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Ban The Bra… Mm, Wait, No, Burn The Bra… Um, Aw Shit!

Whenever I hear the phrase, “Ban The Burqa”, my mind wanders back to the feminists who insisted that we burn the bra…

Of course, the bra was a symbol of the oppression of the patriarchy and it was only by letting one’s boobies run free that one could truly embrace feminism…

Or something like that! I was rather young at the time and not really paying all that much attention, because the mere mention of words like bra or breasts or, indeed, almost anything at all would immediately start me thinking about sex.

Even though I didn’t pay much attention to the theory behind it at the time, I’m older now and I understand that the bra is a symbol of oppression. Not only that, one could conceal some rather dangerous items inside a bra…

By that I don’t mean what naturally fits inside a bra. I mean foreign bodies. And by foreign bodies I mean bombs. To prove this, I intend to slip on a bra and hide a foreign body inside it and slip quietly into the Senate without anyone noticing. Once I’ve successfully done that, I’ll whip off my bra and with a dramatic flourish, set it on fire and call for an end to this dangerous object and suggest that – in a spirit of Aussie freedom – the bra should be banned.

That should make the point. Anyway it’s probably likely to get me into less trouble than wandering around asking women to take off their bras. People might confuse my attempts to liberate, with some sort of sleazy attempt to look at women’s breasts. Which is unfair, because nobody accused Pauline of some sleazy attempt to look at women’s bodies when she suggested that the burqa should be banned.

That’s what’s so terrible about being a white, middle-class man in this country: everybody treats you differently, It’s one rule for us and another rule for all those who shouldn’t be allowed to say anything that upsets us. I mean, political correctness right? I can’t come out and say what I really think for fear of somebody telling me that they disagree and I haven’t been brought up to accept criticism. Or even disagreement with my point of view.

It’s one of the reasons I’m so upset about the marriage equality debate. People may say hurtful things to me if I express the view that I don’t think gay people should be allowed. So, I’m just going to say nothing apart from commenting on how good it was that Archbishop Dennis Hart made it clear that if any employees of the Church marry their same sex partner they’ll be sacked. That should stop all those gay people from oppressing Christians who want to prevent them from marrying, by saying things like, “We should be allowed to get married!” Or even worse, “I find your view very intolerant”.

If somebody said that to me, I’d be writing to the paper straight away, complaining that by suggesting her children would be hurt by the debate, Penny Wong was indulging in the worst sort of bullying, which is the bullying of a minority. And let’s be clear here: White, entitled old men ARE a minority. We just get so much criticism because people are jealous that our opinion seems to count a lot more than any else’s. Politics of envy, really.

Yep, I’d certainly vote for One Nation if it wasn’t being run by a woman.


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    ban everything!


    ….especially budgie smugglers…they are really offensive and men conceal weapons in them not budgies that is misleading.

  3. king1394

    One thing I don’t understand about Pauline Hanson’s behaviour in wearing the burqa into Parliament is why, when she rose to speak, did she pull it off, in a very theatrical gesture. I’m sure everyone knew it was Pauline, she didn’t need to reveal herself. If we could have been able to listen to her words without being distracted by the expressions on her face, it might have made more sense

  4. Keitha Granville

    nice one king1394 – her reasoning about security issues was a waste given that she was successfully identified by the Senate security detail.

    Does it matter whether the burqa is religious,fashionable, choice, requirement, or whatever : when did we become a country that tells people what they can and can’t wear ? We see people walking around in just about every manner of clothing ever invented. Why are we picking on people who wear scarves and long dresses ? Is it just because we don’t like them ? Goodness, there are a lot of clothing styles I don’t like, but I am pretty sure we can’t ban them all.

    As for bras, never liked them anyway and spent a lot of my young life not wearing one.

  5. townsvilleblog

    Personally I support ban the burka because it is not traditional Australian garb, and if we go to a Muslim country we have to wear what they wear, so I can’t see why they shouldn’t be expected to wear what we wear when in Australia. I know from speaking to a Muslim lady that it is not an essential requirement of the religion, merely a garb that is worn in some Muslim countries. And no the lady I asked about this did not wear any headdress although she said she used to when she first arrived from Turkey.

    It seems ridiculous to me that one cannot wear a full face motorcycle helmet into a shop but a burka can be worn? Totally ridiculous!

  6. helvityni

    In these times of rampant obesity, I call for our bra makers to make bigger and stronger bras. I will go as far as George Costanza’s father, and start manufacturing BROS, bras for men…. Mr Costanza was a very astute business man, if he put his idea into practice, he would now be a millionaire…. From little tings big things grow…

    I once went to an inner-city progressives’ party, that culminated into bra- burning… I cunningly unzipped mine and when the party police came to check, I was passed with flying colours.. (I had ‘burned’, AND kept mine)

  7. king1394

    The bra is a very good example of a garment which is imposed on women, though I’d say it’s the fashion industry and societal convention rather than the patriarchy that imposes it. I discarded bras happily through the 70s, and 80s, and particularly found being braless when breastfeeding very comfortable. I still prefer no bra (they make you very hot in summer) but somehow feel self-conscious without one – my dear children are prone to telling me that my ‘headlights are on’, and a lot of women’s clothing does require some structure around the chest area. My friend who has had a single mastectomy also hates wearing her special bra and never has it on around the house; when she goes out she also feels pressure to display the acceptable shape.
    Bras are also ridiculously expensive.

  8. Deanna Jones

    I do hope you know that the whole bra burning thing is a myth? Outside of one particular protest involving one bra, it never happened in the way people who seek to ridicule the women’s movement say it did.

    king1394August 20, 2017 at 11:00 am
    The bra is a very good example of a garment which is imposed on women, though I’d say it’s the fashion industry and societal convention rather than the patriarchy that imposes it.

    And who do you think controls all that?

  9. helvityni

    My nine points go the clean-faced, appropriately dressed, intelligent and compassionate Penny Wong, my one point (for trying) for the rouge-cheeked, black-eyed, expensively attired Ms Julie, and Nil points for the pathetic burka clad Pauline…

    I can guess who wears the prettiest bra… 🙂

  10. Jagger

    Man says to woman, why do you need to wear a bra, you’ve only got small breasts, to which she replied, well you wear underpants.

  11. Rossleigh

    Deanna, I made it quite clear that, not only was I not paying attention in the 60s, but I have no idea what’s going on. It’s these two simple facts that enable me to freely express opinions on subjects I know nothing about in the hope that I can replace Malcolm Roberts in the Senate when Pauline’s party run out of people to ask.

  12. Jagger

    Rossleigh, with PHON getting approximately 8% of the vote, you could be in for a long wait.

  13. Vikingduk

    Well, Rossleigh, if you were paying attention in the 60’s you weren’t really there, merely a voyeur and having no idea what’s going on makes you extraordinarily qualified to replace empirical roberts as the resident expert. Dolphinately you would be the go to man when I needed clarification on any matter and would vote for you with no hesitation. Are you considering forming a collective of ignorance? A we haven’t got a clue party? Trust us, we know nothing party. Shit, I think I’ve just described the LNP. As far as burning bras, what’s a bra? And ideas? Both overrated in my what passes for a mind.

  14. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Clearly, you’ve never worn a bra, Rossleigh with your description of being able to whip off your bra in Parliament in a flash! 🙂

    Nonetheless I agree; we should ban the bra and upstage Pauline Hanson’s little stunt with the bonus of liberating women from the Universal Patriarchy!

  15. paul walter

    Good to see Rossleigh keeping a breast of current fashion trends and I get the underlying point, that making women from a different culture wear western clothes could be as unpleasant as forcing western women to parade up Pitt street in plastic navel high minis wearing no knickers.

    Clueless, for a supposedly civilised society.

  16. diannaart

    @ Townesvilleblog

    WTF, maaate? There are sooooooo many ways to hide bombs without donning the burqa (and drawing attention to oneself), please desist from this chicken little hysteria over clothing worn by a very, very tiny, infinitesimal percentage of women in Australia, such a tiny percentage in fact, that the burqa tends to attract attention rather than blend its wearer inconspicuously, capiche?

    As for wearing a full face helmet into a bank… well of course, if women are wearing burqas everyone should be free to wear full face helmets wherever they please… really? I find chatting to the bank teller a tad limiting in my Shoie, unless I lift the visor, thus revealing my face… oh, never mind. Just think through what you are actually saying before writing… OK maybe I should follow my own advice on that score.

    In fact, I am considering writing the lazy person’s guide to terrorism, discussing such topics as “why go to all the effort of getting on a plane with a bomb when you can just bomb a terminal?” and other edifying advice.


  17. helvityni

    Let’s not get too earnest here…I’d vote Rossleigh in for any party; there has not been much wit or fun in Oz politics since Keating… though Burke was pretty amusing last week…

  18. Kaye Lee

    1975 was the first International Women’s Year. After making a rather stinging speech at the male-only Lions Club, I was interviewed by the local paper. The reporter asked me what I thought about burning bras. I said “I play netball and have a 36″ bust. I think there are better ways to make a point.” They didn’t include that in the article. It was in the days before a schoolgirl was allowed to speak about her anyone other than her mother and the discrete lady with the tape measure in the undergarments department at David Jones.

  19. Max Gross

    I feel a strong case for mandatory nudity coming on…

  20. Shogan

    “the bra was a symbol of oppression”
    I don’t know, in some cases it’s a symbol of compression…:P

  21. kristapet

    More tongue-in cheek than usual, Rossleigh!
    I think your humour would be better served in Parliament, if you stood as an Independent, and you steered clear of all Phony parties.You could probably give the Phonies a run-for-their-money, while injecting some levity into the House.There is a dire need for an antidote, and relief from, the empirical evidence nutters, the know nothing-can’t hear you-list-ticking zealots, plus their, do nothing, members, and their mates, the I-am-innocent-water rustlers

  22. helvityni

    kristapet, top comment, refreshing…

  23. Mark Needham

    Burqa. Lovely. It really is an attractive item of religious clothing. I prefer the full covering up, in preference to the uncovering of the face, ie, just a scarf.
    Italian community, used to wear black, the Ladies., they should have had a Burqa, also. Hide them completely from ‘critical views, thoughts and commentary’.
    The Bra, if that is what our female country persons want, then that also, should be on the agenda. As Joy Adams, and Elsa, born free comes to mind, which fits with our democratic values.
    Let’s ban Bikini tops also, while we are at it, all Bra type fitments.
    Maybe with the forth coming Postal Plebiscite, we can vote for Burqas to be worn by all women. One way to get a Yes, Yes vote.
    Voting Yes,
    Mark Needham

  24. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Are you on the slops, Mark Needham?

  25. Carol Taylor

    According to Pauline, the burqua is un-Australian. I didn’t realise that Pauline’s clothes were actually Australian, to me it would seem that they’re likely to be American designed and made in Bangladesh. Or does Pauline think that we should be slaughtering possums in order to correctly reflect our Australian heritage?

    Seriously, the anti-Cancer Council has spent decades telling us to cover up as few of us have skin designed for the now we have Pauline telling us to take it all off. Muslim and Indian clothing is eminently more suitable for this climate than Pauline’s sleeveless mini skirted dress.

  26. diannaart

    @ Carol

    It has been scientifically proven by Luke McGregor* that redheads should be required to wear burqa’s to protect their sensitive freckled skins. Or in Pauline’s case her tanned leathery scales.


  27. bobrafto

    It seems ridiculous to me that one cannot wear a full face motorcycle helmet into a shop but a burka can be worn? Totally ridiculous!

    How many women wearing burqas have you read about who have held up 7/11’s or banks?

    How often do you see women wearing burqas?

    Have you seen hordes of these burqa clad women overtaking the supermarkets that made you freak out?

    We don’t have a dress code in Australia but we do have one for nudity but, but I do approve of the burqa and it should be compulsory wearing by Pauline Hanson and in the senate as well. I would also add to that Malcolm Roberts should be made to wear one as well.

    Half the problem solved we can hear her but we don’t have to see her.

  28. Deanna Jones

    Rossleigh, you said your mind wanders to “the feminists who insisted we burn the bra”. Who were they? Which feminists? Oh that’s right, you don’t even know.

    If you can’t make a humorous post without ridiculing a human rights movement, maybe you need to try a bit harder, put a bit of work into it.

  29. Jennifer Meyer-Smith


    you have a lot of friends here, even the clumsy males who don’t know how to show respect to the Sisters and Brothers who believe in Feminism.

  30. Harquebus

    Oh no. I knew there had to be a reason.

    “Women have more active brains than men”
    “The brains of women in the study were significantly more active in many more areas of the brain than men, especially in the prefrontal cortex, involved with focus and impulse control, and the limbic or emotional areas of the brain, involved with mood and anxiety.”

  31. paul walter

    ” I play net ball and have a 36” bust”.

    Man, am I trying conjure with splendour on that scale.


    ‘How often do you see women wearing burqas?’ take a trip to some suburbs in western sydney. theres a few around there.

    personally i think thongs and slouch hats should be banned…and budgy smugglers…and leather jox…

  33. wam

    spot on rossleigh

    the bra is the female domination symbol for attracting men
    (as kaye’s freudian slip pointed out there is a practical side to pectoral support that can be seen when the run, throw and fall over boys lose the outer garment and expose their sports bras)

    It is no accident that when I first holidayed in bali rural workers were often topless.
    Canadian women won the right to go topless 25 years ago but the men kept the right of ‘lewdness'(“There is no standard,” says Morrison. “Let’s say I’m topless and one of my breasts is itching so I scratch it. When does a scratch become a suggestive self-caress?”)

    Nipples and areolae are pixelated or pastied, breastfeeding is to be hidden from men and woe be hold any vaginal spillage

    the burqa(niqab, hijab, chador,) are steeped in the religion of sex as men cannot see a woman without the needed to unload genes surging in our brains. Remember the graduating priest ceremony joke where bells were tied to the penis and naked women paraded to test celibacy and one tinkle a bell had fallen off when the priest….

    It seems all covering of women and men can be traced to men’s sexual demands controlling women titillating sex spots – hair, nipples, napes, shapes

    Sorry but Australian women are already subjected to the rules of the men’s religions of the book believers but should be no place for men to control women by culture.
    The burqa is culture that the media use to sell ads by suggesting it is religion.
    Who here would accept needham’s ‘religious’ decriptions?
    keitha’s ignorance in ‘religious, fahionable.etc.’? Once it becomes religious children will be wearing such garment ie schoolkids in hijabs and showing their religious modesty.

  34. Freetasman

    Interesting, in today’s Newspoll One Nation rises to 9% from 8%.

  35. diannaart


    Hanson has her admirers, even here at AIMN

  36. Jack

    Religious, cultural,… whatever bucket people want to put it into, its a sign of oppression. It ain’t the actual clothing, its what it represents. We’re trying to get on top of spousal/domestic abuse in this country. This is just another flavour of it. Banning it in public places is a step towards equality

  37. bobrafto

    paul walter
    ” I play net ball and have a 36” bust”.

    Man, am I trying conjure with splendour on that scale.

    My ex which I’m still sort of fond of was is a 36

  38. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Why is continued SEXIST commentary of boob and bra measurements acceptable in this supposed intelligent discussion or any other free expression equal opportunity discussion?

    So much for Leftist Equality Equitability!!!! (Don’t care it that appears to be spelt wrong!)

  39. bobrafto

    Blame Paul Water and Kaye Lee.

  40. Roswell

    Blame Labor! (I’m trying not to get involved, but I couldn’t help myself).

  41. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Blame ignorant male arseholes, who pretend to have higher ethical values EXCEPT when it comes to how to refer to women’s identifying issues.

  42. paul walter

    JMS: “Why is…commentary of boobs and bra measurements acceptable…?”

    Because it’s a free country?

    Why not comment on one of these “serious” issues like the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, say, instead of wasting readers time grumbling about stuff like this?

  43. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Who says I’m not?

  44. bobrafto

    A storm in Kaye’s bra cups!

  45. bobrafto

    Jennifer is right.

    There’s nothing worse than old men making fools of themselves and that includes me although I work very hard at it, I seem to lapse from time to time.

  46. helvityni

    I grew up with five brothers, so to me, men old or young joking about bras, are no worse or better, than young or old women talking playfully about budgie smugglers…

    I was brought up to see men and women as equals, just human beings…

    Maybe the old Anglo hang-up about anything sexual,( with boobs and bras etc.) is at play here….

    Let’s not ban humour…

  47. Mr Martin kirkwood

    I think the bra should be optional

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