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America’s 51st state: North Australia

By Tony Ryan

Australia’s celebrated Arnhem Land aerospace project, rather than being dedicatedly civilian as the nation was media-led to believe, will have a US military component.

This was admitted quietly in the Northern Territory Government’s Estimates Committee Hearings (28 November 2017, P49).

Just a little bit military? This is like being a little bit pregnant. When military are involved this becomes, by definition, a military project with the usual tight security provisions; and the only kind of military rocket that makes sense in today’s tense global context is an ICBM; inevitably aimed at China.

This means that the Arnhem Land rocket base will become one of China’s automatic nuclear strikes. Other probabilities are Darwin airport; the two Echelon spy satellite bases in rural Darwin; Tindal air base; Pine Gap; and at least one other in coastal Western Australia. This is Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘clever’ defense policy. But wait, there is more.

Only 40 kilometres from the proposed rocket base is Melville Bay, a deep-water harbor long coveted by the Pentagon as the Southern Hemisphere Asia-Pacific naval base, now urgently required considering the demands of the people of Guam and Okinawa that Americans depart pronto. The host nations have good reason to want the Americans out: day and night aircraft noise; their women regularly raped by servicemen; and the usual toxicity associated with military aircraft bases polluting their drinking water.

Tindal air base has already poisoned Top End water, polluting the Katherine River. This was oh so predictable.

What will happen if Turnbull approves a Trump-owned Melville Bay? Based on the security exclusion zones applied to other foreign US bases, everywhere within a 20 kilometre radius of Inverell Bay, within wider Melville Bay, will be accessible only to people with US military and/or intelligence security clearance.

The rocket base will feature an even tighter security exclusion zone, both bases forming a geographical figure eight. As this would entirely encompass the Central Arnhem Highway for a distance of 40-50 kilometres, it is likely that Yirrkala Aboriginal community will also be removed. And goodbye Garma Aboriginal Festival.

Exclusion will also mean that Ski Beach and Wallaby Beach Aboriginal settlements will have their populations relocated, no doubt the land redeveloped to become beachfront accommodation for US Naval personnel.

Can the town of Nhulunbuy be permitted to survive? Probably not. Rio Tinto’s bauxite mine will soon close and the only other functions of the town are as a servicing hub for local Aboriginal communities and as a staging post for tourism. Obviously, both roles will end.

How will this affect Nhulunbuy’s population? There will be no compensation. The White House will apply its own lucrative corruption of the US Law of Eminent Domain, which was originally intended to pay market value for real estate acquired for public service. The cunning Catch 22 now applied is that once word is out about the security exclusion zones, the value of Nhulunbuy real estate will collapse and all properties will be unsaleable. Australian government valuations will follow the inevitable pattern of descent, following in the footsteps of the tragic US experiences (i.e. New York and New Orleans).

And the Indigenous population? Without access to Songline sites, morale will collapse, and Arnhem Aboriginal culture will go into terminal decline.

No prizes for now guessing what wider part of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has turned over to the US military in return for Trump’s tariff concessions; the new colony of American Top End. Sixty per cent of Australians believe we must pay any price to keep the US as our ally. Malcolm Fraser, a former Prime Minister, vehemently disagreed. He warned Australians that America cannot be trusted.

Fraser pointed out that there is no treaty requiring America to protect Australia and that the US has already betrayed us; twice taking Indonesia’s side against Australia.

Moreover, he said, the US intends confrontation with China and Russia, which will mean WWIII and several pre-emptive or retaliatory nuclear strikes on Australia. If the Melville Bay and rocket base deals go ahead we will certainly experience nuclear strikes right here in North East Arnhem Land.

As they say, if you want to lose everything, just do nothing.

© Copyright Tony Ryan 2018. Arnhem Development Research Unit

This article was originally published on Gumshoe News.

Tony Ryan is a cross-cultural researcher and geopolitical writer. Previous careers have been in cattle, education, welfare, government research projects, safari operations, real estate, and landscaping. Contact


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  1. Josephus

    Can the author please disseminate it however and wherever he can. This is whistle blowing indeed. Expect ten years in prison now.

  2. paul walter

    We were sold out some time ago.

  3. Denis Bright in Brisbane

    Thanks to Tony Ryan for this article. I have a similar perspective.

    I am also concerned at the loss of Australian sovereignty to the US Global Alliance. Strengthening ties with China is in the best interest of both national security and sustainable development of Northern Australia.

    Northern Australia could be part of a great Silk Road Political Adventure to realise the full potential of our Tropical Savannah Regions.

    LNP’s militarism in Northern Australia is compromising our future.

    The LNP is operating beyond the text of the ANZUS Agreement. It demands a commitment to the UN Charter, first and foremost,

    There is nothing in the agreement to justify gunboat diplomacy in the South China Sea and the surveillance of our best and most profitable trading partner.

  4. New England Cocky

    Excellent analysis Tony. Australia is indeed a country occupied by military forces for the USA (United States of Apartheid). These about 2500 fighting personnel are not here to protect Australia from Asian invasion, but rather to protect US oil interests on the NW Shelf. This is a natural consequence of the “think small” policies from Canberra.

  5. johno

    The global military machine is disgraceful. The money spent and wasted, massive fossil fuel consumption, chemicals leaching into ground… what a f*ck up. Jets won’t stop climate change.

  6. Rebecca

    When you have a system where the biggest liars always win the elections and a PM who deceives the public about his true religion to obscure his intentions, how could anyone expect anything other than total betrayal. Of cause he can be voted out of office but the system only allows a candidate of their choice, not the peoples, to replace him.

  7. Goodgulf the Wizard

    I went to the ABC site. The good old days when people could comment on the opinion pieces. Unlike these days, when the IPA driven board that Turdbull and Abbottoir put in place to stop anyone disputing lies and right-wing fools.

  8. king1394

    Being a sycophantic client state of the USA is not bringing us security. Rather it makes us a symbolic target. Howard’s description of us as the ‘deputy sheriff’ was quite accurate. We do as we’re told, without question, and never ask why. The only thing that has kept the USA out for years has been that it’s a bit inconvenient to actually run the place, and why bother when we do such a good job on ourselves?

  9. Tony Ryan

    If any readers require a full analysis of the American annexation, this is available on request to

  10. Jon Chesterson

    Sold to the Yanks just like Alaska, except they got this piece of real estate for free. I wonder what piece of China the Yanks want, but question is can they afford it? Not much of the world left that the Yanks haven’t got their greedy mitts on or destroyed. Got to be happy about that Australia!

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