PM!

  12. Keith

    The year before last I tackled our Labor member about a particular matter; he kept responding to my queries. But, what astounded me was the lack of information the government had in relation to the matter.
    Since the useless lying Abbott gang have been elected they have retrenched many people with useful knowledge. The result being that decision making becomes poorer; without taking into account the ideological background of the Abbott gang coming to the fore, further ensuring poorer decisions.

  13. sdrawkcaB

    Carrol Qigley, in his 1964 book Tragedy and Hope, stated it makes no difference which side is voted in. They both are taking us to the same place. The difference is in procedure and emphasis.

    He suggested the Bilderbergs, CFR, and Chatham House dictate the path. My understanding is Chatham House has ceded to the other two.

    To answer your question. I say Corey Bernadi.

    My reason is we are going where we are going. Abbott being a buffoon or Shorten displaying his confected outrage makes little difference. Get Bernadi in there and he will take us to our destination fast…since we are going there anyway.

  14. Kaye Lee

    I wouldn’t get on a bus with Bernardi let alone follow his leadership.

  15. DanDark

    Corey bernadi??????????
    He has some real issues, homophobic
    And lived a very sheltered life
    There is no one to lead the libs
    They have all shot themselves in the foot

  16. Kaye Lee

    Matters Not,

    I bet Gerard Henderson is miffed his Sydney Institute didn’t rate a mention in the Conversation article. Nor did Menzies House.

  17. Rob murphy

    How about random drug tests at the doors of parliament house. What ever the oZ GOP are on, it is to be avoided. The current bunch of adolescents remind me of that old move Scanners. Heads could start exploding any time now.

    We need build a fresh party, of the people from ground up I think Kaye. Select non cowards operating on reason from current crop then go broader. Tony Windsor, Scott Ludlam be a good start.

  18. Kaye Lee

    Add Ted Mack and Bernie Fraser and Martin Parkinson and Tim Costello and Julian Burnside and we have a good start though they may not want to be part of the dirty world of today’s politics.

  19. john921fraser


    What should be recognised now is Abbott "wooing" the (Senate) Independents.

    This is another attack on how voters perceive Abbott as a negotiator.

    Its well known what a failure he was with the (Reps) Independents in the last parliament.

    Credlins working overtime on this one.

  20. Kaye Lee

    One wonders just how much cred Credlin has.

  21. Maree Elizabeth

    Kaye … passionate accurate article of which has left me breathless … Ii am thankful to the Lord that He has blessed you to stand publicly against the evil of this present front bench of the LNP …

  22. Kevin Adams

    The AFP now have over 2500 names that voted more than once in the last election. So just who really won the election? And what really happened to WA lost votes we need this to be investigated fully.

  23. margaret Millar

    I agree with all that has been written. Abbott seems to be determined to destroy everything that is precious to us Australians -He is of course a Pom! and may I say a dyed in the wool Royalist!! .It is high time we became a real nation -a Republic without any relationship to old medieval ideas of bowing to royals! The whole concept is ridiculous! Always was- but more so in this 21st century–Abbott lives in this world -it is his ideal- My father also fought in WW2! He was injured fighting the Japanese army through Malaya and was then captured when Singapore fell-Chiefly because the British PM, the aristocratic Winston Churchill, did not care about Australia nor the region as a whole..He did not properly defend British Singapore. He was also angry at Prime Minister Curtin for wanting to get some of our troops home from Europe to defend our country and the South Pacific.My dad spent 3 years as a PoW of the Japanese army He was worked as a slave-starved and beaten. And Churchill let it all happen.We should have become a Republic right after WW2 ended.The Americans helped defend Australia.They of course had the sense to become a Republic in the 18thCentury -they got rid of the Brits early.So anyhow,certainly for a start Abbott and Co must go !

  24. john921fraser


    @Kaye Lee

    " There may be some decent people on the back benches for the Coalition but who would know as they have been effectively neutered.".

    Well may they be "neutered" but as for being "decent people" …… what decent person would stand behind someone who is lying and agree with them ?

  25. VoterDrouin

    The typical response from a liberal voter when their party does something they don’t like or are embarrassed by is to say ” Oh well Labor is just as bad” or “Labor would have done it too”. This is just not true. Labor may at times fumble the ball but their intentions are usually good. They at least try to do what is in the best interests of the people. This “Government” we have now are only interested in their own twisted ideology and don’t give a dam who they trample on to get what THEY want, and to hell with the people.
    I, for one, would vote for Kaye Lee for PM.

  26. Kaye Lee

    Good point John. The same people who used to think that Tony was full of shit before now wave his flag for their own advancement.

    “Many Liberals are rightly dismayed that on this vital issue of climate change we are not simply without a policy, without any prospect of having a credible policy but we are now without integrity. We have given our opponents the irrefutable, undeniable evidence that we cannot be trusted.” – Malcolm Turnbull

    Read more:

  27. Rob Murphy

    Agreed Kevin.

    ‘The AFP now have over 2500 names that voted more than once in the last election. So just who really won the election? And what really happened to WA lost votes we need this to be investigated fully.’

    The votes which took too long coming back from the edit rooms, gets a giggle where I live.

    Plays to the extraordinary confidence the Abbott exhibited in ‘winning’ the next election song he was almost drowning himself in from the getgo.

    Some thing broke, what was it, how was the problem solved to prevent next occurrence. None of these questions were asked, go figure the endemic apathy.

  28. Kaye Lee

    Rather than criticising the budget content, Liberals are criticising the sales pitch. We really need to find some politicians who refuse to play the Textor advertising game. How about telling the truth for a change!

    “West Australian Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen said the budget sales pitch almost lacked “coherence and a clear narrative”, while veteran Queensland Nationals senator Ron Boswell said the budget had a perceived “equity problem”.

    Some Coalition MPs are frustrated about directives from the Prime Minister’s office that limited the media exposure of senior Coalition figures ahead of the budget, allowing Labor to fill the void with criticism of budget measures, News Corp Australia reports.

    Senator Boswell said the public were not “overjoyed” with the Coalition’s budget, adding many people thought it had “an equity problem”.

    “That’s falling on the lower-income earners, more so than the high-income earners or middle-income earners,” Senator Boswell told News Corp Australia.

    “It’s a hard slog out there. We’re trying to sell it but it’s hard going.”

    Nationals MP Andrew Broad said the budget sales job could have been better.

    “Perhaps we haven’t articulated it as well as we can,’’ the representative for the Victorian seat of Mallee told ABC Radio”

  29. Matters Not

    AFP now have over 2500 names that voted more than once in the last election

    There’s a few more than that.

    The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) will ask federal police to investigate about 8,000 cases of multiple voting from last year’s federal election.

    … About 10,000 multiple votes have been attributed to official error.

    Confusing? Vote early and vote often was once the ‘common sense’.

  30. john921fraser


    @Kaye Lee

    Many readers of The AIMN would not have considered this would apply to them when it was released :


    Not many are impressed now that its arrived and Abbott is punching them.

  31. CMMC

    Julia Gillard, the best Prime Minister this nation has ever had, has been appointed to lead the Washington – based Global Partnership for Education.

    Our own schools may soon qualify for such assistance as they slide into Third World standards.

  32. Matters Not

    Rather than criticising the budget content, Liberals are criticising the sales pitch

    Indeed! Any politician worth his/her salt should be able to sell a ‘sh#t sandwich’. Just ask Tony.

    But maybe, just maybe, ‘overreach’ has occurred.

  33. Ken McGrath

    I am so bloody angry that we have to fight our own government for equality, fairness,health care,education and to save our environment! How did we get to this? We are all guilty we let it happen. Well no more get angry get very very angry and stand up and fight because this is truly a fight for your lives and our grandkids future!

  34. DanDark

    You can’t make strawberry jam out of shit
    They might think they can
    But shit is shit and jam is jam
    And people know the difference
    And any amount of advertising will not change it to strawberry jam

  35. Kaye Lee

    As the old saying goes about shit sandwiches:

    The more bread you have the less shit you eat. This budget is indeed a shit sandwich.

    This article is going to end up going into volumes. I keep editing it to add more atrocities as I remember them.

  36. DanDark

    I think Kevin was our best ever PM
    He did what most other countries did not do
    He got this country and it’s people
    With minimal damage through the dark days of the GFC
    Something which took courage and smarts
    As a country we seem to be so ungrateful for his leadership
    Through the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression
    Julia hasher own talents, and education
    Is her passion, Knowledge is power
    And she knows this……

  37. DanDark

    Sorry typo error
    Julia has her own talents
    Should of been

  38. Joe Banks

    You are so right Kaye Lee, it IS a WAR and we are trapped in the claws of a well-planned ‘pincer movement’; a deliberate strategy in a war waged upon the population by those who sneaked into power and who will never relinquish that power without a fight. The tactics of this war have long been devised over six years of ‘coalition in opposition’, as evidenced by the swiftness with which the loyal troops were positioned and strategic facilities infiltrated or demolished immediately after the September election. Armed Forces to assist in governing; Royal Commissions to weaken enemies; punishing the vulnerable to ensure a compliant army of workers. These are war-mongers, aggressors and marauders; they are plunderers and pilferers but I believe that simply replacing the leader will not end the war!

  39. Kaye Lee

    Lets be very clear about how this government works and what they are happy to spend money on.

    “The Immigration Department employs a 66-strong team of spin doctors, dwarfing the 39 media and communications staff employed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the ministers on his frontbench.

    Last August, immigration employed 72 media staff, but the 66 officers who now work in the department’s media unit are supported by a further 33 personnel who work on media operations and events in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

    In 2011, the Immigration Department reportedly employed just 13 spin doctors.”

    Read more:

    “The Abbott government is using a research company to trawl through millions of Australian social media posts to advise it on its immigration policies.

    The scrutiny of Twitter, Facebook and blogs is part of $4.3 million worth of research contracts commissioned by the federal government in its first five months of office.”

    Read more:

    I am happy to tell you what I think for free Scott!

  40. DanDark

    I did Kaye tell Scott monster
    And he is about to fall on his sword 🙂
    The Truth will come out, it is slowly

  41. Joe Banks

    And… It won’t be enough to ditch Abbott as PM. The whole lot must go! WHO among the coalition is now UNTAINTED by the deceitful way in which they grabbed power? WHO among them condemned the vilification of Julia Gillard? NOT ONE of them tried to stop the ‘bagging’ of the Australian economy? NOT ONE of them is now standing up for the environment, for science, for a murdered asylum seeker, for the young, the elderly and the sick or denouncing the objectionable budget? NOT ONE of them! A deafening silence is proof of their individual LACK of DECENCY. Australians will never forget the LIES and HYPOCRISY. ABBOTT out – ALL out!

  42. Kaye Lee

    If only we could call foul and demand a fresh start. If we just went back to where we were before the election think of it.

    NBN would be continuing, our reef and forests would be safe, our children would be getting needs-based funding for education, our disabled would be protected by the NDIS, our workers would be retiring at 67, we would have carbon pricing and some return from our resources, medicare would be intact…

    It’s all just so sad. What a waste.

  43. DanDark

    Sharman stone
    Did come out over treatment of SPC
    Accused Tone’s of untruth’s about what hey was saying about the workers and the company
    Naptime, put up most of money and she went away, cos problem was solved
    But I did see her on Q&A other week
    And she is just a liberal robot now, I think they have been fed som sort of liquid
    With a hypnotising effect, that has sucked their brains and decency out of them

    They even are starting to look all the same, very plastic
    Something is not right, that’s for sure, lack of security around them, coming in and out of parliament has been introduced, not for a lack of money though, as libs claim

  44. Matters Not

    I don’t think most people, including many politicians, really understand what’s going on here. But some most certainly do.

    Behind the aims which anyone has for a reform agenda are a set of assumptions of an ideological nature which, while crucial, are not always consciously held. At the most basic level we have a ‘View of Man’ – what he/she is and more importantly what he/she ‘ought’ to become. Most people don’t think too deeply about ‘man’ because it’s just ‘common sense’.

    Make no mistake the ‘common sense’ ‘concept of man’ is being redefined. To use a shorthand, ‘economic man’ is displacing ‘social man’.

    Second there is a ‘View of Society’. (Yes I know that Maggie didn’t believe in a ‘society’. And in a sense she was right because ‘society’ is somewhat of an abstract concept. Nevertheless, ‘society’ is a useful concept to explain, in a shorthand way, how people relate to each other.) The sharing, caring society we would like to think we have is being denigrated while the competitive society is elevated.

    The third important concept be redefined is that of the Role of Government. Government is seen as in opposition to human freedom. An enemy of the people, both rich and poor. And it’s being accepted far and wide, which is a great pity because democratically elected government should be the hope of the side.

    It’s these fundamental concepts that are being redefined. Also be redefined is the relationship between them. It’s an evolution of common sense that’s now manifesting as a revolution. Not sure it can be stopped.

  45. DanDark

    Kaye we will get it back
    We will fight for those before that worked bloody hard
    To make this country better and everyone’s lives,
    a just a little bit more even
    They might have won the battle
    But we will WIN the war
    They are running out of soldiers and weapons
    Your army is building, hard work always wins

  46. Kerri

    Not just Tony Abbott Kaye Lee, the whole of this (insert numerous adjectives here) Government. Also they are offering one form of employment? The military! Just like Saddam, Muammar, Idi, the Kims and all the other fascists.

  47. Don Winther

    Abbott knows exactly what he is doing, so we had better move it because we are going to loose it.

  48. mikestasse

    “Thousands of kilometres of asphalt will be laid” and soon there won’t be any cars or trucks on them as we all run out of oil…..

  49. Don Winther

    They are coming at us from every angle and they know exactly what they want! Everything.

  50. mikestasse

    @ Matters Not……..

    “I don’t think most people, including many politicians, really understand what’s going on here. But some most certainly do.”

    “The general population doesn’t know what’s happening, and it doesn’t even know that it doesn’t know…”
    Noam Chomsky

  51. Stef Daniels

    Too many people are currently contemplating that it’s someone else’s problem to worry about. I have my own problems to worry about, without having to get involved with what is going on. I am fearful for my childrens future.. I truly am !! The level of either apathy, or indifference to peoples willingness to just go about their own business and let someone else deal with it, allowed Tony Abbott to get elected and instill this program of racial and class warfare on the Australian Public.

    I am not going to sit/stand idly by while this happens, letting someone else be responsible for taking on this shameful and destructive ‘so-called government’ to the detriment of my children’s future.

    I just hope others feel this way, and are willing to stand up and fight for what we know is right and in the best interests of the majority of Australians, as opposed to the selected few of Tony’s mates who helped him slide in to the PM’s office.

    As for other people, that’s going to be something that they themselves are going to have to live with. I hope you can… #BLOCKTHEBUDGET #F*OFFTONYABBOTT

  52. DanDark

    Our Generation
    Our generation will be known for nothing.
    Never will anybody say,
    We were the peak of mankind.
    That is wrong, the truth is
    Our generation was a failure.
    Thinking that
    We actually succeeded
    Is a waste. And we know
    Living only for money and power
    Is the way to go.
    Being loving, respectful, and kind
    Is a dumb thing to do.
    Forgetting about that time,
    Will not be easy, but we will try.
    Changing our world for the better
    Is something we never did.
    Giving up
    Was how we handled our problems.
    Working hard
    Was a joke.
    We knew that
    People thought we couldn’t come back
    That might be true,
    Unless we turn things around
    (READ from bottom to top now)

  53. Stephen Tardrew

    Completely agree with the article Kaye however I sort of feel a bit disturbed about the overall tone of the blog. It may be me but I think we have to be more positive and just keep on driving the agenda. Labor has forgotten how to set the agenda and it is running behind its push polling which is just not going to tell it where it must apply substantial pressure. They just don’t get the fact that they have to set the agenda and change opinion not continually look over their shoulders based upon some polling figures. It just seems all arse about to me. Having been an old style unionist I find the complacency completely counter intuitive to direct action. Maybe they don’t remember what direct action is. How much influence do the economic rationalist right Laborites have in the party at the moment? We are not seeing the whole picture thus the confusion.

    There has to be some logical way to approach the problem. I suppose this is where I get confused in that I find it hard to enter the space of irrationality as a believer in false premises and subjective twaddle. I can feel it constantly driving the anger and despair infecting progressives at the down-rite insanity of the whole kit and caboodle.

    Somehow Labor the Greens and independents have to clearly label crap as crap. The clear expression of the issues in your article should be more than enough to stir the hearts and minds of the public yet where is the concerted attack based upon a well formulated strategy of targeted attacks. Where are the cutting one liners framed as critical issues going int ot he next election.

    We all recognize this crap but we need strong and committed crap messengers and Labor is just wandering around being led by the NLP rather than setting the agenda. Bee Bonnets office and LNP funding are just deflections as is Pyne’s set up for the kindly Abbot to say no recovery of student loans after death. Are they really that blind. No blaming the media either they have the responsibility to use any means possible to represent the truth. No sooky deflecting to others it is their job and thier’s alone to actively change the cultural paradigm not sit around and wait for LNP self-immolation. That is a fools game as there are too many people who lack the capacity for critical thinking. It is the oppositions job to change entrenched irrationality into some sensible causal reflection of the facts.

  54. Matters Not

    mikestasse, Yes Noam understood, but you can go further back to Plato and the Allegory of the Cave.

    The common human condition is a life of ignorance. We are like people living in chains at the bottom of a cave. In addition, we are bound to a brick wall with our faces directed to the very back of the cave. Behind our backs on the wall’s other side, slaves move placards that project shapes upon the wall for us to look at. Worse yet, the projection light comes from a fire lit behind the slaves. The images on the wall flicker with the light from the fire.

    You escape from the chains. You turn and realize that the images on the wall are not the things themselves. You begin to notice a passage upward. A whitish light is coming through a tunnel. With great difficulty you climb the tunnel until you get outside the cave to the clear blinding sunlight of high noon. Eventually you adjust to this light and begin to function at this level of brightness.

    More easy reading here.

  55. Jeff Marsh

    Reblogged this on Hear me write and commented:
    An excellent post by KAYE LEE from the Australian Independent Media Network. Please read and leave a comment.

    (Disclaimer: I did not contribute to this article)

  56. M-R

    What I find difficult to believe is that voters didn’t see this attitude in chrysalis before they elected him. I was far from being in love with the ALP at the time, but nothing in this world would’ve made me actually vote for the bastard and his cohorts. Now we have the biggest, ugliest, most threatening and damaging moth we’ve ever seen in charge – and we did it, folks.

  57. randalstella

    I work in delicate areas, where probity and good intent can come quickly to issue.
    It is undoubtedly a biased sample of the populace – and yet involves meeting honest and good people, too occasionally.
    It is just that I would not think the ratio of these better people to selfish liars/trouble makers is much different from that between AIMN and fake progressive sites.
    I mean ‘fake’ as either equivocators with underlying oppressive themes; or the treatment of politics the same as barracking for a football team,with all the tolerances for discussion of a cheer squad (such as the rabid fans of the very unfortunate Craig Thomson).
    The negative reaction to the mining billionaires’ first budget would have been predicted by its perpetrators (and as Kaye has said, with all the signs of being prepared well before the last election). The later budgets will be ‘progressively’ more generous to the selfish prejudices of Australians;and this one may even be largely forgotten. It is the Howard formula again. It worked for 12 years.
    I do not believe the reaction to the budget is any sort of moral revival after the thumping honesty and good intent took to the last election. Far more likely than any dislike about being lied to, the budget brought the expected reaction on selfish interests. The reaction has been ‘budgeted for’.
    I hold Kaye’s contributions here as remarkable and very important; realistic and insightful. However, I do not think the line that this is some sort of ‘great society’ under siege is anything more than an illusion.
    I think illusions and dreams are very important personally, aspirations to things that are very unlikely to be achieved. People who lack them tend to be depressive;such as those who have been traumatised.
    I am not sure if the same applies for the unrealistic estimate of a society – particularly a nation stupidly eager to buy the lies about ‘budget emergency’, and supporting atrocious and despicable treatment of refugees.
    The crazy lying bods in the Liberal Party come from somewhere.They come from this society, to have a large majority in the HOR. Their lies were popular with the populace;and the chances are they will be again. It does not matter that they are flagrant lies; indeed it may even facilitate the retention of power.
    An example, in the seat of Sturt in SA, Pyne has 2PP of 61%. His opponent, a now regular and well-known Labor candidate, is a man of integrity, who treats all people with respect;with a deeply socially committed vocation in the Law. He would make a very fine Attorney, rather than the moralising rat who now disgraces that very important post. Mr. Sarre received 39%.
    As if the C.Pyne’s public displays were not enough. Clearly they are ‘enough’, as strongly supported. Pyne is a Liberal Party success story. He is rightly despised. He is bizarrely popular.

    It is another good article from Kaye just the same.

  58. mars08


    Yeah. Okay. Abbott and his government are bad!!! Horrible!!! Blah, argle, argle, boo, blah, hissssss!!! The voter’s are getting shiity!

    Many, many voters don’t like him! Eeeeerk, argle, hissss! Foooo…!

    Now where is the coordinated POLITICAL opposition to these tools? Where is the CONCENTRATED attack by the major opposition party? Where is the strategy to MAKE FULL USE of Abbott’s miscalculations? As far as I can nowhere!!!

    All I’m hearing is some weak, timid comments… riding on the popular discontent with the budget. Shorten is playing a small-target populist game. There’s nothing from the ALP challenging the bulk of the complaints in your article. There’s essentially nothing challenging the whole premise of the budget. The ALP is just relying on the ALREADY EXISTING voter outrage over the damage to THEIR hip pockets. There is not attempt to construct a narrative for ALL Australia. There is no expressed vision on how to save the important ideas that are being demolished by the LNP.


    If Shorten thinks he can win the next election by riding the current wave of public outrage, and NOT showing some genuine courage… F* HIM. If he thinks he can win simply because he’s not Tony Abbott, what’s the point? Without a real change of direction in ALP philosophy, sooner or later we will end up where Abbott has pointed us. I


    If you are truly angry about the injustice contained in your article, your “call to arms” MUST be heard by the alternate government. Otherwise we’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  59. Buff McMenis

    Tony Abbott should NEVER have been there in the first place .. and I’m sorry but I blame the media! If the main-stream media had done their job and told the truth to the Australian people, including their disastrous behaviour whilst Julia Gillard was PM, I don’t believe event he dumbest of the lowest common denominator could have ever voted him and his crew of misfits, manipulators, and just plain incompetents, racists and fools like Pyne a Morrison into the government benches! And certainly not given an opportunity to something like the current Speaker of the HoR! Abysmal woman is a most unsuitable position! The sooner this mob is tossed out on their ears the better we will all be. And some standards MUST be set for journalism (no mor Murdoch Muckraking) and media outlets who maintain the Alan Jones, Andrew Bolts and Ray Hadley’s of this world! To the radio world they are as disgusting as Pickering is to the cartoon world!

  60. Buff McMenis

    With deep apologies for the spelling mistakes, typos and general ranting in the above comments .. unfortunately my ADSL does not keep up with my typing skills and by the time I can see what I have written it is too late! 🙁 Make sure of some of the back benchers for the LNP .. they are hiding a lot of secrets. Christian Porter (by name and by religion apparently) has been mentioned, BUT .. All I can say is be vewwy, vewwy careful ..

  61. Kaye Lee

    I’m doing my best mars08. If the Labor party want some advice I would be more than happy to help in whatever way I can. I dislike wearing crowns but I am sure as hell up for the fight. I am not inspired by anything I see in politics right now. I am trying to inform the public so they will put the pressure onto the politicians. I even employed my sister-in-law to do my real work because I was getting so far behind. I know I am speaking to the converted but I am unsure how to do more. Liberal politicians keep banning me from commenting on their pages.

  62. DC

    This is beyond Tony Abbott. It’s about the control certain interest groups have over both major parties but in particular the LNP and more so now under Abbott than ever before.

    I would love to see Abbott given the early punt as much as the next person but I fear that a Coalition government led by Turnbull would be worse if he is more able to sell his parties fundamentally flawed priorities

    the only good thing about Abbott being in charge is that this country finally seems to be slowly awakening from its media induced coma and we need to keep the momentum going. Divestment from fossil fuel expansion is beginning to happen. People need to understand the opportunities Australia has to become much more innovative, sustainable and energy self sufficient.

  63. DanDark

    Kaye just keep writing, referencing, and giving people on here/ out there
    Something to bounce off for folk (getting active in other words)
    Courage that everybody can make a difference,
    It is a domino effect, like the human wave in a footy stadium
    It just naturally takes off,
    but the bigger the stadium
    The longer it takes the wave to get back to start

    Change the “unsure” to I am, Kaye 🙂
    Confidence goes along way, just ask tone’s

  64. mars08

    Kaye… I truly appreciate all you are doing. It’s phenomenal stuff. But surely it must be disheartening to laziness and foolishness constantly displayed by the alternative government. I know it frustrates me no end.

  65. Rob Murphy

    Lots of observations being shared here fast.

    I think mars08 hits nail well upon the head, as do you Kaye as do the plethora of observations posted in comments here. That’s the thing, we really do have much rebuilding to do.

  66. Kaye Lee

    And while we sit here despairing about the plight of the vulnerable in our society, our politicians continue to enjoy their witty repartee. Malcolm’s post from this morning.

    “I spoke to Karl Stefanovic this morning about the dinner menu with Clive Palmer, a prospective dinner with Tanya Plibersek and I assured him Peppa Pig isn’t on the menu in terms of ABC funding”

  67. Ian

    I think to a large extent the Coalition is ‘coloured’ by the PM. Once Abbott goes, you just don’t know how they’re going to conduct themselves until you see who their new leader is.

    Just imagine Brandis!!

  68. Roswell

    You’ve nailed it, Kaye.

  69. emperorofpluto

    Like so many others, I am disgusted and horrified by the actions of the Abbott government.
    Never in our history has an election been won by a government that has broken its faith with those who elected it to such an extreme degree, showing arrogance and contempt for the truth, the people, the parliament and by extension the Crown.
    I would argue that these unprecedented actions have removed any mandate this government ever had, and that it is no longer legitimate in the spirit of the Constitution.
    Australia’s constitution is both written and unwritten, and there is no precedent for an elected government to behave in such an un-democratic manner, to deceive the electorate and the parliament.
    The Senate must block all appropriations bills.
    It is in the interests of no one to enter into negotiations over the budget with a government that has shown it can’t be trusted.
    If the Senate does not block supply, I can only hope that the people will voice their rage directly.
    The time is right for a new political movement, free from the shackles of vested interests and genuinely committed to an inclusive, tolerant Australia, where it means something to be an Australian and where every Australian, regardless of wealth has the right to quality healthcare, educations and to assistance in times of adversity.
    The electoral success of Clive Palmer and the Greens is an indication of the widespread disillusionment with the major parties, and since the budget that disillusionment is growing exponentially.
    This deplorable situation, where we are governed by a gang of psychopaths and liars who tricked the electorate into supporting them and represent only the 1%, is an opportunity for all of us to rise in protest and work towards positive and lasting change that will be for the greater good of all Australians.

  70. emperorofpluto

    Reblogged this on Pathogenesis and commented:
    Inspirational – essential reading for all Australians.

  71. Colin X

    Abbots copying an American style political agenda

  72. atkenos

    kaye I have a reputation amongst some, including quite a few MPs, for being critical. So with that in mind… bloody great piece of writing. I sincerely congratulate you and suggest very strongly that you email this to the parliamentary leadership – Shorten, Tanya, Penny, Albo, Bowen… But some of the comments are damn pertinent and should be considered too. We ARE in a war and we either fight back HARD or Abbott et al and their lies, backed by Stokes, Murdoch, 2UE, 3aw etc will yet again hoodwink the public just as they did last year. Our nation’s future is at stake.

  73. Lexi

    Not to mention our Minister for Women who stole the already awarded and received pay rises of poorly paid workers in two industries dominated by women (child care and aged nursing). The very same Minister for Women has taken away the support system to help women back into the work force (by slashing child care rebates) yet the treasurer tells us we need to get out and earn. The very same Minister for Women has also presided over a budget that takes $80 billion out of state schools and hospitals. Two more primary employers of women. And he promised he wouldn’t. But it’s not like they were carefully scripted comments or anything.

  74. Heath

    You can enjoy your better education learning North Korean, because we have no military to defend our large borders. Thats why Abbott is a Rhodes Scholar and Prime Minister, and you are writing this article. Lets hop on the propaganda train Choo Choo!

  75. Kaye Lee

    ok now that made me laugh. heath, we have far greater things to fear than North Korea and they are happening right now. You don’t seriously believe that we are under threat of invasion do you? And I went to university with Tony Abbott…let me tell you…he ain’t that smart

  76. Stephen Tardrew


    Abbot is without a doubt a Tea Party Libertarian Religious Fundamentalist Terrorist

    Not only that the head of the Catholic Church in Australia, his horribleness George Pell, gave him legitimacy.

    The Catholic church has some heavy lifting to do to counter this blatant undermining of the separation of church and state. Sending him to Rome is simply a cop out.

    I do not blame Catholics in general or wish them harm but they needed to voice their disgust and set a truly Christian moral agenda.

    A clear response by the Catholic Church would add some weight to the criticism of this corrupt unethical government and, as I see it, it is their moral duty to act and act now.

    There is so much undermining of justice and equity by this government that it is beyond reasonable political discourse and all enablers need to be held accountable.

  77. Rob Murphy

    ‘Colin X – Abbots copying an American style political agenda’

    Yes, wingnutdom is well connected franchise. Anyone who goes offshore at all would have seen the abbottomy project coming.

    Early wikileaks documents showed how Iceland was first in many deliberate bankster fraud events. Enron, GFC failure rewarded with bailouts. In oZ, the lnp halfwits blame GFC stress measures needed in oZ on the ALP. Can it get more absurd than that?

    In China flagrant fraud cops the execution method. In the west it’s too big to jail, plus bonus corporate welfare. Go figure the evil commies executing white collar criminals.

  78. DanDark

    Kaye I think Heath men’t
    Tone’s is a Roads scholar
    well that is what he wants HIS legacy to beeeee
    ‘the roads to nowhere’

  79. Sid Evans

    Senator Lee Rhiannon for PM!

    Lee Rhiannon was born Lee Brown, the daughter of Bill and Freda Brown, who were long-term members of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) and later the Soviet-aligned Socialist Party of Australia (SPA).

  80. Kaye Lee

    It is flabbergasting to me, with the wealth of information out there, that I still get comments from people like this (which came from Malcolm Turnbull’s facebook page)

    “The Aim!! You are part of the problem Kaye.. Tell me how we would survive a financial downturn, when the next one happens in the next couple if years.. Because it will, do some research on the cyclical nature of these events. I would prefer Australia future proofs itself against economic disaster.. Look forward Kaye.. Not backwards, look at how Australia demographics are changing and the financial impact that will have..,Labor’s myopic vision is destructive Kaye… Can’t you see that?”

    My response….

    “Jean, if you read our economic statements as I do you will realise that we have no budget “emergency” and we have plenty of time to make adjustments for the future. This budget does NOTHING to address the future. Superannuation tax concessions are set to overtake the old age pension very soon. Why aren’t we addressing that? Why aren’t we addressing tax avoidance by the wealthy? How does taking money from sick people to park in a slush fund help make medicare more sustainable? Do you really think that paying rich women to have babies is a wise way to spend $22.2 billion? Do you really think we need 58 new fighter jets costing $24 billion? We certainly have a problem and it was made by people like you who accept what they are told without checking for themselves. I will say again as the most glaring example of how you are being deceived…Tony Abbott tells you that labor left a debt of $667 billion. Check Hockey’s budget papers. net debt …$191,5 billion. You, jean, have been conned but thankfully the truth is getting out and you will be embarrassed when you realise how the party you support has lied to you.”

  81. Bill Powell

    The Liberal Federal Governments shameful attack on the values we all hold dear has been authored by the IPA. Yes, the Institute for Prats and Arseholes.

  82. Stephen Tardrew


    The biggest thereat from North Korea is dear leaders hair cut.

  83. kaylaflamenca

    Nails on heads, Kaye Lee ……..but where to from hear? Bill needs to hear from all of you, all of your comments and this plus many other articles. Go to his web site, send an email and tell him what you want. I sent him one last night. I expressed my concerns, described how much more visible and accessible the Greens are in comparison and simply asked “Bill, where are you? We need to know you have our backs.” BLOCK THE LOT! THIS MOB HAS GOTTA GO!

  84. Kaye Lee

    I spend so much time reading and writing that I hope others will pass on anything they find worthy of sharing. I can only do so much because I still have to earn a living, run a business and look after my family.

  85. Dave

    This is your Tony Blair moment – get him out before it’s too late.

  86. writtenword09

    Hi Kaye, I saw right through them long before they won election, i did not vote for them. At first it was each day, but now as each moment goes by more people are waking to the truth and speaking out.
    Sharing your article onto twitter and facebook.

  87. Lord Barry Bonkton

    My idea to get rid of them and their backers is to start a fund , where we have a sort of Dutch auction .The fund has a counter and when it gets too the “price point” where the contractor wants to take the “Job” of getting rid of *%$#@!*&%##@! Then the counter goes back to 0 and the citizens can start donating again to “Get Rid off ” the next one in line . The contractors will have a secret code and will not be known to anybody . Yes , this is extreme way of “Helping the country” get back on making Australia better for all and not for just the rich and their backers .

  88. Kaye Lee

    We may get a second rate fraudband many years after they promised, much slower than they promised, and much more expensive than they promised, and you might get connection for free if you are in a greenfields development or not if you aren’t. Hardly fair since we are all paying for it.

    You seem to misunderstand what needs based funding for schools is all about. What do you mean “not everyone was going to get gonski”? Gonski isn’t a thing – it’s funding for schools that need it most to address the inequity that currently exists in our education system.

    Difference between a 67 year old and a 70 year old…thinking….three years. It is three years later that those people can access the old age pension that they have contributed towards all their life. That may seem like nothing to you but as a person approaching the age I can access my super, let me tell you, every day counts.

    The fuel excise will put up the price of everything just like the GST did. There goes any savings from repealing carbin pricing and there goes any action on climate change. Let’s have pensioners pay more for petrol so polluters don’t have to pay for the damage they do. Medicare was supposed to provide free health care to all….that is why we all pay a medicare levy. I don’t want my medicare levy spent on fighter jets thanks anyway. And when you say “socialism for you” what do you mean? Do you insist on paying the full price for medicine when you go to the chemist? Do you insist on giving your child’s school the actual cost of their education? Or do you also take advantage of the rights we have fought for to provide free health and education for all?

  89. Terry2

    Spot on article in Crikey :

    Co-payments and inept budget messaging put Coalition in a hole

    Crikey politics editor | EMAIL | COMMENT


    Quick, informed, engaged Crikey reader, tell me — what’s the purpose of the Medicare bulk-billing co-payment?

    Is it to help address the budget emergency?

    Is it to provide a price signal to change behaviour to ensure Medicare is, in the long-term, sustainable?

    Is it to fund a vast medical research fund that will eventually, at some point perhaps in the 22nd century, reach tens of billions?

    Is it because Bob Hawke wanted it and Labor was a proper reformist government prepared to take tough decisions unlike this mob opposite right now, Madam Speaker?

    If you picked any of those four, you’d be right, because all four have been repeatedly offered by the government as justification in its shambolic efforts to sell the co-payment and the budget more broadly to voters.

    The government has been ringing the changes this week in its efforts to sell the budget. The fact that it actually still needs to sell it is testimony to how badly it has gone down with voters. By this stage of the political cycle, in recent years, we’d already moved on to other matters — usually whether Julia Gillard was about to lose her job. But the media cycle stolidly refuses to move on from this dog of a budget.

    So, this week, Joe Hockey dropped out of the budget sales pitch — apart from breakfast TV appearances yesterday, he’s kept a low profile this week, leaving the selling effort to the Prime Minister. Peter “the black hole” Dutton stepped up his efforts on the co-payment, including with a National Press Club address. Christopher Pyne also tried to lift his game in selling his laissez-faire education changes, only to cause another stuff-up for the government when he opined that it might be a good idea to chase the estates of dead people for their higher education loans.

    Pyne (and Hockey, who in one of his few outings supported him) is entirely correct — there’s no reason why higher education loans should be treated differently to other loans. No reason except the political reason that it’s a shocking look, especially for a government that has already created the impression it views itself as an instrument of Old Testament fiscal justice raining down on the just and the unjust alike. Forget all those nasty, offensive “poodle” references — in chasing dead graduates and his Gonski debacle last year, Pyne is starting to look a lot like the loaded dog of the government.

    One of the other changes was in its question time tactics, where the government, via Abbott and Hockey, tried to shift the argument back to the budget emergency (which, actually, the government has already won) by explaining how irresponsible Labor had been and how responsible the budget was for Australians. The result was a blizzard of numbers. Consider this answer to a Dixer from Hockey:

    “At the moment we are paying a billion dollars a month—one billion dollars every month in interest on the debt that Labor has left. This would be $2.8 billion a month in 10 years time if nothing is done. That is $2.8 billion a month in 10 years time if nothing is done about the state of the budget. Under the legacy of the previous government, each Australian’s share of the interest would be $9,400 over the next 10 years. In four years time alone, if nothing is done, every single Australian will be paying the equivalent of $740 in interest alone on Labor’s debt—$740 each.”

    That’s four separate numbers in mere seconds. During the week, the government tried out a variety of figures. Hockey talked about “$25,000 for every man, woman and child in Australia” the following day, as if holders of Australian bonds would be coming a’knockin’ on the door of every house to demand repayment of Labor’s debt, or they’d send the bailiffs in. Abbott tried “$1 billion a month of dead money”. Hockey used both. Then yesterday Abbott produced yet another figure, saying “a family of four would face a $100,000 share in Labor’s debt bill”.

    This was a favourite trick of the Howard government — invent a number (say, about the cost of taking action on climate change) and divvy it up by population to warn that “every man, woman and child” would be up for some hideous debt. Except, the Howard government realised you need to stick to one number when using this tactic, not seven.

    The other argument, on the co-payment specifically, was that it was a Labor idea, because Bob Hawke had introduced it. They skipped the bit where Paul Keating capitalised on the febrile reaction to the co-payment (which, in Hawke’s version, didn’t apply to pensioners and was accompanied by compensation) and used it as one of his weapons for blasting Hawke out of the Lodge. Perhaps Malcolm Turnbull remembers that particular bit. But Bob Hawke was “the father of the co-payment”, the government kept repeating, and yesterday it insisted Jenny Macklin — who back then was an adviser to then-Health Minister Brian Howe — was the “mother of the co-payment”.

    Well, thank goodness the co-payment wasn’t reared by a single parent or same-sex couple.

    That the Coalition brains trust seriously thinks this will be a compelling case for voters deeply hostile to the co-payment illustrates either their desperation or the profound loss of the sure populist touch they had in opposition. It’s reminiscent of a desperate John Hewson defending his GST in 1993 by arguing Paul Keating had wanted one in 1985. “And we decided it was such a bad idea we never introduced it,” Keating would shoot back.

    News Corp has been doing its best to help out: today The Australian splashes with an “exclusive” (naturally) that “senior Labor leaders” supported a co-payment. Gamechanger! Who were these senior Labor leaders? Bill Shorten himself? Chris Bowen? Or maybe Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard or Wayne Swan in the former government? Well, as it turned out, the “senior Labor leaders” (sic) was Peter Beattie, in 2005, who considered charging payments for hospital admissions. We’ve all seen some desperate efforts to support the Coalition over the years from The Oz, but for sheer WTFness, this was a new high, even before you thought through the logic of the story, which was that Tony Abbott as federal health minister had, erm, blocked the proposal.

    Still, at least it was only nine years ago, not 23.

    The government might want to try the tactic of just shutting up. Its efforts to sell the budget, far from helping, are making things worse. Time to stop digging.

    Send your tips to or submit them anonymously here.


  90. Lee

    The entire Liberal government has to go. Not only have they broken every pre-election promise they made, it is now apparent they had no intention of keeping any of them. They were elected under false pretenses. I’m not allowed to advertise a product or service for sale and then deliver something completely different to the buyer. The same should apply with politicians.

  91. fryaduck

    “We have a government who thinks the internet is for playing games, watching porn, and downloading movies.”

    If you knew anything about the internet Kaye you would know that FTTH is for playing games, watching porn and downloading movies. The LNP version is, FTTN, is for accessing webpages.

  92. john921fraser


    @fry a what ?

    fried brain more like it.

    A complete moron to match Abbotts knowledge of technology and its use.

  93. DC

    The link Kaye just provided shows just one of countless examples of what a FTTH NBN could deliver. It is beyond our imagination to understand just how much innovation such a system could bring improving health, education and reducing the need for physical transportation significantly FTTH networks are the real “roads of the 21st century” and if we keep building this wasteful inadequate FTTN system with only some homes connected by fibre and the rest still by copper, the innovations, network potential and market potential of the NBN will never be realised.

  94. Helen Shanks

    Kaye Lee this is another brillian article. As a grandmother I am so concerned for the future for my young grandchildren if this government is allowed to continue on its current path. It is people like you that help inspire and give us the information to educate our own extended family and friends…your articles are shared widely. Thanks.

  95. Stephen Tardrew


    Its all right Ducky see if we can find some high def educational medical pawn for ya; or interactive artificial intelligence and mechanized gaming porn for ya; or interactive quantum porn linked to CERN statistical analysis porn games. God I know what you mean just a toy for the nerds hey?

  96. Lee

    Now they’re lying about the budget. Interest rate rises to HECS will now apply to past students and they are cutting the promised funding to the Refuge Council of Australia. Lie, lie, lie. That’s all the No Integrity Party does.

  97. lawrencewinder

    ..and he can take his faux intellect, “The Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” the IP bloody A with him!

  98. Stephen Tardrew


    This is just gob stopping endless deception. Surely they cannot survive the weight of facts once it becomes general knowledge. My worry is they will so effectively destroy consumer confidence and wound manufacturing that recovery will be left up to Labor who will have more than a handful of mess to try to clean up. Each new decision is deconstructing a whole lot of expertise that takes years to accumulate and coordinate. The waste of resources is just criminal.

  99. Lee

    Correction: It appears the Education Dept reported the HECS interest details incorrectly on their website. The Liarbrils always intended to hit the past students too.

  100. ozzy main

    all previous governments from whitlam should be up on treason. take a look at Flora News,sign the petition and help support david walters in his affidavits, caveats and default notices he has sent to united nations international court of justice. ….if you want to see documents etc contact. its time to regain country peace be with you all.

  101. noel

    martial law maybe or a coup

  102. donwreford

    However we evaluate the pro’s and cons of either main party, as a symbol of Labors, ideals, shows in the purchase of a computer for many at kids at school for education, whereas the expenditure of the 58 jet planes, reflects the appeal of a more primordial ideology, the Abbott government seems to me to be a style of macho’ism, when I walk my dog on the off lead sport and parkland of Daylesford, the animal grunts and screams of the competing sports younger generation, from the arena of the field, shows the popularity of the primal appeal.

  103. SmeeHere

    You are wrong. It is not Abbott that has to Go it is the Tories

  104. Stephen

    I finally get it. This site is satire. Why else would a ‘writer’ get a heap of net government recipients together, slag off the government and then say we have more to worry about than North Koreans? You couldn’t make it up.

    As for the pension Kaye you treat it as a right and not a safety net. It is a massive part of the problem and not a solution to what has become a major structural problem to our economy. As for accessing super, you can do it at 55 so don’t be so dramatic. I love it when net recipients say that it is a right people have been contributing towards their whole lives yet forget the free roads, health and education they have enjoyed. The reality is that a cocontribution levy would not even be considered if people put away and saved for their own retirement. Sorry for the dose of reality but the entitlement mentality that you push is unsustainable and quite frankly ridiculous.

    Well said kobymac but take your logic elsewhere.

  105. Lee

    “I love it when net recipients say that it is a right people have been contributing towards their whole lives yet forget the free roads, health and education they have enjoyed. ”

    If they have been contributing all their life, the roads, health services and education were hardly free now, were they?

    “As for the pension Kaye you treat it as a right and not a safety net. It is a massive part of the problem and not a solution to what has become a major structural problem to our economy.”

    The major structural problem to our economy is that the wealthiest people in the country pay no income tax. They are the ones enjoying all the taxpayer-funded services for free.

    Australia is a signatory to and has agreed to uphold and respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Article 22 states “Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and is entitled to realization, through national effort and international co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic, social and cultural rights indispensable for his dignity and the free development of his personality.”

    Article 25 states “(1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.
    (2) Motherhood and childhood are entitled to special care and assistance. All children, whether born in or out of wedlock, shall enjoy the same social protection.”

    If you actually make the effort to read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights you will see that our Federal and at least one of our state governments are in breach of this charter.

  106. Stephen Tardrew


    What the hell was that about? Read previous post and article by Kaye Lee and inform yourself of the issues and alternative solutions. They are not unfordable and it can be proven empirically. Get out of the LNP wind tunnel and do some reading of informed progressive commentary. Your grab bag of statements have no logically connected facts to support them. Provide facts and we will deliver the alternative rational viewpoint.

  107. john921fraser




    And try to be coherent.

    Are you living in a pill induced nirvana ?

  108. Stephen

    I don’t disagree on the first point Lee and mostly on the second. Yet there is a difference between being grateful for help in hard times and simply seeing as an entitlement. As for single young mothers let’s puts more into preventative measures and less into welfare that is only going to breed more welfare recipients.

    Nothing wrong with having children in or out of wedlock. The problem I have is expecting others to pay for those decisions. A lot of people on this site fall into the category of expecting others to pay for their decisions. Argue that all you like but it’s true. I even read one person remark that the cut back in welfare was a cut back in income. WTF? How is your choice to have children and get welfare for it now referred to as income? LOL.

    And Lee as for your reading material, get a life.

  109. Stephen Tardrew


    Damn you noticed I didn’t take my anti-psychotics and the acid is starting to kick in.

    Its all good from now on till some tome tomorrow.

  110. Lee

    @ john921fraser, Where asylum seekers are concerned, our government is in breach of several articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and I read in the news today that Brandis is attempting to breach one more. Queensland’s anti-association laws are another breach.

    The Liarbrils are attempting more breaches as they try to destroy the unions. Individuals also have the right to work, the right to free choice of employment and protection against unemployment.

    [Gina ignores the right of individuals who work to just and favourable remuneration. Leanne Whitehouse ignores the right of all individuals to access higher education on the basis of merit. 😉 ]

  111. Stephen

    Stephen T everything I said was true stating with the fact that you can access your super at 55. Provide facts to say what I said isn’t true. If nothing my point stands and is reinforced. Fras I miss your comments from the age website. I now have to read Garfield.

  112. john921fraser



    "Nothing wrong with having children in or out of wedlock. The problem I have is expecting others to pay for those decisions.".

    I don't want to pay your way anymore.

    Humbly suggest you stop having children.

    Give the younger ones a go at it.

  113. john921fraser



    I'm betting Garfield is beyond you.

  114. john921fraser



    100% correct.

    A "stinking carcass" appears to be hanging around "Stephens" neck and he is trying to sell it as a garland of sweet peas.

    Hockey must be his idol.

  115. Stephen

    Good to see we’re on the same page about paying for each other’s children Fras. Too many XXXXs made the rest of your comment make no sense. Of to bed champ.

  116. john921fraser



    See ya chump.

  117. Stephen

    Night Fras. I miss you embarrassing yourself daily on the age.

  118. Lee

    “As for single young mothers let’s puts more into preventative measures and less into welfare that is only going to breed more welfare recipients.”

    So you’re a misogynist as well as an ignoramus. Single young mothers don’t conceive on their own. There are plenty of men who do not support their own children and contraception does not always work.

    While you’re busy passing judgement upon the mother spare a thought for the innocent children who did not ask to be born into that situation. I’m over conservatives who judge single mothers and those who choose to terminate pregnancies under the pretence that they are pro-life. They are not pro-life at all. They don’t care what happens to the child after it is born. Studies have shown that children living in low-socio economic areas have more illnesses, more accidents, more behavioural problems, more learning difficulties and are more likely to be abused than children in more privileged societies. Yet conservatives have no qualms about condemning innocent children to this life.

    Your attitude to single young mothers and the sneer at my choice of reading material only goes to prove that you’re yet another conservative who doesn’t give a damn about anyone except himself. People like you are a cancer in our society.

  119. john921fraser



    Don't worry about the moron.

    He thinks non conservatives don't get censured in Fairfax Media.

  120. Stephen

    “Studies have shown that children living in low-socio economic areas have more illnesses, more accidents, more behavioural problems, more learning difficulties and are more likely to be abused than children in more privileged societies.” No shit genius. Backs up everything I have said. Put money more into education as opposed to promoting the attitude that it is lucrative to have children and welfare will always be there to support parents who can’t afford to support their own choices.

    Btw jerking off over dungeons and dragon porn won’t affect you. And it won’t send you blind (or cause cancer).

  121. Stephen

    Lee as for the misogynist comment, it reminds me if the people who call others racists because they don’t agree with their opinion. Just imagine North Korea. Lol

  122. Stephen

    Fras have a bundy and go to bed.

  123. Lee

    “Put money more into education as opposed to promoting the attitude that it is lucrative to have children ”

    Great idea. I think someone called Gonski recommended doing exactly that. Too bad the LNP doesn’t give a shit about the education of our children and preventing long term unemployment.

    Who is promoting the attitude that it is lucrative to have children? I saw some data a few months ago that indicates pregnancies in young single women are actually decreasing in the local low socio-economic areas and have been for some years. But don’t let facts stand in the way of your prejudice.

    By the way, I recall that Howard and Costello encouraged every woman in Australia to have three children. So the LNP encourages breeding but now it decides after the kids have arrived that it doesn’t want to financially support it.

  124. Stephen

    Lee I agree with your comments regarding poor decisions regarding middle class welfare by Howard and Costello. I didn’t realise since I disagreed with you I was just meant to agree with them. I’m not just a biased political follower like yourself.

    As for Gonski it had zero relevance to what I said.

  125. Stephen

    Lee I’m sorry if I can’t reply to any more of your prejudiced comments but my phone is about to go flat. Your hypocrisy has entertained me a little bit though so thanks for that. Wake up and give yourself a pat on the back. Pretty sure you will anyway.

  126. Lee

    “Lee as for the misogynist comment, it reminds me if the people who call others racists because they don’t agree with their opinion.”

    Did you recognise yourself there too?

    “Btw jerking off over dungeons and dragon porn won’t affect you. And it won’t send you blind (or cause cancer).”

    That must be a comfort to you. Thanks for sharing but I have a very satisfying sex life with a real person.

  127. Stephen

    Lol at the comment professing your ‘real’ sex life (why? Very weird). I’ll leave you you to to get on with with your prejudiced little life. May even get into the real world one day. All the best.

  128. DC

    Steven. I like how you assume every reader on this site is a “net recipient”. Are you not one yourself? (and I mean in a much broader sense than what your tax return says).

    What makes you so convinced that society could not benefit by getting rid of you and saving on all the resources that would have been consumed by you had you remained alive? What have you put back into society that makes up for all that you have taken? And where do you get the arrogant assumption that your net contribution is higher than other readers on this site whom you have never met?

  129. CMMC

    Stephen, you are just a smart-arse bogan with nothing to say that hasn’t been already been spin-cycled throughout tabloid newspapers and talkback radio.

    Deploy some wit, or just face-up to the fact that you are witless.

  130. Wayne

    Sounds like the a Author is lamenting the end of taxpayer handouts, I bet her grand father and great uncle never had handouts of taxpayers cash like they occur today. Australia has already been destroyed, by unions and by parasites putting their hands out and taking the hard earned money of the workers.

  131. Terry2

    Watching BBC World News overnight I learned that 42,000 “illegal immigrants” (their term) transited from Libya to Europe between January and April – principally to Italy – and another 300,00 are awaiting to make the short voyage and the authorities don’t know what to do.

    Why do highlight this ? Well, it’s known as freedom of the information, freedom of communication, freedom of the press: I am entitled to know.

    In Australia we are told the boats have been stopped, we know intuitively that this is is not true, it is a distortion of the facts. We are not told how many boats have been turned or towed back, we don’t know how many orange lifeboats have been deployed. This is because or government has hidden this information from us and from the media. We have a right, as citizens in this democracy to know what is being done in our name.

    We are on a slippery slope, folks.

  132. tokisi

    Yes, I agree. But how?

  133. Wayne

    Tony Abbot is going about fixing the country, a country where workers are seen as cash cows by Labor, to be milked and the taxes given to the lazy and stupid, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLE TO WHAT I EARN. a single parent who works 27 hours gets $54,000 worth of welfare, that is taxpayers money. Abbott may be destroying your country but he not destroying mine, your country is a country when tax payers foot the bill for all you desire and fund worthless boards, commissions and advocacy groups..

  134. Tracie

    Go and join the SS Wayne, and leave the compassionate alone.

    The laws created by Hitler were domestically legal. Now they are internationally illegal. What you are advocating is internationally illegal.

    Either read and learn, or go get an illegitimate payrise from Abbott. In any case, you will eventually suffer for your lack of contribution to society.

  135. DC

    Imagine if we had a real government who actually were prepared for the real tough decisions to actually benefit Australia for the 21st century. Next time some ignorant fool rants to me about “Labors debt” and the need for the so called tough decision making Libs (nothing “tough” about passing the pain onto lower income earners while looking after your own especially after lying about it all pre election) I’m going to remind them that it was under the hung parliament led by Gillards ALP with the Greens holding the balance in the senate that Australia got it’s best ever credit rating

    Real tough decisions are things like;
    Raising most of the government revenue not from income tax but from carbon pricing and taxes tied to things like resource depletion/ environmental degradation/ pollution or social costs.

    Also a “Robbin hood tax” on financial derivatives trading large enough to raise capital and discourage certain types of risky unproductive short term speculative investments but small enough to maintain market liquidity and have no impact at all on medium to longer term productive investing

    Nationalising electricity and investing in the worlds best renewable energy technology to replace the ageing coal fired power stations one at a time

    Completing the role out of the FTTH NBN

    Strengthening environmental laws including reform and regulation of the packaging industry

    Investment in education. Rethinking education and encouraging multi skill development with recognition that each individual has a limited physical working life and a much longer non physical working life

  136. DC

    And of course much more investment in scientific research. And if this becomes unaffordable then the carbon price is too low

  137. Kaye Lee

    To Stephen and Wayne,

    Ok I get the message that you think those on low incomes or in need of welfare should be vilified and labelled as a burden. What do you have to say about the very wealthy who pay no tax? People who are earning $20,000 are paying 19% income tax (over $18,200) whereas Frank Lowy’s Westfield chain pays 8c in the dollar. 75 people who earned over $1 million last year paid no tax. Rupert Murdoch shifted his profits around, taking advantage of exchange rates, and did it so successfully that our tax department had to give HIM over $880 million.

    These are the real bludgers in our society – the wealthy who refuse to pay their way. And everything in this budget entrenches that problem. We give handouts left right and centre to Gina while attacking our poor. The rich are the real bludgers and they are being carried by middle and low income earners who actually pay the tax they should.

    If the rich actually paid tax our finances would be in a much better position but oh no….it’s the poor that are the problem. WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!

    And a warning gentlemen. I will not tolerate you abusing our readers. If you can’t make your point civilly then I would prefer you went to a site where you feel more at home. if you wish to debate rationally then fine, but keep your disparaging remarks to yourself or they will be deleted.

  138. john921fraser


    Looks like "Stephen" is still in bed.

    And has now been replaced by "Wayne".

    "Wayne" and "Stephen" both believe the massive wealth of Australia is being sucked dry by welfare recipients.

    "Wayne" , according to his post above, is a single parent getting $54k for 27 hours work.

    "Wayne" is either a highly educated (very doubtful) person or else he has trouble enunciating his thoughts (most likely).

    Which is it "Wayne" are you a moron like Abbott or are you just having a bad day with your keyboard ?

  139. Carol Taylor

    Well said Kaye Lee. That is certainly the tactic from troll types. Come onto a blog typically using a false persona and naturally a false email address, and then try to silence debate by abusing people whose opinions differ from their own. If edited or have comments deleted they will bleat about ‘freedom of speech’, however the only freedom of speech they are interested in is their own, all else is aimed at intimidating people, stifling debate thereby silencing dissenting opinions.

  140. Lee

    “Tony Abbot is going about fixing the country, a country where workers are seen as cash cows by Labor, to be milked and the taxes given to the lazy and stupid, YOU ARE NOT ENTITLE TO WHAT I EARN. ”

    Tony Abbott has caused consumer confidence to drop markedly and is heading the country towards increased crime and anarchy, plus I dare say a recession.

    Australia has a contributive society, where each of us gives as we are able, for the benefit of all. We support those who are unable for various reasons to support themselves. If you don’t like it, then move to another country that does not provide such benefits. I dare say you will find society there is not so civilised and infrastructure is somewhat lacking too. Your turn is coming one day Wayne. One day you may lose your job or become sick, and then you will need help from your fellow taxpayers. Few people can go through their entire lives without support at one stage or another. And when your time comes, I have no doubt you’ll be lining up with your hand out for benefits.

    Liberal voters are bleating all over the internet and demonising welfare recipients, painting them all as bludgers. It has been pointed out numerous times that the 75 wealthiest people in this country pay no income tax at all. Yet not a single word on this subject is spoken or written about by Liberal voters. Why is that? I’ve seen plenty of lefties admitting when their own side could do better but nothing like that from Liberal voters. Are you all incapable of independent thought? Do you have to be told by the party what to think? Do you mind being painted as nasty, selfish people lacking in empathy for others who are not so fortunate as yourselves? Are you happy to bend over for Tony and be screwed because you’re not in the top 2%? Because unless you are in the top 2% the LNP doesn’t give a rat’s posterior about you. When your time comes for assistance, they aren’t interested in catching you when you fall.

  141. DanDark

    Geee that Stephen on here last night, typical of msn
    Try and beat people down with abuse
    The best way to deal with them trolls
    Is to ignore them, stonewall, give them nothing,
    Take them no where,
    Comment about them, but not to them
    Talk all around them, but by directly
    Refuting them is what they want
    And at end of night, we feel pumbled by these trolls

    Ignore the trolls, a new 3 word slogan for AIMN

  142. donwreford

    The stigma of the lowly of economic and status, is also reflected as being reborn from a previous life or lives, as either a reward for the good of previous lives or conversely a lowly birth being reborn for past lives lacking in goodness, are the Liberals similar? that they are superior in being born as privileged? as a result their good deeds of past lives.
    I am not convinced of this theory, and the main flaw in this idea is the defining class, so here I suggest the elite rich, would promote this as reassurance to their own club and this avoids guilt as a bonus, interesting that Buddha, did come from the rich.

  143. donwreford

    The breeding program was to create more anglo Saxon’s whilst they were still in comfortable numbers as breeding is more prevalent in marginalized incoming foreign cultures, such as Middle eastern and Asian, or others, blacks and so on, becoming prevalent, and no longer being all part of our historical psyche.

  144. DanDark

    Yep that’s it downreform
    They the white Anglo Saxons are a breed on the way out
    But as we know only women of calibre can have babies,
    that we the rest of the country will pay for, whilst not being able to afford their own baby
    Yep they are getting desperate that’s for sure to hold on to white Anglo Saxon power
    At any cost to rest of the people and country

  145. DanDark

    Oops sorry for typo dowerford

  146. randalstella

    The abusive and punitive deadbeats who visit here remind of what the task of getting rid of Abbott entails.
    They are pretty ordinary. Elections turn.on the numbers nearer their level of thinking than ours..

  147. Kaye Lee


    Tony has done what we couldn’t do…he has got our young people mobilised. There are hundreds of thousands of them who didn’t bother enrolling for the last election and no doubt many more who didn’t care when they cast their vote beyond getting their name crossed off.

    There are still some Young Liberals out there with very odd ideas but the many many young people in their 20s that come through my house (my kids are 22 and 20) are seriously pissed off with Abbott ( a discussion I encourage).

    Tony got a lot of votes from older people. That may also change as I hear many grandmothers gearing up to fight for their grandkids. We have many older customers at my work and while some of them still say “onya Tone, get the bludgers and pay back Labor’s huge debt”, others are saying I have voted Liberal all my life but I cannot vote for this man.

    I truly believe the tide is turning and I am pinning my hopes on our kids to save our country.

  148. Stephen Tardrew

    Spot on Kaye kids are getting the message that they are pawns in Abbott’s elitist game.

  149. Lee

    Yes I think it will backfire on the Lieberals. They counted on the young lefties being too lazy to vote. I doubt many of them will make that mistake again and it’s probably a lesson they will pass on to their own kids.

    The March in May crowd contained some very annoyed moderate conservatives too.

  150. randalstella

    Kaye Lee,
    I hope you are right. Are they enrolling to vote? Their factor alone would change Government – if they vote.
    I am still getting second-hand reports from parents – Greens and Labor voters – who say their teenage kids voted for Abbott because of the “debt crisis”. Simple messages for the uninterested. Maybe they are interested now.
    Will they remember this with the same passion in 2016? What are Labor doing to exploit this?

  151. Kaye Lee

    We must expose the debt lie for what it is. That is the first step because it is the only justification that I hear from those who doggedly stick by Tony. I am sure everyone is getting sick of me saying this but if one more person reads it then it is worth repeating.

    net debt in 2013-14 $191.5 billion

    SURELY people must resent their PM lying to them?

    I also think at all future marches we should have booths with voter registration forms and people who will help to fill them in and then collect and post them off.

  152. Lili Barlow

    Let’s remember one thing. The high levels of unemployment in this country come from decades of outsourcing of jobs and deployment of technology that takes away jobs. The businesses that have done that (and I might add almost every government of either persuasion that came to power recently, who immediately target the public service) to make more profit. Now all that we should be demanding is that profit be shared in the country in which they make those profits. I have no argument against companies going overseas, but those, like Telstra, who make their money in Australia, grossly offend me. If you like India so much, take your bat and ball and go there and make money there. Let’s look at the big picture for once. The reason we have lower levels of income is because of the progressive way that big business has been allowed to use tax evasion. A case in point is Australian Water. Wonder if they reduced their tax bill by writing off those payments made in Queensland. I’ll be you that they didn’t pay FBT on their nights out at those sleazy clubs. The fundamental honesty in accountancy goes hand in hand with the widespread corruption in business where any move to reduce legitimate taxation seems to be quite acceptable

  153. Kaye Lee

    Very good point Lili. I also think that every mining approval should have conditions attached that they must use Australian steel and equipment and, as far as possible, Australian workers.

    Let’s start making some rules that will benefit our country rather than maximise corporate profits.

  154. scaper...

    Miners already try to incorporate as much Australian content into projects as possible. The woman you mention so much it seems you have a thing for her is the industry leader.

    Take Roy Hill as an example…over 80% content thus far is Australian. It is a no brainer really. Whom, in their right mind would source anything that would incur a larger freight component for starters and also localised goods and services are at the ready to ensure a streamlined construction program.

    Oh, by the way…HPPL paid just over $650M in taxes in the last financial year and you add payroll, personal taxes of employees and a few other benefits it comes to over a billion dollars.

    And you???

  155. mars08

    We must expose the debt lie for
    what it is. That is the first step…

    Good grief! How pathetic is THAT? Why is it up to US to expose the lie? What happened to the Her Majesty’s federal opposition??

  156. Stephen Tardrew

    Snore……….. What, what, what, was that. I thought I heard something about action.

    Its OK boss you can sleep for another two years.

    Thank God for that next thing they will be asking for personality and originality.

  157. Lee

    “Oh, by the way…HPPL paid just over $650M in taxes in the last financial year and you add payroll, personal taxes of employees and a few other benefits it comes to over a billion dollars.”

    Scaper, what is the source of your information? What was the company’s marginal tax rate?

  158. Kaye Lee

    ummmmmm are you sure about that scaper?

    “In return for the US government loan, Hancock Prospecting will purchase American mining and rail equipment from Caterpillar, General Electric and Atlas Copco. The Export-Import Bank says their involvement will “support” 3400 US jobs.”

    Is Gina a ‘crony capitalist’?

    As for me having a “thing” for Gina, you are darn tootin’ she is in my sights. She is a woman with no morals or ethics, perhaps the greediest person I have ever come across. I could ignore that – I actually feel rather sorry for her and the mess she has made of her personal life. What I will not ignore is her blatant attempts to dictate what should happen in my country. Her paid campaign against the mining tax, importing fool like Lord Monckton to try to derail action on climate change, her disgusting comments about the worth and work ethic of anyone who didn’t inherit billions from daddy. This woman does not want to pay her share, she cares nothing for this country, and seems to have taken up residence in Singapore in another move to avoid paying tax. I definitely didn’t pay $650 million in tax last year. I also didn’t make $1 million every half hour and I worked a damn sight harder to make the money I did earn, a portion of which went to charity. I have never heard of Gina contributing a dime to anything except Gina….I could be wrong…she may be a silent philanthropist but I seriously doubt it since she won’t even give her own children the money their grandfather left to them

  159. Lee

    Comparing company income tax to personal income tax is not a fair comparison. But let’s compare personal income tax. I earn less than $70,000 pa and I pay more income tax than the wealthiest 75 people in this country combined. I’ll bet Kaye does too. My annual earnings are less than what Gina earns in an hour. Do you think that is fair that I pay more income tax than her, Scaper? C’mon, do you have the guts to admit publically who the real bludgers are?

  160. john921fraser


    Apparently Gina Rinehart earns $33,300 every minute of every day.

    Lee you are going to have to ask for a raise in your yearly wage.

    Don't ask Gina though because she doesn't even like giving money that belongs to her children.

  161. mars08

    Take Roy Hill as an example…over 80% content thus far is Australian…

    What the hell does that even MEAN? Does it just mean that 80% of the dirt is still in the ground? What?

  162. donwreford

    With reference to the parasites of Australia, on, October 31, 2010, A article, “Former Prime Ministers costing us millions”.
    The article, states Howard received $2,143,147,34 over a 30 month period, 4 other Prime ministers, are in the main receiving well over one million dollars for the same period, do you consider Wayne, they are also parasites? or in this age of entitlements now over, as we all expected to have to pull our belts in, is this special group entitled to have entitlements?

  163. Engelbert Schadenfreude

    Stephen and Wayne, Australia is a caring, sharing country, we look after each other and take care of those less fortunate than ourselves. That is how it is fellas, its what makes us Australians. If you don’t like that, please feel free to clear out and live somewhere else and leave our country as the compassionate society it has always been and always will be, despite the best efforts of selfish ratbags over the years to make it otherwise.

  164. donwreford

    These days as you know DanDark, babies no longer have to be from those who are healthy, we now have to thank technology for taking up the slack of declining health.

  165. Stephen Tardrew


    Thanks for that. Spot on. Gives me a little faith in the good old fair go and compassion.

  166. waren armst

    I dont know who this lee is but it seems they forget labour put australia in debt in the first place get a brain lee

  167. Kim Wright

    waren some research, it sometimes improves out knowledge. Kaye great article…but we all make a big mistake if we focus our concerns on Abbott. I believe he will begone….but we will still have the same party with the same elitist attitudes. Lets focus on the WHOLE Government, not the frontman. Big mistake and too much at stake if we don’t

  168. Stephen Tardrew

    waren armst:

    If you don’t know who this Kaye Lee is then find out and read some of the critical articles in this site and then join in but don’t come here with you offhanded superiority and expect respect. There is no excuse for rudeness and ignorance.

  169. Kaye Lee


    I agree with what you say. If we get rid of Abbott, Credlin and Loughnane get the chop too. Take the rest of the “star chamber” with them, and we may at least survive the next three years because no sane successor would continue on this path of destruction. If we could just call foul startover, I’m all for it.

  170. DanDark

    Yeah just don’t go for the shovel, you got to go for the rest of the dirt
    Or they will just replace the shovel, so they can shovel us more shit…oops dirt

    You just can’t cut a limb off a diseased tree,
    the whole tree has to be cut down,
    And roots pulled up, then whole lot goes on the bonfire,
    so disease cannot spread
    Then you can plant a new one with no diseases…

  171. Lee

    “I dont know who this lee is but it seems they forget labour put australia in debt in the first place get a brain lee”

    It seems Warren has forgotten that Howard & Costello sold off a lot of revenue-generating assets at rock bottom prices and then blew the proceeds on middle class welfare. Labor came into government with little revenue. Get a brain Warren.

  172. kathysutherland2013

    Wayne just to reassure you, I am more than happy to contribute, through my taxes, to the well-being and health of members of the Australian community.

  173. DanDark

    Yes what did happen to all that revenue from
    The first mining boom back in Howard’s days?
    Oh that’s right wasted on the rich, the new word
    “wealth fare” was created by Howard and co
    (It’s a wonder how Howard can even show his face these days)

    A lot of people with big mouths, like Waren and co
    That pop into AIMN, with their very short memories
    Is a bot, no brains, no heart and no idea about anything really
    Someone else named them “Abbott” on here
    Seek,aim,destroy, just like Abbott does, same method,
    but is backfiring just like Tone’s method of madness is
    It’s easy to predict them now, they have the same old script
    Blah blah blah blah blahhhhhhhhh
    They just change there names/aliases

  174. Cate

    We either organise a general strike or we accept the fact that our most valuable assets and services will be sold off, our taxes will increase and our medical, dental and educational costs will rise substantially purely for the benefit of the members of the IPA.

  175. Mark

    It’s my first time on this site, am really enjoying most of the debate, there seems to be a majority of rational argument, spiced with a healthy respectful dose of response to the more ridiculous trolls. I think there is one thing that is constantly missed when discussing the current sad state of affairs. Abbot and his cronies got in by being downright deceitful, they actually have no mandate for the social engineering they are attempting.

    The real problem lies in the fact that Labor is no better and should actually change their brand to Laboral, having gone from Left leaning to middle of the road and for the last few years quite Right. Am attaching a link which every Australian should read and consider, long but a brilliant analysis of our current political disconnect. Keep up the good work, you have won me.

  176. Lee

    “The real problem lies in the fact that Labor is no better and should actually change their brand to Laboral, having gone from Left leaning to middle of the road and for the last few years quite Right. ”

    I don’t have time to read the link at the moment, but I do agree with you, Mark. Labor needs to get back to its roots. I think they are also too scared to take on the likes of Rupert Murdoch and other powerful business people by closing some of the loopholes that allow them to reduce their taxable income to almost zero.

  177. Lord Barry Bonkton

    Vote Green then , they aren’t scared of Rupert and will tax the filthy rich and the tax dodgers .

  178. Kaye Lee


    I agree, that article in The Monthly is a MUST read! It pulls together so many things that have been spoken about in articles and comments here. It is a perfect summary of what we have all been saying/thinking/feeling. BRAVO! and thanks for sharing it.

  179. Stephen Tardrew


    Agree with Kaye great article thanks heaps.

  180. Kaye Lee

    The people are speaking louder all the time and their voice is travelling OS as well. I love it when Aussies get fired up (in a non-violent…ping off, ya mug…sorta way)

    Church Opposing Tony Abbott Goes Viral

  181. Stephen Tardrew

    Ah gives you hope doesn’t it Kaye. Rod Bower is certainly what is needed in all churches and religions.

  182. Lee

    “Vote Green then”

    I do.

  183. laurie

    If you study agenda 21 (lima convention) and the look at the budget you can see how it all fits in.

  184. The Armchair Commentator

    “If it doesn’t make a profit then the service will disappear.” but if it does make a profit, it gets sold to the private sector. I wonder what exactly these people see as the purpose of the government, what would its mission statement be?

  185. Lim Diveln

    I got sent this link sent to me to see what my arguments against it would be… If every single point you made in this ‘article’ wasn’t over dramatic and entirely wrong I would bother to craft an argument. However, I am happy for Kaye Lee to continue posts like these, it only publicises his/her stupidity. Perhaps if you were a successful writer you wouldn’t feel so entitled to the taxpayers money?

  186. john921fraser


    @Lim Diveln"

    Fantastic comment.

    Best display of ignorance today.

  187. Lee

    Lim Diveln, grab ahold of your ankles and enjoy being shafted by the LNP.

  188. kaylaflamenca

    The Armchair Commentator
    The mission statement of corporations and banks is – profit by any means, regardless of environmental impact or social justice.
    The link below says it all, except I can’t quite figure out if Australia is perpetrator or victim, perhaps both?
    John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”E…:

  189. kaylaflamenca

    Yes, agenda 21, not on the IPA’s wishlist I expect.
    I hear Obama is gonna give Tony a bit of a talking to during his visit for not having climate change on the agenda during the G20 summit too! tut tut Tony. Hope Obama gives him a grilling for not having a bill of rights in the Australian Constitution and still no treaty with Australia’s indigenous communities. The two most important issue that we just never seem to get around to.
    Is it time, beyond really, we put the pressure on for a referendum for a bill of rights? Would be good to have before negotiating a treaty, they would be more protected.

  190. Kaye Lee

    Lim Diveln

    “I got sent this link sent to me to see what my arguments against it would be”

    Is “you’re stupid” the best you’ve got? I note you failed to address any of the issues raised in the article. How do you feel about your PM lying to you about our debt and deficit? He says the debt is $667 billion. The budget says it is $191.5 billion. But by all means trust his judgement. He is probably lying for a very good reason though I doubt it has anything to do with what is best for this country and more about what is best for Tony Abbott.

    I would be interested to hear which part of the article you think is “entirely wrong” because I can provide links to back up everything I have said. But perhaps you are one of those people who doesn’t care about facts and is happy to be screwed because you already bought the flag.

  191. Gypsy Jack

    I suggest that democracy starts in the family kitchen and spreads from there to the local council then to State parliament and onto Canberra.
    Alone we are vulnerable targets filled with insecurities surrounded by many disengaged apathetic citizens. Networked cohesively a synergy to reengage and dispel apathy can occur.

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