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An Abbott in the Lodge – NEVER

An Abbott in the Lodge – Never

In my collaborative piece with Miglo – Michael Taylor titled “An Abbott in the Lodge – Never” and subsequently re posted as Its still “never”. https://theaimn.com/2013/03/27/its-still-never/

It’s worth a read if you haven’t already.

We explored in that piece the character and qualifications of the leader of the opposition Tony Abbott, reflecting along the way on his suitability to lead our our nation at the highest level.

Over the years in my Facebook discussions with supporters of Mr Abbott I have on numerous occasions requested them to name five of his personal characteristics that would eminently qualify him for this illustrious title. I have never received one.

So let’s not kid ourselves here. Leadership is important. Around the world there is much debate as to whether people have lost faith in our institutions (of all complexities) and the lack of inspirational leadership.

We must demand the highest standards of our leaders and we must have available the information that will enable us to make judgement on their character. That is the purpose of this post. In addition to what is contained in our original post I hope this helps you form a judgement. If you agree share it with others.

This is a laundry list of Tony Abbott’s gaffes since June 2010 so they’re not forgotten. It’s also intended to help journalists frame questions if and when Tony Abbott fronts up for interviews. His gaffes are more than getting a word wrong, or slipping up on a date. Cumulatively, they demonstrate that Tony Abbott is not fit to be PM or represent Australia on the world stage. Between June 2010 and March 2013 Abbott insulted, offended or annoyed to varying degrees Africans, Irish, Indonesians, Chinese, Finns and Luxembourgers.

Here is a list of Tony Abbott gaffes as shown in the original post (as linked).

Aug 2010

Abbott offended thousands of people with disabilities by suggesting that discussions in parliament about accessibility were a waste of time.

Sept 2010

Abbott misread Andrew Wilkie during the post-election negotiations about which party the independents would support to form government. Wilkie rejected a billion dollar offer from Abbott to build a hospital, labelling it as over the top and irresponsible.

Oct 2010

Abbott turned down an offer by PMJG to visit troops in Afghanistan with her on his way to UK. He said that he wanted to arrive fresh in the UK for meetings with the UK Conservative government which drew criticism from many, including the mother of a soldier who died in Afghanistan: “It’s all about him”. Abbott went to Afghanistan later in October. Despite him asking the ADF not to do so, photos of him firing machine guns were released. Neil Mitchell labelled him a dill, adding: “He looks like a schoolboy playing with guns . . . This is not a game. This is war and Australians have died. Guns are dangerous and our soldiers carry them to protect themselves. Tony Abbott didn’t need a gun.

Dec 2010

At a press conference, Tony Abbott refers to NBN as “essentially a video entertainment system.”

Feb 2011

At the time of the QLD flood crisis, Abbott rejected PMJG’s proposal for a flood levy, a decision seen by some Liberals as ”hamfisted and half-cocked”. To make it worse, Abbott emailed Liberal party-members asking for campaign contributions to fight ALP’s proposed

April 2013

Arranged by month, may not be chronological flood levy on the same day that cyclone Yasi bore down on NorthQLD.

Feb 2011

Mark Riley interview with bizarre sight of Abbott speechless for extended period of time with his head nodding after being asked about his ‘shit happens’ remark in Afghanistan.

Mar 2011

Abbott, having called for a ‘people’s revolt’, was reluctant to address assembled crowds displaying signs saying “Ditch the Witch” and the like, for fear of being judged by keeping such company. But he did address them and has been judged accordingly – despite claiming he didn’t see the worst of the signs even though he was alongside them in some pics.

April 2011

While in Whyalla, Abbott claims it will be wiped off the map by the introduction of carbon tax, risks becoming a ghost town and an economic wasteland.

May 2011

Reports of tensions in the Liberal party, caused by Abbott making announcements that embarrassed and undermined Joe Hockey in the lead up to the budget and ending up with a slanging match between them.

June 2011

NZ Prime Minister Key visited Australia and Abbott breaks convention by inserting domestic politics into his welcoming speech, he congratulated Key for ”dramatically watering down” the emissions trading scheme his government inherited.

June 2011

Ireland’s ambassador to Australia and leading members of the Irish community complained after Abbott told a not very funny Irish joke during a speech. Prof Ronan McDonald, Chair in Modern Irish Studies at the University of New South Wales said “The ‘stupid Irish’ joke might get a laugh in a Bradford comedy club circa 1973, but seems astoundingly ill-judged coming from an aspiring world leader in 2011″. Abbott apologised to the ambassador.

July 2011

Abbott wins the Sans Science comment of the month award for his ignorant comments (he said much the same thing on different occasions) in relation to how CO emissions are calculated: “It’s actually pretty hard to do this because carbon dioxide is invisible and it’s weightless and you can’t smell it.”

Nov 2011

President Obama visits Canberra. Abbott makes a speech in parliament and cannot resist taking a swipe at the government rather than remain apolitical as per convention on such occasions. Some Liberal MPs were . . . unhappy. “We were squirming in our seats” one said.

Jan 2012

Abbott jokes on radio ‘Well, that was one boat that did get stopped, wasn’t it” about the Costa Concordia. Somewhat insensitive, as 11people were dead and 21 people missing. He later apologises but qualifies it by saying ALP should recognise banter.

Mar 2012

Abbott apologises for saying in question time that PMJG has a target on her forehead.

May 2012

When in WA, Abbott agrees with WA premier that WA gets too little of the GST pie. In response to outcry that ensues from elsewhere in the country, in particular Tasmania, he has to backtrack.

May 2012

Tony Abbott distinguishes himself by running out of parliament to avoid his vote being counted, after Craig Thomson – he of the tainted vote – indicated he would be voting with the Coalition.

June 2012

Abbott says effect of carbon pricing will be a python squeeze rather than a cobra strike on the economy. This was of course utter nonsense as has become obvious over time, adding to the perception that what he says can’t be believed.

July 2012

Abbott goes to China. He is photographed shaking hands with Chinese dignitaries; it looks very awkward.

July 2012

Abbott makes a speech in China which is widely criticised. A Herald Sun article by Steve Price is headlined “Abbott’s visit like a bull in a china shop”. It takes weeks of ‘clarification’ to calm it down.

Aug 2012

Leigh Sales interview during which Abbott denied reading BHP statement when commenting on BHP, and falsely claiming that carbon tax was the reason it was reducing investment.

May 2012

Lisa Wilkinson interview where Abbott says PMJG still has questions to answer on the AWU/Slater & Gordon issue from about 1995. He can’t articulate any questions, didn’t watch the marathon presser where PMJG took questions for almost an hour and didn’t read its transcript in 2012.

On 2GB radio Abbott says “our Prime Minister should not be swanning around in New York talking to Africans, she should be in Jakarta, right now, trying to sort out the border protection disaster”. He said she should be in Jakarta talking to President Yudhoyono. This was at a time when PMJG was attending UN meetings as were the Indonesian President and Foreign Minister. What he said was offensive to African nations as well as plain stupid.

Sept 2012

Abbott says what he offers the Australian people is “a return to economic growth” ignoring the fact that Australia has had 21 consecutive years of economic growth.

Oct 2012

Australia wins a seat on UN’s Security Council. Before the ballot Tony Abbott says “If Australia can’t come first or second in a three-horse race involving Finland and Luxembourg, there’s something wrong with us . . . Let’s face it, it shouldn’t be too hard to win a race against Finland and Luxembourg.” Hardly appropriate words for someone seeking to represent Australia in international forums with world leaders.

Oct 2012

In question time during a speech about Peter Slipper, Abbott says that the ALP government should be dying of shame, echoing Alan Jones’ comment of the previous month that PMJG’s father died of shame. Maybe not said purposely but if not, where is Abbott’s presence of mind, acuity, that he used the phrase at all?

Oct 2012

Abbott demonstrates that he is unable to understand a WA electricity bill, claiming carbon price led to more than doubling of cost of electricity when in fact it was apparent from a bar chart on the bill that power usage had doubled.

Oct 2012

Visiting a family home in Indonesia, Abbott puts his foot, complete with shoe, on the table near a bowl of food. So rude it’s hard to know where to start: BODY LANGUAGE AND BEHAVIOUR many western modes of behaviour and body language are taboo in Indonesia. Be very aware of how you act in the presence of Indonesians in all situations. Some general rules to follow –

Never show the sole of your foot or point your toe at someone.

Keep both feet on the floor when sitting, don’t cross your legs.

Nov 2012

Lisa Wilkinson interview where she challenges Abbott on his strident claims that he can bring power prices down. Soon becomes clear that he’s repeating slogans about getting rid of carbon tax which would have minimal effect, and has no idea how to bring down power prices in any significant way.

Nov 2012

Abbott is understood to imply ‘authentic’ Aboriginal people are those who live in the bush rather than elsewhere: “I think it would be terrific if, as well as having an urban Aboriginal in our parliament, we had an Aboriginal person from central Australia, an authentic representative of the ancient cultures of central Australian the parliament”. A reporter who was there said that he has been misrepresented which then begs the question – why did Abbott not express himself more clearly.

Dec 2012

Abbott endorses, defends, backs Mal Brough while admitting he has not read Justice Rares’ scathing findings about Brough.

Jan 2013

At an Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony in Adelaide,reading from a prepared speech, Abbott completely disregards and disrespects Indigenous people, by saying “The first lot of Australians were chosen by the finest judges in England, not always for good reasons . . .”.

Feb 2013

Abbott was at a press conference at Salvation Army in Brisbane, praising the good work of organisations like the Salvation Army, and in response to media questions took the opportunity to put the boot into asylum seekers, vilifying them, even though they are one of the groups the Salvos assist. Being apolitical and unlikely to comment, one can only assume that the Salvos did not appreciate being linked to hate speech.

Mar 2013

Abbott claims the GFC finished 4 years ago, as US and Europe struggle to recover, and Cyprus experiences banking crisis.

Mar 2013

Hamish McDonald interview, Channel Ten late news. Abbott says he does not do deals, seemingly forgetting the 17 days of negotiation with independents following the 2010 election.

Mar 2013

Heckled at Forced Adoption apology for using terms some find offensive. If he had read first few pages of Senate Report he would have known that. Interviewed by Sabra Lane the next day he didn’t acknowledge he was at fault in any way. His words: “. . . it was quite an emotional group in Parliament House yesterday”.

Mar 2013

As he did almost a year ago, Abbott tells WA one thing about its allocation of GST and tells Tasmania another.

Footnote: Arranged by month, may not be chronological flood levy on the same day that cyclone Yasi bore down on NorthQLD.

Hope it all helps.

Image by blifaloo.com

Image by blifaloo.com


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  1. captain51

    You are giving me too much credit. Sure I would have only retweeted. Still my feelings are the same

  2. Cool Pete

    Abbott must be kept out of the Lodge at all costs. He is a lying toe-rag.

  3. Jeff Cook

    I’m very disappointed in the typographical errors in your post. OK, it’s mostly simple things like missing spaces between sentences or after commas, but it detracts from the content. When pointing out faults in others, you need to be exemplary in the execution.

    Great stuff, though, and I really do enjoy your posts.

  4. PeterF

    One question nobody is asking : What are the circumstances surrounding TA’s departure from the Seminary?

  5. johnlord2013

    I’m sorry about that. I had great gathering the information and I had to sort a lot of gobblegook. Took a long time.

  6. Fed up

    PeterF, reading what Abbott has written about his attempt to enter the priesthood, I also got the impression, he was asked to leave, or at least was not encoiraged to stay.

    Suspect it is for the same reasons that many do not want him as PM.

  7. PeterF

    I believe that he was encouraged not to stay.

  8. Callie Ge

    His comment about the NBN is a perfect example of how ignorant he is, even my school children know how much a world class internet will boost Australia in international markets, they are just looking forward to having no lag on their school web site.
    This man would be an embarrassment to our country, he is so arrogant that he sees no need to follow the social mores when visiting other countries, he has total contempt for any country that is not Roman Catholic, he looks at the world through the eyes of a bigoted priest ( he almost was a priest) he is a narcissist , perhaps that is why the priesthood did not want him, he is incapable of learning humility.

  9. johnlord2013

    Michael it appears I have accredited the list I used to the wrong source . Can you correct. And the original format was indeed better than what I was able to drag over.

  10. choosing (@ch150ch)

    I think you have confused two things. The list of Tony Abbott’s gaffes is here http://www.scribd.com/doc/133134121/Tony-Abbott-Gaffes

    What you have published under the gaffe heading is a list prepared by The Finnigans of Abbott’s character flaws.

    Can you please correct, thx

  11. choosing (@ch150ch)

    Whoops sorry, I’m wrong, what’s missing is the link to my piece, and the sources, which I think are important to include http://www.scribd.com/doc/133134121/Tony-Abbott-Gaffes

    Also the formatting in my doc is lost here which probably can’t be helped, but its not as easy to read

  12. Maureen

    Yes, it’s more than obvious that Tony Abbott has no leadership qualities to be Prime Minister.The real Tony Abbott is being hidden from public view. His propping up by Murdoch and News Ltd, ensures that the scandals surrounding Tony Abbott are kept from public scrutiny. This strategy in itself is a disgrace!

    But what more can be expected from someone who is working for Rupert Murdoch, and reflects the divisive, damaging, win at all cost culture of Murdoch and News Ltd.

    The problem is, the power to keep Abbott out of the Lodge is with the people. I sincerely hope that the great work being done by all of the non- MSM journalists and writers is as successful as it should be!

  13. johnlord2013

    I took the material from Scribd with great difficulty thinking that I had it in its original format. My apologies. Looks like In trying to piece it all together I stuffed up completely. I’m truly sorry.

  14. choosing (@ch150ch)

    Apologies, I really am not spamming you.

    But it appears that you have credited my work to Laurie Kidd “Originally posted by Laurie Kidd”

    Could you please correct that? Thanks a lot.

    Also it’s not clear where you intro ends and my list begins – i was confused and I wrote it.

    I appreciate that you are passing the list on, that’s very good despite this and last two posts 🙂

  15. Juliar

    “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”…..hmmmmm I wonder who told this lie?

  16. choosing (@ch150ch)

    Sorry, me again. This bit is between two Feb 2011s – part of it is a footnote from the original formatted doc, so needs correcting

    April 2013

    Arranged by month, may not be chronological flood levy on the same day that cyclone Yasi bore down on NorthQLD.

    And again, The Finnigans had nothing to do with it, I authored the gaffe list.

    I’d be pleased if you could delete this and my other replies when all fixed up, much thanks

  17. choosing (@ch150ch)

    Main thing now, if you can correct this “Tony Abbott gaffes. Originally posted by The Finnigans.:

    The Finnigans had nothing to do with it.

    Bolding the months las subheadings looks much better. And I did wonder, any chance of noting that sources are available at original URL – some people might want to check for themselves.

    I’ve also tweeted Michael – its no problem if the final corrections not done until later.

    Don’t worry about it, I think its quite funny. As long as it gets fixed.

  18. rodfairgo

    Sorry John, Another, but I am not sure of the exact words, is to the effect that “West Australians are the BEST Australians”. Great stuff. Regards

  19. Stephen Healion

    All we can hope for is that the party boffins let Tony out of his office soon so that he can open his mouth and take the plunge in the polls to the place he belongs. At the bottom.

  20. Dasha

    I suggest you to add these Abbott’s lies:

    – there is more chance I play for Western Bulldog than being prime minister

    – there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead

    – no ifs and no buts, we will achieve a budget surplus in 2013

    – Mr Wilkie, side with me. I will give you your pokie reform. It is a written guaranty.

  21. Möbius Ecko

    Juliar you lie. Gillard told the truth when she said that if you did the right and honest thing and post the full context as The Australian did when she first made the statement.

    Now how about you be honest and call Abbott for the terrible self admitted liar he is.

  22. Möbius Ecko

    They repeat it over and over again Truth Seeker as they know their beloved Abbott is the great liar, an admitted liar at that, and he continues to lie just about every time he makes public statements. So to cover up for their liar of a leader, and his many other woeful flaws, they croak Juliar and she lied on one thing, and it’s only that one thing.

    But each time they call Gillard a liar over that one out of context statement they themselves are lying just like their terribly flawed leader Abbott.

  23. Fed up

    I do not believe the PM lied. At the time, Mr. Abbott raised the prospect of a carbon tax, instead of a cost on carbon emissions. That comment of the PM was made in that context.

    I even heard Mr. Wilkie says the other day, there has been poker machine legislation introduced. Maybe not all Wilkie wanted, but some neverless.

    As for the CEF leglisation, surely the question is now, whether it is good or bad legalization. Will it do the job. Do you want it replaced by Mr. Abbott’s Direct Action.

    Suggest that it might be more prudent to judge the PM on policy, not on misconceptions created by the MSM and Abbott.

    Yes, take a look at what the PM has achieved, and ask yourself, do I want to throw all that away. Do I want the political uncertainty that Abbott is promising.

    Many need to put their personal prejudices aside, when judging this PM.

  24. Truth Seeker

    you de liar, ME is absolutely right, and for the umpteenth time, here is the full quote:

    “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”

    So who’s the liar now? 😯

  25. Truth Seeker

    M E, yes it gets very frustrating when they constantly lie about the so called lie of PMJG. and the fact is if, as I am sure they have, looked at the video clip, any fool can see that it cuts off immediately after she says the word “Lead”, clearly cut half way through her statement.

    It is these misleading claims by the rabid right that prompted my last post “Is Abbott the best and most successful LOTO ever?”


    I think it must have struck a chord, as I had over 1,000 hits on my site yesterday 😀

    Cheers 😀

  26. helenmarg

    Never Ever it cannot happen.Great article.Thank you.

  27. xiaoecho

    Truth Seeker – do you EVER post a comment without flogging your blog?. I don’t think I have ever seen a comment from you where you do not promote yourself and link to your blog. If you want credibility post incisive comments not links to your blog. Many of us who comment on these sites have blogs and web pages but we do not use the comment section to attempt to garner traffic to them. It is not a good look and is unprofessional – if your blog is good other bloggers will link to it PS. pulling a face after every sentence looks very immature

    Truth Seeker, I am not trying to be nasty but it needed to be said

  28. Sandra Searle (@SandraSearle)

    Now now folks, keep it nice please. We don’t want to be seen to be like those others who just like to pick holes in someone elses’ works do we.

    It was good to see all of those reasons we don’t want TA to be the next PM though. These are the facts that need to be written and reported on, again, again & again.

  29. johnlord2013

    I am also new to this and I have made a couple of blues but I am thankful for the support I have received. I don’t see anything wrong with promoting your own thoughts.

  30. Truth Seeker

    xiaoecho, well if you look three comments above the last one you will see the answer, and I use the smileys cos I like to keep it light and a bit of fun, as I started posting satirical poems, which are supposed to be a bit of fun, long before I started my blog.

    The only time I promote my blog, is when I have written a new post, but I almost always comment relevant to the post or another comment as I did above.

    BTW I am not a professional blogger, I am writing what means something to me, and hope that others check it out and hopefully have a bit of a chuckle, I get nothing out of it, and do not have a facebook page or twitter account, so have no other option for letting people know that I have posted a new thread.

    If blogmasters like Migs don’t like it they can always delete my posts, but thankfully Migs has been a big help and mentor to me and all the others that I blog on seem happy to have me post. 😀

    Cheers 😀

  31. Truth Seeker

    John, thanks for your support, it is a big learning curve, and I personally think it would be pretty boring if we were all the same.

    We all have something to say, and if we can do it with a bit of fun and personality, and not take ourselves too seriously, well I see nothing wrong with that 😀

    Love your work BTW 😎

    Cheers 😀

  32. LOVO

    Truthy, …… your a bad, bad boy…… tsk, tsk, … I for one am shocked at your behaviour…. again… tsk, tsk………. BTW love your work….” ‘ave a go ya mug”…. and you most bloody well are…… on ya, cobba… ay !!! :grins:

  33. Truth Seeker

    LOVO, I know, and have spent a self imposed 15 minutes in the naughty corner, contemplating the meaning of life, and doing some serious navel gazing 😯 😀

    Cheers 😀 😎

  34. Syd

    Any solutions? All I hear and read is negativity but not one article sheds light on a solution. Joolia GilLARD (and or Labor) is certainly NOT a solution.

  35. Möbius Ecko

    Syd the solution is not to elect Abbott. That is going to cause a major problem that can be avoided.

    On the other hand Gillard and Labor are the solution and have proved so in getting Australia through the GFC as the healthiest economy in the world.

    Abbott’s solution for the GFC, as espoused by Hockey at the time, was to outlay just $4 billion less than the government, yet head Australia in the same direction as the US and the multitude of other nations who went into recession and who are still struggling. Remember Abbott/Hockey was willing to throw away over 200,000 jobs and thousands of businesses in their GFC solution, jobs and businesses that Labor refused to let go and they saved.

    So there’s proof that Abbott is not a solution and Julia Gillard (the correct spelling and pronunciation) is.

  36. cornlegend

    Truthseeker, really enjoy your musings, your posting here only reminds me to go read them.

  37. Truth Seeker

    M E, well said, and spot on.

    The truth is that many don’t know of, or choose to ignore, the great achievements of this government, because the MSM work hard to ignore them.

    Cheers 😀

  38. cornlegend

    you were trying to be nasty to Truthseeker, and It did show through.
    Surely that deserves one of your wonderful poems TRUTHY ?

  39. Truth Seeker

    cornlegend, thanks for that 😀 I always appreciate your continued support and good humour 😆

    I’ll have to think about the poem though, as they are usually born of some level of passion, not indifference, and to be honest, I’ve got nothin’ 🙄 😀 But I’ll keep you posted 😆

    Cheers mate 😀 😎

  40. Geoff Of Epping

    @juliar….like your mates in the LNP, you deceptively leave the rest of the quote un posted.
    ….the quote finishes with, “but I am determined to put a price on Carbon”
    You have merely revealed your own gullibility in believing Abbott and his thugs.
    You and your ilk are a danger to Australia.
    You are either lying to yourself, fooling yourself, or as dumb as a box of rocks. most likely all of the above, and might I add par for the course for an Abbott supporter..

  41. Syd

    This blog is anything but independent. Voting for either major party is voting for changless change.

    I’d rather hand in a blank ballot then participate in the Labor/Liberal scam. At least my conscience will be clear I didn’t contribute to the mess.

    I’m not voting for someone I don’t want in order to block someone else I don’t want. Voting for the lesser evil is still voting for evil.

    For the last 60 plus years Australia has voted for one or the other in the hope one of them will do right by the country but the fact is they’re both the same.

    Having only two parties to choose from is only one more than communist China.

    Don’t blame me if either party gets in, I won’t be voting for either of them. And expecting me to use my vote to “block vote” only shows the pathetic state our democracy is actually in.

    I have the same dislike for Abbott as you but I also have equal dislike for Goolia (correct pronunciation, just listen to her speak) too.

  42. Fed up

    Syd, you are very wrong. This is a Independent site, presenting left wing views. It is Independent of the MSM and their owners.

    It has no connection to any political party or organisation.

    Suggest you re look at the meaning of independent. It does not mean,m what yopu think.

    Then it is very normal from those on the right to change meanings of words, to support their arguments.

    One that comes to mind, is the meaning of liar and lies. Another is “broken promise”.

  43. Truth Seeker

    Syd, if you think that our democracy is in bad shape now, just wait until it has been completely trashed by the LNP who are bought and paid for by Murdoch and Co.

    This election is about more than just left or right, this election is about the fundamentals of our democracy, and whether we are happy to have a government owned by vested interests, which is exactly what we will get if we all do what you espouse.

    This government is far from perfect, but they are the reason that we are the envy of the rest of the world on many levels, and if the LNP had won the last election we would have joined the EU and USA in suffering the full effects of the GFC.

    Make no mistake, things can and will get a whole lot worse if if more people like you disengage from the process.

    Dont be fooled by the MSM, they are full of lies and distortions for one purpose, and that purpose is in their best interests not ours.

    BTW Fed up is right about the meaning of independent. The most important thing that we can do is look for information independent of the MSM, as they are corrupt and self serving, and that is what this and other sites like Independent Australia are about.

    Cheers 😀

  44. Syd

    Sounds convincing, you’ve won me lol. Now you expect me to vote for my local forked-tongue Labor candidate who has been nothing but a total sell-out for past five years, David Bradbury?

    Labor are such great economic organisers, aren’t they? They promised a budget surplus by 2013. Then when they couldn’t come good on their promise they blamed the GFC. I guess they are counting on the brain dead population to forget they made this promise before they went into debt in 2008 (after the GFC), and although they had all the data, they kept making the same promise over and over all the way until 2012 (4 whole years later) as if they themselves didn’t know of the GFC lol.

    Stop throwing this MSM excuse at me as if your intelligence is somehow greater than mine.

  45. Fed up

    I admire David Bradbury. Believe he will be one of the stars of the future. Always makes sense, and can explain complicated concepts.

    Where Abbott get his orders from. A little frightening, but at least they are now coming out into the light.

    “…….69 Immediately halt construction of the National Broadband Network and privatise any sections that have already been built

    70 End all government funded Nanny State advertising

    71 Reject proposals for compulsory food and alcohol labelling

    72 Privatise the CSIRO

    73 Defund Harmony Day

    74 Close the Office for Youth

    75 Privatise the Snowy-Hydro Scheme


    We really need to keep focus on IPA.

  46. Miglo

    Syd, I think you just proved that it is.

  47. CS the Censored

    Juliar wrote:

    “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”…..hmmmmm I wonder who told this lie?

    The ironically-named “Truth Seeker” replied:

    you de liar, ME is absolutely right, and for the umpteenth time, here is the full quote:

    “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead, but lets be absolutely clear. I am determined to price carbon”

    So who’s the liar now? 😯

    Well today Truth Seeker, the liar is you.

    Because that is not “the full quote”. Her statement was not even remotely similar!

    This is actually her full statement:

    There will be no Carbon Tax under the government I lead. What we will do is we will tackle the challenge of climate-change. We’ve invested record amounts in solar and renewable technologies. Now I want to build the transmission lines that will bring that clean, green energy into the national electricity grid.

    I also want to make sure we have no more dirty coal-fired power stations. I want to make sure we’re driving greener cars and working from greener buildings.

    I will be delivering those things, and leading our national debate to reach a consensus about putting a cap on carbon pollution.

    People can verify for themselves that “Truth Seeker” is not telling the truth by watching the full, unedited clip:

    She never even mentions a “carbon pricing scheme” or a “carbon price” or a “price on carbon”, or whatever spin people want to put on it.

    (And at the time, she was actually promising a “People’s Assembly” to build consensus and she also promised nothing would come into effect until after the 2013 election. So amusingly, she ended up breaking multiple promises, even though the public focuses on the high-profile one.)

    M E, yes it gets very frustrating when they constantly lie about the so called lie of PMJG. and the fact is if, as I am sure they have, looked at the video clip, any fool can see that it cuts off immediately after she says the word “Lead”, clearly cut half way through her statement./

    Actually “any fool can see that” your claims are completely false by watching the original, unedited video.

    Might be time to change your name, “Truth Seeker”.

  48. LOVO

    “As such, to accuse Gillard of lying, to argue that the carbon pricing scheme is based on a deliberate, pre-meditated lie, in itself displays some towering mendacity.

    That it has persisted for so long and spawned the meme “Ju-liar” (a term used only by the ignorant, boorish and spiteful) says more about Abbott’s guile and ability to manipulate the facts for his own destructive ends than it does our Prime Minister’s trustworthiness.”

  49. Cosi

    With regards to her lying, as we know Abbott, when negotiating with the independents said he was prepared to do anything to form government. I wonder how many back flips on his promises he was prepared to do to form government?

    Even if she has had to go back on her promise to negotiate with the independents/greens surely the implementation of an emissions trading systems has been a successful policy as we can see by the reduction in emissions in the 6 months post implementation.

  50. Fed up

    Is the so called lie important this far down the track.

    I suggest what is more important, is the CEFC legislation needed and is it the best way of dealing with man made climate change,.

    Do you believe that the Abbott scheme of Direct Action the way to go. That is the choice that needs to be made at the next election.

  51. Peter Stevenson

    I suggest the labor party buy Tony Abbott a microphone for his next celebrated occasion and tell him never to turn it off.

  52. Paul

    I appreciate your logging of this dills shortcomings, you have done him honestly and roasted his sorry ass well!. My hat is off to you Sir!

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