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Buying The Liberals On Interest-free Terms While Andrew Bolt Tells Us That Courts And Scientists Are Wrong!

Georgie Pell has been the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice! I know this because Andy Bolt told me. Andy Bolt knows this because this isn’t the first time that old Tiger Pell has been accused and he hasn’t been convicted before. As we all know if someone is accused of something more than once and it isn’t proved the first time, than it probably means that their innocent of all future charges.

There’s no way, of course, that our court system wouldn’t be biased against Pell. After all, he told us that climate change wasn’t real, so those scientists that are rigging the weather so it seems to be hotter are probably now extending their conspiracy to the judicial system. Yes, Bolt can declare Pell innocent even though he wasn’t in court and didn’t hear the evidence. It’s rather like his position on climate change. He doesn’t need a degree in climate science to know that it’s all a scam. In fact, Bolt doesn’t even have a degree in anything having dropped out of university.

Now I’m not saying that one needs a degree to have an opinion. Quite obviously, in spite of any educational qualifications I have, I’m not going to argue with the electrician when he tells me not to pick up the wires because they’re dangerous. In fact, I wouldn’t even argue with the electrician’s apprentice. No, I support Bolt’s right to express his scepticism on climate change and his right to tell us whatever he likes in the name of free speech . Yes, as far as I’m concerned, he can go all the way and tell us the conviction is all because of some conspiracy created by climate scientists and those who wish to see George behind bars because of his views on the topic…

Let’s face it, climate scientists have a vested interest in what they do, because unlike Bolt, they’re living on the same planet as the rest of us.

But speaking of vested interests, I must say that the Liberals’ capacity to generate interest-free terms is convincing me that they were right when they said that interest rates would always be lower under a Liberal government. First we had Mathias “I didn’t check my credit card and they didn’t check their bookings” Cormann. Now we have the buses in WA – which aren’t free even though the guy “selling” them just got appointed to a well-paid job by Christian Porter. Ok, they’ve been purchased. They just haven’t been paid for. The invoice is in the mail. They’ll be paid for before the election at some price which is surely none of our business, unlike the novelty cheque which Georgina Downer presented to that bowls club.

Remember Utegate? How outrageous it was that Rudd had been “given” the free use of a second hand ute? Ok, it was pretty much fabricated with forged emails, but imagine if he’d claimed that he’d bought the ute; he just hadn’t been charged for it until the media started asking questions. Remember Godwin Grech who disappeared from view until he reappeared in the Harry Potter films as Kreacher?


I suspect that they’re hoping you’ve all been hypnotised so that you forget. How else could Scott Morrison and company expect to get away with pretending that they didn’t have more PMs in five years than Labor had in six How else could they ask you to believe that they can’t tell whether or not someone they’ve had in detention for over five years is a security risk. How else could they expect you to buy their concern about climate change when they were handing around a lump of coal in Parliament and laughing because it seemed that it didn’t make their hands dirty.

Or maybe you haven’t. Maybe the polls are right and the only Liberals who’ll be elected are the ones in safe, safe seats and the ones with enough sense to stand as independents.



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  1. New England Cocky

    It’s time ….. again!!

  2. Baby Jewels

    It’s a shame on us all as a population that this dickhead gets any airtime at all.

  3. Lambert Simnel

    The public should have been well aware of the likely consequences of buy now pay later when they voted that cretin Abbott in back in 2013.

  4. Norbert

    It’s a shame on us all as a population that we only bark but never take action.

    If we did, Canberra would be closed, all current and former Aussie politicians banned and send home into exile (you know, PsOME and crown polishing knights, we don’t need them, we need people with balls) and Australia would finally become a real democratic, free country where people work for people and their country as a whole, not tyrants against their folk and into their own pockets. Full stop!

    Though, Australia is made up of two classes, the fart sniffing heroes and the new immigrants who know nothing, care about nothing but are used to keep silent and just abide by any “(rulers made) Rule Of Law”.

    OZOZOZ, washing down the drain.

  5. pierre wilkinson

    we call for a federal ICAC with teeth
    we call for a May election
    a change of government
    and a brave new future aimed at securing
    equal distribution and fairness for all

  6. Jack Cade

    Abbott has been an appalling mp since he was first elected. What’s more, he was notoriously appalling, but regularly found favour with 6 out of 10 of the burghers. That says much about his electorate, which is likely to have the same prejudices they’ve had for 20 years, so don’t hold your breath about him possibly being replaced by a progressive. He will likely be replaced by someone like his sister, ie, someone with the same prejudices as Abbott bar one – the one that resonates with people owning beachside properties that will be worthless if the tide comes in too far.

  7. Kaye Lee

    In response to the IPCC report, Melissa Price, our phantom environment minister, said “I don’t accept that we don’t have the right mix of policies, and I don’t accept that we’re not going to meet our targets.” That being the case, why are they spending this new money on a Climate Solutions Fund and other such unnecessary stuff? Melissa tells us that “Every year, there’s new technology with respect to coal” and to say it has to be phased out is “drawing a very long bow.” because she knows better than the scientists, apparently.

  8. Kronomex

    “That being the case, why are they spending this new money on a Climate Solutions Fund?”

    Starts with the letter “e” and ends with the letter “n” and is brought to you by the letters “lectio”.

  9. Glenn K

    Why does no one ever mention that the only way to fly a family return to Singapore for less that $2,800 is if you work in the airline industry and get an industry promotion rate. There’s no way he flew his family cattle class, they would have been in business or first class. So even the cost of the tickets represent a “gift in kind” and should be declared. More corruption!!

  10. Frank Smith

    Snowy Hydro 2. A huge cost to all Australians and the real cost of the essential transmission lines to make it a reality dumped on the States. It is absolutely essential that this brain fart of Turdball and now his idiotic advertising successor is subjected to critical analysis. Would the Nation’s money invested in Snowy Hydro 2 + the $2 billion plus transmission costs to make it a reality to produce 2000 megawatts of “stored energy” be far better spent on smaller pumped hydro projects distributed around the country? This is an extremely costly project that is being thrust upon the Nation without a real business case being made. One only has to look at the existing pumped hydro station that has operated since 1984 on the Wivenhoe Dam west of Brisbane and has the capacity to produce 500 megawatts to question the business case behind Snowy Hydro 2 – build four Wivenhoes for far less you idiots. This mob of Coalition shysters are desperately trying to pull the wool over Aussies faces with this Snowy 2 project – because the Snowy project is “iconic”, not because it is the best thing to do. We need to see the business case and how it stacks up with alternative pumped hydro projects before committing the Nation to enormous expenditure for something that will not be delivered until 2025.

  11. Matters Not

    Yes Glenn K the figures quoted (less that $3 000 for a family of 4) are completely unrealistic and yet they seem to fly below the MSM radar without nary a question. Mates rates for sure. Or should that be chums …

  12. Zathras

    Never forget that Howard intended to sell off the Snowy and already had the other stakeholder States in agreement but then backed off when he realised it would need to be debated in Parliament first and would likely be very unpopular with the electorate.

    Now it’s been rebadged as an “National Icon” and the saviour of a renewable energy initiative.

    Nobody has indicated what will happen to the upgraded Snowy after completion but I suspect the original intention would resurface.

    Hopefully all the current coalition members will be gone by the time the project is finished but the lust for privatisation will remain.

  13. Patagonian

    Oh well, if Blott, font of all knowledge and mind-reader extraordinaire (he speaks for the silent majority apparently, so he must be able to divine their thoughts) says Pell’s innocent then it must be so.

  14. Patagonian

    “Remember Utegate? How outrageous it was that Rudd had been “given” the free use of a second hand ute? Ok, it was pretty much fabricated with forged emails…”. Somebody needs to give Craig Rucassel a big kick iup the arse. As the host of the Drum tonight he made a comment likening Porter’s dodgy and demonstrably real Busgate to the totally false accusations of Utegate. I expected better from him.

  15. Perkin Warbeck

    On Bolt and Pell. My mother was a devout Catholic, and fascinated by the ‘Holy Shroud’. When it was
    examined by a team of scientists, one spokesman for the scientists said that ‘…if the blood stains on the cloth
    are evidence that the imprint i s of a crucified man, then the blood was still flowing and the man was therefore
    still alive.’ Or words to that effect.
    My mother’s response, and I quote; ” I don’t believe it. Even if it is true, I resent (the paper) printing it.”
    Devout Catholics of her ilk would not have believed in Pell’s guilt if there was a HD film clip of him on his
    own mobile phone.

  16. Kaye Lee

    Good point Glenn K. The cheapest direct flight from Perth to Singapore in business class that I could find was $2591 for one round trip ticket.

  17. Matters Not

    Want the cheapest cattle class flight? Go direct to the airline company and request exactly that – no options of refunds, date changes etc. In my experience, that’s the cheapest flight. Cut out the agents commission etc.

    Want to get the cheapest Business Class? Buy cattle class and then board with dollars in hand. Flight attendants, particularly those from Asia are NOT well paid and are usually in the business of making the odd dollar or two on the side. Only works for passengers travelling alone apparently and it’s a gamble. Never done that myself but I know of one person who flew from Brisbane to London via Colombo – using three different airlines for different parts of the journey and it worked every time. Perhaps that’s how Cormann travelled so economically ? LOL.

    Once flew from Frankfurt to Copenhagen for $47 a head with most of that money for airport fees, taxes and charges – but had to book months ahead. Don’t go near Flight Centre and the like. Try Costless Travel for good travel deals – have no offices as such – just a phone line and they are also good for airline companies that don’t come near Australia but go to exotic destinations across Europe. Nevertheless, be prepared to sit among (perhaps only) Muslims who don’t drink and seem to pray constantly. Not sure why but their prayers seem to work – never crashed yet. LOL

    Gee I miss travelling.

  18. Michael Taylor

    Bingo. From @tassiedevil on Twitter:

    “So we have right wing commentators happy to condemn asylum seekers as rapists and paedophiles without any evidence whatsoever but quick to defend #Pell who has been found guilty in a court of law.”

  19. Michael Taylor

    Not defending the guy, but cheap flights are possible. For Carol and I to fly to Sydney, Singapore, London and Dublin return (departing Edinburgh) on British Airways – cattle class, unfortunately – is $747 per person (plus taxes and surcharges, totalling all up $1,928).

    Qantas, btw, was three times as much.

  20. Kronomex


    What about using LSD Airlines or Trans-Cendental Airways? Surely they could be even cheaper ways to fly?

  21. Michael Taylor

    Kronomex, we’re building up our frequent flyer points. Our last trip to the UK was free. If we ever go again, that one will be free, too.

  22. Zathras

    As for Pell, I’m sure that Bolt and his fellow apologist commentators wouldn’t be leaping to the defence of a Muslim cleric if one was likewise convicted.

    They also don’t hesitate to condemn off-shore asylum seekers accused of possible crimes but perversely defend someone who has actually been found guilty in a court of law.

    It’s typical of the perpetual persecution and martyrdom complex that religion uses and makes itself the true victim, as Bolt himself did with his 18C ruling.

  23. Ken Smith

    Andy Capp Shot a Bolt through the top of his head that’s where all the hot air comes from.

  24. Pingback: A great article from the AIM ntework – Author David Tyler | Townsville Blog.

  25. peter mccarthy

    Many years ago Andrew Bolt turned up on Radio National’s Science Show with Robyn Williams. Can’t find a reference to it but it may have been last century. In any case Bolt had been claiming Global Warming was fake so Robyn bought him in to discuss his evidence. You can imagine how forensic his effort was. Think Malcolm Roberts without a graph. 🙂

    The best thing about it was when Williams asked “How do you keep up with the Science? I’m flat out doing that and it’s my day job.”

    The reply was classic Bolt. “I’m too busy to read the Science.”

    Robyn was too polite to ask if he was capable of comprehending the data.

  26. Kaye Lee

    In his 2007 book Who Killed Channel Nine?, former Nine Network producer Gerald Stone claimed that Buttrose and Kerry Packer conducted a private but intense affair during Buttrose’s tenure on Cleo and that Packer reportedly even offered to marry her, but she rejected the idea and they split after a “blazing row”.

  27. Adrianne Haddow

    Well, all is right with the world…..
    Ita is in her perfect place to de-fang the ABC, if it has any teeth left.

    Can’t wait to see Aunty exposed to ‘Cleo-fication’. Obviously the IPA infiltration isn’t sufficient to dumb us down enough.

    When will this Scomo and his cronies realise that just because someone is famous, or a mate, doesn’t mean they are capable of running an enterprise such as the ABC?
    Ita’s appointment should keep all the grannies happy…except this one.

  28. helvityni

    WOW, Ita of Cleo for top position of their ABC…!!!

    The Monday Herald’s crossword had a picture of Ita : four letters.

    Ita (3 ), Buttrose (8) letters….some error has happened here, no, the answer was CLEO….I had forgotten about that rubbish…

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