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And the Clock Struck Thirteen!

The Federal Government has unveiled a plan that will settle certain classes of new migrants [to be known as drones] in regional areas for up to five years after their arrival in Australia. These will be required to work as indentured labour and will not be able to leave their servitude until the five-year term of indenture has been served to the satisfaction of their masters.

Minister for Population and Cities, Alan Tudge laid out the plan to bust congestion in Australia’s biggest cities – Melbourne and Sydney – in a speech in Melbourne on Tuesday.

The proposal is to introduce a mandatory regional settlement plan for some unskilled and semi-skilled migrants, to be known as drones who will be expected to live and work in a designated regional area for five years before being permitted access to our major cities.

Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dildo Dutton, revealed that a vast majority of newly arrived migrants – 87% are currently settling in Sydney and Melbourne and this would no longer be tolerated by the Morrison government. When asked how the government proposed keeping these people from coming to our capital cities, Mr Dutton told the assembled media that he had all the tools at his disposal to maintain checks on people: drones he said would be fitted with microchips on arrival in Australia, before they were sent to their allotted regional domicile. Should they then stray beyond the boundary confines of their domicile the microchip would initiate an alert and the drone or new-chum as he prefers to call these migrants would receive a severe physical reprimand. When asked by the media in what form this reprimand would be delivered, he gave that creepy smirk that we have witnessed in recent times and said, “they don’t call me Dildo Dutton for nothing …”

Mr Dutton noted that, as a further means of restricting the movement of new-chums he would be adopting some of the valuable lessons that Australian Border Force (ABF) had learned on Nauru and Manus islands; these included torture, deprivation and humiliation. He also pointed to the 2015 Operation Fortitude where ABF officers had planned to randomly check people’s visas at Flinders Street Station and at taxi stands in Melbourne to weed out undesirables: an operation Mr Dutton sadly lamented was called off after so-called human rights activists campaigned against Australia becoming a police state. Similar operations he noted would be carried out on an ongoing basis throughout Australia to ensure that people were kept in their designated places.

Asked if prime minister Morrison approved of this radical and seemingly discriminatory immigration policy, Mr Dutton reminded the assembled media that he had already removed one prime minister for disobedience and he was not beyond doing so again should the circumstances warrant: with that he clicked his heels, raised a salute in the now familiar Heil Trump, turned abruptly and marched from the press conference as the clock struck thirteen !


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  1. David Stakes

    Shades of that series on TV many years ago The Prisoner.

  2. New England Cocky

    If ever there was evidence of a fascist state imposing itself on refugees for the benefit of the land gentry and foreign owned multinational corporations that are unwilling to pay reasonable wages or provide suitable working conditions for their employees, then this doozey of a proposal certainly takes the cake.

    For example, the Guyra Tomato Farm is about 50% owned by a Canadian investment corporation after purchasing their position following an Initial Public Offering valued at about $750 MILLION.

    The Guyra locals refuse to work for the Tomato Farm citing low wages, long hours and an unsympathetic corporate environment. So there is an influx of 457 visa workers from the South Pacific who remit part of their wages to home.

    The local NSW representative of the National$ in Northern Tablelands, Holla4A Marshall, also Minister for Good Times, has apparently negotiated a deal for the Tomato Farm to have unlimited access to Malpas Dam water, the residential water supply for Armidale, now extended to include Guyra town and …. the Tomato Farm …. at public expense.

    If a Canadian investment corporation can pay about $375 MILLION for about a 50% share in the Tomato Farm they can be like every other investor in agricultural enterprises and pay for their own water supply system to protect their business during droughts.

    Remember, agricultural enterprises downstream of NW NSW and SW Qld broad acre farms “stealing” MDB environmental water allocations have no alternative to suffering thanks to Barnyard Joke and the National$ prefer Adulterers policy of Ministerial protection of the guilty.

    Obviously the National$ are executing their long advocated plan to give Armidale a 1961 future in 2018 because this proposal will ultimately restrict population growth in the university city. This proposal will reduce the population of Armidale to the required about 5,000 persons, leaving a lot of residential housing on water restrictions.

    I look forward to assisting the Dump Dutton campaign during the 2108 Federal elections.

    Whether Tamworth “Women supporting Adultery support National$” is unknown at this time so the outcome of the Banish Barnyard Campaign is yet to be determined.

  3. David Bruce

    The ScoMo Government and LNP are plain mean spirited! This is just another example of the mean-spirited “haves” who are now dictating to the “have nots”. Cutting the rent assistance rate in the latest round of pension increases was dumb!

    I love the story of the African families and I am sure there are many millions of others who would love to benefit too.

    I get the impression the LNP want professionals to relocate to the bush so that there will be doctors, teachers, accountants, pilots, engineers, lawyers and administrators who can help service communities.

    Until these “professional” politicians in Canberra can create a VISION for the future of this country, everything they do will be like a band aid on an amputation!

    … and now I see there is a seminar series planned in November titled “how to restore trust in the Australian Government” wtf?

    Australians’ trust in government at an all-time low

  4. Krista Petrauskas

    Scary policy and use of authority and misuse of power
    Scary labelling and depersonalising of human beings
    Scary mindset
    Scary lack of respect towards migrants, immigrants
    Scary abandonment of civil liberties
    Just Plain scary!!

  5. Kay Schieren

    Well, apart from the satire, the indentured labour is not new in Oz. In the 50s & 60s a similar scheme operated. People were met at the ship by their “owner” for the two years or so that the sponsorship lasted. Mind you, in those days people were keen to work, and grateful for the opportunity, even under less than salubrious circumstances. Bit different these days. I wouldn’t mind seeing Australian locals getting their sleeves rolled up again for a bit of rural labour. It’s just that the pay is so lousy, they don’t want to do it. I used to pick apples for the basic wage in he early ’80s – I have picked more fruit than I will ever eat in my life! I arrived in 1960 as the 12 Y.O. child in an assisted migrant family – and I must say we were treated well, even if facilities and food were nasty at first. But we tended to be grateful and looked at the bright side. It was a new start and a great adventure for me. The shitty Nissen huts at Bonegilla were just part of the outback adventure, and the first few meals I had were a total mystery to a German middle class boy – they were in fact army field rations, or something very much like that. I did ask my mother what it was, but she didn’t know either – that this was meant to be tinned sausages and mashed peas and potato with grey gravy for taste, all cooked with enough salt to make a private soldier quite dangerous!

  6. Terence Mills

    Karen Kyle

    You may be talking about the Big Brother Movement which sponsored young men from the UK to work on rural properties and learn farming skills or perhaps the assisted passage program where migrants paid ten pound to come to Australia, if they decided to leave within two years they had to repay the fare they should have paid.

    In neither case were they bound to stay in regional areas although under BBM there was an obligation to parents.

    I was one of those young men and yes, it was principally young men (teenagers under the BBM) and principally the UK but later other European countries : part of the white Australia policy – populate or perish

  7. helvityni

    My in-laws arrived here from Holland in the late Fifties,they were taken to the Skyfield camp in NSW….

    Seeing the Nissan huts my father-in-law thought they were for pushbikes, so he kept looking for abodes for the people….

    Digesting the facts, he got very depressed, and took to bed for a week!

    The information pamphlets he was shown in Holland pictured lush green gardens of Sydney Eastern Suburbs….

  8. Kyran

    You have to wonder if these nuph-nuph’s will ever get their shite together. It seems the new plan for cheap farm labour hasn’t quite addressed the previously known faults of the old plan.

    Admittedly, they were only Pacific Islanders or backpackers. If the farmers can’t get workers to work for nothing, how will they be able to produce stuff below cost? Naturally, this new scheme asks the farmers, who abuse their workers, to help formulate a policy that will enshrine worker’s rights (presumably to be abused).

    Don’t fret though. When this scheme fails, we can broaden other schemes so we can abuse our own.

    But the dildo clearly hasn’t told ‘that woman’ in NSW, whose qualification to comment on anything seems inextricably linked to her parentage. The recent fracas about the indignant outrage of some spoilt brat whose horsey mates weren’t allowed to use a building as a billboard was one of the most convoluted and tortured arguments you’d ever hear.

    “She revealed the Government was close to securing an “amicable agreement behind closed doors” that would have kept all parties happy.
    “I’m upset at the way the issue panned out publicly, but I’m equally upset at those who’ve come out now and been almost as vitriolic in expressing their views,” Ms Berejiklian said.
    “I encourage the input and say people protest for governments to listen — and we do that — but I also say people on all sides of the argument should be respectful”.”

    She got upset at his upset and then the subsequent upset about his upset, which became nearly as vitriolic as his initial upset. It was terribly upsetting, and the only winner was a pissy little horse race (with a pissy little crowd of 40k people) which got international advertising at no cost! Why was she so upset?

    “She said as the daughter of a welder who worked on the building during its construction, a love of the building was “in her blood”.”

    Bearing in mind she ultimately did what her federal compadres told her to do, you wonder if this most recent announcement was just poor timing on her part, or if she hasn’t yet felt the full force of the dildo. She announced, with her usual parental caveat, that NSW was full.

    “The New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian says she wants immigration to the state halved, warning her Government cannot keep up with the infrastructure demands.
    Ms Berejiklian — the daughter of Armenian immigrants — said while NSW would always will be open to new immigrants, successive Federal Governments had lost control.”

    So, it’s not because she doesn’t like immigrants. It must be of some consolation to her that Australian’s love the children of Armenian immigrants so much that, when they fail at politics, we make them ambassadors to failed states. Exhibit A – Joseph Benedict Hockey. Granted, he was all about eleventy, so thirteen is way above his paygrade. It’s just because her government hasn’t been doing its job.

    “Ms Berejiklian said her Government had been struggling to build the infrastructure to support the population increase, like schools and hospitals.
    “I’m the Premier of the largest state in Australia and until this point, haven’t had a say in population,” she said.
    Labor leader Luke Foley said Ms Berejilian’s comments were a “thought-bubble from the Premier that you can’t take seriously”.
    “Only a few months ago, the Premier said the current rate of immigration was about right,” he said.”

    It’s all so confusing. Will federal ministers and parliamentarians weigh in? Well, not really. They have all decided to hold their breath (that might be wishful thinking) until the 20th October, cause if they open their mouths, based on performance to date, they will say something stupid. Whilst this is neither surprising or irregular, these poor little petals appear to be a little spooked.

    “Even the most bitter and aggrieved MPs have made a conscious decision to stay silent in the face of voter backlash that threatens to rob the party of its one-seat majority in the make-or-break byelection of Wentworth.
    The MPs know that speaking out while the byelection campaign is in its final stages, airing grievances or policy concerns at this time, will be viewed as wrecking and sabotage. No-one wants to be accused of destruction when the party is already on its knees after the removal of Malcolm Turnbull.”

    You might wonder why this sham of a government might be spooked by the ‘Ghost of Wentworth past’. Well, it seems the ‘Ghost of Wentworth present’ has, so far, been a Casper like presence in a campaign when his fundamental question has been ‘Where the Bloody Hell is Wentworth?”

    Bearing in mind there is an increasing likelihood that the ‘Ghost of Wentworth present’ is working assiduously to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory, it seems only fair that his only statement to date is to state categorically that he fundamentally rejects the provisions of a report he hasn’t seen and which has not yet been canvassed by cabinet.

    Does that sound familiar? It’s a variation of Ms Lee’s recent postulation – “I haven’t read it but I’m sure it’s wrong”. So nobody will say anything about anything until 20th October. It seems likely that Sharma will remain ghostly in his non-appearance at scheduled forums. Given this most recent leak, Scummo won’t be able to campaign in Wentworth, as he is a supporter of religious institutions being exempt from the law of the land. Not to mention that ‘knifing Turnbull’ thingy.
    Hmmmmm. Will the dildo campaign for the ghostly Sharma?
    The only thing interesting about this shower of wasters is trying to work out what farce will be unleashed next.
    In hindsight (snigger), maybe dildo (snort) is inappropriate, as dildo’s bring pleasure to many. This thing is all about the ‘intrusion’ with none of the attendant pleasure.
    Thank you Mr Mills. Take care

  9. Sandra Hill

    Maybe the Gov will start with an internal passport for migrants – then when it is accepted, roll it out to the general population. A far fetched conspiracy for now, but maybe not so far fetched that the government hasn’t thought of it.

  10. Andrew Smith

    I don’t think it’s much more than a red herring to block out other issues in MSM while pretending to be a grounded policy.

    The govt. can increase the regional component within the skilled immigration program cap, anytime it likes (meanwhile, apparently most visa processing has been slowed down).

    Reality is several programs have been implemented with different cohorts and outcomes.

    Understand, like Victoria, Centre link encouraged low skilled welfare recipients to go regional for agricultural work, and affordable rents, backgrounded by ageing and declining populations (compared with generations ago).

  11. Keitha Granville

    will they have to sew yellow stars on their jackets so they can be identified? and carry ID at all times should any government official, Gestapo, SS or the like, wish to check on them?

    OMG, why are we allowing this kind of discussion to even happen

  12. Wam

    Face recognition technology is the future for us all. With a scan before getting on a bus, train, plane or driving on the toll roads.
    How about a scan of those who hand out how to vote cards?

  13. Kronomex

    Terence, I think some people might take offence at comparing The Spud to a dildo. You will give them nightmares each they pick one up.

  14. Paul

    I am assuming he will have to build a wall around these cities to keep the pitchfork armed masses out.
    Of course all the red necked country folk that are feeling so aggrieved at having these foreigners foisted on them will be allowed in….

  15. Terence Mills


    Both can be useful as long as you don’t confuse their applications !

  16. Terence Mills


    I think he may have been watching Hunger Games on rotation !

  17. Kronomex

    This, when you consider it, has almost nothing to do with naughty criminals, it’s more about entrenching authoritarian power by the LNP –

    Terence, I begin to see what you mean. The Spud is a potential cure for constipation, walk up to the person with the problem and suddenly yell, “Look out, Peter Dutton is behind you and he’s vibrating!” Instant relief.

  18. Terence Mills


    Yes, I see he has brought in the AFP to investigate his own department of Home Affairs to find where the leak came from.

    These same AFP are still trying to find out who leaked to the media on the AWU raids within Michaelia Cash’s department, but so far without success and that’s been going since july.

    Doesn’t auger well but then maybe they just don’t want to know too much about the AWU leaks….

  19. Kyran

    Hmmm, giving this idiot a potato and a dildo, knowing he only has two orifices capable of the accommodation, could be problematic. It does explain that ‘smiley’ stage he went through when he wanted to be the Big Potato though, doesn’t it? In the alternative, it’s rather amazing he didn’t chip his teeth, which can only be explained by him not knowing how to turn the device on. As for potato, that may be a misnomer, ‘potato’ being “the edible tuber of a cultivated plant”. There is nothing ‘cultivated’, ie “refined and well educated”, about this ‘plant’.

    He was at the Press Club yesterday and, predictably, he lied. Given his challenged intellect, it can come as no surprise that his lies are so easily detected. It’s like the child with cake smeared all over the ‘cake hole’ denying any knowledge of the cakes demise. Even more predictably, the elites of the Canberra Press Gallery let him get away with it.

    “The home affairs minister, Peter Dutton, has sought to bat away questions about the mental health crisis on Nauru by wrongly saying Medecins Sans Frontieres was not contracted to look after refugees and asylum seekers.”

    In English, ‘wrongly saying’ translates as ‘blatantly lying’. But wait, there’s more.

    “He later repeated that “MFS were not involved in the provision of medical services to transferees” and described claims to the contrary as “propaganda”.”

    Apparently, the idiot has dyslexia. It’s MSF. As for propaganda, his department spends millions on spin doctors and more on fighting FOI applications, only to capitulate as soon as anything nears a Court. It is his department that tries to secrete information and manage the trickle of favourable information, which is usually referred to as propaganda. As for the actual specifics of the MSF contracts, which he authorised and signed;

    “The memorandum of understanding between the Nauruan government and MSF explicitly states:
    “Beneficiaries of the project:
    People suffering from various mental health issues, from moderate to severe, members of the various communities living in the Republic of Nauru, including Nauruan residents, expatriates, asylum seekers and refugees with no discrimination”.”

    This brain dead mutant then went on to insist that black was white, up was down and right was wrong.

    “As well as MSF’s forced departure, Dutton was asked about Nauru’s recent attempts to block medical transfers ordered by Australia’s federal court.
    He accused Guardian Australia of only telling “half the story” and said both the Australian government and Nauruan government complied with federal court orders.”

    It was at this point that his nose grew to intolerable lengths and he tipped over. As Kronomex has pointed out, this supercilious corpuscle, barely a pimple on the posterior of ‘mankind’, has sought to identify his detractors, rather than identify his oh-so-obvious deficiencies. One can only wonder if they’ve impounded Michael Pezzullo’s computer. Given the challenged capacity and ability of the AFP, they would be frustrated trying to work out which master to serve.
    In the meantime, Kon Karapanagiotidis has been going about his business.

    Have you ever had the good fortune to see an example of those old fashioned ideas that are so basic they are unimpeachable? Not fame, or celebrity, or notoriety. Not scandal from an outrageous or mindlessly inconsequential remark. Just plain, old fashioned, basic decency. Quiet. Fundamental. Glorious. Whilst aspiring to no glory.
    If you’re interested, Mr Karapanagiotidis is looking for sponsors for the ‘Run for Refugee’s’ event.
    “‘I have a body made for cheese and wine, not running,’ says Kon Karapanagiotidis, founder and CEO of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC). For people who’ve never met Kon in person this might come as a surprise – the person that started Run 4 Refugees in Australia isn’t a runner? It doesn’t make sense! But strange as it seems, it’s true. In fact, according to Kon, he only runs once a year – on the day of the Run 4 Refugees.”

    You can contribute to the ASRC without torturing the poor soul through this link.

    Homepage – Main page – /home

    If you have a look through the various aspects of that site, what little achievements we have in the sphere of change, real change, are all around us. However laborious the pursuit or glacial the progress, the achievement is by people. Just decent people. There’s another bloke, inspired by some hysterical rag-doll, otherwise known as a ‘shock jock’, who thinks the Sydney Opera House is a billboard. Well, if a Sydney shock jock so decrees, let it be so.

    “I hope to work with the Sydney Opera House to show the faces of children stuck on Nauru and to direct people to the #KidsOffNauru website. (The children and their parents have already given consent. I will work with refugee advocates to ensure that this is done professionally, sensitively and with the utmost consideration for the children’s welfare in mind.)
    What if they say no?
    There’s a chance, of course, that the powers that be at the Opera House won’t agree to the proposal. If this happens I will lobby Sydney’s most powerful radio personalities and the NSW Premier to make it happen. This approach has recently proven to be successful!
    Whether or not I can get the Opera House on board, I will use every cent of the funds raised to support the efforts to get the #KidsOffNauru before Universal Children’s Day this 20 November.
    Who’s behind this campaign?
    I’m Simon Holmes à Court and I’m sick of feeling helpless and ashamed about what Australia is doing to children under our care. No human deserves to be treated as these children are, and it is totally within our power to end the suffering.”

    That link is as follows.

    crowd-funding campaign

    There are lots of really decent people doing really decent things. Potato’s and dildo’s just don’t cut it. Apologies for the intrusion Mr Mills. Take care

  20. New England Cocky

    Uhm ….. people ….. the major problem with enforced settlement in regional urban centres is the ABSENCE OF GOVERNMENT JOBS and the subsequent 3.5 multiplier effect into the private sector!!!

    Then there is the self sufficiency barrier that requires about 50,000 population before the regional urban economy is self-supporting and independent of agricultural exports with its necessarily limited spending regime of producers who only make up about 4% of the population.

    There are four such 50,000+ cities north of Newcastle NSW; Coffs Harbour (yuk!), Dubbo, Tweed Heads, Tamworth.

    Get a grip!!! NSW politicians know that when you travel north of Hornsby “there be dragons” and crossing the Hawkesbury River bridge is stepping off the edge of the flat Earth. Similarly, Canberra is a thought bubble protected from reality by huge government expenditure on public services.

    The only feasible solution is to hold the 2018 Federal election before Christmas so that Australian voters can celebrate a bright future in 2019 under a competent ALP government.

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