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Blessed Are The Stupid For They Shall Inhibit The Earth – Tony Abbott, Maurice Newman and What To Do About People Who Insist On Looking At Facts!

Ok, I’ve just been reading about the British Penal System prior to the First Fleet. Now this was a time when they really knew how to dish out severe punishments but strangely the crime rate was still rather high. Now when I say dish out severe punishments, I naturally meant to the lower classes. The important people – lords and the like – were judged by the House of Lords until 1948, and they seemed to believe that – as with Peta Credlin’s drink driving charge, the public humiliation was enough punishment.

Of course, we still have people arguing that harsher penalties will act as a deterrent to crime. While this may be true in very rare cases, I suspect most people don’t stop and think, before committing a criminal act, “Hey, I only get five years for this, if it were ten, I’d definitely stop right now, and go and become a doctor.”

But, let’s be real! Nearly half the population is below average intelligence. (When this simple fact is applied to schools, it’s a sign of how badly they’re failing.)

My concern is not that we have stupid people. It’s that their opinions seem to be given such prominence in the media. Instead of giving scientists a chance to write a column, “The Australian” decided that it was worth giving Maurice Newman the space to explain to us all that the Bureau of Meteorology is caught up in this “warmist” conspiracy and have been falsifying figures.

Strange that during the period of so-called “global cooling”, there was no suggestion that the figures may be wrong. These were “facts” that the green movement were told were indisputable.

Yet now it seems that the BOM may be fallible after all. How do we know? Well, Maurice Newman says so! And he’s Tony Abbott’s Business Adviser, so he must know what he’s taking about. I mean, he was attacking wind farms even before Joe realised that they were incredibly ugly and lacked the raw beauty of a coal-fired power station.

Maurice Newman has refused meet with scientists about his comments. After all, scientists are part of that whole conspiracy that began with the Age of Enlightenment. They were probably even suggested that just transporting convicts to Australia won’t actually put an end to crime.

Mr Newman, like Tony Abbott, arrived in Australia by boat from England as a young boy, but neither were convicts as the English stopped sending their convicts here some time before either of them arrived. In the twentieth century, they only sent people who understood the superiority of the English class system while preferring the Australian weather.

Mm, perhaps there is a strong case for stopping the boats, after all.


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  1. Phi

    “Nearly half the population is below average intelligence.” Nicely put – that accounts for the conservative vote.

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  3. stephentardrew

    I was sort of thinking of not stopping the boats but retrospectively sinking them.
    Where is Stephen Hawking when you need him. Bit slack on the time travel stuff.
    Oh what a wonderful dream.
    I end the day in blissful somnolent ignorance and wake up in the morning to THAT, THAT…………………..?
    Go ahead just fill in the gaps.

  4. mars08

  5. Shevill Mathers

    Clever people surround themselves with other clever people, morons surround themselves with similar or even lower on the minus scale. We know which group are running the country at the present time.

  6. Rob031

    About stupidity – Monty Python’s Galaxy Song:

  7. stephentardrew

    Well Germany is certainly pissed off with Abbott when Merkel’s ex-advisor trashes the Australian government’s approach to global warming.

    Great own goal Abbott.

    Sell the unsellable coal while destroying good old alternate energy manufacturing.

    Dear brethren the lies and deceptions are finally coming home to roost.

    Here yar Mr Smarty Pants Newman now have an inquiry into Germany and its excellent renewables driven manufacturing sector and lo and behold you will find a mirror reflecting the ignorant fool you are.

    Oh those pesky temperature measury thingys they lie, they lie.

    The sooner you are put out to pasture the better for us all.


  8. Kaye Lee

    “Unsurprisingly, yet still remarkably, Maurice Newman has rejected the opportunity to meet with Australia’s top scientists for a briefing on climate science following his disturbing article in The Australian on Tuesday that called for an investigation in the Bureau of Meteorology.

    The Climate Council, disappointed and concerned with Abbott’s chief business advisor’s comments, sought to organise a meeting with him and the top scientists available in Australia to discuss the real impacts of climate change on business and the economy.

    “It is tempting to simply ignore Mr Newman’s ignorant and unfounded utterances,” said Professor Will Steffen. “However, climate change is an important issue and it deserves to be properly understood. The Australian business community accepts the science of climate change and understands that the economic impacts could well be profound.

    “It is unacceptable that the Prime Minister’s Chief Business Advisor puts his head in the sand rather than make himself aware of the serious and growing risks for people, the economy and businesses from climate change.

    “Mr Newman has a responsibility to avail himself of the facts. His recent attack on the Bureau of Meteorology, one of Australia’s most highly respected institutions, is irresponsible. People at BoM are highly qualified professionals that provide important information to support many people’s economic decisions – from farmers to the aviation industry.

    Steffen says that speculation that the world might be cooling, in an earlier opinion piece in The Australian, was another example of Mr Newman’s “nonsense.””


  9. mars08

    How strange…

    This government fabricates and promotes a phantom threat in order to frighten the voters and gather support….. and ignores a very real issue that threatens the planet.

    I guess it’s a matter of priorities. And Abbott’s priority is to get re-elected.

    BTW…. did you hear Shorten’s passionate speech on this scandal? No, neither did I….

  10. Tony Adams

    What I love about Maurice Newman is the certainty that at some point, the Government will change, he will lose his special privileges, respect for environmental science will be restored and he will have to eat a huge shit sandwich. Bring it on.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Newman says:

    “If the world does indeed move into a cooling period, its citizens are ill-prepared. …It is interesting to contemplate how the West would handle the geopolitical and humanitarian challenges brought on by a colder climate’s shorter growing seasons and likely food shortages. Abundance is conducive to peace. However, a scenario where nations are desperately competing for available energy and food will bring unpredictable threats, far more testing than anything we have seen in recent history.”

    He suggests that it is critical the public accept the need to curtail government programs in areas such as social services and the environment because we need to funnel more money into the military to be ready for this increased probability of conflict.

    And this is who Tony Abbott chose to be his chief business adviser. This is who John Howard chose to be Director of the ABC. He was Chancellor of Macquarie University FFS. Just shows you don’t have to be smart to make money and once you’ve got money you know everything about everything in the whole wide world. (Think James Packer or Gina Rinehart – someone really needs to tell her she can’t write poetry. Ok, she may, but she shouldn’t share it).

  12. dennis

    Thanks to the new terrorist laws and more to come every thing should be in place to quell civil unreast either way Kaye lee

  13. stephentardrew

    Our blessed heroes are certainly being effective. Australia’s investment in renewable energy slumps 70% in one year
    The Coalition’s review of the Renewable Energy Target has caused investment in clean energy to drop below that of Algeria, Thailand and Myanmar.

    Sometimes it’s hard just getting the words out as I sit in stunned silence at the mendacity of these unadulterated fools. Please, pleas, please tell me it is not so that we are being ruled buy such self-inflated destructive incompetence. Soon the only innovated thing we will be able to manufacture will be digital match sticks.

    Come on fellas bring on your worse, avva go and chop off the other arm. Starve me, make me homeless and suicidal in my old age. Even that won’t be enough for ya but while I still have breath to breath common ava go.

    Signed: The Black Knight

    Brought to you by Gina Washing Machina Whinnyheart (Oops no so much of the heart hey!) and her band of merry Driberalls.


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