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  1. rangermike1

    Gee whiz, nothing wrong with Hock-a-docs Budget, just ask him. I guess he woke up the next morning saying, “What was in that Stogie I smoked last night”. “Maybe the answer lies in the bottle of Grange”. What a bunch of Idiots they are.

  2. rangermike1

    To be honest, I am a simple Engineer. I have little knowledge of Budgets or balancing the Country’s books. But I do know that you don’t leave the poor behind to ideologically push your 2 Class system onto the People. Hockey, I would not leave You or any of your Turkeys, In charge of a chook raffle.

  3. doctorrob54

    This is a hoax,public seething,ready to explode.If Shorten and his Lab.colleagues can maintain pressure blocking supply and forcing election looks better all the time.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Aussies are hard to stir because we live very well comparatively. But when you attack our most vulnerable you get us off our couches. The blatant bias towards the wealthy from this government has been astonishing in its arrogance. Did they think we wouldn’t notice? Did they think that their Credlin/Loughnane/Textor spin could make us all fall for the “strategy”?

    We know it’s all a game to you guys…”how can we sell this whilst protecting Gina at all costs.” Well piss off! You guys are nobody without us. You do not make anything….seems to be a good reason to defund you. Isn’t that the way it works? It may be timely to remind you that Gina has one vote and Rupert has none.

  5. jimhaz

    Trouble is they have been consummate players of dirty politics. There are people in the LNP who know the right psychological tricks to play here and there. It is more than Credlin and hubby. Too many of the front bench learnt from Howard.

    We are seeing irrational exuberance from the likes of Hockey. For him to add to the pile yesterday in saying he has his evil eye on the age in which super can be paid out means something. He is still gloating like a winner. Either they have already planned tricks to come or they are the mad fundamentalists I’ve often thought them to be – entranced by what they see as a continuing neocon propaganda success.

    I’d say they’ve set the first 18 months as bad cop, to set up the ticket clippers and try and spread fear memes, then the rest of the term as good cop. Don’t be surprised if, by the usual “coincidence”, company profits and share prices rise and the MSM becomes a Good News For Modern Man mouthpiece. Better economic conditions – not that growthwise they are at all bad now – means more in the taxation revenue and they will offer a calculated dose of calming medicine.

    I’m by nature a pessimist. I’ve not seen politicians take notice of even large protests for quite some time. I’m worried about anger and disgust dispersing over time – as it does. It’s a bit difficult to be positive when you know that the negative effects of the budget must be both severe, and that severity widespread enough, to overcome the political nous the LNP will employ. Its Lose-Win scenario.

    In any case I’m not at all convinced that the ALP will do much more than put the bandaids back. I want more than that. Long term I want the wealth and business world put back in its place – back to being our servant, an organisational tool that allows us to live well, not our master. The first step has to be a massive and lasting support implosion for the LNP and a sacking of everyone they have directly employed. Then caps on electoral spending, Then a proper mining tax, Then regulation. Then a trend to higher taxing of the wealthy and high incomers and the closure of tax loopholes. Then an assault on the banks and housing inflation.

  6. john921fraser


    @Kaye Lee

    Things are going so swimingly at present I'm thinking of cracking open a 59 Grange and lighting up a Montecristo No. 2 (

    Here's to Abbott & Credlin's plans for Australia's future …… its looking shorter and shorter every day.

  7. Delia Lord

    There seemed to be 100% rejection and total disgust at this. I was surprised that some one didn’t resort to violence and flatten him. He must of been a brave man to do this.

  8. Anomander

    As loud and overwhelming as the condemnation has been, unfortunately there isn’t 100% rejection.

    There are still large numbers of ignorant fools who firmly believe Abbott’s actions are correct because they have been repeatedly told the lie about a massive debt crisis. I work with someone just like this and they get very defensive when told the truth and completely dismissive of facts.

    There’s little point presenting facts to these people because their opinions are firmly set in concrete and facts simply makes them nor adamant they are right.

    The only way to change their opinions is to have things affect them inside their bubble of ignorance, Until such time as they are affected, or someone they know is harmed – they are happy to plod along like sheep, absorbing the government propaganda and defending the action to harm the poor, because they aren’t being personally affected.,

    Sickening and it frustrates the hell out of me!

  9. jasonblog

    I was going to do something boring like question the legitimacy of the accompanying video… but, @John921Fraser mentioned the Monte Cristo… and let’s face it… Nothing beats Cuba. I backpacked there in ’98. Visited the usual haunts and what not. Missed going to the Hemingway villa due to a stuff up. But, soaked it all up & still try to make sense of it.

  10. jasonblog

    @jimhaz – honestly – the LNP is that clever?

    I’d suggest you should start questioning the ALP and Greens a lot more thoroughly.

  11. Michael Taylor

    I must humbly admit that there’s nothing wrong with a Montecristo No. 2.

    Can’t say I’ve tried a ’59 Grange though. 😉

    Unlikely too, either. 🙁

  12. jasonblog

    @jimhaz – actually give up on the ALP and Greens – the system is RS.

  13. jasonblog

    Perhaps we could try a crowd-funding activity for a ’59 Grange? I still have contraband Cohiba!

  14. Kaye Lee

    I agree the system is stuffed but you must work with what you have and work towards the change you want.

    Have the courage to change what you can and the strength to endure what you can’t. Tony Abbott may well be the catalyst for change.

  15. edwinabyrne

    Could we get a trackback to bust the budget pls?

  16. trishcorry

    Do you have one? The one I found the site was not working. I have been looking to add it.

  17. trishcorry

    All is good. I just found one on the VTHC FB page.

  18. Stephen Tardrew

    Great fun Loved it. The writing is on the wall and the fools have played jester once too often. As from budget night, and their angry belligerent response, the hangman’s noose was set as the sweaty ones hoped they would slip through but Arrghh…….. the noose tightens while the greed claws relentlessly at their privilege special parts. The pain begins as egos crash around their incompetence. They will be distraught and despairing beyond belief when they loose their Godly positions and return to the back benches humiliated and defeated. Far be it for me to gloat He, He. What absolute immoral antisocial dunderheads.

    The people are mad; the final act is written; and the big guy is coming to get them.

    Their Lord protector is failing the privileged elite.

    Wake up dills Super Dog is not on your side and never was.

    Repentance or excommunication that’s the go.

    A year working free in the welfare sector should do it.

  19. jasonblog

    @Kaye Lee

    “Tony Abbott may well be the catalyst for change.” That’s a riff I heard just after the election. Sort of made sense at the time, but makes more sense now.

    Abbott is actually re-engaging people with a sense of having things to fight for.

    The big loser in that becomes the ALP. The comfortable and self serving duopoly really won’t survive proper public outrage and discontent.

    It’s one to keep am eye on.

  20. Stephen Tardrew

    The Guardian Hockey: “we don’t want to go to a double dissolution wev’e only been in twelve months.” Twelve months is too long sunshine.

    Damn that stuff up was certainly quick.

  21. DanDark

    found this link and when I saw this line, my heart sunk, is that their plan for here,clean us all out of our house, and sell them at a profit, when times right, bloody seems to fit in, smash the economy, the peoples incomes, whammy, a lot of foreclosures, these blokes do everything, nursing homes, superfunds,

    we are being sold out that for sure, but I don’t know enough bout how it all works,, but I don’t get a good feeling, found this through james packer and LA deal lost for casino, something to do with the deucht bank, banks are after us, and are and going to let them, protection wind backs one, next rates will go up,, next gst,, you watch,, the script is written

    “After subprime mortgage crisis, Blackstone Group LP has bought more than $5.5 billion single-family homes for rent and then sell when the prices rise


    I also left this on other post, but added more info in this one

  22. DanDark

    “What does not kill you makes you stronger”

    “A tiger never returns for its prey he did not finish off”

  23. DanDark

    Some one, any one
    They have lower consumer confidence,what they need, causes dollar to drop, they need dollar to drop, it is as we speak,so they make a profit off the 8 bill,

    they slowly grind the economy to a stop, we will have a recession, people will loose houses, jobs. the sharks move in, make a profit on easy street,like in America, cut people off welfare now, so they don’t have to give them any of them fat profits,its getting sinister and deadly now

    thats why the Holden and toyata are going, spc tried to get rid of that, oh and he then said “you will be right mate, you will get another job”,so flippantly,
    Napthime was out at the front gate the next morning, to talk to them,they mostly walked past him after Tony done that, it was a sad thing to watch ,
    but he got a state election this year, but that dosnt matter, who is in power in states does it now mmmm
    I will wipe that wipe that friggin grin off his face one day, it was so cruel,,
    he came here and told people, your on your own,,

    they leaked the audit on purpose to scare us, it did,, and that I mcdonald stood there and had no idea, how that happened, and who was in charge, and it has scared people,but don’t blame me I have no idea, who scared flock of sheep THEY ID on purpose

    They are criminally insane,WTF do they think thye aredoing here, playing with monopoly money, this is our lives, or country
    Someone has to stop this orwelian madness, the pigs at the troffs are all mad,

  24. DanDark

    And they have given us a lot of misinformation on purpose as I read it
    this must be illegal or something, can we sack them now
    have we got them? before that dollar dives, and they get that deadly budget through the senate maybe,
    shares are on rise, that means something too, the planets seem to have been aligning for the thieves,,
    is it too late,,can some one let me know, I cant sleep at all now, I have had bout 12hrs since last Tuesday nite:)

  25. DanDark

    Before the election,they promised what they needed to only to get in power gonski, ndis, all sorts of goodies we NEEDED,
    thats why we are asking why lie and say you didnt lie, but use words, trick words instead

    they have been telling us for how long, not long enough obviously though they have to go TODAY
    You lot have had it too good for too long, now we are going to fix the debt,
    It’s All about the debt, and telling us we are poor, and “the adults are in charge”, they wanted us to give over our brains over ,and a lot have
    Someone is Goebbles and I reckon its that demon Textor,, he is a rock spider I feel
    but master at the propaganda roll we heard the word vandal today come out of Phonys gob
    damaging words, any chance they get, , No wonder Joe and the BANKER wife were dancing
    before he gave the death policy

    The Audit was to prime us up for a certain period of tim
    the rest of the rhetoric, its all for the best talk and bla blah
    Brainwash the populace that we are poor and getting poorer by the day
    , and then when budget time comes, and this is how you will pay now little people
    and its WHAT has to be done, for our childrens future, to keep our old people, cos we are all going to live to a hundred, making people work till their 70,
    so they could thieve our money, now thats low
    sustain medicare, but put money in to a Laboratoryr what ever the bloody things
    to what experiment on human people, thats not for us its for big pharma
    and blah blah ah no wonder people got sucked in and they are confused

    the libs have done a total uturn on it all,
    and now I know why
    and really they all cant say why cept its all labors mess
    the shiny booklets, propagada on steroids, paid by who?,
    oh libs they wont remember anyway as usual, but WE all know by who,
    and who is bank rolling the libs as we speak, so they can destroy the peoples and protectors protections, unions other political parties,,it sounds like eygpt dosnt it now
    they release that (audit of cuts)that they had for months, not before the WA senate election
    cos had to get them seats first,
    Yep its a conspiracy and they plan to take us to the cleaners and for ears I reckon,,,

  26. June M Bullivant Oam

    It is a sad day for politics and politicians that the tactics used by the modern day politicians have brought them reputations that people do not respect. Personally I am tired of the blame game, I am tired of the scare tactics, I am sick and tired of the doorstep interviews. I know what is affecting my family and I have decided what to do about it. Bring on the next election, but be assured politicians that we have very long memories.

  27. Stephen Tardrew

    June the problem is people do not have long memories. Anyone who lived through the Howard years would have known what a nasty piece of work Abbott was but many younger voters do not know their history and are uninformed. That is the role of the media. It is time to place certain just and moral rights at the forefront of politics by warning politicians what is not acceptable. We need a charter of human rights to make it clear to all where the ethical line is; when it has been crossed; the limits to injustice and inequity and the consequences for causing undue harm to others. Ensconce the right to food, shelter, employment and a minimum living wage (and I say “living” in all seriousness) in legislation and then demand that our society find the means to achieve such goals. Any large discrepancy between rich and poor should be discouraged and sanctions against excessive wealth should be legislated against for while there is poverty and hardship in our communities there is nojustice.

    Complexity can be used to befuddle and confuse people however a clear statement of human rights and democratic values should have precedence over polemic debates, philosophical minutia and self-interested, self-justifying econometric models that reinforce inequity and human suffering. Human rights must come before profits and greed and people can reward through variety of mechanisms, monetary and social recognition within reasonable constraints. It is now obvious to anyone who has watched the financial crisis; the depressions of the past; the current environmental and global warming crisis that deregulation is highway to hell.

    Governments job is to regulate and make just and reasonable laws as business, banking and the corporate sector do everything they can to remove regulatory constraints for a selfish profit motives. Once and for all human rights needs to be written into our constitution stating that, justice, equity and the true wealth of the nation must come before greed and capitalist self-interest.

    A charter of human rights is not capitalist, socialist, communist, conservative, neoconservative or whatever it is the expected moral boundaries around which all political parties must operate.

  28. Stephen Tardrew

    Needs a bit of editing Sorry all.

  29. lawrencewinder

    This is the “Coots-with Queer-Ideas-From-a-Parallel-Universe” (IPA) budget we had to have. It’s a John Roskam special…. a Chris Berg romance… everything they have proselytized for is there… and what a mean , nasty, divisive, shortsighted and uncivil brew it is.

  30. DanDark

    So can we get rid of them today?
    Please, I need a rest from their misinformation

  31. Hilary

    There is nothing like the pissed-off drawl of an angry Aussie

  32. CMMC

    Peta Credlin seems to think in terms of TV plotlines, like ‘West Wing’, ‘House of Cards’.

    They’re all just ‘acting-out’ some dismal Young Lib fantasy.

  33. DanDark

    He is out there talkin down economy john fein was pulling him up I rang abc and said he is lying, they want us to go down, they are planning to profit off this country going down, libs are counting on it

  34. DanDark

    Hockey at accos he is trying to look like good guy now, oh no don’t be confused, I will lie some more too you all, oh god they are playing the game, trying to explain why they are treating people like they are, ” we are in a different world , and we are facing a different world” he said,
    their Orwellian world, but can’t tell us. Oh my god, he is tellin us now, bout the new world
    Help…. SOS, he is talking japan,places we don’t live in

  35. Sonum Norbu

    Careful Dan. You may have the mad philosopher debating the phrase ‘new world’ for several days.

  36. Jude from Australia

    And I just found out as an aged pensioner, I”ll be short $62.90 pf as the Fed Gov has terminated the National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners Concession Card and Seniors Card Holders, from 1 July 2014.The Government expects to achieve savings of $1.3bn over 4 years by terminating the National Partnership Agreement on Certain Concessions for Pensioners Concession Card and Seniors Card Holders, from 1 July 2014. This Agreement contributes to state and territory government provision of certain concessions for pensioners and seniors.

    A shortfall of $62,90 pf on an aged pension for someone with a chronic illness and living in social housing is a devastating blow and please, I don’t smoke, drink or take cruises

  37. DanDark

    Okay sonum, I will keep plugging along then, till I see the back of the pack of mad men
    Paid my phone bill today, so all good
    I will keep ringing, and ringing, and ringing, media, and the troff pigs, till they are zilch, nado, dot, zip, nothings

  38. DanDark

    We will turn it around on them June
    It’s happening now, protesters, even hundreds of elderly pensioners are meeting in Melbourne, tramming it though, instead of walking up middle of road

  39. Winifred Jeavons

    Maintain the rage! It’s time !!!

  40. Graham Perham

    Yes, maintain the rage. Three word slogans seem to work.

  41. DanDark

    How bout
    “ON YA BIKE”

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