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An Open Letter to Journalists at News Ltd

Dear News Ltd Journalists,

I’m writing you this letter on behalf of all Australians. That includes everyone who can vote in the upcoming election, as well as those too young to have a say in their own future. I wanted to let you know that your behaviour throughout the election campaign has been appalling. I know you know as well as I do that it’s not the role of a journalist to campaign for a political party. Journalists often justify their bias by saying that opinion pieces can be whatever they want them to be – whether or not they’re biased, unbalanced, untrue, or part of a conspiracy on behalf of your boss to get rid of the NBN, which threatens his business interests. But you’re not just contributing opinion pieces and amateur PhotoShopped front page images, denigrating the target of your smear campaign. You’re also contributing news articles, designed to bring about a certain result, a result you’ve allegedly been instructed to manufacture to help your boss make money. Doesn’t this make you feel dirty? Doesn’t the 17 year old aspiring journalist in you feel even a little bit sad about finding their middle-aged-self behaving in this unethical way? Don’t you care about the impact your work has on the country you live in?

I’m sure many of you justify your blind obedience in the ‘get Rudd’ campaign to the fact that you need a job. You have to do what you’re told so you can keep working as a journalist. I know there’s not many jobs out there for journalists, but this doesn’t justify you doing the wrong thing. There are hundreds of examples throughout history of ‘employees’ doing the wrong thing on behalf of their bosses, and justifying this wrongness by saying they were instructed to do it. That doesn’t make it OK. If Murdoch told you to hit your wife, would you do that too? Where exactly is the line that you wouldn’t cross, no matter what your boss wanted? Is there a line? When you write puff pieces about Tony Abbott, when you do glamorous photo shoots of Tony Abbott’s daughters but don’t actually ask them a question, when you choose not to scrutinise Abbott, and omit news that is damaging to him, when you support Mal Brough’s campaign to destroy Slipper and then ignore the news that you were part of the Ashbygate conspiracy which a Federal Court Judge has revealed, when you cover your front page with blatant propaganda to help Abbott win government, but don’t tell your readers what his real plans are, when you give a candidate a free run and create the misleading impression that the Labor government is unsuccessful, you are failing Australia. Your job is not more important than your responsibility as a journalist. How are you ever going to get another job with this sort of behaviour in your background?

I actually think it’s an absolute outrage that not one of you has resigned in protest during this election campaign. Not one of you has stood up for journalistic integrity and said ‘enough’. Not one of you has said your pay cheque isn’t more important to you than your ethics. And what about all the jobs your readers will lose because of your campaign? You know Tony Abbott has proudly announced that he’ll sack 12,000 public servants. These are people doing important work in our communities. They help people. They support the disadvantaged in society. How is your job more important than their jobs?

No doubt many of you are Liberals yourself, having been hand-picked by your boss to make sure you’re on his side. But even if you think Tony Abbott deserves to win the election, and even if you like his policies and are completely in favour of his plans for this country (assuming you know what these are), don’t you think the Australian people have a right to hear both sides of the story before making up their own minds? Don’t you think it sounds a little bit like Fascism for your boss to decide that he wants an Abbott win, and then for you, his minions, to do his dirty work in the most blatantly dishonourable and immoral media campaign this country has ever seen?

Perhaps you read letters like this, and you are so hardened to the world that you let it roll over you, like water off a duck’s back. But I just hope that somewhere, deep down inside you, there’s a little voice reminding you that you’re doing the wrong thing. If you even have the ability to feel guilty, to feel ashamed, even if it’s just at 3:00am in the morning when you can’t sleep, I hope you feel awful.

It’s also important for you to know that we won’t forget what you’ve done. If your boss gets his way, and you do manage to deliver Australia the most conservative, austerity obsessed, downright mean and selfish government we’ve ever had, it’s very likely most of your readers, especially those in areas like western Sydney who’ve you’ve conned most successfully, will not be very impressed with you. They might ask why on earth Abbott is cutting spending on services they need, like health and education, when they didn’t hear about it before the election. They might be disappointed to hear their work rights are being undermined by the same front bench who came up with Work Choices. And they might be really pissed off when the surplus they’ve been promised is actually a gigantic $30 billion dollar black hole. No doubt you’ll do your best to blame all these woes on Labor, as this is your unthinking knee-jerk reaction to everything. But how long can this work? I know you like your readers dumb, but don’t underestimate how quickly people work out that they’ve been screwed over. I hope your precious job is worth it then. I would have thought your entire industry was in enough trouble without you putting another dozen nails in its coffin through your own arrogance and incompetence.


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  1. WendyJoy Smith

    They are so good at it

  2. Heather

    Well said Victoria. But I fear they are not listening.

  3. andyrob65

    Nothing more to be said Victoria, other than HERE, HERE.

  4. direct current

    I don’t think the MSM has thought far enough ahead to understand that the lies they peddle today will cement our deep distrust of them for YEARS to come. I haven’t bought a newspaper in about 3 years and have realized that I don’t really need one.
    My opinion won’t change even if MSM should start to present ‘fair and balanced’ news.

  5. rachanashivams

    You certainly have spelt it out as it is Victoria.

  6. Terry, and thanks for this.

    This needs to be read in the UK, America, and any other part of the world where Murdoch is spreading his dirt, Just to let them know how our voting system is being badly influenced by this disgusting man.

  7. Margaret McMillan

    Thank you for an excellent piece. I wonder if any journalists will read it? I think you have hit the nail on the head that it is a question of morals and doing the right thing, i.e. their jobs. I think too that politicians should be asking themselves this question all the time: does what I am doing contribute to a more honest and informed Australia. Turn the media into liars and maybe you destroy a whole country’s chance to remain free and fair.
    Ps: It’s ‘Hear, Hear’!

  8. Dan Rowden

    I’m not sure that the resignation of a News Limited journalist would achieve much, other than to make us feel good for a little while. Such a person would be faced with the spin and mendacity of an entire Corporation. They would be made to look dishonest, pathetic, possibly even unstable. The only thing that would be effective is for numerous journalists to resign simultaneously. I don’t see that happening.

    In 1975 News Limited journos went on strike to protest editorial bias, which was arguably significantly worse than what we’re seeing today. Sadly, the contemporary workplace doesn’t allow for that to happen and Labor has to take some of the blame for that. Since their shift to the “right” they have been soft on workplace rights and protections. Bit of karma going on there I think.

  9. Dan Rowden

    Has anyone thus far instigated a petition at Change.org to call on News Corp to change the behaviour of their “news” outlets? I know it would only be a symbolic gesture, but if it gets some traction maybe a few people will get to see that there’s a meaningful demographic out there that will no longer stand for this crap and bile.

    I think it would have more credibility and impetus if it was started on behalf of an organisation rather than an individual, otherwise I’d start one myself. If this has already be done, ignore this post. If not, any interested person can contact me at: danrowden61@gmail.com

  10. Vicki

    I’m with direct current – haven’t bought a newspaper since early 2011 when the ‘news’ suddenly took a turn to the right. Then began the shameful treatment of our female elected Prime Minister. If the PM had been male the rest may never have happened. Well done Victoria Rollinson for telling it like it is. Apart from a rare few, jounalists should be hanging their heads in shame for being part of what has happened to ‘journalism’ in this country and for assisting in the undermining of democracy. If we can’t trust journalists to give us the unalderated facts then we no longer have a democracy.

  11. girlseule

    Well said. I live in the NT and when I saw photos of that ‘Vote this mob out’ headline, I dead-set thought it was some sort of mock-up joke thing floating around the net. I was horrified when I discovered it was an actual newspaper headline.

  12. Phil

    Well put Victoria, although I think you should have mentioned ‘OUR ABC’ as well.
    I simply cannot believe the lack of balanced information coming from this publicly funded broadcaster.
    To my way of thinking the facts should be reporting all the information that has been gathered and presented with a “here’s the information we have, you the public decide” attitude.
    Instead we seem to be getting carefully filtered information and then no follow up on subjects that have been made to be headline news for days if not weeks on end.
    A good example is how Peter Slipper’s indiscretions supposed or otherwise were reported several months ago.
    All MSM outlets including ‘OUR ABC’ were falling over themselves to report every minuscule and sordid detail whether based on fact or not about this subject. Then when Clive Palmer makes a statement ( ABC 720 Perth 3,00 pm news 22/08/2013 ) to the MSM alleging a corruption on the part of Mal Brough it doesn’t to my knowledge rate a mention. The Sunshine Coast Daily ( a News Ltd paper) has picked it up but that’s only because it is the local newspaper for the electorate that Slipper and Brough are contesting.
    Are ‘OUR ABC’ journalists eyeing the prospect of privatization and major shareholding of News Ltd ?

  13. cowper133

    Again, you have put into words what many of us are thinking and feeling. Keep up the great work. Even if it does not change anything, when and if people realise the media has misled them they can never point the finger at you and say you didn’t try to change things.

  14. Tony Grant

    Network the movie…never had the appeal for the dumb ed down masses!

  15. Boxlid

    Oh watching Julie Bishop live in Brisbane just engenders a response to “Bitch Slap” her.Heck I know it’s not nice,correct or moral to feel that way,but in her shiny Teflon suit she looks and sounds ridiculous.

  16. Jossie

    I’ve been saying exactly this since they started in on Julia Gillard, and my family and friends have been telling me that I am just being a ‘lefty’. I just wish I could forward this on to all of my f&f without upsetting them.

  17. cousincat

    Great bolg. More power to you, Victoria.

  18. Boxlid

    There’s journalism and then there’s “Journalism”, I think Victorias point is that they are not the same.Journalism is lighter fluffy stuff marketing and spin.”Journalism”,the real heavy,moral and ethical reporting of events within our country on all levels has disappeared.I once heard a lecture in the early nineties from a well respected “Academic” who is now a Vice Chancellor on the subject of “Ethics” and the continuing lack of them in Education,Business,Finance and Politics in our society.Push Pause and think.This was in the early nineties,a lone voice making substantial and unpopular statements,even in the university he was working for at the time.

    I can only think he was spot on.”Journalism”,real “Journalism” real deep thinking,understanding and reporting went out of the window in this country a long time ago.From my perspective,there are only a few little sparks of real moral “Journalistic” voices in this country and they struggle to be heard in what if you like is called MSM.

    The MSM in this country have always been scum bags,just take my anecdote lightly and have a chuckle,the whole brouhaha over Frank Sinatra performing here when he punched a reported,for asking a really offensive question and then seeing Bob Hope on the Logies Awards many years later remarking that he “Was only here to pick up Frank Sinatra’s laundry”,I think that kind of puts things into perspective,between Journalism and real “Journalism”,real ethical,deep thinking and considered reporting of events.

    Most people employed in the area these days have no understanding of what those term mean and sadly we suffer for it.

  19. Gillian

    maybe YOU need to go campaigning round the elctorates Victoria and spread the TRUTH about Abbot and his lies!!!!!!!!!!!! well said but more people need to hear it!!!

  20. Helen Errington

    They will pay one day. One cannot go on lying and fooling the public without there being consequences. They have so compromised their own integrity that soon the wheels will fall off. I await that day with great anticipation. Murdoch is failing around the world, next stop OZ!

  21. Matthew Ross

    I have unscribed from foxtel when I did the lady who answered my request had had many people do the same thing, she apologized and suggested that Murdoch was just a share holder and I simply said well that may well be, but you are still a part of the problem. So I suggest people unsubscribe from all media connected to Murdoch, they have had many a warning of this happening, and what people will do. So take control of your media, keep talking to each other and network on social media, Remember the NBN will allow for us to share all the information faster we have each other. ITS TIME FOR YOU TO RESPECT THE POWER YOU ALREADY HAVE EACH OTHER.

  22. Terry2

    Well put Victoria and, on the assumption that you won’t get published in the letters column of the Telegraph or the Australian, I wonder how much it would cost to publish as a paid advertisement ?
    Dan Rowden makes an interesting point about Change.org and I imagine that Getup might even come on board.
    Surely editorial and press freedom must bring with it responsibility and accountability in this country.

  23. Bill Morris

    Can I share this on Facebook?

    Bill Morris bmao2@icloud.com

  24. Dan Rowden

    There’s a lot that can be said about the rise and fall of Australia’s print media, but foremost among them is: “ca ching”. Commercial media enterprises have to make money. Genuine, serious journalism is expensive and resource heavy. Opinions are cheap, and as the saying goes, are like bumholes – everyone’s got one. The trouble is most print media outlets have allowed commercial pressures and profit margins to drive their editorial philosophies. When decisions are driven by financial considerations it’s not hard to see why real journalism would be left to rot on the side of the road like a bag of apples. I’m not sure there’s any obvious and easy solution to the problem. I mean, why should a business that is primarily in it for the money (e.g. News Corp) give a damn about real journalism? Murdoch himself doesn’t seem to pretend he does.

  25. Bacchus

    Tom Watson on QANDA on Monday night could prove interesting…

  26. john

    Dont recall hearing any of you complaining when the same paper campaigned for Kev07 over John Howard. Freedom of the press is just that freedom to print anything within defamation laws not what oneside of politics decides should be printed. All of you managed to inform yourself on both sides what makes you so sure others with different views haven’t managed to inform themselves. O

  27. Dan Rowden


    Abbott will be elected and the role of the mainstream media will have been significant in this. The average voter isn’t interested in informing themselves when it’s so much easier to simply be spoon fed “information”. The quality of that information is not something that the average Aussie is going to invest time in testing.

    Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance. H. L. Mencken

    All I want is for press organisations to live up to their own professional codes of conduct. They don’t.

  28. Nanny of 4

    If you get your print news from a Murdoch publication, and your radio/TV news from a commercial channel, and you don’t actively seek out blogs like this one, chances are that you have no idea that there is another side to political debate. If one questions why there is a belief in the notion “Julia Gillard was a liar” the usual answer is that “everyone knows it”. Dig deeper and the only reason is the carbon tax statement – which was selective reporting of part only of a sentence – not the whole sentence which gave a very different meaning. How much more biased can you get?

    These Murdoch so-called journalists will get their rewards when print media goes the way of the dodo.

  29. Kate

    Dan and Victoria – maybe someone could set up a web site where we could all submit examples and names of journalists that are blatant with their bias and only present opinion rather than facts. Turn the tables on them so to speak.
    Of course, it would have to moderated because the LNP trolls would infiltrate it in a heartbeat.
    I would, if I could, but I can’t at present time because of 24/7 family nursing commitments .

  30. Dan Rowden


    That’s quite an interesting idea, but boy, howdy, it would take a lot of work given the prevalence of opinion and comment over objective journalism that exists nowadays. Plus the ability and willingness of the online press to alter, redact and otherwise fudge their stories – without mention or explanation – is almost impossible to keep up with.

  31. Misst

    Couldn’t agree more, and I also think the ABC deserves to be included.

    And what about our Tertiary Institutions 😉 I have to assume that many of these mediocre / bad journalists were taught their trade at one of our big, learning institutions. Perhaps they too are at fault, ie failing in their endeavours to produce good, honest journalists. Do they even have ethics courses these days?

    Actually it’s not that silly that the root of the problem is in education. 20 years or so ago I did a post grad Library Degree at the time when economic rationalism was digging in. It was pathetic, probably one third librarianship/books, and two thirds management/money! As a book lover I was thoroughly disappointed. I can just imagine that journalism courses are half money and management these days. There are probably courses in re-crafting your readers to suit your own greedy ends!!!

  32. Vicki

    On Bob Ellis’s web page, ‘Table Talk’ an interesting experiment is being carried out ie that you get 10 friends to phone 10 telephone numbers (mobile or landline) at random and ask 2 questions: A) who do you intend to vote for in the September 7 election and who is your preferred PM. the results from one very small poll were telling. Let’s see how this informal polling goes as it snowballs. If you join in post your results on Table Talk.

  33. candidahvanrood

    It is very worrying that Rupert and his staff, who we didn’t even vote for, will determine our next Prime Minister. I think we are fooling ourselves when we say we live in a democracy.

  34. lmrh5

    Reblogged this on lmrh5.

  35. Pingback: An Open Letter to Journalists at News Ltd | lmrh5

  36. Tony WTF

    Nice try mate… But they’re all middle class wage earners on a good wicket. Why the hell would they stop whoring themselves to Murdoch?

  37. Dennis Bauer

    Hi all I will throw my hat in the ring even though it means
    some time after Mr.Abbott takes the reins, there may be a
    knock on my door at 2 am and I am taken away for some really
    serious persuasion to change my ideas.

    Yes smile,
    I know the Nazi lost but Fascism has gone from strength to strength
    I always read, I always observe, I know human nature, and where it
    has been going since the start of the 70’s, Has been one long worry

    It really is just the plain old fairy tale good verses evil, good does win for
    a period but I think evil and power seem to always fall in step.

    I thought Orson Welles was spot on but of course it was about
    Power over, Huxley was a lot closer to what could happen.

    Any form of real Socialism on this Planet is doomed and always will be

    we simply do not have the intelligence to even contemplate any sort of system along these lines.

    Dennis Bauer

  38. RichardU

    The real problem is with the generals not the foot soldiers. Murdoch’s more profitable target readership are blue collar workers who will probably suffer most under an Abbott government just as did the Americans who voted for Bush, the compassionate conservative http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compassionate_conservatism or failed to vote for John Kerry. One day these people ought to realise their mistake, vote accordingly and, like the rest of us, unsubscribe in disappointment from Murdoch’s products. I wish I could do it now, but I did it years ago.

  39. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a

    I have yet to meet a journalism student who has decided on a career in journalism so they have a safe steady job working as a day to day hack writing the stories that their publisher wants them to.

  40. Maureen Walton

    Exactly what I told my relatives ages ago. They about 14 of them, all told me I was mad and to get over Abbott and Murdoch. That it was all in my imagination and that I was far to left for my own good.

    So thank you Victoria as usual another honest and good article.

  41. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a

    I hope you do not mind but I have sent this to several of the News Ltd papers

  42. John Lord

    News Ltd. Where the truth goes to die.

  43. Maureen

    Thank you Victoria well said. The last 3 years has been an absolute bloody outrage, a disgrace, to see what Abbott the IPA and the rest of the Murdoch cult are getting away with….

  44. Samam

    It’s not like there are many other options for journalists in Australia considering two proprietors account for more than 90 percent of metropolitan circulation. The future of journalism is the internet, but will real journalists who have ethics and seek to remain impartial be able to profit in this new media landscape? I guess time will tell, but until then journalists will sabotage their ethics and values in order to receive a wage.

  45. g2-5bba245eb6db01d36e28de6648a6336a

    Reply from the Australian to this “Open Letter ”

    I am assuming Kevin also sent a copy 🙂

    On 25/08/2013, at 4:32 PM, Leech, Graeme wrote:

    Thanks for your identical 80cm letters, Kevin and Doug. Being identical, they are equally inaccurate.

    Graeme Leech
    Letters editor, The Australian
    The Australian
    Level 2, 2 Holt Street, Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
    T: +61 2 9288 2463

    My reply to Graham Leech :
    Dear Graham

    I would beg to differ

    You bias is embarrassing your bowing and scraping before your master Murdoch is obscene

    Newspapers used to be about news not biased propaganda

    That was always the domain of the totalitarian regimes

    May I ask you a personal question ?

    When you were an young cadet journalist did you want to break important news stories and report the facts in an unbiased manner, or did you always plan to obey the wishes of your employer regardless of what was happening ?

    Where is that cadet now and what is he doing ?

    Cheers Doug Steley

  46. Boxlid

    Look sorry sorry sorry,I’ve been watching all this shit from the Liberal Party launch today and dont mean to swear or offend anybody, But Crap,Crap,Crap.How do these people expect that they can convince anyone that they are a future responsibly financially effective and responsive alternative to what we have now?

    You know if this lot get elected its heading into another coalition of the willing,dragging our nation into areas where it should not be.Syria,creating yet again more strife and dissent in the world.

    Another three word slogan,”Trust,Honesty,Promise” which means extended,”Trust us to know that your going to get Honestly screwed by us and we Promise to return your virginity in the “Spirit of regaining your Trust”,once you have been taken advantage of,no amount of trust can ever replace what was taken away.Once you’ve been screwed you’ve been screwed.

  47. Caroline Toner

    Spot on as always Victoria. Reading your blog (and some others from the Australian Independent) is the only way we manage to feel comforted that their are many others out there that share our thoughts about this disturbing period of Australian history. I also agree with Phil that the ABC is just as complicit as the rest of the MSM.

  48. Kaye Lee

    Rupert Murdoch wants him. Gina Rinehart wants him. The miners want him. Big business wants him. Most of the media want him. But does the public want him? By September 8 we will know if the voters really did want him, whether they have been persuaded by the continual media promotion of Tony Abbott and his Coalition, and the incessant denigration of Kevin Rudd and Labor.

    Abbott supporters insist that he is the one this country needs as its leader for the next three years.

    But how many will reflect on what it will mean to this nation to have Tony Abbott, whom we now know so well, as its Prime Minister?

    It takes little serious reflection to conclude that this nation does not deserve to have Abbott inflicted on it. Let me elaborate on why we ought to say no, no, no to Tony Abbott.

    Contemplate an Abbott prime ministership, an Abbott government.

    In my opinion, we can confidently expect Abbott to exhibit seemingly conflicting attributes: vengefulness and weakness.


  49. Mieke Senior-Loncin

    Can Tony Abbott get anymore embarrassing ,,, attending an army boot camp? What next … going on a shooting trip in National Parks with 14 year old children as was proposed by the N.S.W. government ? And to think we invade countries to bring democracy while Rupert Murdoch rules Australia …
    I weep … poor fellow my country …

  50. Rob

    Love it. Love everything about this.

  51. Andrew

    You can’t be serious? Cry me a river you commie socialist! Do you need a history lesson? He did the same to Howard when Rudd 1st came to power. You are just as bad with this scare mongering crap. If you had the balls to actually be a boss and put everything you worked for on the line, you would see how labour screws the small business sector because of its communist ideals. I hope you rot, and until you have the balls, conviction And courage to actually contribute and create employment for people like I do, sit down and shut up you oxygen thief!

  52. Single Mum Australia

    great article – transparency is so important into the run-up to the election – guessing many will remember this attempted manipulation – Single Mum Australia (http://singlemum.com.au)

  53. Boxlid

    Andrew ?????


    I think that now is the time for Rupert Murdoch and all the staff who work with his News Corporation Australia newspapers to be banned from trying to kick Kevin Rudd and Labor out of Canberra and abandon Tony Abbott and the Coalition by telling them to stop accusing the Government of lying about several policies.

  55. Kaye Lee

    Andrew that load of rubbish is about as ignorant as it gets. Commie socialist? I hope you rot? Sit down and shut up? You can’t even SPELL Labor let alone have a clue what you are talking about. I am also an employer. Instead of spewing your illiterate bullying paranoia would you care to tell us just HOW you feel Labor has “screwed” you? I agree you appear screwy but I doubt you can blame politics for that.

  56. Anne

    Newscorp journos have bought a once well regarded profession into total disrepute. Ethics have gone by the board and facts – well, don’t let them get in the way of rupert’s story. Their behaviour is shameful. If abbott is elected it will be in no small part due to the skewed and biased reporting by murdoch’s minions. I hope they can live with their lack of journalistic standards, especially when they know what abbott is really like and where he will take this country.

  57. Totaram

    Andrew: Do you have the faintest idea what a “communist” is ? Commie socialist? What is that? Your comment displays your ignorance, lack of education and stupidity. So labor screws small business. How does it do that? Please explain. Is it because it insists that workers have some rights? So you think no one else creates employment like you do! Wow! Do you know that drug dealers, and criminals of various other kinds also “create employment”? Just ask in the slums of Rio de Janiero. And they have the “balls and conviction and courage” to do this. Try working in a Mexican drug cartel! Or for a warlord in Somalia. Or just a pirate operating from Somalia. Do you know what “balls” that takes? On the other hand, there are companies like Google and Microsoft and Apple who also create employment. Do you know how they treat their employees? They treat them very well and it doesn’t need any “balls” at all (not the kind you are thinking of anyway).

    So just what is your point? Try thinking a little bit about what you just posted.

    History lesson? Do you know the history of world politics over the last century? Fascism, communism, Social democrats, neo-liberalism, ……Do you know that Adolf Hitler’s party (the National Socialist German Workers Party as he called it) was actually ELECTED to power in the first instance? Check it out. But after that he cancelled elections (of course).

    Oxygen thief?? What does that even mean? Do you even know what Oxygen is? Do you even know that it can be a poison?

    So you think a Coalition Government will fix everything for you because you will be able to hire, abuse and fire workers according to your whims and fancies – and that takes balls! And it will create employment! Wonderful! That is the kinds of balls the fascists in Europe had in the 1940’s when they could just round up people and send them off to “work camps” and if they resisted, they could just shoot them. If the workers resist what you want them to do, shoot them if necessary. That takes balls. Nothing like a “tough” approach to put the these lazy buggers into line. No? Wonderful!!

    Nothing like a post from from someone like Andrew to let everyone know what the typical coalition supporter is like.

  58. Robyn

    I love your work Victoria. I’d be up for a MARCH AGAINST MURDOCH – anyone in? It may not achieve anything but it’d make us feel a bit better.
    Andrew, wow – commie socialist?? The example you point out of Rupie being on Rudd’s side in 2007 is quite true, but it’s from exactly the same motivation, his own self interest. He’s not and never has been interested in the welfare of people in this country, and that includes people who run small businesses. He couldn’t give a stuff about you and your employees. So when Rudd wouldn’t do what he wanted he switched over to someone who would. Take a look at the finding of the Leveson enquiry on Rupert Murdoch. These aren’t the views of the ‘commie socialists’ they are the unbiased findings of a UK enquiry into his dirty dealings.The point Victoria makes is that we are being manipulated to fulfil the wishes of an unscrupulous, dishonest, lying old bastard, and we’re pissed off about it. What I want from the journalists of this country is equal scrutiny for all – LABOR and LNP, GREENS and independents etc, but that just hasn’t been happening. Even Barrie Cassidy acknowledges this in an article he wrote for the Drum back in March.

  59. Kaye Lee

    Today’s MSM journalists think they ARE the story…that they create the news. This was forcibly brought home to me the other night when Leigh Sales had the minister and shadow minister for climate change on the 7:30 report. We started with Chris Uhlman waffling on with the usual pics of glaciers melting and polar bears sitting on ice pillars. Then we got to the interviews about the greatest challenge facing this planet. After about 5 minutes Leigh Sales cut them off saying “this is a 10 minute interview not an hour long debate”. We then went on to a much longer story about how tough it is for journalists on the campaign trail. Journalists interviewing journalists has become pretty much all we ever see. And that’s the ABC. The Murdoch press reads like it is written by children for children, and nasty ones at that. They are NOT newspapers and they long ago gave up any pretence at disseminating anything vaguely resembling news.

  60. Rob

    Its going to take them a little while to work out that their audience has left them. Left them to go and read the views of other journalists who publish outside of Murdoch’s empire. It might take them a little while to catch on that maybe they should have been doing that too.

    We are either gone or going. Thank you Victoria.

  61. Ben Russell

    Couldn’t have written a better letter myself! You said everything that needed to be said. I just hope this becomes known to the public. Thanks!

  62. eddie

    I hope these so called Journos have got kids.Think of their future when u are still awake at 3.00am.

  63. Andrew Moran

    These are the same ‘journalists’ who demand ‘freedom of the press’. And then abuse it by lying, – deliberately and by omission.

    Highlighting the potential impact of stupidity and self interest acting in large numbers.

  64. Gab

    Dear Anonymous

    Please, you do not speak for me. I have my own mind and am not part of your hivemind collective.

    I very much doubt you speak for all Australians so please, in future, try to be a little less presumptuous and arrogant.

    Thank you.

  65. Gab

    “He did the same to Howard when Rudd 1st came to power. ”

    Very true, Andrew. Even The Australian was supporting Rudd in 2007, as did half of the papers in the News Ltd stable. Rudd even went to Murdoch for career advice in 2010 when Labor threw him out of the PM’s job. This is all on public record, btw. I don’t recall any complaints from the Murdoch haters then.

  66. Dave McRae

    Perfect letter

    I wonder if it could be applied, at least in part, to the ABC who must be so fearful of their jobs. ABC employees know if they knock ALP no consequences (might even get $10mill extra for fact finding) and may get rewards from incoming LNP govt. Knock a tory and there will be consequences. I have no other explanation as to why they run NewsLtd lines and IPA as panelists etc

  67. William Lockhart Nelson

    If Liberal stuffs up then we can rip them apart without any problems. Labor just gets me angry now. I am no fan of Abbott but I don’t believe that Rudd’s double talk and stupidly negative campaigning whilst relying on his predosessor/successor’s policies in order to seem like a good guy. Abbott has stated that he supports some of the reforms that labor has put through and his own parental scheme is very generous. The $30 billion hole is a worry true but one of the things Liberal is quite famous for is their ability to make a surplus. Work choices has never been brought up by the opposition but instead another club to try and bludgeon the Liberals. It’s not working anymore as Abbott has seemed to have changed his attitude towards many things, including his flip on abortion from his position as health minister under Howard (where he advocated the restriction of Ru486) to present day where he states abortion shouldn’t be a political issue.
    You annoy me. Journalists in general annoy me. All writing is subjective. Even this rant which is inspired by a bottle of red wine and and a bag of potato chips. Anyone with a brain can see newscorp is opinionated. So is Fairfax. SO IS EVERYBODY. Get off your high horse, it’s burning from under you.

  68. Karen dacy

    Yes the complete absence of defectors from their ranks is so disheartening. Well said as always. Murdochs days are numbered. Take heart in that.

  69. Steven Curren (@sacurren)

    I doubt anyone working at Newscorp would have the integrity or self respect be in anyway troubled. You’re talking about the same organisation that hacked a murdered school girl’s phone and illegally paid police. Anything goes at Newscorp, nothing is too low. This is simply water of a ducks back to them, business as usual.

  70. Dan Rowden


    I bet those chips were salt and vinegar. The Prime Minister isn’t relying on any “predosessor/successor’s policies”. He has always been part of the Government. The renamed NDIS, for example, is a scheme he can claim some credit for. The idea first came out of the Australia 2020 Summit.

    And yes, Coalition Governments are able to generate budget surpluses, but at what cost? And such surpluses are a good thing according to what economic theory?

  71. Marcus

    I have not read a newspaper for over 30 years, I have not had a tv for 35 years, and I look forward to the demise of Rupert(I am the demon in your dreams)Murdoch.

  72. SJA

    I was a NewsLTD journalist for 10 years…. I quit because my ethical standards were too high. LOL.

    The media is a business, make no mistakes. It doesn’t give two hoots about the community or providing accurate and balanced information. The sooner people stop reading, watching or listening to the crap the better.

  73. Gab

    “The previously automated response had reverted to Milly’s own greeting. The sound of her daughter’s voice led Mrs Dowler to believe Milly had deleted some messages (something later blamed on the actions of News of the World journalists).

    A month after the Dowlers had given evidence at Leveson, a senior News International executive accused the Guardian of ‘sexing’ up its story about News of the World journalists deleting messages from Milly Dowler’s phone.
    Lord Leveson said the messages were probably deleted automatically by the mobile network operator

    Lord Leveson said the messages were probably deleted automatically by the mobile network operator

    ‘The Metropolitan Police has now confirmed that the News of the World was not to blame for deleting the specific mobile phone messages of Milly Dowler that gave false hope too her parents that she was alive,’ he said.

    The Guardian was forced to print an apology.

    The following May, Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector John MacDonald said in a statement to the Leveson Inquiry: ‘We cannot conclusively say whether any voicemails were manually deleted.’

    And in his report, Lord Leveson accepted as much, saying the voicemail messages were in fact probably deleted automatically by the mobile network operator.”


    So they didn’t delete the messages and no Australian journalists involved.

    Meanwhile, in Australia, three Fairfax journalists admitted to hacking the ALP’s database and accessed private information and were let off with a slap on the wrists.

    “THREE Fairfax journalists have admitted illegally accessing a confidential ALP database but will escape conviction after reaching a deal with Commonwealth prosecutors.

    Ben Schneiders, Royce Millar and Nick McKenzie are each charged with unauthorised access to restricted data held in the ALP’s electoral database during the 2010 Victorian election campaign.”


    Still, I am loving the Murdoch Derangement Syndrome on this site.

  74. James Fisk

    The one that offends me the most, is that there is not more reporting on Abbott’s role with Fr. Nestor. Abbott’s links to a paedophile priest, in my opinion should discount him from any high public office.

  75. iggy648

    Misst: I hope that in the next decade or so, the role of Newscorp will be examined in detail in high school media and history classes. In ten years, there will be very few left who read the Tele. There is hope!

  76. Louise

    Fairfax are no better at the moment. They had an editorial about a week before Kevin replaced Julia calling for exactly that to happen. Their articles have been as biased but they have at least managed to publish letters pointing this put.

  77. Neil Taylor

    brilliant,it worries me though that so many people cant see what this media is actually doing.

  78. Parallel Angel

    How tedious. You do not speak on behalf of all Australians – even those voting Labor or against Abbot.

  79. Truth Seeker

    Victoria, thanks for another good read, 😀 and I agree completely.

    I just hope that at least some of them get to read it. 😉

    On another matter,I have just posted “The biggest LNP black hole is really the vacant space between Tony’s ears!” 😀

    The biggest LNP black hole is really the vacant space between Tony’s ears!
    Cheers ;grin:

  80. technogumby

    Unless the voters wake up and shake off all the media propaganda, we’ll all wind up in Hockey’s black hole, an ignominious fate indeed.

  81. Rodney Egan

    Did you not just do the very thing you are voicing an opion out against. I do believe that there is unbalanced approach to media coverage of the election campaign. But to convict the rest of the establishment or parts of it and then only comment on Abbott, is blatent hypocrisy. I am a Rudd Supporter, I voted him in the first time and will vote for him again this time around. So please express your options on Abbott and Rudd, whatever they maybe, but please do not spout hypocrisy. It only takes you down to their level and you should be above that.

  82. judieleah

    Thank you Victoria – this post had to be written. I just wish the photo from the outrageous Tele was not at the top …

  83. Linda

    Now if only the TV news can talk about this and the morning shows!! This needs to be highlighted into the shameful state the newspapers are in now. We need to stop this rot, what next will be more scarier if Tony Abbot can ask Murdoch to stop newspapers from printing the hard news. Maybe the ‘asylum seeker’ case will be downgraded to a couple of boats instead of the true amount if he gets in power for one example?
    How can we trust news reporting anymore if the news isn’t unbiased and factual?

    It is a sad state of affairs the way things are run now.

  84. Peter Evans

    I can’t believe you are so naive Victoria. The current Federal Labor Government has been a 6-year-long travesty of incompetence. Whatever a Coalition Government will deliver, it has to be better for the economy and the long-term future of all Australians. Stop your panicked whinging and grow up!

  85. Michael Taylor

    Peter, I would suggest that it is you who are naive.

  86. Dan Rowden


    Could you possibly say something to support your contention that the last 6 years of Labor Government has been a “travesty of incompetence”?

  87. Matthew Joyce

    Hear Hear.

  88. John James

    Could almost be Germany circa. the 1930s. Journalism did what it was told then, as well.

  89. Rodney Egan

    That’s right now we bring out the absolutely ridiculous statements. When no real agreement can be formed let’s compare people to Hitler. Statements like those made by John James are outrageously disgusting. Please refrain from commenting if you can’t express a valid opinion.

  90. Geoff Of Epping

    Yes indeed….as my 98 year old mother still keeps saying about the MSM…stupid is as stupid does.

  91. Geoff Of Epping

    Rodney Egan….I very much doubt you are a Rudd supporter….in any shape or form.
    Your posts come across as Abbott sycophancy.

  92. Bill Wells

    Simple solution; boycott News (substitute whatever their latest re-brand name is) products.

    I’ve given up on the Liberal-bullshit party because they simply believe their own rhetoric, but if Rupert felt it in the wallet it would really hurt him.

  93. Deanne Eccles

    Thanks Victoria, and everyone else who has written a response. It’s a relief to know there are more free thinkers out there than what it appears. I am gobsmacked at how many people there are who are believing and respieling the Murdoch press. And my question to these voting Australians is ‘and where are you getting your information from?’ Of course we know what the answer is. These journalists need to be responsible for much of the demise of our country because. it is the tradition of Australians to educate themselves through the newspaper. Thus the current stream of thinking by many Australians. I am sickened by complaining Australians who have no idea what it is like to be living in other parts of the world. Australians discontent that they cannot buy the latest plasma tv. Hear hear Victoria!

  94. Mark Blogg

    I work for the ABC .. we are biased… to a ‘certain degree’ and every taxpayer pays us for our product…We run a story about gay rights everyday on some of our news programs. Those who think it’s not such a big issue tell me they are frustrated… because they have no choice but to pay for our content… at least I don’t have to buy the telegraph..but you guys have to pay me to set an agenda you may dislike!

  95. Robert Miller

    Surprise, surprise.
    Another Lib bashing segment with the post modern reeking of entitlement stench coming from what Labor supporters have become.

    You all do such a fine job at gathering in your little clusters like this and slapping each other on the back about how fair minded you all are, whilst punishing and criticising anyone that doesn’t fall in line with your views. You hide behind your lifetime Labor commitment by saying this is only about ‘Fair Journalism’

    Yeah. Right. Nice one. Like you actually care.

    No matter what Labor do whilst in charge, you will ALWAYS vote for them. And whilst you are sitting around pointing at newspapers to stop telling people what to think and to instead, think what you think, you aren’t actually doing any thinking yourselves because even after the mess that Labor has made over the shocking last few years, you are STILL VOTING FOR THEM. And then you talk about newspapers being biased, while you all come in here and be as biased as can be. It’s laughable.

    You criticise Tony Abbot for not revealing his policies; Which I bloody well agree with, but at the moment, the Liberals deserve a shot after Labor turned running the country into a personal achievement competition between Rudd and Gillard who, instead of, you know, running the actual country, decided to play musical chairs with the most esteemed political position in the country.
    I’m not hearing any of that from you though.
    In fact, you don’t hold any views politically other than that you hate anyone and anything that represents or supports the Liberal Party. You don’t talk about Labor because its too embarrassing to do. Why would you bother defending the indefensible? That Labor screwed up, and screwed up horrendously?
    Oh, wait, maybe it’s all a fantasy that the media cooked up?
    Maybe Dudd Rudd wasn’t responsible for the deaths and pink batts never happened; maybe Dudd wasn’t borrowing 100M a day; maybe the failed school halls debacle didn’t cost us billions (Schools that needed specific things, like a canteen, were given a tennis court instead, and even worse, at ridiculously inflated prices at the cost of the tax payer) Maybe Gillard didn’t knife the obviously unfit to lead Rudd barely within his first year as prime minister because he was performing so badly? Maybe Dudd didn’t take all of a few months to make us an international embarrassment after bragging to journalists about Bush not knowing what the G20 was, and us losing any influence into the G20 as a result after America went cold on Rudd? Maybe our international shame never happened with Rudd representing us one minute, then Gillard, then Rudd? How could any nation trust us under such patchy leadership issues? Maybe the borders weren’t reopened and didn’t cost us 3 billion as a result. I have no problems with illegal immigrants coming here fleeing wars. But whilst we spend billions by supplying them with free cigarettes, plasmas and detention centres which they burn, 25,000 AUSTRALIAN FAMILIES go to sleep on the streets EVERY NIGHT. So how about we focus on helping get our own issues right before we start campaigning to save the world?
    And as for the NBN, you all say that Abbot is going to destroy it. Destroy what? THE LABOR PARTY NEVER BUILT ANYTHING. Why? Because they, quite simply, over spent and ran out of money and put us in too much debt. Like a teenage girl maxing out her credit card. How responsible of them to do that with the Australian people’s money. We were highly in the black when Dudd Rudd took over, and we are now 254 BILLION in debt, and with 5 budget deficits, Rudd/Gillard/Labor have driven up the cost of living.

    And yet you all sit here and vote for THAT? Its baffling. And in this instance, no matter how hard you scream about Liberal, your vote is the loudest and says a hell of a lot about you as a person if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to all of the above.

    Yet somehow, miraculously and laughably, you all sit there with a straight face and sprout out your fear mongering campaign that we’ll be truly screwed if Abbot gets in. Wow. Don’t know if you noticed, people, but the Labor party already screwed us, and screwed us badly, for the last 4 years. But why let the facts get in the way of your biased and skewed opinion?

    Im a swinging voter, and as a result, have had to defend myself from both Liberal and Labor attacks over the many decades that I’ve been eligible to vote. A swinging voter to me is indicative of a mind that thinks for itself, because parties change policies and essentially, we see that and vote for who we think will do a better job. Not one party can ever be consistently voted for because of that. Yet you all sit here claiming to care for the country, whilst your consistent vote for one party says otherwise.

    On a final note; I was at a dinner on the weekend and had the interesting pleasure of hearing a staunch Labor supporter, not talk about Labor (You lot never do, for obvious reasons after the last 4 years) but talk instead about how she had a friend who was living overseas who was waiting to see what would happen with the election. If Labor won, she’d move back. If Liberal won though, she’d stay overseas. When I asked her why, she said ‘Because as a woman, she fears that her rights will be taken away if Abbot becomes prime minister.’
    And that is the biggest, most spoilt and over the top reaction that I have ever heard of, and is indicative of how out of touch most of you have become. We live in a first world country. This isn’t a dictatorship. Sure. We can call Rudd and Abbot dictators, but it’s a tongue in cheek figure of speech. Abbot isn’t going to start telling women to cover up and take away their voting rights. I mean, you people have become so spoilt with the standard of living here that you have to start making up stories like that in order to support your narrow minded views. If that girl isn’t coming back because Abbot gets in, I hope she moves to a place where women TRULY do not have any rights, and then we’ll see if her opinion changes.
    We have a great standard of life here, no matter who’s in charge. Which is why people risk life and limb on boats to come here. You lot running this scare campaign about the world ending if Abbot wins are no better than the media that you so love to criticise. Get a clue.

  96. Reece Hart

    What we need is a media inquiry like the English had. Then when we find them guilty of not following ethical standards throw Murdoch into prison.

  97. rachanashivam

    Agreed John James. I have been watching with that same concern over the past three years. The endlessly repeated mindless negative and inflammatory slogans plus the attack on personalities has been most disturbing. Be alert people. Be very alert.

  98. Roswell

    Robert Miller, perhaps you’d feel more at home with the Labor bashing articles on the Murdoch sites.

  99. poppy

    “I would have thought your entire industry was in enough trouble without you putting another dozen nails in its coffin through your own arrogance and incompetence.”

    – BOOM!

  100. Bill Wells

    Nice rant, Robert but I think you’ve missed the point. Besides, your entire comment was pretty much negated by the third last sentence where you finally made some sense.

  101. Rodney Egan

    At no point did I say anything related to supporting Abbott in my comments. I commented on the hypocrisy of the opened ended letter address to news ltd I. Regards to its attacks on Rudd. I am an individual that believes in not promoting hypocrosie. So believe what you will about who I support or don’t support. It doesn’t change the fact that this was an article that was written full of hypocrisies.

  102. Brian F

    Flawed from the opening sentence. You don’t speak for me.

    And full of lefty nonesense about Tony Abbott.

    Thank God we have a force to combat the left wing Fairfax and ABC outlets.

    Oh, you forgot to mention that our debt is heading for half a trillion dollars with nothing to show for it and that we are now officialy living beyond our means. Welcome to the New Greece courtesy of the madman Rudd.

  103. Jo

    Well said Brian F.. Thankyou

    Exactly what I wanted to say.

  104. John Rose

    How presumptuous of you to write “on behalf of all Australians”. I might actually agree with your sentiments… but I most certainly never issued you a proxy for my own opinions in this matter. Your impotent dummy spit does a disservice to those of us who think Australia deserves better and think we need to actually work hard to recapture the government benches rather than warm our hands before a fire of righteous indignation. Before your pathetic contribution, I most certainly would have avoided anything that would please the hearts of the News Ltd cronies quite so effectively as your obtuse, irrational, self-serving little diatribe.

  105. Dan Rowden


    Wow, that was quite a rant. It’s a pity, though, that not a single sentence of it is supportable by facts. I mean anyone who claims, in relation to the NBN, that Labor hasn’t actually built anything is surely not inhabiting the same reality as the rest of us. There are already NBN services available all over the country, primarily on the eastern seaboard.

  106. Elyse

    Here here if the daily ends up being the cause for a lib win I hope Murdoch and every one he employs is sued for more than any of them are worth their factories burned down and a national riot one the truth is revealed all over the news everyday that the nation join together in protest for re election and if denied grab the guns mr Offarrel let them use so liberally and shoot out of the liberal party and vote for a republic unanimously!

  107. Brian F

    Calm down Elyse please. Let’s resolve things peacefully. Are you from the Middle east?

  108. S M Marshall

    Can anyone name a genuinely honest politician? WE (not politicians or journalists) are the productive capital of Australia and we should not allow ourselves to be misused and squandered.

  109. John McKenzie

    3:00am in the morning..
    As opposed to 3:00am in the afternoon ?

    Great article, marred by this clumsy tautology.

  110. Frank Hunt

    Scotland Yard have started a new investigation into the Murdoch Press. This has sent shock waves through group. interestingly they are also interested in the Australian perspective. If it had been anyone else they would be in jail by now. Good Hunting Scotland Yard…!!

  111. William Gruppetta

    I don’t know why people are so shocked by Murdoch’s behavior. He has been doing since I first voted in 1972.

  112. Frank Hunt

    The new name for the Tory party should be -The Sky is Falling Party-

  113. News Ltd Journalist

    Judgey bullshit.

  114. Rose

    Makes it more important to encourage people to understand what policies and changes they are voting for, unfortunately News Ltd brings it down to personalities. How about thye talk to Queen slanders, they were very pissed off with Labour and now have one of the worst governments in power now as a result.

  115. Ryan Brown

    lol u cross m8

  116. Bill Dart

    Show me a surplus and you’ll get my vote. An economic train wreck. Not rocket science, spend less than you earn labor. Pathetic.

  117. Bacchus

    Haven’t been keeping up Bill? Your Tones has promised a surplus in 2016-17, exactly the same as Labor. 😯 1% of GDP “within a decade”…

    Now perhaps you can explain why a budget surplus sooner rather than later would be good economic policy? 😉

  118. Meg E

    The first line of your letter was as far as I’m concerned – appalling. (“I’m writing you this letter on behalf of all Australians.”), I am an Aussie, born and bred, and I am more than capable of writing my own letters and expressing my own opinion. I do not appreciate someone writing something on my behalf. Please not presume that you have the authority to write on other people’s behalf, especially mine. Thank you.

  119. Bob Evans

    Thank God we have a force to combat the left wing Fairfax

    Am I living in some alternative reality? The majority of the right wing talkback radio shows are all Fairfax. Just how right wing does the media need to be?

  120. John

    Seriously you people are delusional, your views are as biased as news limited views, you think anyone who does not agree with your view of the world is wrong or somehow brainwashed by News Ltd.

    I asked a simple question in an earlier post: Were you all so morally outraged in 2007 when News Ltd supported Kevin Rudd?

  121. Dan Rowden


    It’s the case that Murdoch endorsed Rudd as a potentially good Prime Minister in 2007. However, one could not possibly reasonably assert that the extraordinary editorial bias that is evident in News Limited’s political coverage in 2013 existed in 2007.

  122. Michael Taylor

    To those people criticising the author with claims that she does not represent them, I say that the author is simply asking for honesty. If you don’t want honesty, then fine.

  123. Harry

    to everyone that is bitching about our debt, its actually the thrid lowest in the world of developed economies per head of our population

    what this means, for anyone who doesn’t understand, is that we do not need a “surplus” to be a functioning, sophisticated country. there are very few countrys in the world who operate without debt.

  124. Carol Taylor

    Dan, the Murdoch media also awarded Rudd their Australian of the Year for his handling of GFC, which hasn’t stopped the ongoing accusation that Labor’s handling of the economy has been “incompetent”..but then, when did the Murdoch ever let consistency intrude into his newspapers..

  125. Cary A Bailey

    Liberals believe the Socialists are wrecking the the country & the strong Plutocrats will lead it out of the mess. It is a dog eat dog world out there. Well I think that is insanity! The only mess will be the one the Liberals create to benefit their overlords.

  126. Stuart Fish

    The 12,000 public servants will be “lost through attrition”. Don’t you read the detail of Abbott’s policies? And you can’s say you are writing the letter on behalf of all Australians. I certainly don’t agree with all that you say. It is Labor who always use the saying “Whatever it takes”. Well, if this is what it takes to get rid of this mob, well then, so be it.

    And so you don’t think the journalists and presenters on the ABC are pushing Labor at every opportunity? And Fairfax, Channel 7 and Sky? Come one. Get with the game here. It’s election time.

    So many lefties commenting here. So good for a lauch.

  127. club113

    That covers it.
    With readership of major newspapers is dropping in double-digit percentages perhaps a better way for newspapers to make money would be to report truth.

  128. Rodger L

    You do not have the right to write on my behalf and I don’t believe that you have received permission from all other Australians to write on their behalf, therefore negating all that you have said. You sound like a leftist whom, when the media is not supporting your point of view, wants to go on a rant.

  129. Roswell

    Rodger, I take it that the Murdoch media write for you.

  130. Tony bishop

    You lot Would Not Know Good Governance If It Was Biting Your Arse. Not One Intelligent Response. You Are All As Weak As Piss. Where Are Your Real Leaders You Piss Weak Generation Exers?.You Are Going To Get The Government You Deserve. Not Anywhere Near The One You Need …And Miles Away From The One You want

  131. Fed up

    Anyone who wholeheartedly supports one party while condemning the other is a fool. I’m sick of both major candidates and their snide comments, their constant offloading of blame onto the opposing side, the ridiculous “pop” policies designed to appeal to the largest majority of voters while sacrificing their own party’s integrity. Unfortunately, this seems to have become the norm at some stage. If you honestly think Australia will be better off under either of these dissolute candidates, you’re sadly mistaken. All they care about is how to grab the upper hand against their opponent with diluted policies.

  132. PMD

    more fools on here than on the hill. So many mis-informed statements on both sides.
    Maybe some one can explain why an Aussie who gave up being an Aussie, who has a rep of being questionable in his conduct can decide who runs the country.

    Come the 8th of September my life wont change, taxes will go up, promises will be broken and as a nation we will once again lose the chance to advance ourselves and remain the fools on the hill

  133. Cassandra Price

    Ignoring all of the political trash talk, my interest in the article was solely based on the fact that the author was calling into question the ‘journalistic integrity’ of the paper. I’m glad someone has had the guts to do so. I found it appalling that a national newspaper could be so blatant in it’s championing of one particular party instead of being impartial. In my humble opinion, newspaper journalism is there to inform their readers of what is happening in the world, when those articles are written regarding elections and the political parties involved, they should impartially be reporting on the policies that each party are purporting to enact so as to give their readers a well rounded basis on which to make an informed choice.
    I duly expect to see the typical slander articles on one party member or another… it’s all a part of politics and it sells papers, let’s face it.
    But for a paper to go so far as to force their political opinion on it’s readers in this fashion is way over the line.
    So I say hear hear to the author of the letter in calling them out on that score.
    Journalism on that level is nothing more than trash rag articles.

  134. Amber

    Rupert Murdoch is a pig and controls the Australian media – that much is fact. And fact; Murdoch is anti-labour. What the writer clearly states (for those of you having a dig back) is that journos is Australia should present the news as fact not fr such an outright one-sided political agenda or essentially in campaign to support any party (and in the writers’ opinion – NOT being a journo – especially a party with weak policies full of holes and whom openly admit their disconcern for social welfare and support in the public sector and services). Politics are cyclic and unfortunately whenever we have a labour government with a social conscious and an amazing track record of introducing a phennenal amount of good policy, support and getting us through a global recession virtually unscathed (and you were all more then happy to sit up and shut up when given your $1000 to stimulate the economy – just quick to bag after you’d spent) a Liberal or LNP government takes over – claims the hard work then blames all their f*ups and terrible policies on the previous government. People are generally to naive or lazy to educate themselves and then listen to the media which I have seen time and time again promote its right wing agenda, conceal the facts and report inaccuracies. Time and time again I will watch parliament in session or listen to it on ABC radio only to then watch the news that night and hear an absolute spin-story that is so warped and beyond fact.

    Well guess what – being a Queenslander – it happened here – case in point; Campbell Newman.

    So writer, I applaud your argument and I will repost. Regardless of whom you support or how you vote the key issue here is that the news should be produced as simple facts not as some insane propaganda and biast- warped agenda.

  135. Amber

    P.S is early morning and I’m lacking sleep and typing this on a tiny iphone screen so please excuse the plethora of typos in my previous comment including (but not limited to) *conscience, *phenomenal etc.. But I’m sure you get the general gist of my thoughts/response

  136. Michael Taylor

    Amber, that’s an ordeal I can relate to. 🙁

  137. Bob Evans

    I asked a simple question in an earlier post: Were you all so morally outraged in 2007 when News Ltd supported Kevin Rudd?

    What rubbish. Murdoch only gave Rudd a few favourbale pages in a sea of Liberal favourable pages in the dying days of the election when it was clear Rudd would win. You call that support? I remember the Australian continually fawning over Howard, especially Shanahan and Peter Brent called it the “Governments Gazette” at the time. I distinctly remember the Daily Terror telling people to vote for Howard and do not remember this love in that conservatives allude to. It’s bullshit.

    Instead of todays saturation bombing of Labor by Murdoch, there was only carpet bombing. I guess that counts as support for the right wing.

  138. Peter P

    Newspapers should be reporting the news and not views. Especially the views of Murdoch who isn’t even an Australian citizen. That’s what I find appalling. We have a foreigner dictating how Australians should think.

  139. Brian F

    Rupert would be ecstatic about the number of you lefties that obviously read his papers diligently.
    I mean, you wouldn’t be making all these derogatory comments if you hadn’t thoroughly read all his papers would you?
    Surely you lefties don’t form opinions on random Internet searches or tribal breast beating (such as this blog). That would be extremist wouldn’t it?

  140. Dan Rowden


    Funny that Campbell Newman made the same commitment regarding the manner in which the public service would be reduced. We know how that turned out.

  141. Tim Bristow

    I couldn’t agree more Amber well said!

  142. cassilva48

    Dan: Bill Shorten was asked why Murdoch supported Labor in 2007 and now has swung over to the Libs. Could it be that Murdoch realised that Labor would not be coerced or bullied into commercial monopolies such as being the sole distributor of the new NBN scheme?

    2nd point: These journalists like the rest of us want to hold onto their jobs and if they want to keep their careers intact in a Murdoch media must be seen to be comrades who share their bosses political opinions!

  143. Dan Rowden


    Bill Shorten did a pretty good job on Q&A last night. I don’t think the NBN is the reason for Murdoch’s editorial stance. I suspect it may be more to do with the changes to media laws that Labor tried to introduce. Either way, the notion that Murdoch supported Labor in 2007 is not entirely true. When I run the idea through my personal Politifact device, which is the most objective and accurate of the 867 versions currently out there, I find that it’s Mostly False, and that Murdoch only really supported Rudd when the polls began to show that Rudd was going to win.

  144. cassilva48

    Bill Shorten mentioned that Murdoch’s political interest really lie (excuse the pun) with the commercial gains he and his corporation will receive, which makes me think that Murdoch has weighed up the odds and will get a better deal from the Libs. Murdoch doesn’t give a shite about who runs the country just how he will benefit from it.

  145. Jonesy

    Rudd convinced me with his own performance, his language, his behaviour NOT to vote for him. It has nothing to do with News Ltd…..How dare you suggest media bias as the reasoning behind my democratic choice. I am the epitome of a swinging voter and Rudd’s hypocritical language and behaviour as demonstrated by his public speeches and debates have done the damage. These have not been editorialised, these have not been adjusted. The man himself has convinced me. Stop your whinging and fight the good fight.

  146. Frank Hunt

    We suffer from an overdose of oxymoron’s Example 1- Liberal Party.
    Example 2- Journalistic integrity.
    Perhaps we could push the envelope and use the news limited journalists edgy comment and spelling. Example 3- Judgey bullshit.

  147. Frank Hunt

    The title News Limited says it all…

  148. kayelee1

    Not only is the Murdoch press an attack on journalistic integrity and democracy, it is an attack on human decency.

    Gemma Jones is a disgusting individual who has carried out a vile campaign to demonise asylum seekers. Her stories are poorly written and deliberately misrepresent facts in an undisguised attempt to influence public opinion.

    For those who have chosen to castigate Victoria saying she does not speak for all Australians, I would ask you why you too are not decrying this abominable practice as an assault on common decency.

    Regardless of political affiliation, make NO mistake. Murdoch papers represent a far more insidious attack on our way of life than just playing at king-making or protecting commercial interests.

    “Gemma Jones has been a federal politics reporter at The Daily Telegraph for some time now. At some point either before or during her tenure, her brain disintegrated into mush.

    Jones uses the language and tone of actual political reportage to further a monstrous agenda predicated on virulent xenophobia and sad, limp patriotism. Every other hack I’ve discussed in this series has been an opinion columnist, because that’s the medium through which ideas are discussed in this country. We don’t have widely read, expert-written policy publications. Jones, however, hides behind a veil of nonpartisanship and objectivity while spitting some of the most hateful anti-refugee sentiments imaginable. She is a bad writer and a worse journalist. She deals in lies dressed up in the formal stuffiness of news. Vilifying immigrants in an opinion column is one thing. Vilifying them in a front page article which masquerades as researched truth is quite another.”


  149. Möbius Ecko

    Then Jonesy tell us where Abbott was not a hypocrite in his language, for there are far more examples of his blatant hypocrisy than you allege for Rudd?

    Can you give examples of where you believe Rudd was hypocritical?

    What Rudd behaviour are you talking about, his white anting of Gillard? Can’t disagree there, but on any measure Abbott is demonstrably worse in behaviour.

    So just what is it in Rudd’s public speeches and debates, where it’s mostly agreed Rudd is superior to Abbott, that has irked you so much?

    It seems to me the very things you are lambasting Rudd for apply far more to Abbott, so you have me perplexed in your reasoning for not voting for Rudd. If you said you won’t vote for both then it would be understandable, but from you post I’m assuming you are voting for Abbott.

  150. FEZ

    I think this sort of debate is fantastic as it is allowing the real underlying problem to surface… politics just makes it obvious. We really have to be aware 24/7 how media applies these principles into just about every decision that we make. We have to make sure we don’t become lazy in how we keep ourselves informed and how we make our choices. I find its good, especially with politics, to get a balanced view from a range of independent media. Lets not forget the role Fox played in the 2000 U.S. presidential election. Just a little bit of history repeating.

  151. Bob Evans

    I am the epitome of a swinging voter

    Every time I hear that on forums, I eventually find out the person saying it, is actually a life long rusted on Conservative.

    You can tell people are swinging voters by the way they speak. And that’s one rusted on conservative.

  152. Rick Norman

    I am seriously disturbed by the Abbott worship by Fran Kelly ABC Breakfast Radio. Is she angling for a job in the Abbott Government? Her interaction with Michele Gratin is creepy.

  153. John

    This debate, I love, but seriously can you people actually hear yourselves it’s laughable, not because I disagree but because of the hypocrisy. This debate is as one sided and biased as the one so many of you are arguing is so wrong. The Fairfax press is very much biased to the left as is the ABC and SBS and many commentators on Sky and the commercial TV networks yet I don’t see any attack on those media outlets, between them they talk to so many more people then News Ltds papers. Are any of you any different to News Ltd, other then the size of your audience, why shouldn’t your views be censored in the same way you want Mr Murdoch’s views censored.

    Anyway the reason I love this debate and the freedom of News to print what they want within the law is because you are free to do so unlike many other parts of the world were free speech is Ltd and tyrants run wild…..ask the Russian gays about free speech.

  154. nicolelouis

    I have been trained in journalism and trained to have an investigative and questioning mind and yet I am observing the media ignoring this quality deliberately to feed their agenda and bias towards one political party. Correct me if I’m wrong but I have only witnessed Rudd asking the crucial question to Abbott, where will the cuts be? No journalist has asked this. I want real questions, answers and facts from both party leaders. Only the prime minister is being hammered and therefore my vote and decision will not be an informed one. I see bias and agendas in this campaign towards one party which is against the integrity and ethics of Journalism, though not surprising these days. However it is important that people ask for more integrity and balance from the media so they can make an informed vote, not an ignorant one. So I welcome this article because it opens up important discussions as many people I talk to are being blindly led and are not asking crucial questions. Let the people be properly informed before they choose, unfortunately the agenda by the media is casting a shadow on that.

  155. johnward154

    This FAKE is the “evidence” that the Sydney Morning Herald put forward in Court as evidence of wrong doing by Craig Thomson, it (the “evidence”) was provided to the SMH by the HSU to discredit and defame Craig Thomson, his name was misspelled as ThomPson, (the forgers first blunder) it was purported to be evidence to prove a transaction with a brothel using Health Services Union funds.

    Craig Thomson correctly defended his reputation and SMH settled out of court and declared himself vindicated. This document was never examined “forensically“ in Court by his defence lawyer and the judge.

    This little piece of paper caused years of turmoil in parliament. Tony Abbott even though he knew it was a crude set up, made it key, to a disgusting three year campaign of smear (goes to Abbott’s character). The Coalition have attempted to drive Thomson to bankruptcy with legal proceedings, (so as to have him disfranchised and rejected from Parliament), the media have hounded him and printed lies, and he has become a human punch-line, the butt of a million jokes.

    Lets look at the ‘evidence’ Abbott relies on. The rejection code 211 is what banks use once they are called by a sales person, the banks will ask you to write this number on the front cover of the slip. This number (the forgers second blunder) indicates and instructs you that NO transaction should proceed.

    The slip is coloured pink, (the forgers third blunder) indicating it is the slip that should be sent to and held in the bank’s records. It would not, in the ordinary process of business be in the possession of the (HSU) customer.

    Because it has blue and black pen ink on what is actually, a carbon copy, (the forgers fourth and fifth blunder) It becomes clear that this ‘evidence’ is fake.

    I am shocked by the deliberate avoidance and refusal to examine or publish any reference by the Australian mass media to this first crude attempt to bring down an elected parliamentary member, for what ever motive was involved.

    The reporting of this stupid forgery as ‘proof of guilt’ defies imagination, and is evidence of the criminal manipulation of the people’s perception by billionaires who own our media, and are attempting to own our minds.

    The thing that really amazes me is the person who oversaw the Fair Work Australia investigation into Craig Thomson was the Vice President of Fair Work Australia, and HSU Secretary Kathy Jacksons partner Michael Lawler, a Fair Work Australia judge. Michael Lawler, is brother to the very same John Lawler who was AFP Deputy Commissioner of National Security in 2007 when Dr Mohamed Haneef was charged with terrorism offences — a decision later slammed by the Clarke Inquiry, and lately the Essendon fishing expedition) Michael Lawler FWA had been appointed by Abbott, Michael Lawler is the lover of Craig Thomson’s union opponent Kathy Jackson. She had sworn to ‘get ‘ him when he was elected to parliament after he had exposed her as ripping off the HSU.

    Kathy Jackson has been a respected Guest speaker at the HR Nicholls Society. For those who are unaware the HR Nicholls Society is a Liberal Party think tank. Contributors include Peter Reith, Eric Abetz, Peter Costello, Mal Brough, Andrew Bolt, Michael Kroeger, barrister Stuart Wood who is providing free legal services to Jackson, and of course Tony Abbott.

    As the Vic Police investigation cranks up a notch, it is becoming clear that people want to distance themselves from both Kathy Jackson and Michael Williamson, as things unravel.

    Now Abbott says he will stop taking Tobacco industry money, but only if Rudd stops “propping up Craig Thomson” and stops taking help from the HSU. He never stops and its about time He did.

    What a scandal, it is yet to land on the LNP smear machine. If it ever got on the MSM it could change the outcome of the Election.

    Don’t hold your breath while you wait for that to happen!

    Please like and share.

  156. Dan Rowden


    I strongly feel that despite our personal views about “evidence” in the Thomson case, it is properly a matter for the Court and that amateur observations about the evidence merely further muddies already murky waters.

  157. peri.

    brian f – nothing to show for it… what are you talking about? we have a better standard of day to day living than almost every country on the planet. so sick of these selfish statements.

  158. John

    Hi Kayelee1, I didn’t say the ABC was 100% I just said it leaned left and let’s be honest it does. I think you missed the point of my post, I love your freedom to disagree with me and do so with great gusto, be critical of News Ltd to the cows come home for biased but for an argument to have real weight you can’t turn a blind eye to biased that supports one political view of the another. Here’s the thing love or hate what News Ltd prints or for that matter (as many on the right do) what the ABC puts to air, but rejoice in there freedom to do so, our ability to debate what News Ltd has printed is where the pressure comes from and with the growth in social media, the Internet and multiple news sources you and many others have over stated News Ltds actually market power, I think you will find this headline was more about getting a attention hoping to boost a circulation in decline. Finally be very careful what you wish for, because censorship will never be limited to just oneside, have a look at history the first thing a tyrant will do is limit or take control of the press. I can tell you there are many people waking up in China today who would love to live in a place where the press was free to print such a headline.

  159. Daemon Singer

    At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what News Ltd, Fairfax, or the Murdoch press and media in general say about Abbott et al, or Rudd et al. The single most disappointing thing about the whole business, is the number of Australians who really don’t understand the voting system, how to use it or how to critique either the Government, the media, the Opposition or much else. Australians just bend over and take it, and their only question revolves around “time” not depth, which they don’t appear to care about.

    There is no anger at “treaties” like the TPP etc., which will make Australia a dependency of USA, and then we will be completely stuffed and those same people who didn’t vote effectively, nor consider who they voted for, or just as importantly, why.

    I have to agree with the writer though.. I have never yet seen “Murdoch. R” as a choice on a ballot paper, nor “News LTD” nor have I seen “Fairfax” as a party, though I think that’s because there is more money in media, than there will ever be in politics.

    Daemon Singer
    Board Member
    Electronic Frontiers Australia (efa.org.au)

  160. Brian F

    Who is the “we” you refer to Peri?
    Is it the 1,000,000 Australians who are under employed?
    Is it the millions of Australians who are worried about losing their jobs?
    Is it the country towns that are collapsing due to unfair trading laws?
    Is it the thousands of public servants and contractors who have been sacked by the Labor Government?
    Is it nationalists like me who are concerned that Labor has sold this country down the gurgler through unrestrained foreign ownership; loss of our sovereignty; and precious chance of defending our land, people and values because Rudd et al sabotaged our Defence Force?
    Is it country people despairing at the state of their roads as they watch $15 billion dollars disappear off shore each yaer to pay Labor;s massive interest bill?
    Is it the younger generations saddled with paying off the massive debt selfishly incurred by older people in propping up their unsustainable social welfare life style?
    Is it pragmatists concerned that most countries with a higher debt to GDP ratio are basket cases?.
    Or is it just you selfish bourgeoisie with rose coloured glasses embracing the “LCD Principle”? (Note: LCD=Lowest Common Denominator)
    So keep telling yourself “we’re better of than other countries” but just watch as the countries we are better off than reduces to the likes of Zimbabwe and North Korea.

  161. Daemon Singer

    @Brian F- does this mean you actually think there is a difference between LNP and the Labor Party? One of the things that has come to the fore over the last probably 20 years, is that the more they seek to be different, the more they are the same. At various times they tried versions of “wedge politics”, with varying levels of success to them, but with absolutely no improvement in the end product for us as political consumers.

    It would be good to see a major party politician come on board whose primary interest is “Australia”, rather than continuing to stay in power which seems to be the prime directive as far as the current crop of political aspirants go. Makes a mockery of anything even resembling the People’s voice which is as I understand it what democracy is about.

    Probably the biggest single item on my hate list is a question of the so-called illegal boat arrivals. Each party is doing its utmost to be the worst in terms of its management of this mess, which appears to me with the single exception of Sri Lanka, to be our fault involving ourselves in a war that should never have been started.

    As long as Australia continues to bend over a barrel in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, we will always be accountable to the United States, even if at the end of the day were we to get into a fight with somebody in our own right the likelihood of them supporting Us is almost Zero.

  162. Kaye Lee

    John I beg to differ. In my opinion it is YOU who are missing MY point. The standard of journalism in this country has deteriorated to the level that it is time they were called on it. As I stated before, regardless of political affiliation, to have people like Gemma Jones distorting the truth specifically to demonise asylum seekers is an absolute travesty. I deplore the lack of factual reporting. I abhor the hate stirred up by the likes of this vile person. I am disgusted by the lack of respect shown to our politicians and to people in general.

    It is not a matter of left or right – it is a matter of decency, respect and truth. We ask for it in the workplace, we ask for it from our children, we have every right to demand it from our media.

  163. alfielee

    The Murdoch and Fairfax media procession need to be destroyed. Their manipulation of the political divide and attempts to turn voters away from the non-conservative parties is a farce and a disgusting commentary on journos across Australia. To have a view is one thing but the malevolence involved here shows a putrid disrespect for the job they do. It stinks of rot. These so-called journos disgust me and should lose any position hold…

  164. John

    Kay Lee, I do get your point and I agree to a point, but dont be blinded by your own views, its on both sides of the divide that you find poor reporting to focus just on News Ltd is wrong and very biased, this comment is not just ment for you but to all on here who have been so aggressive in there criticism of News Ltd when it’s the media as a collective and politicians who have allowed the standards of decency to drop. But advocating some sort of government control is a slippery slope that will only make us all the poorer and undermine all our freedoms. To give you an example, there will most likley be a right wing gov in Canberra come next Sunday and I am guesing that all will be praying for the freedom that exists today to continue because if the changes some are advocating occurred would also curtail the lefts abilty to run a similar campaign against the right. The current set up,works well it is not perfect but it is also fearless and if the new government does not perform News Ltd will criticise and Fairfax for example will crucify, much like today’s political commentating but in reverse.

    However I do believe there is room for massive reform wthin the current framework in relation to retractions, they should be equal to the original article, so if it was on the front page so too shouldmthe retraction, this does nt undermine free speech one bit and would put massive pressure on editors to ensure theybgetbit right. The Complaints process needs to be more streamlined and an oversight body set up much like a court of law, that is independant of government and the industry with adjudicators appointed with tenure until retirement. The defamation process, needs to be easier, cheaper and take less time then it does now to get a result in court.

  165. Mark card well

    To see what liberals have in store for Australia , have a look at the job Colin Barnett is doing for Western Australia. So far not one promised item being done. Railway link to airport now not being started before the promised completion date of 2018, cuts to education support workers, looking toward a debt of 30 billion in 4 years. And let’s be honest he’s been in the last four years so the blaming of labour for the trouble is getting a bit thin. Don’t get me wrong I don’t particularly like either party but when will we get a party that makes it law that they can be punished for not fulfilling their election promises. The people of WA are getting that peeved off they are getting close to calling their own vote of no confidence.

  166. alfielee

    John, the problem here is that the ilk of Murdoch & Fairfax have been left to run their own media frenzy & obviously enjoy having to much power. If they had any integrity at all the journos would turn their backs on their own organisations but they don’t. Piers Akerman, Andrew Bolt & Alan Jones need to be turfed due to their unbelievable bias. The fact that they make their “facts” known when every scientist with any credibility ages with climate change, who are they to let their own whimsy stand before truth. Are they Americans believing in Creationism? I doubt it. Just conservatively biased prats of unchallenged bigotry.

    As for the political bias against Labor & the Greens, this muck-raking bunch of toilet-bowl inhabitants need to be shut down. The majority media voice makes Murdoch & Fairfax the equivalent of terrorists. Their bias could end up being the instigating determinant against a Government that has so far run our country exceptionally well. Terrorists’ voices are clammed & Murdoch & Fairfax should have the same thing done to them. To read any claims of fairness is like hearing the same message from the Kremlin or the CIA for that matter.

    The corporate bias lending support to the major miners & oil companies by crushing information giving credibility to climate change & the big companies’ intent & causation has rendered their articles scoff-worthy at best. The editors & lead journos are criminals in fact & should be incarcerated for the lies printed so far.

    Yes they should be controlled, in fact they should lose publishing rights completely…

  167. kayelee1

    John this goes beyond politics. You say we must fight for their freedom to print what they want as long as the retraction is commensurate. Well how would that help John Brogden who attempted suicide after the Telegraph article titled “Brogden’s Sordid Past: Disgraced Liberal leader damned by secret shame file.” He had already resigned. The Telegraph’s desire to sell papers via a gossipy headline nearly cost a man his life.

    And then we had the headline about a year twelve cohort labelling them as failures accompanied by a class photo naming them all. Those kids successfully sued (go0od on them) but the public perception about kids from their school, and them personally, remained.

    We have Utegate, and the Slipper and Thomson cases, and the fake naked photos of Pauline Hansen, all attempts to destroy the credibility and integrity of individuals, using false information.

    We also have completely incorrect information being published about the carbon tax and climate change and the NBN.

    You say we need an independent arbiter with greater powers. That was EXACTLY what Stephen Conroy tried to introduce and the Telegraph portrayed him as a Nazi….an increasingly common theme for them about anyone they disagree with.

    I am not talking about political bias. I am talking about standards of behaviour and accountability and consequences. I am talking about the responsibility that comes with being the people who inform our nation. It is their right to express an opinion….it is most definitely NOT their right to lie and distort and spread hate and division.

  168. kayelee1

    RETRACTION: Stalin wasn’t a Nazi.

  169. kayelee1

    Can anyone explain to me why the hell David Speers is the adjudicator for all of Tony Abbott’s performances? Why does Mr Skynews get to decide who is a member of the Canberra Press Gallery? Why does Mr Skynews get to decide what is asked and how people should respond? I said to my husband whilst watching the debate that my anger has turned more towards the media than the Opposition. Who the F do these people think they are?

  170. Benaud

    There are 2 clear intentions in this article:

    1. To highlight a perceived bias in Murdoch publications; and
    2. To attempt to square up that bias.

    The first is integrous. The second is not.

    I like the idea of bringing these biases to the awareness of the general public. That’s a worthy cause. Attempting to do it by printing an article of exactly the same nature to that which you so vehemently criticise is hypocrisy in its most basic form.

    Do a piece in favour of the ALP if you like. Or do a piece criticising the perceived Coalition support given by Murdoch’s publications. But realise, if you put them together, you lose all credibility.

  171. kayelee1

    I fail to see how writing an article exposing the failings in our media and promoting discussion of that is hypocrisy or how it makes anyone lose credibility. I have read several critical comments here that have contributed NOTHING to the discussion or debate. In fact I would suggest they sound like frustrated wannabe teachers who are armed with a red pen and sadly have no place to use it.

  172. Mary

    All I can say to you Victoria is “Good on Yah” keep them coming. I have already e-mailed one to Queensland, I will send another to the UK tomorrow. The World should know the truth about this evil Man , which I hope won’t be with us for too long. May I say on behalf of most Australians and the World , “God please take this man sooner than later”.
    Australia has become the most hated place to be since Tony Abbott became the opposition. , as you know, all he wants is to be in the Lodge. and pretend to be the Prime Minister. he will never ever be what Julia became, A strong intelligent, inspirational and determined woman . He hasn’t got what it takes to be a Prime Minister it’s only Murdoch that’s pushing the media to kill labor .and to abuse their position to damage Kevin Rudd.

    What we have had from the journalist working for this obnoxious man Rupert Murdoch is lies, and a biased written crap.

    I will never ever respect them again,

    I would like to know , Why is it that the MSM NEWS LTD, haven’t followed the Ashby gate, in the seat of Fisher in QLD, this is a huge story that needs to be told , this has been a conspiracy for the last three years and Tony Abbott, Mal Brough, Christopher Pyne, Julie Bishop, and Ashby himself, are up to their necks in it and others.to try and bring Mr Slipper down from his seat in Fisher QLD

    The only ones that has followed this up is the Independent Australia.net. and has had it investigated further , Ashby gate Trust fund was set up and $50,000 dollars raised by these people who wants justice done .

    Clive Palmer has already said that Mal Brough went to see him in Coolum resort and asked him to pay for Ashby’s Court bill. and is now suing Brough for calling him a liar.

    Where have these other journalist been hiding, aren’t they capable of writing about this story, It seems that way. This story is still alive and will bring these people to answer to these crimes and for the conspiracy to bring the government down in the last three years ,
    These politicians should not be in Government, Sedition is a crime in itself.Why have the media and all the channels ignored it.
    Sunshine Coast Daily is the only news paper to do so last week. good on them.

    The article on the Ashby gate is in the Independent Australia .net. and click on to Ashby gate.
    Tony Abbott should not be standing in this election. he has put innocent people behind bars , he has had a hand in the Craig Thomson case too he seems to be above the law. he has lots of hard questions to answer.

    Kevin Rudd will make a good PM but with constant abuse from the media we are going to be lumbered with this crap of a man called Abbott, Shame on all the journalist who didn’t have the guts to stand up and tell Australia what Murdoch orders were.
    Thank you again Victoria and Amber I couldn’t have said it better.

    Keep the bastards honest if that is possible since they have all been brainwashed by those responsible,
    I will send your letter to other places this week. cheers.
    Bring on a leveson type enquire,

  173. alfielee

    Dear Robert Miller,
    I call & bow in the presence of a true seer. Magnificent! Absolute bullshit but truly no actually just a wank. I don’t vote Labor at all & I never have. I actually like Malcolm & accordingly believe Rudd to be a genius that can’t lead & Julia, a leader with little personality. Abbott, on the other hand, scares the hell out of me. He is a mysogynist, a bully & a triumph of indulgence created by the media. He changed stories on a daily basis, lives by no creed that I understand, has proven himself a jerk on a regular basis but the media protects him constantly. Little, if any commentary, paints him badly & any that does is very kind how they do it. The belittling of little Johnnie Howard was also minimal whereas the disgusting tirade of personal attacks on both Gillard & Rudd has been relentless.

    Despite what you believe 90% of those people of moderately high intelligence will continue to vote for Rudd over Teflon Tony because he is intelligent. Abbott is a twat of mediocrity rather than the golden boy tag given to him at a time when he proved his bullying behaviour many times over. I dare say some religious repositioning may have affected the outcome of the “Rhodes” scholar title. Perhaps his paedophile priest mate helped him here. The problem lies in the manipulation of the masses by Mudroch & Fairfux, those that believe in essence, the battered & remodeled twaddle that has no basis in reality.

    As for being a manager of people & providing jobs for people, how did you get to that place? Did you instantaneously become a manager? I doubt it. Btw, I still don’t vote Labor but I would never vote for a jerk like Teflon Tony…

  174. Mobnoel

    Alfielee, I think your assumptions re Abbott’s Rhodes scholarship are correct as are many other comments re the odd one. But it doesn’t matter about the truth because the press only tells us what they want us to know and so those poor buggers out in the western suburbs of sydney who buy the telegraph and listen to Alan jones or Hadley, will vote for abbott who will then make them pay big time in cuts to services and benefits that they can’t even imagine.

  175. Peter

    Tony Abbott equals Rupert Murdoch equals Phone Hacking. Enough said!

  176. alfielee

    The one thing I’m truly grateful for is the chance to voice my opinions over the net. We do have the opportunity to right the mud-ridden toilet-gossip of the Murdoch & Fairfax media. It just takes a little effort on the past of those of us who have some insight into the media mud-slinging that is baseless. I am worried terribly about the possibility of Abbott in power.

    Please tell everyone you know even if it seems impossible. There are several standpoints that can be shown on the net easily.

    1/ Our financial situation as seen by the rest of the world through the worst horror, financial meltdown since the great depression.

    2/ Johnnie Howard’s positive financial exciting of government wasn’t real & any funds were the result of a new tax & selling Telstra.

    3/ Despite the Libs blocking everything & anything put forward by Labor, Labor managed to pass more changes than ever before; Gillard’s doing by the way.

    4/ Rupert’s media rarely put anything negative about Abbott but always find dirt on Rudd or Gillard & stick with the grubby for days & sometimes weeks.

    5/ Notice how little of the grime stuck to Teflon Tony despite being demolished publically by Gillard for being a mysogynist. His promises change on a daily basis. He says what he thinks the audience wants to hear where ever he is. He’s been charged several times for violence towards others but somehow escaped legal ramifications. I’d suggest again the power of the church, their money & either paying people off or a truly scary legal team paid for by the church who will want their come-uppance once he’s got the job. Maybe it was Rupert’s mob who paid. He truly is a bully & ultimately scum…

  177. Steve Hoffmann

    Was going to write a reply but then I saw Robert Miller’s article that far exceeded the preceding in both clarity an content. So Robert, i thank you. Great job.

  178. Stef VK5HSX (@stefdaniels)

    Well said Cass !! Many have missed the whole point of the article.. reporting facts evenly and letting readers decide. !

    Cassandra Price
    August 27, 2013

    Ignoring all of the political trash talk, my interest in the article was solely based on the fact that the author was calling into question the ‘journalistic integrity’ of the paper. I’m glad someone has had the guts to do so. I found it appalling that a national newspaper could be so blatant in it’s championing of one particular party instead of being impartial.

  179. Gavin Cranley

    I am Australian…I will be voting….you don’t speak on behalf of me. This is a minority viewpoint, so please don’t open with “on behalf of all Australians”.

  180. robyn taylor

    WOW just WOW. Thank you

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