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Ides of May?

I am not sure what Malcolm Turnbull was thinking, or drinking, when he posted the following on his facebook page today:

Like most Australians, I was angry about Labor’s reckless financial mismanagement of the NBN….but then as I read another Labor press I started to feel young again. Yes, this took me back to my youth, to the 1980s, to Duran Duran, shoulder pads and the Alan Bond and Laurie Connell school of finance – borrow billions, dont worry about how you can pay the interest let alone repay the principal.

He was apparently chuffed with his theatrical posturing in Question Time today. He found himself rather witty and the smirk on Abbott’s face shows he enjoyed it too.

Well the reviews from the public show they weren’t quite as impressed with Malcolm as he so obviously was with himself. They were actually more concerned with substance than rhetoric.

The following is a very small selection of comments which overwhelmingly follow this vein:

“Like most Australians” – you’re kidding yourself if you actually believe this Mr Turnbull.

“Like most Australians, I was angry about Labor’s reckless financial mismanagement of the NBN” – Where did you pull that one from? Most Australians want an NBN FTTP, and you know that.

‘Like most Australians’, I want FTTH. Anyone who’s passed year 11 physics can tell you why.

Sorry, I can’t hear you over THE COST OF TELSTRA’S COPPER NETWORK.

LOL What you guys are doing to the NBN now is a lot bloody worst mate. Thanks for building something that will cost more to maintain and is already out dated……….The libs always thinking short term not long term when it comes to infrastructure.

I’m not surprised you’re harking back to your youth. Liberal party current policies are from a bygone era also. Archaic tech solutions, removing anti-discrimination protections, education for the rich, religious chaplains. Seriously? We are better than all of that. It makes me sad that now both majors have lost the plot.

13 percent GDP is not debt crisis. Sorry but you’re a pack of liars.

No Mr Turnbull I was not angry over Labor’s NBN plan. I was however, angry over the LNP’s second rate alternative plan. Now all I hear when you speak is ‘blah blah blah blah, turn over the record, blah blah blah blah, turn over the record, blah blah…..

You have lost all credibility with me, and I think it’s time I changed the record.

This isn’t a company you’re managing Minister, it’s a country. A good bottom line means nothing to me. I want services for my tax dollar. People are borrowing 6 times earnings to buy a house and you are worried about a debt of between 10 and 20 percent of GDP. I was hoping for a little bit more from you. Don’t fear monger, it belittles you.

If there really was financial mismanagement why can’t you fix the problems and continue with an all fibre rollout? If you really are the superior economic managers that you claim to be then I don’t see why you can’t do it instead of lumping us with technology that is outdated before it is even rolled out.

I am Australian – like most of my friends – and I can assure you I was not angry about Labor’s NBN. If you think that the Libs can roll it out more efficiently – then I will support your policy just as I supported Labor’s. I think you should have said, “like most Australians – we all want faster internet speed”. Please stick with Labor’s good intentions and use your considerable business knowledge to get it to us in a cost effective way. It is NOT cost effective for any nation to have SLOW speeds. Copper has got to go – and I am pretty sure most Australians agree with that!

One of these days Malcolm, you will realise that people want a world class NBN. If you want to bag Labor over the NBN, how about you go on about how they wouldn’t have delivered a world class broadband network and the Libs will.

Where we’re at today, literally nobody believes that the Liberal Party cares about the digital economy. This is why people rally behind Labor’s vision, because any vision is better than what Liberals are offering us. You want to win the argument? Do it better, not worse.

The Liberal Party can go on and on about Labor’s reckless spending. Most voters understand that cuts need to be made. What we don’t approve of is the inequitable way that this government has looked to save. Malcolm, I’m happy to pay extra in tax if it’s going to our pensioners, the sick and the needy. I am NOT happy paying for CEOs to have kids, Gina’s fuel rebate, politician’s entitlements (especially like the ones that Don Randall claimed) etc. That’s just offensive and un-Australian and it makes me ill to hear the words “fair go” spew forth from Tony’s mouth.

Just wondering Malcolm….do you still intend borrowing $22.2 billion for your paid parental leave scheme and $24 billion for your fighter jets to add to the $8.8 billion you borrowed for Joe Hockey to gamble on the exchange rate going down? How many billions are you borrowing for Operation Sovereign Murders? How many billions will we be borrowing to gift to our worst polluters?

I too am happy to contribute. We do need some changes. But when I hear of amnesties for offshore tax cheats, and that Frank Lowy’s Westfield chain paid 8c in the dollar tax for the last umpteen years, and that we gave Rupert Murdoch about $880 million tax return for having accountants who are savvy enough to move profits from country to country to minimise tax and take advantage of currency exchange rate shifts, you then want to shaft our most vulnerable? How about we stop giving Gina “exploration” grants. How about you grow some balls and tell her that a condition of any approval is that she employs Australian citizens and use Australian steel and equipment. The US made it a condition for Gina’s recent $7 billion loan for her new destruction of the planet venture – she must use American steel and equipment. How ridiculous is that – they estimate it will create 3,400 jobs in AMERICA! This crew are way too scared to require anything from Gina but you say sick people and pensioners and students and unemployed need to contribute more. Not only that we will get rid of that amazing mining tax that on one hand destroys investment in this country (NOT), but on the other doesn’t raise any money. Just as it was about to start kicking in with billions (from your own estimates), you say oh no we can’t have Gina paying anything to make billions from our resources. Let’s get rid of the schoolkids bonus instead. Do you seriously expect anyone who knows the truth to think that is the way this society should go? And why are we sending $12 billion out of our economy into the American economy for jets we won’t see for a decade if they ever work out how to make them work. Malcolm, listen to your conscience. You KNOW the truth – speak out and we will back you.

It seems that “most Australians” have an entirely different opinion to Malcolm and his buddies and that “most Australians” were singularly unimpressed with his video of himself being smart and seem more concerned about the many ways that this government is making this country a worse place to live in.

The advertising isn’t working Malcolm. How about trying some truth. Who knows, you may have a chance to salvage a modicum of integrity if you have the guts to drop the turnbullshit. Remember when you thought climate change was real and that the ABC was important? Was this an attempt to gauge public opinion because you well and truly got told….remains to be seen if you listened.

“A senior Liberal Party official attended last night’s dinner with Cabinet minister Malcolm Turnbull, the Treasury secretary Martin Parkinson, and latecomer Clive Palmer.

The ABC has been told the Liberal Party’s federal vice president Tom Harley was at the dinner, which Mr Palmer is describing as “chopstick diplomacy” amongst “friends”.

Ides of May?




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  1. rangermike1

    Kaye Lee, it will be the same old,same old with Turnbulls NBN. We will have lightning speed to the node, but as soon as someone piddles in the street, we will be back to dial up speeds. Copper can never have the same speeds as fibre. Everyone knows this.

  2. David Stephens

    Perhaps he had been drinking the kool-aid. There have been occasions in past when Malcolm has asked whether one or other of his colleagues have been on this beverage. He uses it as tip-off to journalists that he Malcolm has a different view on the subject, even if he does not let himself be quoted directly. Something to look out for.

  3. rangermike1

    Today in Perth (we have had some small showers), It took me 13 Mins to log on to my ADSL2. I live 8 kilometres from the CBD. I pity the regional people.

  4. Stephen Tardrew

    As soon as it rains around here the copper network slows down dramatically. Its just crap. My partner is a gamer and it really gives her the dry rots. What a load of rubbish Turnbull’s NBN will have to be replaced in the not too distant future for heaps more cost. These guys are a bunch of technical dinosaurs. The most important infrastructure contributor to future economies is the play thing of party politics.

    Did you see the link john921fraser posted. You will love it Kaye it says it all.

  5. Kaye Lee

    No I hadn’t seen it Stephen. Thanks. Woohoo the truth is getting too loud to ignore 🙂

  6. john921fraser


    Abbotts gang are laughing in the face of Australians.

    And the best Shorten can do is a poor joke with a bad delivery.

    "Its time" to find a new LOTO.

  7. john921fraser


    @Stephen Tardrew

    If a dog in Ulan Bator pises on a piece of copper my ADSL2+ speed drops ….. sometimes below 512Kbps …… slower than dial up.

  8. Don Winther

    How fast do you want to go? Whats the hurry? Watch another American movie? Id rather read a book.

    Liked your article Kaye.

  9. Matters Not

    Look at the big picture folks, Abbott has ‘fukt’ Turnbull and he’s used the NBN (in all its policy and political dimensions) to do just that.

    Now who is the ‘luddite’?

    Turnbull is not half the ‘politician’ that Abbott is.

    For someone who wants to be a successful ‘politician’ (pejoratively speaking) then he’s a complete failure.

  10. Fed up

    I thought the Ides was the 15th of the month, That other party at the Chinese was from Menzies House I believe. What are they up to???

  11. Fed up

    I have heard Shorten make some good speeches lately.

  12. LP

    The NBN was paid for by bonds and would have been an asset they could have sold multiple times over if required.. sick of no-vision short-sighted egoists who think their next 2 years of money making is all that matters..

  13. randalstella

    I have no interest in what Turnbull was thinking. Presumably he was thinking what he said. A mistake to grant them an inner life, as if they could be more thoughtful than they show. Flagrant untruths are Libs on autopilot.
    This smarmy organism is the alternative P.M. to the boofhead – until at least 2016.
    The distinction between the haves and the have-nots over real broadband might corrode a hole in the Liberal Party – eventually..How much of the country will be left by then?
    What’s Labor’s policy? Would it rip out Turnbull’s copper and restructure for FTTH? Curious to know.

  14. Kerri

    I could not be happier that again like the Godwin Grech saga, Turnbull has shown his true colours. Go for the leadership Malcolm. You have just shown yourself for the narcissistic galah you really are. Take over as PM, most Australians will show you at the next election.

  15. Chammy

    I have FTTN and I can’t even get ADSL +2 !! So I can’t watch youtube, internet based TV like Tivo or Fetch. My husband is in IT and has an opportunity to work from home with a start up company, but we will simply have to move.
    FTTN could give me ADSL +2, but there are no decent ports left in my exchange.
    I used to BBS, basically back in the 80’s I used my 286 and a 300 baud modem to call a local computer. I remember when we bought 12k modems to start our own bbs. 12k was new technology and they had never had 6 modems run side by side before, so they only charged us for 5, as they wanted to see how it went.
    12k!! I would never have dreamed of speeds in my lifetime fast enough to watch a video! Technology progresses so quickly. I think back to the brick mobile phone, my first digital camera when my now 14 yr old was about 2?? Spending money on old copper is throwing money down the drain. It’s obsolete. It’s that simple. Fibre is amazing technology and yes, will eventually also be replaced with better, but it will last a long time, it’s that good.
    Doesn’t Turnbull invest in FTTP in other parts of the world?? So he obviously thinks its winning technology, just not for us.. :/

  16. jezzaG

    I’ve been put on the wireless NBN 25mb and I can’t say the difference is noticeable unless I’m Skyping. I’m a little nervous when banking online as I’m not convinced about its security. I also get several wrong number phone calls daily. Bit of a fizzler really.

  17. sam

    Put things inperspective from my job which is IT.

    From rural France I get lower latency to a server in sydney on a cheap (sub 70 euros per month plan) ~1MB/s (yes mega byte not mega bit) DSL than from a $150 per year ADSL2+ connection from brisbane to sydney.

    on average >10 millisecond spikes of latency higher on the australian network. versus doing it from the other side of the planet!

    Australian broadband is a joke! As soon as you go to a suburb with a crappy exchange/as soon as X extra meters from the exchange ADSL can’t push as much data even if its says its ADSL 2+ (or whatever its not reaching peak throughput of that specification anyway). So even if libs upgrade to the best copper routing tech it does not scale over distance in comparison to optical fiber. *not to mention the latency incurred in the fundamental routing infrastructrue in the overall network (larger exchanges)

    If you put down optical fiber you’re limitation is the routers sitting on that network. You can always upgrade a router. As opposed to digging up streets and laying new cable network.

    It should have already been completely upgraded to optical fibre. THEN we’re only JUST getting to the same level playing field that the other places where they are already looking at upgrading the routers in their existing optical fiber networks.

    Lets look at the money side as liberals love to say we dont have the money for something they dont believe in.
    Australia is a soverign fiat currency issuing economy not operating at capacity constraints. Fiscal statements aside if it came to to the crunch and there was no money for it (which there is lets face it) just create the currency to finance the creation of the infrastructure. Nobody is going to refuse money issued from a central bank.

    No excuses other than 2 obvious points: Malcolm is pretty illiterate in the fields of IT and macro economics and his usual center right ideology (lets face it hes like a right wing labor scum bag) is shackled by extremist right wing ideology which the rest of his party prides itself with!

  18. Carol Taylor

    Jezza, I’m afraid that you’re going to have to get used to online *everything* however, I do understand how some might be mum still refuses to use plastic in favour of trotting down to the bank with her passbook.

    When we were briefly, fortunately briefly without fast broadband the result was that many pages even just newspapers would not download due to timing out. All sites are becoming more complex and it will not be too long where unless you have something ‘super fast’ the internet is going to be just about useless.

    As far as ‘just to watch movies’, most of the major universities have had their own super fast broadband for over 5 years – they’ve had to in order to compete internationally. Likewise businesses in Australia do not have the time to hang around waiting for half an hour for data to download..continuously. Australia is going to be left behind..again.. and all due to some people’s ignorance of the modern business world.

  19. Kaye Lee

  20. Kaye Lee

    Every day, a new horror

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison cuts funds to peak refugee body

    Chief executive of the council Paul Power said he was shocked by the phone call. ”This decision is petty and vindictive and is symbolic of the minister’s very poor relationship with the non-government sector,” he said. ”While we, and other agencies, maintain constructive dialogue with other members of the government, it is clear that Mr Morrison has little interest in the ideas and concerns of non-government agencies which support refugees and asylum seekers.”

    Australia’s top disability advocate Graeme Innes has warned the Federal Government that the sector will suffer without a dedicated representative.
    Advocacy for people with a disability will be picked up by one of the other six commissioners.

    Schools to lose secular welfare staff under Christian chaplaincy drive

    Read more:

    In an extraordinary development that underscores the gulf between PNG authorities and the Australian government, PNG police deputy commissioner Simon Kauba attacked the “lack of co-operation” from Australian government agencies in a statement released Wednesday night.
    As foreshadowed by Fairfax Media earlier this week, Mr Kauba said that PNG police “did not enter the detention centre either before or during the disturbance and were not involved in the riot, nor were they responsible for inflicting any injuries sustained by the asylum-seekers”.”

    George Brandis reveals funds for child abuse royal commission were diverted to home insulation inquiry

    Read more:

  21. john921fraser



    10 millisecond pings ….. sweet jesus !

    Absolute best I can manage …. 3 clicks from xchange with ADSL2+ …. is 18ms and when those dogs in Ulan Bator start pissing it blows out to 118 ms …. thats correct , one hundred and eighteen !

    No excuse .,… Malcolm Turnbull is …. in the advertising jangle …. fcuked.

  22. john921fraser


    @Kaye Lee

    Lets not forget Brandis moving money from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

    Anyone following this Royal Commission should realize that with the evidence to date this Royal Commission should have its terms lengthened and broadened.

    And given more money.

  23. donwreford

    In Parliament yesterday a ferocious attack on Labor by Turnbull screaming abuse at Labor as being the retro party, of yesterday, Turnbull who is head of the internet roll out and making this as a cobbled system patch up of different systems to save money, I had a talk with a Telstra, optics engineer, on the terminating Labor internet connection as to the value of this policy and he distinctly stated it would have well to have left the Labor internet structure as being the best solution, Turnbull to have been aligned to party politics at the cost of a superior system, I always had a lot of respect for this man and I do not know if he has changed or has now lost his integrity.

  24. Joe Banks

    I like it! I like it! Kaye Lee, Malcolm Turnbull seems to have a pathological hatred of anything Labor. If Labor discovered how to turn crap into gold, Turnbull would claim it was a lie or a trick and spend a portion of his life trying to discredit it.

  25. joy cooper

    @donwreford, any respect for Turnbull should have vanished when he & his wife Lucy were involved in Utegate in an attempt to destroy the Rudd government. People are wise to remember that. He is not the cleanskin some think he is. Remember he is not a tech whizz either just a merchant wanker er banker.

    @Don Winther seems you have bought the Lib propaganda line that we only want faster broadband speeds to be able to watch movies, porn or play games. Not so. Anyone who uses computers should know better. Have you ever been with your GP when they try to access vital info re your tests, etc & they have to wait & wait & wait for the stuff to load? It all adds to the time they have to spend on such things when they could be doing something more important rather than waiting on slow internet. That is just one small example of the thousands of beneficial uses of high speed broadband

  26. DanDark

    Joy C I think Don wither is on our side
    His comment is having ago at turnbulls Nbn
    But could easily be read as the opposite to what he means Joy

  27. joy cooper

    @DanDark Shame there isn’t a sarcasm or irony font. It is needed it would seem..

  28. greg toland

    I Put this Proposition Forward Clive Palmer WAS trying to sign Turnbull to the PUP, Sadly Turnbull is Proving to be a Show pony all glitz with no substance, Trying to Flog his Fraudband on to The Nation, Come clean Malcolm Everybody Knows you are Not the Full Quid if you keep telling People that Fraudband is Better than the NBN , Do you realise how silly you are Looking

  29. DanDark

    Yes joy you are right
    We need to get one of our very smart kids we have in this country
    To get onto that invention, if we can invent the black box for planes
    Surely a new font would be a walk in the park for this very smart country

    Tone’s is the dumb one, and wants to keep the rest of the country dumb
    I will ask my son who is doing uni degree, who made his own computer literally
    If he can do that for us smart older generation 🙂 a new font please son

  30. Fed up

    Funding for the Refugee Council in the budget. Withdrawn two weeks later. Seems this government cannot afford such a small amount of money, Well not for organisations set up to advocate for people and give advice on their behalf to governments. Half a million dollars over four years. We cannot afford that????? What in the hell can this wealthy country afford??????

  31. Fed up

    What we see, is the budget in more disarray. The only explanation is, that they overlooked this funding.

  32. Fed up

    Maybe Turnbull is looking at going independent. Amy he has enough in the government to challenge Abbott on the floor of the house with Palmers support Just stirring. I believe he is up to something.

  33. M-R

    SPERIAMO !!!!!

  34. Olivia Manor

    And Turnbull is the man seen as an alternative to Abbott!!!!!…..

  35. vilasini

    Turnbull is the disappointment of the century….what a shallow loser he is…

  36. Stephen Tardrew

    Let’s get it right LNP is as LNP does. Lying, misinformation, deception, inequality, impoverishment therefore front or back bench you are tared with the same brush.

    Hands to ear: listening, listening, listening, still listening and not a sound to be heard.

    A moral dilemma with no moral critique by anyone in the party. They have had long enough to challenge this rubbish.

    Do not put hope in anyone in the LNP they have completely lost any sense of propriety.

    Too late brothers and sisters: too bloody slow to defend the poor.

  37. Umberto Ledfooti

    Di Smith, would you be so kind as to please run again in his seat?

  38. bkpyett

    Good article. Turnbull has turned away from all those things he used to believe in… pity he isn’t leader, but I don’t have faith in him any more either. The party is rubbish, wanting to revert to the rich haves, and the poor have nots and making it start immediately. Taking the apprentices tool allowance away is just one small thing for them and a huge thing for those wanting to become apprentices who are on a tiny allowance anyway. Don’t get me started…… 🙁

  39. Kaye Lee

    Malcolm made it clear this morning on the Today show that he considers charm the most important attribute. he is being pilloried with comments like

    “So you can’t guarantee speeds on your #fraudband but you can guarantee Peppa Pig”

    I did not know about the tool allowance. So they take away their tool allowance but they will allow them to borrow 20 grand and pay interest on it and they are supposed to be thankful

  40. scaper...

    “So they take away their tool allowance but they will allow them to borrow 20 grand and pay interest on it and they are supposed to be thankful”

    The apprentice loan scheme is pretty much the same as HECS. A no interest loan that is paid back in the future when they become trade qualified.

    Apprentices’ tools are supplied in the main by their employers/trainers. The tool allowances are mainly pissed against the wall or smoked through the bong because it is money for nothing.

    Obviously no research before spouting off but you get that in group bias!

  41. scaper...

    Are you kidding? You clearly stated apprentices have had their tool allowances taken away and will be given $20K loans that they will have to pay interest on. Nothing in your link is relevant to the change in policy that I can see.

    “Discount for apprentices who complete their training

    The loans will be capped at a total of $20,000 and will be repaid at the same thresholds as loans for university students. The policy is slated to cost $85 million to the federal budget over the forward estimates years.

    They will be available to apprentices training for a Certificate III or IV qualification that leads to an occupation on the National Skills Needs List, which includes nearly 70 trades.

    Those who complete their training will receive a 20 per cent discount on the loan.

    The Coalition says completion rates for apprentices is currently 48 per cent.”

    Only in Kaye’s world is a 20% discount on the loan for completing a trade apprenticeship is interest!

  42. Kaye Lee

    Having a touch of the Neil’s are we puddin’

    scaper: “The apprentice loan scheme is pretty much the same as HECS. A no interest loan that is paid back in the future when they become trade qualified.”

    the truth: “it plans to charge interest of up to 6 per cent a year on new and existing HELP debts”

    Denial can be caused by brain damage so I will leave it at that…far be it from me to persecute someone who may well have an affliction he cannot help.

  43. scaper...

    There is no plan to charge interest on HELP or TSL. You say there is and it is the truth, I say you are telling a lie.

    You have given no evidence, just a link to a fool.

    Never was good at debating facts because you have reverted to abuse. So you lose and I win.


  44. mars08

    The tool allowances are mainly pissed against the wall or smoked through the bong because it is money for nothing.

    Oh yeah… you forgot the “paying for tattoos” excuse that some coalition dickhead mentioned the other day.

    In recent years I’ve worked with over a dozen first year apprentices. In my experience NONE OF THEM has used their tool allowance improperly. So…. scaper what have you SEEN that indicates otherwise?

  45. Kaye Lee

    here’s a ‘fool’ from the government saying the same thing.

    “HELP debts will be indexed by the Treasury 10 year bond rate (to a maximum of 6.0 per cent per annum) rather than the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This means that government is lending money at broadly the same interest rate as it borrows money. The new arrangements will apply to all HELP debts (including those incurred by former students, continuing students and new students) continuing and new students beginning with the indexation of debts on 1 June 2016. Debts are not indexed until they are 11 months old.”

    Abuse? read your comments….read mine….abuse?

    And you don’t have to go to bed at 5:30 to escape my supposed abuse. You can just hit the red x. Nobody forces you to read what I write.

  46. Michael Taylor


    Now that’s the best thing Scaper has ever posted.

  47. Kaye Lee

    When I started high school a tough girl said to me “what are you looking at?”. I said “Dunno didn’t bring my zoo book with me”. She punched me in the face but I still felt the winner on the day. Talking to scaper leaves me with the same feeling.

  48. randalstella

    Hey Scaper, get yah head read sport..
    It is there in black and white – although your mob of lying gangsters have tried to hide it away from debate. 6% interest on new and existing HELP debts.

  49. Kaye Lee

    In the interest of being factual, the current 10 year bond interest rate as at 30 June 2013 is 3.76%. Interest rates are capped at 6% ie if our bond rate goes over that (unlikely at the moment) they will cap it there, but at the moment the students would be facing interest rates of 3.76%.

  50. randalstella

    Yes, of course – up to 6%; and on existing debts as well.

  51. Kaye Lee

    Yes, nothing like some retrospective rule changes.

  52. Manip u later !

    Ah “like most Australians” eh Mr. T ? What an assumption ! What a common use of discourse. Please don’t politicise me in your image with such statements ! You are nothing like me and I am nothing like you.

  53. Bacchus

    I assume an apology will be forthcoming from scaper?

  54. donwreford

    You are right on with Turnbull, I had not or forgot the Utegate affair, it shows that Turnbull, is has no problem with deceit, the fact that he can conspire and discredit some one’s character is a serious indictment on a mans integrity, and can never be trusted.
    I was taken in by the debonair pretense, I have myself a problem in valuating peoples character.

  55. donwreford

    When I saw Turnbull, on the stage in Parliament, I thought his show and attack on Labor as he soared in his act and flight of dramatics on the retro party, was all part of climbing the ladder of power designed to eventually take out Abbott’s place, I felt Abbott, when he was witnessing Turnbull’s, performance was thinking this guy is dangerous to me, at least if I was Abbott, I would be feeling this right hand man is more than my second, he wants to usurp me.

  56. donwreford

    Have not followed scapers contribution to the blog, but some people do not have a point of view that they own, they have a adversarial point of view, where they get a testosterone buzz, or a sexual itch of inner chemistry, from being that way, its all to do with their body, that is hidden from those who engage with them, it is all to do with the self, that is has no relationship to the discussion as they usually are not aware of the condition them selves, but often frustrating to those who are involved with serious discussion, and those with regard to say truth, as their are a few people still having the desire to acquire knowledge to free themselves from self delusion.

  57. ozfenric

    Malcolm Turnbull will never again be leader of the Coalition. He’s far too moderate for most of the loonies that make up the top ranks of that esteemed collection of gentlemen.
    At the same time, Clive Palmer will never be PM of Australia. However well his party does in the polls – and they are doing well, mostly because they’re not Labor and they’re not the Coalition – I can’t see the Australian people willingly electing a man of his… ahem… stature. His wealth might be able to buy his way into power but I suspect it will be a problem for a lot of people who might otherwise vote PUP. Thus…
    Malcolm Turnbull to join PUP and become its putative leader – even if Clive is the man pulling the strings? Too far-fetched? Turnbull wants the top job. He still has a lot of respect in the electorate (particularly the all-important swinging voters) and he’d be a huge draw for the PUP. The only reason he didn’t walk away from politics, I imagine, is that a small part of his soul still thinks he can get to the top. But he’s a canny enough operator to see where his grass is greenest.
    The chief fly in the ointment is that I think Clive still thinks he can get there himself. Just look at all his gloating proclamations of winning “one sitting member every month” – recently revised to include State politics rather than just Federal…

  58. Don Winther

    Hi, my apprentice informed me today that the apprentice tool allowance has been stopped. He got in early ( last month ) and bought himself some very good quality tools that he believes he will use for the rest of his working life. He spent more than the government allowance and I happily also payed $1568.00 for this years education which Im sure also went towards his tool allowance.

    Does anybody know if the tool allowance has been cut for apprentices in Victoria?

    Scaper maybe the completion rates for apprentices is 48% because the economy has been destroyed by our Federal Governments lack of vision and respect for people that prefer to work with there head and hands.

    I personally see no future for his trade in this country after the last round of Free Trade Agreements and suggested to him to complete his apprenticeship and then get into politics.

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