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Asylum Seekers Forced To Share Accomodation With Dangerous People!

For the past five and a half years, the Australian Government has been forcing asylum seekers to share accommodation with dangerous people. I know this because we’ve been told by our government. Some of these people who’ll be brought to Australia for treatment are rapists and murderers…

Actually, I think I may be quoting Donald Trump there. Actually, I think Matthias and Scottie and Christopher may be quoting the Trumpster… wonder when we’ll have a bill before Parliament asking for money so we can build a wall.

Anyway, for the past five years, the government has been forcing women and children (and men too, but for some reason they get overlooked when we’re going for the emotive appeal) to live with these dangerous people who are even more dangerous than Tony Mokbel because nobody suggested that he was too dangerous to let doctors treat!

Still, you can’t expect Scott Morrison to be behaving rationally at the moment. Ok, ok, you’d be an optimist if you ever expected anything but a sales pitch from the old “where the bloody hell are you” guy. However, lately there are signs that he’s working on the theory that if he just copies John Howard then the electorate will just copy the 2001 electorate and vote them back in.

While anything’s possible, there’s a number of things that he’s not taking into account:

1 2001 wasn’t just about The Tampa. There was also that attack on the World Trade Center which had people all confused and scared and they wanted a strong man to protect them from the terrorists.

2 Kim Beasley capitulated and waved through legislation which he told everyone he didn’t agree with. This gave people the impression that he was weak and Howard was strong. (See point 1 again). Shorten is standing up to Morrison and it’s Scottie who looks like the man out of control, even if he is doing a good shoutie, cross man.

3 People bought the “children overboard” lie. While it’s possible that the Liberals may be able to find something to convince a handful of people, most of the electorate is a little bit more cynical about politicians generally now that we’ve have so many Prime Ministers. As the saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times and I’ll be nominated to head of the body regulating the banks.”

4 Leaders who become leader after launching a coup against the elected leader don’t have a very good record in the next election. This may be why Momo was at pains to suggest that he just became leader by accident and didn’t really plan it.

5 Barnaby Joyce… I don’t need to elaborate, surely.

6 Morrison actually needs to win seats to stay in power. In a new parliament, there’s no guarantees of confidence and supply. It’s a whole new ball game and if the Independents held a balance of power in the new one, they’d hardly be convinced to support the current Keystone Cabinet.

7 In order to avoid looking out of control, the Coalition have turned their backs on potential legislation about energy prices, the banks, investigations into the disability sector and just about everything they told us was a priority. This is in spite of Scottie’s assurance that he wasn’t afraid of losing a vote… why he lost one the just other day and we only had the longest question time in history because there were a lot of questions!! (See point one again!)

8 Every few days, Tony Abbott reminds some people that they actually voted for him once and, while they can forgive themselves for one mistake like that, voting for Morrison may make them wonder if they can actually blame ASIC for believing the banks when they said they were sorry. Remember the earlier comment: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times and I’m a One Nation voter.”

9 Scott Morrison is not John Howard. Actually, I suspect that know he no longer wears glasses, John Howard isn’t even John Howard these days.

10 Sooner or later, some investigative journalist will find out exactly why we’re paying some guys with a non-existent post box as an address on Kangaroo Island millions of dollars for handling security for asylum seekers.

11 People will get sick of looking at dead fish. (That’s a reference to the Murray Darling situation and not the Coalition front bench)

12 Peter Dutton speaks from time to time.

This is all ignoring the fact that Bill Shorten campaigned well last election, while Scott Morrison is an unknown quantity in an election campaign, the strange fetish the Coalition seems to have for coal, the fact that the Budget will have to admit the economic forecasts were a little too optimistic and the free kick they’ve given Shorten by suggesting that he’ll have billions to spend with his decision to tax those who plan to negative gear and retirees. Ok, it’s not the one percent, but it’s not most of us!


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  1. Graham

    Murderers? Rapists? Are they bringing drugs (enough for everyone)? And can we assume, like Trump, some of them are nice people too?

  2. New England Cocky

    Barnyard Joke …. Women supporting Adultery vote Joyce.

    Install 24/7/365 satellite meters on each and every pump in the MDB to monitor in real time the duration and quantity of water taken for broad acre farming in SW Qld and NW NSW.


  3. Kaye Lee

    And apparently all 1000 of them are sick.

    Senate estimates start next week and they have their sights set on the Paladin Group. Should be very interesting to find out how they got the contract.

    Paladin’s founder and key executive, Craig Thrupp, is no longer able to enter PNG, while another local director, Kisokau Powaseu, was detained in Port Moresby last month and charged with misappropriating funds and money laundering.


  4. Josephus

    Heard Morrison in Parliament today badmouthing Labor in the manner of a street hussler, adding that security is going to be compromised etc because a few very ill people will get treated here before being transferred to another imprisonment camp also costing millions. Goebbels tactic- demonise vulnerable people.

  5. whatever

    On Talk-Back radio they are talking about The Lefty Doctors taking over the country, something like the ‘Doctors Plot’ that Stalin dreamed up.

  6. paul walter

    Beautiful; beautiful, beautiful little gem, Ross Leigh.

  7. Rossleigh

    Ok, just coz it be Valentine’s Day:

    “Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I’m Scott Morrison and I’m Prime Minister and if this doesn’t rhyme it’s Bill Shorten’s fault
    so be my valentine because I’m not him”

  8. helvityni

    ,,,and I have fallen in love with Phillip Ruddock again; so nice to see him on the Drum; he’s just as lovable as Scomo and Mutton…

    Oz is so lucky to have politicians like those three men..

  9. jaq

    I find it interesting that Scummo is screaming about those on Manus and Nauru being rapists and murderers, when Abdul Aziz Muhamat has just been flown to Switzerland to receive a prestigious Human Rights Award,Behrouz Boochani has won a prestigious literary award, and Eaten Fish taken into the loving care by Norway, care we refused to give. Ummmm… but then we have politicians who take every photo opportunity to go and cheer on footballers who ARE accused of rape… irony is dead, dead dead…

  10. Kaye Lee

    The government’s valentine’s day message:

    Our shoes may be red
    And our ties may be blue
    And if you’re not rich
    It sucks to be you

  11. ChristopherJ

    For the past five and a half years, the Australian Government has been forcing asylum seekers to share accommodation with dangerous people. I know this because we’ve been told by our government. Some of these people who’ll be brought to Australia for treatment are rapists and murderers…

    Thank you bro. When you frame things around possible terrorists, we get to world where we spend about a billion dollars for every life saved….

    Shite, we could divert said money to house every last human in Australian Hilton suites, for, like, forever, when you compare it to housing them on a hot island in tents.

    Shite, we could even give them good food, medical, pyschiatric, education… and not have all this abuse of human beings, —– shite, for a fraction of what we pay LNP mates to cage them up there ffs

  12. lawrence winder

    I got the feeling watching the talking cadaver on The Drum tonight that he’s not all that impressed by intelligent articulate women……
    but Malcolm Farr’s face suggested he really enjoyed it.

    I also have never seen so many ruling rabble types so out of synch with reality as they are now …perhaps Scummo should reflect that this is really the “end-times” for him and his IPA acolytes…. but there will be no resurrection.

  13. Frank Smith

    Why do we pay these leaches enormous salaries and perks to “represent us”. With so few hours the Parliament needs to sit over the next 6 months, it is criminal to waste those hours with such schoolboy antics as the idiotoc prolonged Question Time today. Do your job you fools! It must be time that Peter Cosgrove took a real interest in the charade our Gummint is and “did a Kerr”. Election NOW.

  14. Matters Not

    Yep it’s all very virtuous, good, righteous, upright, upstanding, high-minded, right-minded, principled, proper, honourable, rational, just, moral etc to ridicule the anti-progressive side of politics – (read the LNP in this case). It’s just common-sense isn’t it? Except of course – it’s not common at all is it? And never mind the lack of sensibility.

    But, the historical record suggests that it works. And does so – again and again.

    In the US, recent research indicates that Trump supporters know that he won’t ever build the wall but that doesn’t really matter in the overall political sense. What really matters is the underlying sentiment – the desire or intention to achieve certain goals. Thus failure can be a strength – if it’s an honourable failure – undertaken for the right reasons.

    Don’t like the brown people? Well as long as you are trying to exclude same – then presto. Intention trumps success every time.

    Seems to me those findings might be applied in the Australian context. (Can’t combat it – if we don’t understand it.)

  15. Matters Not

    Frank Smith re:

    Why do we pay these leaches enormous salaries and perks to “represent us

    Frank – perhaps it has less to do with the dollars involved and more to do with their ideological orientation(s)? Or are you suggesting that if we pay them less or more then we would have a different (and more desirable) outcome?

    Or does the neo-liberal ideology prevent us from think outside that particular dollar square?

  16. RosemaryJ36

    Why is Scott Morrison allowed to terrorise Australia?

  17. Peter F

    IF this were an ALP government we would be having an election, brought on by the ‘powers that be.’

  18. Luke Daglish

    Some facts I have been going through. In the Australian population there are 29 in 100,000 rapes, 1 in 100,000 murders and 16 in 100,000 paedophile cases per year. I can now see why Morrison, Dutton and Cormann, are worried. Every time I see their faces they look more and more like Trump, they even talk like Trump.

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