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An Open Letter to Tim Wilson

Dear Tim Wilson,

I’m sure you’re a huge fan of Open Letters, what with your passion for free speech. I am also a fan of free speech within the bounds of reasonable conduct, and so today I’m using my free speech to write you this letter.

I’m also a fan of getting to the point quickly so I’ll put it out there right up front. I think you’re a dickhead. Unlike lots of other people who also think you’re a dickhead, I haven’t come to this conclusion recently, or after the announcement that you’ve been parachuted into perhaps the most oxy-moronic position your buddies in the Abbott Government could have handpicked for you. No, I noticed you a long time ago as the boy playing in a man’s world, as you did your best but failed not to blush from the neck up while yelling at climate scientists in a field of scientific endeavour you know nothing about. Although I did note many months ago that your profile on your then-employer’s website, that you are/were apparently undertaking a Graduate Diploma of Energy and the Environment (Climate Science and Global Warming) at Perth’s Murdoch University. What’s that about Tim? Did you complete this qualification, or were you laughed out of the classroom for your ‘opinions’ around weather, and how it’s always been windy so climate change doesn’t exist?


Just to recap, you’re more than welcome to use your free speech to deny climate change, and I also enjoy the right to tell you you’re a dangerous, irresponsible, obstructive fool who is contributing to the demise of the planet I live on. Since you are often used as the mainstream media’s poster-boy under the guise of ‘balance’ on the subject of climate change, since they can’t find a climate scientist to go into bat for the fossil fuel companies that no doubt help fund the IPA, you are the blushing face of denial for many Australians. So we’ll think of you, and we’ll be reminding you of your contribution to the problem, for as long as you continue your charade of self-interested denial for the benefit of your career.

But I guess that’s the part that’s most disappointing, Tim. Your denial of climate change is just one small part of your public persona that I find personally offensive. What I also find really offensive about you is the apparent inconsistency of your position, which is really just a consistent suck-up to the Liberal Party, the people you need to give you jobs that you don’t deserve and are completely unqualified for. It doesn’t surprise me that you are an ex-student politician, because you don’t seem to have ever broken out of that immature mindset. So even though you paint yourself as a bastion of the IPAs agenda, encompassing small government and completely unregulated markets, when it comes to your devotion to this agenda, versus your devotion to Tony Abbott’s agenda, your priority in the pecking-order of your dedication is clearly Tony Abbott. Maybe if you were an actual academic, working for a real institute, you would have a more consistent position as the ‘classical liberal public policy analyst’ which you claim to be. Maybe if you weren’t just a Liberal hack, you would understand why it’s very perplexing that you haven’t already mounted a huge defence of the Carbon Price as a market-based mechanism used to reduce carbon emissions. And where is your outrage about Abbott’s Direct Action policy? You’re very quiet on this front Tim. I see that you diligently went along with Abbott in decrying funding to Holden, but what about fuel tax credits to mining companies? Where is your outrage about this intrusion into the free market you supposedly cherish? And, of course as we’ve all seen, you’re now working at the Human Rights Commission, with the apparent goal of improving our rights to say and do whatever we like without risk of being sued for discrimination, however if people are saying or doing things you don’t like, you’re all for the police-state’s favourite silencer – the water cannon.


See what I mean about you being a child in a man’s world? It’s just embarrassing Tim. It’s embarrassing for you, for your Liberal mates and totally cringe worthy for all of us who have to hear about it.

A scan of your Twitter feed quickly reveals you to be far more interested in fighting what you very immaturely refer to as ‘Lefties’ (anyone who disagrees with you), than fighting for anyone’s right to free speech, let alone Andrew Bolt’s. And this morning I read that you’ve been bombarding the Department of Climate Change, a government organisation your ex-employer the IPA have lobbied to shut down, with hundreds of freedom-of-information requests, in fact 95% of all the requests they’ve had since April, no doubt with the overall goal of sabotaging their ability to concentrate on their important work of combating climate change, something you don’t believe in anyway. So you want to wreck them like a bully-boy kicking over a sandcastle. Just because you disagree with them. That’s pretty pathetic Tim, don’t you think?

From the behaviour you have exhibited throughout your career so far, I can see you are not just unqualified for the position you’ve been gifted at the Human Rights Commission. You’re also too immature to be representing any such organisation that does important work for the community. Whether you plan to get inside the commission and wreck it internally, or if you’re just interested in the substantial publically funded pay-cheque as a thank-you from your Liberal buddies for your blind support of their election campaign whilst at the IPA, you don’t deserve to be paid by the public to work in this position. Oh, and Tim, since we know you think public servants are a complete waste of space, I just wanted to remind you that you are one now. So I look forward to your gratitude towards the Community and Public Sector Union for your yearly pay-rise and the excellent entitlements that have been fought for and upheld through the unity of workers.

Yours sincerely
Victoria Rollison

UPDATE: As per Dan Rowden’s comment below, I mistakenly thought this article was from 2013. It is in fact from 2011. Apologies. Thanks, Dan.


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  1. Scotchmistery

    I’m shattered. No response from Alexander’s plaything? Thought he would have been straight into it when he read the word “dick”. Ah well as you note Victoria he is pretend free speech ambassador so that makes it fine to use free speech in descriptions of his work.

  2. John Fraser


    I find the person mentioned in this article to be irrelevant to political life in Australia.

    Brandis thinks he has been too smart by half and thinks the twerp can hold his own in the HRC.

    Another massive fail on the way for "Slick" Abbott.

    At taxpayers expense.

  3. Anomander

    I would have thought for someone so aggressively critical of the public service that accepting a position in the public service would be considered a complete sell-out?

    Where’s are your principles Tim? Oh, I forgot, you sold them off, along with your soul, when you started working for the IPA.

  4. Ricardo29

    Another great read Victoria, did you cc it to George Brandis?

  5. Dan Rowden

    I’m not defending Wilson in any way (that would be a really hard thing to do), but I have to note that if he hadn’t resigned form the Liberal Party and the IPA everyone here would be up in his face about conflict of interest etc etc etc. Dr Tim Soutphommasane resigned his membership of the Labor Party to take on his role as Race Discrimination Commissioner. Should we read anything into that?

  6. cornlegend

    You always just nail it.
    great stuff.
    I’m going to print it out ,sign it and send it to the scumbag.
    Merry Xmas to you and yours

  7. Kaye Lee

    Victoria you left out one of Tim’s more interesting claims. He is a “Senior Fellow at New York’s Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.” Sounds impressive huh.

    The pharmaceutical industry-funded front group Center for Medicine in the Public Interest (CMPI) is helping its corporate funders fight health care reform by disseminating misinformation and orchestrating campaigns to generate fear about health care reform. CMPI arose out of the Pacific Research Institute, a corporate front group that worked with Philip Morris in the past to fabricate academic support for the tobacco industry. CMPI has been sponsoring anti-Obama Tea Party protests, producing attack ads against health care reform and creating Web sites that feature “horror stories” about citizens in countries that offer universal health care. CMPI is headed by Peter Pitts, the head of global health care for the international corporate public relations firm Porter Novelli, which specializes in helping drug companies evade FDA marketing restrictions by using stealth marketing techniques, like creating fake, unbranded “public service ads” nominally to raise awareness of diseases, but that really drive people to drug-company funded Web sites that advertise drugs.

    Tim is a spokesmodel who is very much for sale to big business and ethics do not trouble his cherubic little head.

  8. David Linehan

    Excellent Victoria, just bloody excellent. Sadly many of the points you so brilliantly made to the dead beat tool of Abbott, Wilson will go over head its head, it isn’t really very bright. Such are the deciples Abbott has gathered around him to feast on the taxation purse.
    Compliments of the season to you and your readers, is thanks to you and many other writers I remain calm and sane during this turmoil that has been created by the Torys

  9. Dan Rowden

    And this morning I read that you’ve been bombarding the Department of Climate Change, a government organisation your ex-employer the IPA have lobbied to shut down, with hundreds of freedom-of-information requests, in fact 95% of all the requests they’ve had since April,

    This needs to be amended to show that the story is two years old. It reads as current. It’s a great find and I wasn’t aware that it had happened, but the tense is wrong and misleading.

  10. Kaye Lee

    I have to say Tim is giving me a few laughs.

    In defending his many hundreds of FOI requests to the Department of Climate Change he said ”I’m sorry the government doesn’t like scrutiny, but it needs to be honest with the Australian people.” I assume he will be taking up the “people’s right to know” with Tony and Scott.

    The other thing that amuses me is that, in his delighted haste to grab this extremely well-paying job that he didn’t have to even apply for let alone be interviewed or screened, Tim quickly resigned his membership of the IPA and the Liberal Party. Apparently the views of those two bodies are inconsistent with human rights.

    And nice move George. You appoint the guy and then tell the people you have thrust him upon that they have to find the money to pay him even though they didn’t want him. Pity about the bullying program and aged education programs that will have to be cut to pay this unqualified, ideological misfit. I nearly feel sorry for Tim who will be so out of his depth with the other Commissioners.

  11. Dan Rowden

    Wilson’s appointment is disturbing on every level. The manner of it was an indefensible departure from protocol. Wilson is not even remotely qualified to hold such a position. His appointment was transparently political. He was appointed by a man I consider to be the most sinister member of the Government by a country mile. But none of it is especially surprising. This Government wants to minimise the capacity for any body outside itself to be critical of its agenda and actions or make public utterances that conflict with that agenda. It makes perfect political sense, really.

    Short term it makes them appear like psycho control freaks, even in the eyes of somewhat conservative commentators. Long term is another matter. People have really, really short political attention spans and memories. If the Coalition can, over time, “normalise” this state of affairs, we’re in for a rough ride.

  12. lawrencewinder

    Another good piece and a validation of my calling the IPA “The-Coots-With-Queer-Ideas-from-a-Parallel-Universe.”

  13. Kaye Lee

    It seems to me Dan that everyone here IS in his face about conflict of interest. His “opinion for sale to big business” is surely a far greater conflict than membership of a political party.

  14. jasonblog

    Great article. While I disagree with the appointment of Tim Wilson and how it has been done (although it speaks volumes about the democratic processes now at work in OZ) it is possible that being exposed to a different environment of complexity, nuance and pragmatic subtleties may have a liberating impact on Mr Wilson. His vociferous bully-boy tactics that have thus far served him well will now mostly be redundant. He will now have to rely on a point of view articulated by evidence and not simply reductionist aggression. We all have the ability for personal development!

    I think we can see Mr Wilson’s new job as payback to Mr Murdoch. Keith Murdoch was a founding member of the IPA and the Murdoch family has maintained extremely close connection to the IPA. The IPA is essentially a lobby group for Big Business and has historically featured the who’s who of white upper-class Australian establishment. Therefore when a hack columnist at one of Rupert’s papers gets lambasted by a judge for writing shoddy articles, that amount to nothing more than ‘Aboriginal bashing’, then the Murdoch media can rely upon the Murdoch-supported IPA to launch a vigorous defence of the atrocious Andrew Bolt on the contestable grounds of so-called ‘freedom of speech’. The judgement on Eatock v Bolt makes for an enlightening read and sad indictment on Mr Bolt’s integrity –

    It is laughable that the IPA are afforded credibility where none is deserved. It is sad that they are able to publish and present on ABC’s The Drum without having to disclose who funds them. They are given a legitimacy to have an authoritative voice when in essence they are merely a underqualified, under-credentialed public relations operation acting on behalf of aggressive corporate interests. There are many Liberal Party politicians who owe their careers to the Murdoch media and the associated IPA. Tim Wilson did an effective job in ‘defending’ Andrew Bolt and in obfuscating the actual ‘facts’ of the Eatock v Bolt case. He is now being handsomely rewarded.

  15. cowper133

    Poor Tim, he worked so hard to ensure the Libs were elected. Constant appearances on the ABC, (every program that sought a comment from an expert, cough, cough), putting himself up against the best climate change scientists in the world just so we ignorant people could hear balanced debate (cough, cough), backing the tobacco companies’ right to continue to kill people, sorry, I meant provide people with pretty packaging (cough, cough, cough), backing dubious practices by dubious medical experts, and of course learning all of the Libs three word slogans. So terribly taxing for him and now he’s been given this great job with the Human Rights Commission even though he believes human rights come with a few qualifiers, and here we are finding fault!!!! So unfair! The high salary (a salary most of us can only dream about) will not be enough to make up for all the pain and suffering caused by the barbs aimed at him during his tenure. He will also be plagued with the knowledge that as soon as this disreputable govt is dismissed at the ballot box, he will be out of a job!!! He will definitely have to have a decent expenses package on top of his salary just to afford the stress medication he will be forced to take!

  16. MargL

    These people are just so scary and evil I am worried about our future. I hope and pray that Australians will see them for what they are and not be so stupid as to elect them again. It’s a real worry.

  17. Mark Norrie

    Dear Anomander, I hate to be pedantic, but Timmy can’t sell his soul, he doesn’t have one. Remember to never, never invite in to your house – you know what will happen (apologies to David Boreanaz and Joss Wheadon).

  18. Kaye Lee

    Just as an aside here, can I point out that at the 70th birthday bash for the IPA in April this year, Murdoch was the keynote speaker, Bolt was the MC, and Brandis was in attendance, as, no doubt, was Tim. I can just imagine the conversation at the bar….

    Rupert: Tim is photogenic…we should use him to better effect. TV appearances are one thing – we need him in a position to be able to change things to what I want…oops…to protect the people’s right to free speech I meant.

    Andrew: And can you hurry up so I don’t have to pay my fine.

    George: If you get me elected then I will definitely find something for Tim….and Andrew, forget that stuff.
    In the interest of national security we will send ASIO in to remove any record of what you may or may not have said.

    Rupert: I’ve got the election under control, you just start working on jobs for the boys.

    George: No problem Rupe.

    Rupert: Don’t call me Rupe and don’t assume that you are in any way important here. Do as I say and we will all get along.

    George: Yes sir. Sorry sir. Tim, can I get you a drink?

  19. markanorrie

    Sorry I meant to say “Never, never invite HIM into your house – you know what will happen”.

  20. David Somerville

    I have watched Master Wilson on Fixtel political programs(deliberate error as the content is fixed and one sided – LNP!) and can honestly state that he is the most arrogant, pompous, self-focussed, self-opionated, overbearingly obnoxious character I have ever listened to (Peter Reith comes next, Peter Van Onselen also comes close….he used to a good balanced guy, but Fixtel and $$ have changed all that).
    Master Wilson tries to give the impression of being the font of all knowledge and that his opinion is the only opinion, however a little more worldly stuff, like that which you obtain through having a real job, coupled with listening and engaging with real people, would improve his intelligence level and understanding on many practical areas that affect the Australian people.

  21. murray james

    From this reaction by the Luvvies we can say that Tim Wilson’s appointment is the right one.

    The hypocrisy, bigotry and bias spewing forth from the elites is certainly something to behold.

    Actually their behaviour shows that the HRC is a failed experiment and should be abolished……We have the law, we don’t need a Council for “human rights”…. Its just another gravy train for the leftard luvvies?

    A conservative government should be ”Conservative” The HRC should be defunded and decommissioned asap. A total waste of 25 million dollars?

    Answer me this Victoria, did you ever write a piece about the other Tim?

    Dr Tim Soutphommasanewas Race Discrimination Commissioner. He was a member of the Australian Labor Party. He worked on the speechwriting staff of then New South Wales Premier Bob Carr, and in 2007 he work in the office of Kevin Rudd during that year’s federal election campaign.

    Who appointed Tim to the HRC Victoria? It was July 2013, Who was in Government then?

    If you want the whole story on the other Tim go to Hansard
    Start at Page 34 interesting reading Re his thoughts on Tony Abbott.

    So, I will be waiting with bated breath for your expose on Tim Soutphommasanewas
    and his appointment by the then Labor Government?

  22. murray james

    Director of Climate Change Policy and the Intellectual Property and Free Trade Unit

    Tim Wilson is the former Director of Climate Change Policy and the Intellectual Property and Free Trade Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs.

    Tim also serves on the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s IP industry consultative group as well being a Senior Fellow at New York’s Center for Medicine in the Public Interest.

    He can be seen and heard being outspoken, challenging and thought provoking on 3AW, Sky News and the ABC and pens columns in the The Australian and Australian Financial Review.

    In 2009 The Australian newspaper recognised him as one of the ten emerging leaders of Australian society, is a recipient of an Australian Leadership Award from the Australian Davos Connection, and was selected to participate in the inaugural Australian-ASEAN emerging leaders program.

    Tim is currently a Director of Alfred Health and a Board of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. He formally served on the Board of Monash University as well as a number of service companies in the tertiary education sector.

    He’s worked in international development across South East Asia, consulting and politics, including delivering Australia’s aid program for the Vietnamese government to host APEC and advising State and Federal politicians.

    At University Tim was twice elected President of the Student Union.

    Tim’s currently completing a Graduate Diploma of Energy and the Environment (Climate Science and Global Warming) at Perth’s Murdoch University. He has a Masters of Diplomacy and Trade and a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University, a Diploma of Business and has completed Asialink’s Leaders Program at the University of Melbourne.

    He has also completed specialist executive education on IP at the WIPO Worldwide Academy and international trade and global health diplomacy at the Institut de Hautes Études Internationales et du Développment, Geneva.

    Areas of expertise: Climate change, trade, intellectual property and public health policy.

    And your point is?

    Let me answer that for you.

    Tim Wilson is from the Conservative side of Politics, now if he was from the Left
    you wouldn’t have an issue with him would you?

    Former human rights commissioner Sev Ozdowski lashed critics of Tim Wilson’s accusing them of double standards?

    So I guess Sev Ozdowski is wrong?

  23. Kaye Lee

    Good point murray. let’s compare the two and their qualifications for the position.

    Prior to joining the Australian Human Rights Commission, Dr Tim Soutphommasane (minus the was) was a political philosopher at the University of Sydney. His thinking on multiculturalism and national identity has been influential in reshaping debates in Australia and Britain. He is the author of three books: The Virtuous Citizen (Cambridge University Press, 2012), Don’t Go Back To Where You Came From (New South Books, 2012), and Reclaiming Patriotism (Cambridge University Press, 2009). In 2013 he presented “Mongrel Nation”, a six-part documentary series about Australian multiculturalism, on ABC Radio National. He is a board member of the National Australia Day Council, a member of the Australian Multicultural Council, and a member of the advisory council of the Global Foundation. He completed his Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, from where he also holds a Master of Philosophy degree (with distinction). He is a first-class honours graduate of the University of Sydney.

    So what are Tim Wilson’s qualifications again?

  24. Kaye Lee

    Let’s remember that Tim Wilson will be receiving the same salary as Dr Soutphommasane so it is relevant to compare resumes and experience in the area. It is also worthy of note that Dr Tim Soutphommasane had to actually go through a selection process, unlike the “other Tim”.

  25. Kaye Lee

    Breathe murray

  26. cornlegend

    Kaye Lee.
    save you breath and just be one of the ” Luvvies”
    I quite like getting called that.
    Merry Xmas, and remember an old saying my old man used to say when annoyed by dickheads.
    You can’t belt brains into a pumpkin.

    Have a good one :-]

  27. John Fraser


    @Murry James


    Tim Wilson is an unsuitable candidate.

    Thats it.

  28. doctorrob54

    @Murry James
    For Gods sake man Tim Wilson is totally unsuitable because he is bias,whether right or left it is irrelevant,candidate should have an open mind,not be a part of Abbotts lapdog pack.
    And if he is so brilliant as you assert,how can he deny man made climate change and the danger of
    over production of CO2.You people are pathetic.

  29. Möbius Ecko

    Tim Wilson has been appointed to head an entity he has advocated be dismantled. That alone makes him unsuitable and murry james posted brief bio of him confirms it.

  30. randalstella

    “Areas of expertise”, Murray? Areas of carping, ideological drivel. Never a new idea. Only attacks on those with scientific standards. Dismissiveness towards argument in details, on facts. Mischief-making instead.

    Could Sev Ozdowski be wrong? He certainly is if he supports Wilson in the way you suggest. The list of “qualifications” this coot has/is accruing, only indicates the very poor level to which formal educational standards have fallen in numerous places – chosen by such ‘candidates’ because they know, or can assume, their slapdash and prejudicial notions of ‘learning’ will not be challenged. And that’s another muted scandal in our culture.

  31. cornlegend

    IPA=Tim Wilson.
    Nothing more needs to be said

  32. murray james


    Gillian Triggs
    Mick Gooda
    Susan Ryan AO
    Ms Megan Mitchell
    Graeme Innes AM
    Tim Soutphommasane
    Elizabeth Broderick

    All but one were appointed by the Rudd Gillard Government?
    Is that Biased?

    Please don’t get me started on The Greatest Fraud ever perpetrated on the human race?

  33. murray james

    Could Sev Ozdowski be wrong? He certainly is if he supports Wilson in the way you suggest?
    Gee no group think for Sev?

    Its not hard to find what Sev said, that’s if you want to find it?

    Sev Ozdowski

    2008 Graduate, Australian Institute of Company Directors (GACID), Sydney
    1989-90 Australian Public Service Executive Development Scheme (placements in Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Parliament House and BHP-Utah Minerals International)

    1984-86 Harkness Fellowship, USA (Harvard, Georgetown and Berkeley Universities)

    1982 Doctor of Philosophy, University of New England, Armidale, Australia

    1974-75 Postgraduate Studies in Development, University of Hamburg, Germany

    1974 Diploma of German Language, Volkshochschule, Hamburg, Germany

    1973 Masters of Arts (Hons.) in Sociology, A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

    1971 Master of Laws (Hons.) Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan, Poland

    Awards and Recognition
    2007 Officers Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland
    2005 Solidarity 25th Anniversary Medal awarded by the Republic of Poland
    2005 FECCA 25th Anniversary Medal for Contribution to Australian Multiculturalism
    2004 Doctor of Social Science Honoris Causa, RMIT University, Melbourne
    2000 Chevalier of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland
    1995 Order of Australia Medal

    Member, UWS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment and Engagement Advisory Board (since 2008)
    Director/Board Member, Chain Reaction Foundation (since 2007)
    President, Australian Chapter, World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (since 2007)
    President, Australian Council for Human Rights Education (since 2006)
    Patron, Social Firms Australia Ltd (since 2005)
    Patron, Chances for Children, Mildura, Vic (since 2001)
    Trustee, South Australian Business Vision 2010 VIVA SA (sine 1998)
    Founding Member Australian Institute of Polish Affairs (1998)
    Member, Rotary International (since 1994)
    Founding Member, Australia Poland Business Council (since 1983)

    Just a few facts on Sev?

  34. Kaye Lee

    murray paragraphs 1 and 2 are titles bestowed upon Tim Wilson by the IPA. They mean nothing.

    The Center for Medicine in the Public Interest is a front for pharmaceutical companies and has been engaged in particularly disturbing and possibly illegal market manipulation (see my previous comment regarding them).

    Appearing on Skynews or writing for Murdoch press does NOT count as a qualification for anything.

    The Davos Connection is a group formed to promote the World Economic Forum…not sure what that has to do with human rights.

    An ombudsman’s report into Alfred Health described it as “a dysfunctional hospital racked by back-biting and interpersonal conflicts”.

    AHPRA is an independent statutory agency which administers the receipt and processing of registration applications and maintains the public register of health practitioners. I wonder why Tim would be on that Board and question his qualifications to be there.

    A diploma of business is a tech qualification, and a BA with a Masters in Trade is once again irrelevant to human rights.

    You have not shown me one thing that qualifies this person for the job at all. Can you tell me what his qualifications and experience are for THIS job…the one he has been given? You do realise he has been made a Human Rights Commissioner? You have mentioned NOTHING about human rights.

  35. Helen

    Has anyone read the new “Policy on Multiculturalism in Australia” since Chris Bowen changed it??

  36. Kaye Lee

    And cornie ,

    I never get annoyed by a stranger’s ignorance. I see it as an opportunity to maybe teach them a few things 😉

    May you and yours have a wonderful festive season.

    Solidarity luvvie

  37. Kaye Lee

    Let’s have a look at Sev Ozdowski shall we. He was a Howard government appointment serving from 2000 to 2005. He has stated that Australia’s political culture focused too much on “the fair go” and equality at the expense of individuals’ rights and liberties.

    This is from an article written by him in June this year.

    ” Despite its origins, our commission is missing in action when important civil liberties are under threat. Consider the 2011 prosecution of Andrew Bolt under the Racial Discrimination Act over an article he wrote about access to grants reserved for Aboriginal Australians. Given the significance of the case, one would assume that the Human Rights Commission would be interested in how the court interpreted the legislation, and would wish to assist with specialist advice. The case certainly met the commission’s own amicus curiae guidelines, yet they made no representations to the court.

    The Human Rights Commission was also quiet when former attorney-general Nicola Roxon wanted to outlaw, as discrimination, any actions or words which have made others feel offended. Former NSW chief justice James Spigelman said to the commission in his Human Rights Day oration that “the freedom to offend is an integral component of freedom of speech”, and that “there is no right not to be offended”.

    The Australian Human Rights Commission also failed to argue, with sufficient vigour, for the freedom of expression when the government planned to create statutory media regulation in response to the Finkelstein inquiry into print media. It was left to Liberty Victoria, the NSW Council for Civil Liberties and other non-government organisations to identify the structural and conceptual flaws in the draft legislation, and to campaign against it.”

    Gee wonder why Sev thinks Tim is the right man for the job. Considering what I have read of Sev I would suggest he handpicked Tim to carry on his crusade for the right to vilify people.

  38. Paul Raymond Scahill

    It it painfully obvious that Tim Wilson is the WRONG person for the job.! All the so-called accolades Murray James and others attribute to Tim Wilson are only endorsements from Murdoch establishments Foxtel, The Australian, etc., are worthless. As for a George Brandis appointment, all I can say is s–t, there is certainly no credence in anything Brandis has touched and that is a fact!

  39. Kaye Lee

    murray all of those Commissioners went through a selection process…you know…interviews, screening, etc. Tim Wilson is the only person to be appointed with NO due process. How come?

  40. Kaye Lee

    Do you even read anything that other people write murray? You copy and paste things that are total non-sequiters. I just pointed out that Sev wrote an article in June that is an attitude that Tim is quoting verbatim.

  41. Kaye Lee

    Sev likes Tim because Tim says what Sev said. (See spot run)

  42. Kaye Lee

    I am not questioning Sev Ozdowski’s credentials and I recognise the work he has done with child asylum seekers detained in Australia and people with disabilities and mental illness and his contribution to multicultural policies in Australia. I AM however questioning Tim Wilson’s lack of credentials and any experience, training or expertise in the job he has been handed on a platter.

  43. cuppa

    Well there might be one silver lining to this cloud. He might be too busy termiting the Human Rights Commission from within to have the time to appear on their ABC so often with his spin and ideological hogwash. Though their ABC will no doubt bring in another Liberal IPA pinhead to take his place. It’s all about the “balance”, apparently.

  44. Wun Farlung

    Good on ya Kaye Lee. As always forthright. Keep the faith comrade.

    Good on ya murray. As always typical of the bourgeoisie ( or those who wanna be )when losing resort to petty name calling or slogan chanting. Maybe you can coax some other liberal lap dogs to post some alternative view to us “luvvies”.

    I’ll scratch their bellies.

    I hope they’re from the same litter as you and keep their thick skins on.

    What you don’t get murray is myself and others that you dismiss as “luvvies” want fairness and honesty, we can’t be brainwashed, we will always be a big flea to you and we don’t want a commie utopia.
    We have a big cherry in this country and we all should be able to have a bite,not just those who think they are the chosen few
    Dare To Struggle. Dare To Win.

  45. Howard Miller

    Hi Victoria, Tony Abbott and the LPN have genuine evil intent in their party policies, the least of it revolve around their stand on Climate Change and mankind’s role in this impending disaster. The destruction of the Trade Union movement, the bolstering of the corporate sector’s ability to avoid taxation liability, the payment of outrageous sums of money to already wealthy women for childbirth, paid for by removing support for the disabled within our community. I am afraid the list is extensive and makes a very sad and somber read, truly un-Australian and hardly a Christmas subject. Keep beating the drum and your words, perhaps a mite strong are correct and needed. “When are we going to elect a government of the people and for the people” Howard Miller.

  46. whatismore

    Another great article. Thanks Victoria.

  47. Mark

    Another great article, Victoria ! Keep them coming.

  48. Uriah

    Great piece Victoria.Especially, when you identify the immaturity that defines Tim Wilsons crusade and his obsession to impose his childish ideas onto the rest of us.Men like him are extremely dangerous.As the wise man noted-A MAN WHO IS A CHILD, IS THE MOST DANGEROUS THING IN THE WORLD.Wilson will NEVER have a mature responsible adult outlook, he will always remain a child.Mores the pity, that the likes of him are now appointed, to positions of grave responsibility to the Australian community.

  49. doctorrob54

    Could be wrong but I have a feeling murry james is Taylor in disguise.Same MO.

  50. whatismore

    Murray, Are you ghost writer for George Brandis or Tim Wilson’s PR Manager?

  51. scotchmistery

    I agree with Dr Rob. Based on the tenets put before us, the long term liaison between Mr Wilson and the equally flaccid #Poodle can now be discussed. My only other thought, is if what is said to be true about Wilson and Abbort’s pet dog cum education mincer, where does that leave James Ashby? Does he still have a chance at a long term relationship with #Poodle, as the actions reported by Tim Wilson from the Cairns resort appear to indicate he wants?

  52. Marty Marshman

    Thankyou Victoria…you had me at…your a dickhead Tim. He is a pernicious worm and an enemy of the people. Bravo

  53. george

    He has been charged with being a vexatious litigant in the past and his numerous appearances on Media Watch indicate how dodgy this organisation really is.

    His social media account demonstrates how creepy some of his shenanigans are as a gay man.

    It’s amusing to put a boy with no maturity and depth into such a role to embarrass our governments status.

    His position will further highlight to the world media how ignorant he is and how shallow our democracy has become.

    It’s sad that establishment boys can’t get an Oxford degree like his colleagues have that he has denigrated in the media.

    I’m sure the gay lobby need their hero but it’s disingenuous to say that Tim should be a good role model.

    Hilarious he’s instigating bigotry as a gay man so bullies can vilify his own community.

    Selfish and greedy to say the least by a class conscious citizen.

    Ugh ugh

  54. mary

    The real question to be asked is this….

    Is he decent per se as an individual?

    Putting any liberal hack in does raise some real concerns about integrity.

    Watching The Contrarians and his cheeky flirtatious antics with Peter Van Onselen…his friendships have been compromised already with some sectors of the media.

    You expect a little decency in our media to be world class journalists….

    Oops silly me…im talking about News Ltd right??

    Tosser Inc Pty Ltd.

  55. mary

    One last point…

    I think even News Ltd journalists are tiring of him on The Drum

    The media gal from The Australian chastised him for being at a Chaser Team gig after their employee Chris Kenny was suing The A.B.C for that very unedifying picture with a dog.

    “You were being disrespectful Tim”

    Lol…goodness being told that your man child antics aren’t cool is a huge slap to one’s ego.

    Good on her for standing up to a silly old boys club.

    It’s going to be a bumpy ride…..albeit an expensive one for us all

  56. mary

    Even Tom Elliot from 3aw chastised him on radio
    and asked him what exactly he does there?

    Showing up a picture on Q and A with children of Asylum Seekers being in a depressed state of mind is a farcical tactic to gain empathy.

    Sorry Tim but that kind of propaganda doesn’t cut it anymore with a discerning public that can see through you!

    It’s the most repugnant thing I have seen anyone do to make them look credible and pretend to care.

    Narcissistic idiotic move that makes you embarrased to be a “liberal” Liberal and not an extremist.

    It’s also quite sickening to see him use his mother as an example for a role model and having a great work ethic for working so hard.

    Really Tim?

    I feel sorry for parents who raise such greedy brats that initially have their kids best interest at heart but then become bastardized for money

    Should the public respect a middle class like that?

    I regard Tim similar to those discredited doctors that have operated on gullable women with breast implants that result in damaged silicone in their bodies.

    They’re main concern was the fee and greedy incentive to operate and cause real damage without remorse.

    That’s sadly Tim here.

    He should take out his capitalist pig t-shirt and wear it with pride now!

    He’s a weird gay creepy man that should be ashamed of himself.

    The vetting system for appointments in politics needs to be reviewed .

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