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All that remains is for you to cast your vote… but think before you do

An emboldened Scott Morrison would be a disaster for Australia. A vote for Anthony Albanese would bring new hope for better leadership and a more egalitarian society. Whilst the wrongs of the past decade would not disappear immediately, many would. Others might take two terms of Parliament.

Should he be triumphant, the tasks of a new Labor government would be enormous. Still, an Albanese-led government can accomplish much with a leader who has experienced life from bottom to top and believes that good government comes from the delegation of authority and not one individual.

I’m all for the recreation of a new and decent society that is inclusive and caring.

My society is a collection of people who desire to express themselves in every human endeavour: A collective who has aspirations of conducting their humanity, labour, learning, aspirations, spirituality, art, poetry, play and exploration with the most extraordinary possible diversity and at the very centre of my society would be empathy instilled in their learning, and the common good would be at the centre of their politics regardless of ideology.

I mean that equality of opportunity for all would be enshrined in its constitution by the common good.

My kind of society is one where one’s sexual preference or, indeed, one’s gender wouldn’t be the determinant by which one’s character is judged. One’s skin colour would say nothing about anyone other than perhaps their geographical origins.

My society would advance the individual’s right to pursue whatever they desire, including the pursuit of economic success, which would only be regulated by the principles of the collective common good and in consideration of everyone’s entitlement to an equitable share of society’s wealth.

People would be guaranteed freedom of expression, including the right to disagree but be reminded that debate is not necessarily about winning. It is an exchange of many things. Facts, ideas and principles. All have a place. But when broken down, it is simply the art of persuasion in its purest form.

In my enlightened society, the suggestion that we must legislate one’s right to hate another person would be considered intellectually barren.

Access to health and welfare would be guaranteed and access to treatment assured.

Most importantly, the principle that we should treat others in the same manner, we expect them to treat us would be indelible in every citizen’s mind.

My society would have a healthy regard for science over myth and mysticism but simultaneously recognise that each individual has a right to express their spirituality in their way so long as it doesn’t corrupt the aspirations of ‘commongoodism ‘.

My society would be judged by its welcoming and treatment of its most vulnerable citizens, including the aged, the homeless, the poor, and those seeking asylum.

Accessibility to the law, regardless of stature or wealth, would be available to everyone.

Transformation would be part of the very fabric of our existence. It would be a progressive society. One that wouldn’t resist change on the foolish assumption that we can make permanent that which makes us feel secure.

My ideal society would acknowledge that a democratic group mentality advances society better than dictatorial individuality.

In democratic societies, our herding instincts are realised by electing quality leaders who form the government.

A fitness to serve stipulation would seek a clause in our constitution to as much as possible guarantee that the most expert help in our Parliament.

Individual or collective ambition can only happen within a social structure built and controlled by a sympathetic government.

If we live in a democracy, then it must be the elected officials that decide and regulates society’s advancement and who provide the environment in which to do so.

Therefore, every parliamentarian must abide by the principles of a constitution independently devised by the people and a bill of rights under a newly formed republic.

In reality, very little is done in the name of progress that cannot be credited in some way to the government.

I get somewhat tempestuous about the decline in our democracy and the corruption accompanying it.

Amid the angry voices intent on doing over one’s opponent, there must be people who have a genuine desire to change our democracy for the better. There has never been a better opportunity than now.

A vote for an Albanese led government could bring about a better system of government, resulting in a better society. Whilst retribution might be on the lips of many, I fervently believe that a new government needs to address only those wrongs that would lead to better governance.

My thought for the day

The common good should be at the centre of any political philosophy. However, it is more likely to be found on the left than on the right.


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  1. wam

    A nice balanced page, lord.
    I hope every labor voter stays true to labor and scummo gets demolished.
    I cannot help but display the darwin miracle.
    My munching on humble pie began early when after years of calling the NT News and its editors of an enormous clp bias,
    I read today’s editorial.
    Our murdoch editor wrote:
    ‘Vote labor for a better Territory future.’
    Not sure what you ean here?
    “I fervently believe that a new government needs to address only those wrongs that would lead to better governance.”
    I cannot think of any rights much less any wrongs that don’t lead to bad government.

  2. Albos Elbow

    If you care about the environment and global warming, don’t vote for COAL-NP tomorrow. Think about your future and the future of your children and grandchildren.

    We are already the world’s worst carbon emissions polluter per capita and the biggest exporter of coal, oil and gas pollution to the rest of the world.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to vote Labor.
    They are just as bad as COAL-NP when it comes to supporting fossil fuel industries, coal, oil and gas drilling and mining.

    Under the current political system the prime minister will come from Labor or Coal-NP and Morrison is the worst of the two.

  3. johnyperth.

    We need a change NOW!!!
    When Morrison won the last election I said that the age pensioners can’t afford Morrison!!
    As I’m am a very young progressive 71 years at the end of August my life hasn’t been at all been easy under Morrison!!
    The way I see things Morrison sees those on welfare are nothing but blood sucking creatures to fight over the “crumbs!!”
    GO LABOR!!!

  4. Terence Mills

    There was a real expectation that Immigration Minister Alex Hawke would use his ministerial discretion and allow the Biloela family to return to Biloela and to stay in Australia.

    He couldn’t find it in his heart to do so : I hope his electorate treat him with the same consideration and empathy he has shown to this family – throw him out along with his appalling party !

  5. New England Cocky

    @Terence Mills: The whole refugee situation needs to be addressed and totally reformed. Pouring government funding into the pockets of international hoteliers may suit the Liarbral Party with their overseas forays, but it does little to build a better Australia. The Biloela family is an excellent example of unChristian policy from a dysfunctional uncaring misgovernment of borne to rule egomaniacs.


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