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All I want for Christmas is a New Year

Despite it being a slow, cruel, tortuous year, Christmas seems to have came at us in a rush.

Christmas is but one day a year, and in 2020 perhaps it can be the one day of the year that we can draw breath.

Many of us will be celebrating Christmas at home, just as we’ve spent most of the year since the pandemic wrecked 2020. At home, but of course, with thoughts of our loved ones who cannot be with us. Some of our team at The AIMN family have suffered tragic losses during the year and our thoughts are also with them, as Christmas is the day – more than most others – that these losses are felt the deepest.

But we wish not to speak of sadness.

Christmas, by all traditions, should be a day of joy. And this is what we wish for you.

To all who share our dreams for a better world – our writers, admin, readers, commenters and those who donate to this site – we wish a wonderful Christmas. Please stay safe, and enjoy this day. Your day.

And maybe if we ask nicely, Santa will bring us all the perfect present; a better year next year.

Michael and Carol.


BTW, here’s one little lady from the Taylor household who couldn’t wait for Christmas:



PS: Please, if you have a chance, visit one of our sister sites, The Political Sword for their Christmas message.


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  1. Terence Mills

    Two very positive things to look forward to in 2021 ; the COVID vaccine is coming and Donald Trump is going,

    it’s win, win !

    All the best to Michael and carol and all at AIMN

  2. Kerri

    A happy, healthy and restful Christmas to all at the AIMN.
    Many thanks for the many good reads.

  3. Roswell

    Merry Christmas to all my friends here at The AIMN.

    Have a great day and above all else – stay safe.

  4. DrakeN

    All the Very Bestest for the Festering Season, Michael, Carol and the rest of the mob here.

    Do take good care of yourselves.

  5. Phil Pryor

    To all the readers, writers, makers of comment and those who offer useful info, all the best for a good rest over the holiday season and may we have a refreshed and much better New Year. And let us keep our aim for an improvement in outlook alive and well.

  6. Uta Hannemann

    a better year next year

    yes, this is what we all hope for!

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    To one all, have a peaceful holiday period and much hope and good cheer for 2021.

    To Michael Taylor, Carol, and the little lady staring out of the window, greetings from self and my little lady. They make our lives so interesting.

  8. wam

    merry xmas and ‘god bless us everyone’ including this old scrooge trying to control his humbug of the writers.
    2021 is the product of two 43×47 so it has a great start and we have planned a march middleton and vivonne bays holiday
    Sad to see the pommes have to modify their plosives in the second tier lockdown:
    ‘t’ becomes ‘n’ ‘to’ becomes ‘noo’ and ‘p’ becomes ‘f’ everyone must follow the rules even follies must flay their farts

  9. RosemaryJ36

    Thanks Michael, Carol and your crew who have helped us avoid spiralling blood pressure by releasing our frustrations in print.
    Here’s hoping you have enjoyed a relaxing Christmas Day and best wishes for 43×47 to = a better year than 20 bloody 20.

  10. wam

    2021 is a beauty, RosemaryJ36, with 2025 – 4 = (45 – 2)(45 + 2).
    You will be 85 = 5 x 17 which is two primes as well.

  11. Grumpy Geezer


    All the best to you and Carol, the crew at AIMN, its contributors, readers and commentors.


  12. RomeoCharlie29

    In the NT where normality has been the rule for most of 2020 some of us have watched with both wonder and barely concealed relief the happenings elsewhere including the continuing tin ear of our PM and the final ghastly throes of the poor excuse for an American ( ok US) President. I extend best wishes to Michael and Carol for providing a site which has both entertained and informed me in my time of membership; to the contributors who have taken the time to vent their spleens or push more positive barrows and to those who comment on said contributions. That the dialogue has mostly been civil is something of a rarity in these unsettled times, and is to be applauded. Now I retire to contemplate the significance, or otherwise, of prime numbers and thankful that our access to family, including the beloved 3yo, g/daughter has been, and is, unhindered. Roll on a better 2021 for those who need it.

  13. DrakeN

    Michael and Carol, that kitten of yours by the window looks very much like our Lily, who is half Norwegian Forest Cat ( the other half is some unknown Tom! ).
    Cute kitty who, at 7 years old now weighs in at a modestly fit 6.2 Kg and who sheds enough hair to be able to spin it and
    knit a clone every couple of weeks 😉
    Get a really good vacuum cleaner, you’ll need it.

  14. Carol Taylor

    Thank you so much to everyone for your Christmas wishes, and let’s hope that 2021 is going to be a vast improvement on 2020. Although the Americans have thankfully been smart enough to offload Trump, the same cannot be said for Australia and the Murdoch influence. It seems that Australians might have to suffer through an extended Recession before the MSM and Big Business realises that an increasingly impoverished citizenry isn’t in their best interests. Which is all a bit depressing that it will have to become that bad before the MSM will take a hard look at Scotty from Marketing. However, noting the good folk at The AIMN and their passion for justice and a more equal nation, there is every reason to have belief in a better future.

  15. Florence

    Unless we insist on change,not more of the same,why would the new year be any better. Whitlam bought about massive changes in three short years. It us time again. #auspol

  16. New England Cocky

    Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all AIMN staff and readers. It is time to change the misgovernment and replace it with competent politicians having policies to promote the best interests of Australian voters rather than kow-towing to foreign owned multinational corporations that pay little of no taxation in Australia.

  17. Wam

    Agree with you Romeo Charlie 29(prime) about contemplating primes. One of the smartest ever Australians, Terry Tao is a prime number genius – New York Times had a beaut story on terry, a few years ago. It will be a good read, during Darwin’s coldest Xmas in my 6 decades.

  18. Anne Byam

    Wishing you, Michael and Carol a very much brighter, happier and healthier new year 2021. The same wishes to admin, the commenters, contributors – a wonderful lot of people at AIMN. We have all been through the ‘mill’ in different ways, with this 2020 fiasco – so here’s to a more positive and productive New Year.

    Hugs to all – Annie.

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