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And now the joke’s on Trump … and it’s a bad one!

In 2016 I wrote a piece for The AIMN, Only in America: Looking at Trump from ‘Down Under’ (which was also published by the popular American blog, Crooks and Liars). The following paragraph early in the piece explained the title.

Again, I had better pause lest you fail to grasp where I am heading. In Australia we have a saying, “Only in America.” It’s a phrase we use when something outrageously good or bad happens, as though such excesses can occur only in America. It might be violent racism, another Columbine, kids being slaughtered – any preventable, tragic loss of life that repeats time and again for which no remedy is forthcoming. All of this is beyond the average Australian’s capacity to understand. In contrast, we also use “Only in America” as a term of endearment when some outstanding achievement occurs: a significant scientific breakthrough, a sporting record, a foot touching the moon’s surface.

I went on at length to use the phrase in the context of electing Donald Trump President of the United States of America.

If you are in the habit of reading the American news as I am then you will be aware that President Trump has really put his foot in it this time.

The reporting from both sides of the media has been of universal condemnation.

Since the coronavirus revealed itself to a world mostly preoccupied with how they would finance their living from month to month, Donald Trump, with his usual bullshit and lies, has been inventing, or at least trying to invent, a world that is far from the reality of what damage this virus is capable of doing to the health and wealth of the world’s citizens.

Covid-19 is real and America isn’t immune from it and no amount of shouting fake news will make it go away.

Trump’s response was predictable:



At his dumbfounding press conference last Thursday it was obvious his lies, fake news and “their out to get me defense” rhetoric went over like a lead balloon.

It is in the smallness of the mind that true ignorance can be found.

Quoting again from my piece:

From Down Under we see a sick deluded man of no redeeming features, full of racial hatred, bile and misogyny. A deluded pathetic liar unsuitable for the highest office in the land, if not the world.

He sees complex problems and impregnates them with populism and implausible black and white solutions.

He is a person of limited intellect and understanding only capable of seeing the world through the prism of his own wealth. The far edges of knowledge seem to have passed him by. Matters requiring deep philosophical consideration seem beyond him.

Trumps’ handling of the coronavirus emergency has been so bad that it may have ended his presidency. That’s not just a loan voice from Down Under, just read the American media.

Questions have been raised, writes Peter Wehner for The Atlantic, about fiascos in:

“… diagnostic testing, not testing enough people, and the delay in doing so together with problems in the supply chain. The delay in expanding testing to labs outside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and problems in the supply chain.”

Judging from Trump’s demeanor at the press conference he has completely lost control of the emergency that is this coronavirus.

It would be an understatement that the USA is following the rest of the world but that is the truth of the matter.

The virus entered customs, and passed through the checkpoints a few weeks before the Americans discovered it. Now they are at the back on the queue.

Trump reportedly didn’t take early warning advice from about the severity of the virus … and that an outbreak was predictable.

You can add to that the fact that it was Trump who dismantled the National Security Council’s Global Health Office (no doubt because Obama formed it) whose job it was to warn of such outbreaks.

Is it any wonder that not only the media but also the general public are furious with the President?

The master of misinformation has claimed that America had contained the virus, “shut it down,” when the facts suggest it was spreading. Watch his speech on YouTube.

He said testing was available when it obviously wasn’t. The same about a vaccine that is at least a year away.

On top of that he couldn’t resist the Obama administration being responsible for something and it was that they impeded testing.

The master liar said the deaths in Italy were going down when in actual fact they were dramatically increasing.

He reached new heights when he admitted that he wanted to keep a cruise ship, off the California coast, rather than tying it up so that the count of reported cases of the coronavirus would be exaggeratedly low.

He said all these deplorable things one week and declared an emergency the next. Now there’s a leader for you.

The Oval Office speech did nothing to reassure the American people that he was on top of the emergency. It did nothing for the financial markets except turn them into a nose-dive. He even misrepresented his government’s policies.

It was a Murphy’s Law speech. Whatever could go wrong, did. The whole country woke the next day wondering what had happened. He had put the fear of God on them.

From Down Under we see a sick deluded man of no redeeming features, one full of racial hatred, bile and misogyny. A gullible pathetic liar unsuitable for the highest office in the land, if not the world.

He sees complex problems and impregnates them with populism and implausible black and white solutions.

He is a person of limited intellect and understanding only capable of seeing the world through the prism of his own wealth.

The far edges of knowledge seem to have passed him by. Matters requiring deep philosophical consideration seem beyond him.

If the coronavirus emergency is an example of his leadership in a crisis then God help us. I may be wrong, but this time confronted with issues of their own health I think the American people will see him for the fool that he is.

My thought for the day

The Office of the American President was once viewed by its people as an office of prestige and importance. Trump has reduced it to one of ridicule and contempt.


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  2. Keith

    Not only is Trump causing mayhem through his lack of insight in the potent impact of COVID 19, but he ignores the science of climate change. With CORVID 19 there is some disagreement in Australia about it’s impact as displayed by yesterday’s Press Conference, though each of the panel were very concerned about future outcomes.

    It can be said that CORVID 19 provides an analog for the future through climate change. Just like the virus, climate change is sneaking up on us. CORVID 19 is where experts all agree that it is an extremely serious matter, and disagreement hinges on what actions need to take place to safeguard as many people as possible, understandable as there are unknowns. The science of climate change began almost 2 centuries ago, it was hardly touched by controversy until fossil fuel corporations realised their profits would be lost through the major problems created by climate change. The corporations to safeguard their profits paid third parties such as Heartland Institute to undermine the science. Heartland Institute can already be seen to be responsible for many deaths through slowing down action against cigarette smoking. Trump has called climate change science a hoax, and the same with CORVID 19, he has had to retract his commentary about the virus.

    The Northern Hemisphere summer could very well provide record temperatures through there being less aerosols in the atmosphere. Aerosols being particles created through fossil fuel emissions, something deniers will try to latch onto. The impact of aerosols was noticed after 9/11 when fewer aircraft were flying for a few days after the tragedy.

    If politicians are serious about the safety of citizens they will begin action on transitioning away from fossil fuels instead of promoting new coal mines and fracking sites.

  3. Terence Mills

    Trump said he would drain the swamp that he said Washington had become but he didn’t mention that he would turn it into a sewer.

  4. whatever

    The US has just abolished entry fees for National Parks as part of a “Stimulus Package”. Scotty did the same thing here, and included the Great Barrier Reef.

    Fran Kelly was just interviewing Jennifer Westacott of the Business Council who went through the usual list of changes businesses want, abolishing regulations and taxes.

    All this and more can now be achieved under the cover of CoronaPanic.

  5. johno

    AND the scary fact that there could be another 4 years. FFS.

  6. Wam

    Haha, lord, Potus is clearly well qualified to be an Aussie politician. He can lie at all three levels. He believes what he says is true, cannot think what to say and lies to elevate pressure, cannot be honest now because there is a deal tomorrow.
    Mnuchin and $850 billion makes an interesting read, especially with the use of the word ‘bipartisan’?
    However to reality 68% of D said they were worried and 40% of R said they were worried. That is a huge difference out of a population of 330million?
    Still, lord you may find it ‘only in America’ that he and Obama tied for the most admired man of 2019

    Loved your play on brandt, Keith, you had the added oblique crow values.

  7. mark delmege

    Perhaps you preferred the cool dude who bailed out wall street, put a Monsanto exec into the regulatory body or who invaded more countries than the one before him, armed jihadists and ran coups in others creating millions of refugees. Or spied on his political ‘opponent’ and helped run a fake narrative that the Russians did it? Do you really think the front man matters all that much when the organs of repression remain regardless of the party in office. When the American model collapses just remember nothing changed under the cool dude. Hope and change was a mirage foisted upon the ignorant and unsuspecting. Anyway whatever you think of the latest bloke his opponent, the cool dudes vice is no better than either of them. Laff all you want at Trump but you are missing the real story.

  8. John Lord

    “People are dying who have never dyed before” Donald Trump March 18 2020

  9. Michael Taylor

    John, is that “dyed” or “died”?

  10. John Lord

    Yes Michael I was that upset l almost died.

  11. johno

    mark, is Sanders just a cool dude, or Warren ?

  12. Henry Rodrigues

    We all know Trump and his ways but how does any open minded person making an honest and impartial analysis, judge the continuing staunch almost obsequious support given to him by his lackeys like Ole McConnell and slimy hypocrite Graham Lindsay and the republican party and the bobbing heads on Fox News and the rest of the fanatical voter base ? Have they all replaced common sense for blind obedience ?? Shades of Hitler and Germany of the 30’s

  13. Jon Chesterson

    We have one of our very own here in Australia… MORRISON, taking us recklessly down the grand Liberal tunnel like caged canaries!

  14. New England Cocky

    Trumpery, n. Showy but worthless. OED

  15. Jack Cade

    Terence Mills

    I’m sorry, but I think you are wrong. It is the UNITED STATES that is a virus, and Trump has handed the world the vaccine, allowing it to watch the virus self destruct without doing anything to help or hinder it, despite Scummo’s presumed distress at his hero being shown to have feet of heel spurs.

  16. Jack Cade

    Mark Delmage

    I’m with you on the ‘cool dude’ . I think the corporates let him into the WH as a mild disinfectant for the poisonous Dubya years. Like all disinfectants, he cured 99% of all germs, but the 1% prospered, because it was the 1% that put him there (‘allowed him to get there’ might be a better way to put it).
    His 8 years produced only the destruction of Libya and a shithouse medical scheme that was notable only for being slightly better than none at all. Plus, as you said, stuffing The lost Ill-gotten wealth back into the pockets of the least deserving members of the community.
    George Galloway calls him ‘the crooner’, which more or less sums him up. A plausible, glib, charismatic cypher.

  17. Jack Cade

    The joke is really on the world, persuading us that the US election matters. Whichever geriatric wins – the serial narcissistic sociopathic liar the senile one who has been in the senate 180 years (sic) – Uncle Sam will still shit on the rest of us.

  18. mark delmege

    Jack I’m not sure who the ‘good people’ will fear most. The red necks if trump loses or the entitled if Boof loses. I just hope its close and there is enough confusion and conspiracies to usher in the sort of political environment they have been foistered on others for … well lets see um their entire existence.

  19. mark delmege

    Excuse the link but it is worth a read just to appreciate the mind numbing stupidity of it all. Putting Biden in the hot seat wont change anything. It will be just more of the same and weak minded team players will excuse his wars just like they did when the cool dude sat there. And just like the team players of the MAGA mob do withTrump.
    I’d argue only the collapse of its system will bring change and nothing less is acceptable. Four more years of Trump (should he survive that long) could bring that closer. Its the worst best outcome, or is that the best worst outcome? ha.

    The US Chose Endless War Over Pandemic Preparedness. Now We See the Effects.

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