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Are you listening to the Voice and what it’s really saying?

The muddying of the waters has begun. As did Howard and Abbott with the Republic referendum, Peter Dutton and others have taken another step in dirtying what was once a crystal-clear attempt to give the First Nations people a say in matters concerning their future.

The go-to tool of the provocateur is fear. And although we have nothing to fear but fear itself, we have witnessed, of late, all the signs that signal a fear campaign from Dutton and his acolytes against the Voice.

Extreme anger, outrageous indistinguishability and narcissistic behaviour usually accompany fear. We should have no fear of the extent those who oppose the Voice will go to prevent any advancement of Aboriginal norms.

Does fear work? My word, it does, provided people are fearful.

We recently had the spectacle of a former Australian Prime Minister, Multiple Ministries Morrison, the debaucher of Westminster conventions, defending them when applied to the Aboriginal race. On top of that, Dutton shirt fronted the “divisive, disrupting and democracy- alterating Canberra- based Voice”, saying it would re-racialize Australia“.

All this fear against a proposal overseen and designed by the Parliament. So ridiculous and fearful was Dutton that he went further. An outburst of shrill mouth syndrome occurred on May 31.

“It would have an Orwellian effect where all Australians are equal, but some are more equal than others.”

What scintilla of evidence supports this statement? Is he telling us that his party is officially further to the right under his leadership? He went on to say.

“… instead of being “one” we will be divided, in spirit, and in law.”

When asked, but a few months ago, Dutton couldn’t explain just where his mind was regarding the Voice.

Now he thinks he knows the mind of the entire nation.

Maybe this sudden burst of outlandish language is meant to tell the truth about his walking out of Rudd’s 2008 Apology to the Stolen Generation. Was he wiping the table clean, waiting for this opportunity?

All this anti-Voice propaganda is being fed to us on social media in bulk – shitloads of it, daily racist thoughts for the unthinking citizen feeling intimidated by fear itself. I am tossing up between my country’s history and its future.

The drivel flows thick and fast on muddy waters sullied by racism.

  • “Sorry, can’t support racism in any form. #VoteNo.”
  • “I cannot support the mechanism of slavery.”
  • “Being a good citizen means saying no to racism and apartheid.”
  • “Safety first, Vote no for a better future.

The subtlety of these seemingly innocent words would seem harmless, but they are full of racism. The sort that Vance Packard might call “Hidden Persuaders“.

Good moral leaders wouldn’t go near these sorts of unethical propaganda methods, but as Howard and Abbott did in 1999, Dutton has no misgivings in doing so.

Dutton, of course, has a long history of antagonism when it comes to putting down disadvantaged people. He has form, as they say. Here’s an example of his ‘form’, courtesy of Wikipedia:

Inappropriate rising sea jokes, comments on Muslim Lebanese immigration, Manus Island and his lie about a 5-year-old boy.

He granted a visa to another au pair, despite his department warning him that she was at risk of breaching her work conditions on her tourist visa.

In 2015, Dutton denied claims made by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young that she was spied on during a visit to Nauru. She was.

Before the 2016 election, Dutton said of refugees, “Many… won’t be numerate or literate in their own language, let alone English.”

In a 2015 poll by Australian Doctor magazine, based on votes from over 1,100 doctors, Dutton was voted the worst health minister in the last 35 years by 46 per cent of respondents.

In March 2018, Dutton made calls to treat white South African farmers as refugees, stating that “they need help from a civilized country.”

As both Immigration Minister and Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton has defended an amendment to the Migration Act 1958 that facilitates the denial or cancellation of Australian visas for non-citizens on “character” grounds.

New Zealand nationals living in Australia were disproportionately affected by this “character test”, with over 1,300 New Zealanders being deported from Australia between January 2015 and July 2018.

Professor Patrick Keyzer and Dave Martin of La Trobe University criticized Dutton’s pedophilia remarks as misleading. He contended that most deportees from Australia had spent most of their lives in Australia and had little ties to New Zealand.

In September 2019, Dutton called the two children of the Biloela family “anchor babies.”

In October and November 2019, Dutton expressed his views on protesters and police response. He stated that when protesters break the law. “There needs to be mandatory or minimum sentences imposed.

In November 2019, Dutton said that the States should make protesters pay for the cost of police response to demonstrations.

In December 2019, Dutton announced that airport security measures would be increased to detect, deter and respond to potential threats to aviation safety. Measures include greater use of canines and the deployment of extra protective services personnel armed with MK18 short-barrelled rifles.

In March 2021, Dutton was appointed Minister for Defence. On May 21, 2021, Dutton directed the department and serving military personnel to stop pursuing a “woke agenda” and cease holding events to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia, where staff wore rainbow clothing.

In November 2021, he branded former Prime Minister Paul Keating as “Grand Appeaser Comrade Keating.”

On June 16 2021, in the Federal Court, Justice Richard White ordered Dutton to attend mediation over a defamation suit he brought against refugee activist Shane Bazzi over a tweet calling him a “rape apologist”. In August 2020, it was announced this mediation had failed.

In January 2018, Dutton said that people in Melbourne are scared of going out because of “gang violence” involving African Australians but were “ridiculed” for it by people who live in Melbourne.

Dutton opposes any changes to negative gearing, which offers tax breaks to property investors, saying in May 2017 that changing it would harm the economy. He owns six properties with his wife, including a shopping centre in Townsville.

He opposes the Australian Republic and supports Australian school kids taking the Oath of Allegiance in schools, as new Australian citizens do.

His actions publicly have been in opposition to same-sex marriage.

Dutton supports the intake of white refugees fleeing the South African farm attacks. In 2018, amid pressure from the South African Australian community for a unique immigration intake for their family members, he declared that Afrikaners required refugee status in Australia because of the high level of violent crime in South Africa and “the horrific circumstances they face” in South Africa.

My backgrounding of Dutton is to highlight the character of the man leading the NO campaign in this referendum.

The Opposition Leader is orchestrating a not-so-thinly disguised plan to con the Australian people into believing they have something to fear from amending the constitution. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Continued tomorrow: How Dutton plans to scare the shit out of you.

My thought for the day

We dislike and resist change in the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure. Yet change is part of the very fabric of our existence.


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  1. Terence Mills

    If it were Dutton on his own nobody would listen to him but I’ve been following the increasing vitriol coming from the talking heads on Sky-after-Dark

    It seems that they are being orchestrated to attack and denigrate the Voice referendum. This wouldn’t be so bad as not many people watch the Pay TV version of Sky but they have insinuated themselves into regional free-to-air TV and this is where they are finding a niche just a Fox did in the US ; playing to an audience of older white disaffected mainly men who believe that the Voice is the thin edge of the wedge in a campaign to establish Aboriginal sovereignty and demand compensation from the so called ‘settler’ society.

    We need to expose News Corporation and their acolytes in their cynical attempts to manipulate sections of our regional population. They are using the likes of Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price to give the impression that the Voice is a cynical ploy of the dominant white population to pander and indulge the Aboriginal people.

  2. Geoff Andrews

    Gee Mr Lord, you’ve really knocked the hornets’ nest with a broom judging by the response from your fellow wokers.They must all agree with Mr Dutton!
    And why wouldn’t they? Even if your second paragraph is true, all it would take is a proposal to open up a coal mine on some Aboriginal land out in Woop Woop because the project, that will benefit all, disturbs some rock carvings that nobody knew were there until the mining company found them, and you’ll hear the “Voice” screaming from Canberra to Brisbane.
    What possible scenario could arise where heeding the Voice would be appropriate?
    I anticipate some dirty tactics (that may implicate you, Mr Lord?) from the YES morons as voting day gets closer.
    As an old advertising man, you write the equivalent of the ten second grab:
    “The proposed constitutional change requires only that the government receives and considers consultation from the Voice.”
    Imagine if this load of propaganda was splashed on thousands of billboards around Australia.
    That sort of nonsense could make the difference

  3. John lord

    Geoff Andrews.

    Ye of little faith

  4. Geoff Andrews

    John, with good reason.
    The polls are looking pretty depressing and I can see history repeating itself when Labor was unable to convince the public on such a no brainer as Gillard’s inability to bring in the mineral tax when. I thought, all she had to do was to use the published financials of a company like Fortesque Metals, say, or even a theoretical mining company to demonstrate that the country deserved to share the windfall profits generated by increased overseas prices.
    Hence my challenge to give a practical example of how the system would work. How would the voice have worked for the lockdown in the Northern Territory or the stolen generation.
    I see “The Gruen Transfer” is starting again so could I suggest that one of the challenges they give the the three agencies is to devise THE ad for the Yes campaign and, just for fun, ask the Government PR to participate.
    Maybe it’s just that I’m finding it weird being the same age as old people!

  5. Kate

    Shame on you, Geoff Andrews! Trying to toe the LNP line and shift the blame from the worst pack of political degenerates in living memory!

    Recent revelations about the callous monster Dutton provides more and more proof that the nefarious, criminally corrupt and sadistic political parasite, Peter Dutton, is a totally depraved political psychopath! Thank God the overwhelming majority of Australians had the good sense and discernment to kick the lying, conniving, misogynistic and unspeakably evil grubs in the LNP to the kerb at the last election! Let’s hope and pray that the LNP’s “King of the Rats”, Peter Dutton – one of the worst, most callously cruel, dangerous and self-serving sociopaths in our political history – NEVER EVER gets to become PM.

    The ALP are far from perfect but, make no mistake about it, there can be NO DOUBT that Dutton – and the rest of the intolerable miscreants in the LNP – will absolutely DESTROY everything Australians value and twist and manipulate our laws and political system to suit their own selfish, greedy and malignant agenda. Nominating someone as depraved and heartlessly cruel as the “King of the Rats” Dutton as their pretentious, egotistical and born-to-rule leader PROVES that there isn’t a single person – male or female – within the ranks of the worst, most degenerate political party in living memory, who can lead this nation with any level of foresight, compassion, diplomacy or respectability!

    The LNP has proven over and over again that it is nothing more than a spring board for unconscionably depraved, self-serving and devious political parasites like the sadistic psychopath, Dutton; the conniving pathological liar, Sloth Morrison; the stuttering inarticulate and thoroughly dishonest misogynist,Tony Abbott; the appalling, shrieking harridans: Michaelia Cash and the thoroughly entitled and suss Sussan Ley as well as that internationally condemned, despicable, self-serving war criminal, John Howard! For the sake of our country, unions, Medicare, the future education of our children, the existing high quality of life for ordinary hard-working Australians and everything Australians value, it is absolutely VITAL that we keep the devious, criminally corrupt demons in the LNP in OPPOSITION for as long as possible!

  6. Geoff Andrews

    Kate, I presume you have your tongue firmly in your cheek, as I did, with your remark about my toeing the LNP line?
    My belief is that the yes case would be enhanced by giving examples of how the voice would work. The first sentence in John’s article is the crux of the proposal.

  7. Richard Ure

    “There is zero obligation on the government to follow the Voice’s advice, only to consider it.” Where does the proposal place any right or obligation to “consult”? The Voice can make representations. Period. Contrary to what even you say, I see no prospect of a court being involved if no one fails to do anything.

    Lobby groups, and even humble citizens, make “representations” all the time, but the well-funded ones can also reinforce their representations with (sometimes dubious) advertising campaigns. I doubt the Voice will have funds for that. So much for preferential treatment.

  8. Fred

    GA: Please remember sub-clause 3 of the proposal means it is up to Parliament to determine how the Voice is
    going to work, which means the “Noalition” gets a say, although I doubt their input would be of any use. The demand for “detail” is premature. I expect the mechanisms of the Voice to change with time and should utopia eventuate where the ATSI communities/individuals are as well off, incarceration rates the same, are treated equally in a non-racist manner, etc. as non-ATSI communities/individuals then the Voice “may” not be required. I’ll be dead before that happens.

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