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But most of all, I am humanity and the change starts with me. Does it start with you? A Fight for Our Civil Liberties

Please watch and share this video. This is one of the best leadership speeches I have ever heard in my lifetime. Spoken by Katrina, a wife and mother from the Logan community. Please take everything in Katrina is saying and show support against the VLAD laws (aka ‘the bikie laws’) and the importance of standing up and uniting


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  1. Terry2

    I live in the Far North of Queensland and I have to say that when the surge was on in the South East corner of our state for Campbell the Messiah, a few of us up here were scratching our heads and wondering how can it be that the LNP who couldn’t organise a chook raffle let alone find a leader within their own ranks turned to an outsider as their saviour and then rolled into government.

    Most of us had never heard of this bloke and now we are stuck with him and no upper house to provide the checks and balances so necessary in a democracy such as ours.

    This, evidently was the will of the people of Queensland.

  2. bighead1883

    The youtube link is not valid Trish
    I`ve gone to my youtube page and no go M8

  3. bighead1883

    There`s been lotsa funny things going on in suppressing the voices of dissent with this rise in neo-conservative fascism.

  4. Kaye Lee

    There are many people we need to fight for now – the vulnerable are under attack as is our planet. I agree the bike laws are draconian and indicative of many other draconian laws like the gag clauses for NFPs who may not comment on their funding or do any lobbying without putting their funding in danger. Gillard moved to stop this law which was enacted in Queensland and NSW.

  5. Bacchus

    Try this bh:

  6. Dan Rowden

    The bikie laws are all about money. It’s far cheaper to arm the police with a bullshit law than resource them properly.

  7. John Fraser


    He also noted that the 187 pages of “anti-bikie” legislation did not once mention the word “bikie”.

    The legislation applies to each and every one of us who belongs to any kind of club, association or other organisation, and any such organisation can be declared a criminal organisation by the executive.

    There is no avenue of appeal against such a decision. Mr Wellington was making an important point.

    The legislation is extreme, dangerous, draconian and unnecessary.

    It is a pity the letter writers chose to focus on the trivial aspects of this matter, while ignoring the real threat to society posed by this legislation.”

    “Murdoch and Abbott / newman lied to Australians”.

  8. bighead1883

    Still comes up as invalid address.Like I said,I could not find it on the youtube home either

  9. Paul Scahill

    Terry2 – then we with eyes open could see it coming with help of MSM the idiots still voted LNP even after seeing what little hitler was doing. God help us!

  10. bighead1883

    December 30, 2013 • 10:33 am
    Ta M8,I just got it through Google as well because Internet Explorer did not support it.

  11. johnlord2013

    The every day voice is alive and well.

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