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Australia: To where are we advancing?


This is far too good not to share, and a big hearty thank you to Jaqueline for giving us the opportunity to do so.

Let’s help this go viral.

PS: Play video with sound turned on.

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  1. Jack Cade

    I sent it to all of my children.
    On my radio programme last week ( counting down the history of rock, year 1967) I played Country Joe McDonald singing ‘Fixin to die rag’ recorded live at one of the music festivals. It is now more than half a century ago, and was about the Vietnam war, but it spears all the people who love to send their kids to other countries to fight and perhaps die for nebulous causes, but principally profit.
    In the week that Uncle Sam scuttled out of Afghanistan – as he has scuttled out of many of his manufactured wars – the song seemed apposite. It is also almost unique in using sarcasm and irony, which Americans are usually deemed immune to.
    It was also the years of flower power, when caring people were supposedly yearning for peace. But in their midst the likes of Dumbya and John Howard were flourishing…
    Gladys, by the way, is now being called the Ruby Princess…but for all her myriad faults, it wasn’t her who vomited the contents of the plague ship, or the plague Delta variant flights. We all know who that was. Well, all but the Murdoch serfs.

  2. Roswell

    Wow, Jaqueline, just wow.

    I can’t add anything coz you said it all for me.

  3. Diane Larsen

    Brilliant, well done

  4. Phil Pryor

    We should not have to do things like this and complain, but, with superstitious shitskulls, loose liars, crooked cruds, hopeless harlots for money and pose, we are going backwards fast while the incrowd of thieves look after themselves and mates. Conservative crims and media maggots are ruining the old Australia and a fair go is not around now, for it is a ring of rorters and ravers.

  5. New England Cocky

    Advance Austraia where?? almost anywhere AWAY from the feral Liarbral Nazional$ COALition misgovernment … as a start to re-establishing Australian identity separate form other nations like England and the USA (United States of Apartheid).

  6. Brad Black

    It’s been a dark chapter since the mad monk, briefly lit under Turnbull only to plunged into a darker place under our current fake, faux Mo. The short video captures this perfectly.
    Now if we can just get it into the outback pubs …

  7. Pagnol


  8. BB

    Nothing untoward, nasty, devious, colluded, blatant, suss, fiddled, rorted, fraudulent, manipulated, illegal and/or of criminal deception should come as a surprise or be in any way unexpected when dealing with the bs disingenuous L/NP. Sneaky lies, outright lies, obfuscation, half truths, misinformation, misdirection, dereliction, propaganda, etc., are their Modus Operandi. Morrison & co are beyond contempt, they are actively without remorse trying, attempting to cover up and hide their many crimes. In obstructing FOI requests, bullshit delaying, only highlights that they all know they are all collectively GUILTY.

  9. wam

    great stuff, jacqueline.
    I heard the lying rodent say no soldier died in vain. What a sad man still wriggly to avoid saying sorry.

  10. Fred

    Very Nice work. I was going to reach for the razor blades as I considered how useless the LNP was at every level, what with living in a “ground-hog day” Claytons lock-down where every day is the same, confusion about the rules rules, Gladys giving the same answer to any/every question, no changes to the “settings”, no end in sight but the number keeps getting bigger. Then I realised that I was so lucky not being in Afghanistan as an Afghani friend of Australia. With specious, obscene arguments for not expediting the process of getting “our friends” out of Afghanistan then to Australia by Dutton and above because of the need for “due process” to avoid “security issues”. YGTBFKM.

    Imagine you’re a Talibani under instructions to join the terrified exodus by jumping on the first available plane and resettling in Australia PERMANENTLY. Your role is to set up a sleeper group that carries out terrorist acts against Australia, you know just like Al-Qaeda did. Now either it was planned in advance, in which case the withdrawal debacle was anticipated and the candidates pushed to the front of the queue, or it wasn’t planned in which case the candidates would be less than happy/prepared.

    Surely our spooks could come up with a questionnaire that could discover leanings towards: changing Australia too Sharia law, approval of stonings/beheadings, removal of hands and feet for minor crimes, general barbarism and views on equal rights, etc. Visas are not issued to unsuitable candidates and put on the plane home. All of the interviews with Taliban I’ve seen show them to be consumed by their ideology – should be easy to get a reaction the word “stoning”.

  11. Jon Chesterson

    BY OATH – We should remember that the likes of Morrison and Dutton, and the Liberals do not represent us or Australia. They are fakes, false news, liars and corrupt usurpers who have taken over the country by force and deception. They are in fact no different except in religious ideology than the Taliban are to Afghanistan, or Trump to America and Putin to Russia; and their likeness is revealed like a mouse in the lion’s den, a reflection in the global mirror. They do not speak for me, nor us. They are nothing like us. I have been here before, like the CEO, General Manager, HR or Line Manager who craves the party line as they malign and scapegoat honest, diligent and hard working citizens, except the party is not the organisation they work for, which employs them, but some false god or prophet who promises to reward them for every death and dismissal they can muster from those who dare to question their judgment, ideology or authority.They shall never have my respect, my loyalty or commitment to the Australia they believe in, only the one I know shall be cherished long after they are gone, and history will record it so.

  12. Consume Less

    Spot on, Australia’s hypocrisy laid bare.

  13. Mr Bronte ALLAN

    Great rework of our national dirge! Well done to all concerned!

  14. DrakeN



    Brilliantly done.

    These bastards at federal level (and including the not so lovely Gladys shagbag ) knowingly willfully manipulating distorting and corrupting state institutions to protect the interests of their benefactors, discarding all the lofty principles that the Anthem reminds us of.

    There is only one way to fix them, vote the Bastards out starting with Scummo and never forgetting Shagbag and the misery she has caused here in NSW

  16. Gangey1959

    20 out of 10.
    Even from the russian judge.
    That’s Brilliant.
    And being shared

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