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Shorten’s Leadership Under Threat; Everything Fine In Liberal Ranks

So, just in case you haven’t quite understood the past couple of weeks, Labor clearly have leadership tensions because Albanese made a speech where he undermined Bill Shorten’s class warfare agenda by suggesting that Labor should work with business if it were to win the election. No, it wasn’t an attempt to calm the concerns of those who were afeared that after the election, Labor would refuse to acknowledge private property rights and send everyone with assets of more than ten million dollars off to a re-education camp. Apparently it was an attempt to overthrow Shorten, whose leadership has attempted to stir up class hatred by assertions such as: “Poor people do drive”, “People earning under $90,000 deserve tax cuts too”, “There needs to be an investigation into the behaviour of banks” and, even more controversially, “Not everything the union movement has done has been corrupt and evil”!

Meanwhile, on the Liberal side of politics, everyone has united behind Malcolm Turnbull. Tony Abbott has decided to stop sulking and is working extra hard in order to ensure that Mr Turnbull knows exactly what to do. Tony has, in recent days, helped Malcolm by instructing him on better ways to run the country.

Take Paris – as the Nazis said way back in World War Two. Not wishing Mr Turnbull to waste his valuable time and limited working memory considering what to do about Paris, Mr Abbott helpfully told Mal that signing up to it was a dreadful mistake. Of course, it was a mistake that was made under the stewardship of Tony Abbott, so announcing what a bad move it was, took away any need for Mr Turnbull to worry about how he was going to break it to Tony that he was actually going to change one of his policies. How helpful was that?

Just pull out, was Abbott’s message. Perhaps it would have been better if he’d give the same message to Barnaby about a year ago, but whatever. This enables Turnbull to do what he does best: Follow Tony’s lead without thinking too much about it. As Abbott explained in his speech, when his government signed up to the Paris agreement:

“My government set a 2030 emissions reduction target on the basis that this was more-or-less what could be achieved without new government programmes and without new costs on the economy.”

In other words, we set an emissions reduction target that we could achieve without actually doing anything. Sort of like a diet where you just eat what you like, and then hope you don’t weigh too much more than you did before going on the diet.

Or as Abbott said in another part of the speech, he didn’t understand that he was signing up to something that would result in lower emissions every year, leading up to 2030. He just presumed that it would be like his contract with the Australian people and everyone would have forgotten about it. Or that people would take it as a “binding commitment”! He presumed that it was like an election promise or wedding vows. You know, the sort of thing that one says because everyone expects you to say something and if you say, “Well, I sort of think that I’d like to keep my word, but hey, tomorrow’s another day and, don’t the bridesmaids look lovely and shouldn’t we be toasting them?”, then it’s quite likely to be misinterpreted, like when he said that pensioners wouldn’t be getting cuts, people presumed he meant to the pension, rather than being given the strap.

Tony followed up today by telling us how nobody was dissenting in the Liberal Party: “I got to say there aren’t that many opportunities for dissent in the party room these days. Party room procedure has changed under Prime Minister Turnbull.”

See, everyone in the Liberal Party is on the same page. No dissent in the party room.

I bet Bill Shorten wishes he had loyalty like that from his party!!

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  1. Mick Byron

    I happened to be at this.

    “first thing to know about Albanese’s Gough Whitlam Oration is that he sent the text of his speech to his leader’s office on Friday afternoon, hours before he delivered it to the Shellharbour Workers’ Club south of Sydney that evening.

    Shorten’s staff sent back two suggested changes. Albanese incorporated both. Shorten had every opportunity to read the speech and to propose edits. He took the opportunity and Albanese obliged. So much for treachery.”
    The second thing is that the speech was a positive and uplifting appeal for a big, broad, reforming Labor government.

  2. paul walter


    An election must be in the wind.

    What do people think the SHY /SKY and the ABC locked out of Nauru is all about?

  3. Kaye Lee

    “When the reasons for doing something disappear, you stop doing it,” Mr Abbott said.

    I would like to ask the people of Warringah their reasons for continuing to inflict this moron on us.

  4. Kaye Lee

    Popping over to Tony’s facebook page is an unedifying experience. Eight hours ago he posted a thread starting “Far from “wrecking the government”, MPs worried about energy policy are trying to save it, with a policy that would be different from Labor’s and would give voters the affordable and reliable power they want.”

    This was one of my favourite responses….

    “They don’t listen to Mr Abbott they are too busy spreading the lie that he is wrecking the government. The government is licking itself because the total frontbench except for Mr Dutton and one or two others are basically unemployable.”

    Never give that woman a job in HR!!

  5. Rossleigh

    When Abbott said, “When the reasons for doing something disappear, you stop doing it,” I presumed he was talking about getting rid of Malcolm would mean there was no longer a need to undermine his own party at every turn…

  6. Paul

    Why this idiot keeps being quoted is beyond me..
    He sold his credibility for the top job years ago.

    A pathological liar who will literally say anything in the hope of resurrecting what was clearly the worst Prime-ministership of a generation.

    And for Labor? He just keeps on giving……

  7. johno

    Tony seems to be hardwired to not understand anything.

  8. Matters Not

    Please leave Tony Abbott alone. He’s a modern day Manchurian Candidate who should be left in peace to do his life’s work. Praise don’t denigrate. Think of the bigger picture. Resurrect Tony with Peter Dutton as his Deputy. The Dream Team.

  9. helvityni

    Sorry to disappoint you MN, but it might come to Dutton as Sheriff and Tony as his Deputy..

    ‘Praise be’, as they greet each other in Gilead, in the Hand-Maid’s land…

  10. Bert

    “Just pull out”….isn’t that the catholic contraception method????…..he says rapidly ducking behind the parapet

  11. johno

    helvityni… looking forward to tonights episode of blessed are the fruit

  12. Henry Rodrigues

    Australia is infected with this dreadful pestilence in the person of Abbott and the party from which he emerged. His follower and ‘leader’ is just an impotent douchebag who will willing oblige the fool so as not to jeopardise his own seat at the head of the table and to consolidate his nominal position as leader until the next elections. Instead the weak turd will regale us continuously, with his rictus grin and supposed ‘logical’ reasons why we should keep burning coal. I wonder who first referred to Turdball as the ‘smartest’ man in the room. A room full of self seeking drooling at the mouth, halfwits.

  13. Kaye Lee

    Henry, I think it was Malcolm.

  14. Henry Rodrigues

    Kaye Lee…..Of course, it had to be the ponce, who can’t walk by a mirror without asking it, “who’s the greatest one of all”. Thanks Kaye.

  15. Kaye Lee

    This article from 1991 is very interesting about the young Malcolm…

    ” Even in the early days, he had the fire of ambition in his breast. In the mid-1970s, Turnbull, then 21, and radio broadcaster David Dale were seeing two women from the same house. This led to a fascinating exchange in the early hours. Both men, with towels around them, found themselves tiptoeing to the bathroom at the same time. Turnbull, whom Dale knew only as “Malcolm the Footballer” because of his solid frame, announced to Dale he wanted to be Prime Minister by the time he was 40.

    “For which party?” asked Dale.

    “It doesn’t matter,” responded Malcolm the Footballer.”

    The Turnbull game plan is hard to pick. He says it’s simple: he wants to continue doing what he is doing – merchant banking. He says he has given away any political ambitions: “I’m not sure that I’m really suited to the democratic process.”

    Mr Turnbull, what’s your definition of humility?

    Long pause. Don’t think I’d have anything original to contribute on that. I mean, I think I’d have to look up a dictionary to see what it means. I guess humility is being suitably modest about yourself and your attainments.”

    Then, almost as if he felt like a wimp, even if only for a moment, he added, “Humility is for saints.”

  16. Henry Rodrigues

    Kaye, that episode from the turd’s past says it very eloquently. No amount of polishing will ever take away the grubby, knobbly, smelly characteristics that identifies a turd.

  17. Oscar

    Henry; all I ever hear from you is whinging.

  18. New England Cocky

    Rossleigh … why are you perpetuating the LIarbral inspired myth that the ALP leadership will change before the 2018 Federal election?

    @Bert: Papal roulette is the Barnyard preference for thankfully ending a political career.

    @Kay Lee: Early pre-political comments had Turdball probably standing for the ALP duet his mentor the former ALP Premier Neville Wran. However, Wentworth has too many silvertails in Vaucluse and so he ousted the sitting member, who just happened to be father-in-law to Peter Costello. Hence the deep hatred between the two persons (“men” would be inaccurate because both lack spine).

    @anti-Rabbotters: Now you RAbbotters must leave Toxic alone to do his darnedest to ensure that the ALP win the next Federal election. Little Johnnie Howard took three attempts to become PM and Toxic appears to be using that as a model.

  19. Henry Rodrigues

    Oscar…. good hearing from dyed in the wool turdball admirers, gives this column a bit of colour.

  20. Max Gross

    “No wrecking, no undermining, no sniping” Bluffman declared and off he shot like a rabid rat in a cheese factory, wrecking and undermining and sniping until his ears bled and his eyes exploded in their sockets.

  21. johno

    No wrecking, no undermining, no …… , no being a moron.

  22. Rebecca

    Abbott for PM?
    People obviously have short memories and indeed vote for who the media tells them to. It was obvious really, Abbott never left the public’s (media’s) attention since he stood down temporarily for Turnbull. From Jesuit to Zionist and back to Jesuit. What could possibly go wrong?

  23. helvityni

    Oscar, sadly these days there’s so much to ‘whinge’ about….I’m praying for some light relief, instead I find that kids in detention are getting suicidal, and other such horrors happening…

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