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After 18 months of waiting to be born again, people of ‘so-called intelligence’ believe Dutton will win the next election

Within my social media circle and in the news reporting I read, there is growing support for the view that Dutton and the LNP are ripe to win the next election.

This assumption is based on views that Labor has done nothing about the cost of living or that Prime Minister Albanese travels too much and interest rates are too high. Of course, our debt needs to be lowered; asylum seekers should never have been released, and we need to spend more on infrastructure. You can add to that the cost of renting, and more houses need to be built.

Andrew Bolt is certainly confident of a Labor loss (isn’t he always?):

“The Coalition under Peter Dutton could actually win the next election.”

He then advised they needed a reshuffle and suggested they bring back former prime minister Scott Morrison. Yes, he did. Check it out. It really is difficult to take Andrew Bolt seriously.

Or Shadow Attorney General Michaelia Cash, who says that:

“… the Government’s handling of the High Court overturning indefinite detention proves they are ‘hopelessly’ out of their depth.”

Right-wing columnist Gerard Henderson, writing for The Australian (paywalled) was quick to blow Dutton’s trumpet:

“Despite all the naysayers decrying his decision for the Liberals to campaign against the voice, Peter Dutton has been vindicated and is looking strong in the lead up to the next election.”

These astonishing predictions came after The Voice Referendum and Labor’s decision to let some refugees with bad records into the community following a high court decision and before the Court gave its reasons.

Is it possible that at this time in the election cycle, the Coalition is indeed in a position to win in 2025? My first reaction is to say, “no chance”. After all, it was only a short time ago that Morrison lost on May 21 2022, after almost a decade of corruption, immorality, disgrace, continuous scandals, poor leadership, and lying. Keeping up with all the controversy and poor decisions was a daily grind: Lack of action on climate change, a poor response to the pandemic and the tragedy behind Robo debt are just a few.

Is the electorate ready to forgive them and return the same people to office within one term? In normal circumstances, you would say no; they wouldn’t, but I confess, we live in strange times.

Let’s look at where people say Labor is vulnerable, remembering we are some ways out from the next election.

1. The subs deal (a Morrison leftover) has been unpopular. Only time will tell by how much, and there is lots of it. I also disagree with this decision. However, I don’t think it is a front-of-mind issue.

2. Regarding the next tax breaks (another Morrison leftover), people think the money could be better spent other than handing money back to the wealthy. But to break a promise of such enormity. A broken promise for the greater good takes guts. Do it, Albo.



Make some big decisions. Negative gearing is nothing more than a tax rort for wealthy investors that reduces housing affordability. Get rid of it.

3. The cost of living. Coles, Woolworths and others control the cost of living more than any government. Fuel is controlled by external forces. Allow more competition.

4. High interest rates. No government controls interest rates. It is as accurate as that.

5. Albo travels too much. It is in our own interest that he does. It has also been shown that he travels roughly the same – or less- as other recent PMs. Most of it has been restoring the damage done by the previous Government. China, in particular. Labor has restored our trade, which was almost destroyed by Morrison. Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen will attend the COP 28 Meeting in December.

6. Release of asylum seekers. The Government obeyed the High Court of Australia. The Court has yet to release its reasons for the decision. The legislation passed thus far could be more explicit but can only be so once their reasons are known.

Further news on this story was exposed in The Guardian on November 21. Five of the 93 people affected by this month’s high court decision on indefinite detention had already been released into community detention by the Coalition.

7. Cost of renting. A carryover problem from the Morrison Government. A decade of doing nothing.

8. Build more housing. But both are being addressed, if not to everyone’s satisfaction.

9. Spend more on infrastructure. Yes, but now is not the time. It would make inflation much worse.

10. The Voice referendum. It was a bad loss and poorly sold, but it isn’t an election breaker. The conservatives not only destroyed “The Voice” but also any chance of us ever becoming a republic.

11. The economy. In answer to a question during Question Time, the Prime Minister said:

“Let’s compare our economy, I’m asked about international comparisons of our economy and how it’s going,” “Our unemployment rate is 3.6 – lower than what we inherited; our participation rate is 66.7 – higher than what we inherited; our gender pay gap is 13 – lower than what we inherited.”

Mr Albanese said manufacturing jobs and women employed full-time were higher than what was “inherited”. His time expired.

And let’s remember the enormous debt Morrison left behind.

Labor’s record in office so far might appear bland, but a glimpse at their website tells a different story.

For example, on November 23, Albanese announced his government would “rapidly expand investment schemes for clean energy projects.”

i. Robodebt. People will be reminded that somebody must be responsible. Who might it be? Scott Morrison, Marise Payne, Malcolm Turnbull, Alan Tudge, Christian Porter and/or Stuart Robert?

How damaging would it be during an election campaign?

Would you again put the same people in charge of policies similar to Robodebt?

ii. Many other Cases are before the NACC:

“146 referrals are pending triage. 53 referrals are currently in active triage, and 181 referrals that have been triaged are currently under assessment.”

Some, like Robodebt, will be open to the public. So, a constant stream of bad news stories will emerge from the NACC.

iii. Despite current events, Peter Dutton is still the best thing Labor has going for it. Outside of being tough on immigration, he has little going for him. A personality transplant might be a good idea. He carries a load of baggage.

iv. The Guardian Essential Survey of November 14 showed Australia at its pessimistic best, but I suspect this pessimism will have a brighter smile by the time of the election. Most people felt Australia should stay out of trouble between the superpowers and the war in the Middle East.

Most folks surveyed thought interest rates would go up again and rent would continue to rise. The price of petrol is decided overseas and not by our government.

The new social cohesion report released around the same time was also “sobering“. Katherine Murphy reports that:

“After the polarising voice referendum campaign, amid rising community tensions over the Middle East war and sustained anxiety about the economy, shows little appetite for frivolity.

v. This same apathetic view of the world, like rust, is spreading throughout the community. From its governing position, Labor is well-placed to combat the conservatives’ attacks on institutions and the future of life as we know it.

Importantly, continues Murphy, this:

“… new research suggests many Liberal and National voters are in a severe funk now Labor is in power.

“The number of people in this cohort who say they are pessimistic or very pessimistic about Australia’s future also increased by 27 points.”

If that’s what their supporters think about the future, I wonder what they think of Dutton as a leader. Is he just another Abbott, good at spewing out negative thought bubbles but never able to transition to Prime Minister?

The LNP is a coalition of political parties that took an extraordinary toll, over almost a decade, on our institutions and democracy. They are nothing more than a coalition of capitalistic shysters more interested in the top than those in need and have never apologised for the most deplorable period of governance in Australian political history. For example, see this list of lies that Scott Morrison told during his tenure as Prime Minister. Then there is this list of Peter Dutton’s lies about The Voice.

Am I to believe that the LNP under Dutton, without even a climate change or energy policy, will right all their wrongs when they didn’t even confess to Robodebt (or all the other falsehoods and acts of corruption)? Are they really a serious contender to become our next government after only 18 months?

Many conservatives believe that they have the power to shape society in a way that benefits the elite. They see themselves as the superior class, adhering to the principle of the aristocracy or the ‘betters’. They believe that they are natural leaders and the best suited to rule. They feel entitled to all the benefits that society creates as a reward for their superiority.

Considering that we live in a more complex and scientifically advanced world than ever, it seems unrealistic to expect the LNP, with its Luddite principles, to guide us through these complexities. Since the May 21, 2022 election, Labor has been busy correcting the mistakes made by Abbott, Turnbull, and Morrison. Fixing the country’s economy may take years.

Sorry, I cannot swallow this nonsense. Andrew, Michaelia and Gerard should get a grip on themselves.

Anyway, Coalition strategists would know victory next time for them is a huge ask. First-term governments federally very rarely lose.

My thought for the day

One of the oddities of political polling is trying to understand how 50% of the voting public would willingly return to a party that governed so abysmally.

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  1. Uncletimrob

    Your prescient paragraph….
    “Many conservatives believe that they have the power to shape society in a way that benefits the elite. They see themselves as the superior class, adhering to the principle of the aristocracy or the ‘betters’. They believe that they are natural leaders and the best suited to rule. They feel entitled to all the benefits that society creates as a reward for their superiority.”

  2. GL

    The one thing that Labor does not have in its favour is Rupert, Costello, Stokes and other assorted right wing media and without them it’s a never-ending Sisyphean task.

  3. corvusboreus

    In my view, one crucial thing the ALP needs to start doing is acknowledging prior errors (recognition is the first step).

    Take Robodebt.
    The coalition’s response has been infuriating to anyone with a conscience or a clue.
    Morrison (later PM), Porter (later AG), Tudge (later education minister) and Roberts (later youth & education minister) are all directly and personally responsible for implementing a scam that broke laws and caused deaths.
    All chose to double down despite being informed of fundamental flaws (eg illegality) in the scheme.
    None has expressed any true regret or remorse nor faced any real repercussions.

    Labor should milk that for all it is worth.

    However, in order to do so, the ALP also needs to admit that their own pioneering of automated data-matching twixt Centrelink and ATO (albeit still with subsequent human checks) set the scenery for the subsequent shit storm.

    “In light of lessons learned around the robodebt travesty, we are conducting a thorough audit & overhaul of all automated processes where the welfare of vulnerable citizens is involved.”

    As for ‘jetset albo’?
    “Whilst the PM cannot shirk his responsibility to symbolically represent Australia at serious international diplomatic events, he promises not to say “aloha” if the country catches fire”.

  4. Patricia

    Everyone brings up the matter of Robodebt time and time again when they talk about the LNP, as they should, but let us not forget the Cashless Debit Card that wrought havoc on people on social security payment, the majority of whom where First Nations people, that the LNP has already said that they would bring back and would include ALL recipients of social security payments, including pensioners.

    The Cashless Debit Card is about control, it is paternalistic and degrading, it enriched a private corporation at the expense of mainly First Nations people, women and children who had the misfortune of being in a position where they had to ask for support from the society in which they live, a society that has been told that those on social security payments (or welfare as the LNP derogartorarliy terms it) are, one and all, bludgers and rorters who take the food out of the mouths of those who work to support these “bludgers and rorters”.

    Leaving aside the fact that many of those who receive social security payment also work, but their work is so low paid or transient and that they need additional assistance.

    Any just and caring society will support those who need support, we never know when we will need such support ourselves, it does not demonise them for needing such support and it does not take away their autonomy in how they manage their finances.

    The LNP WILL bring back the Cashless Debit Card for all social security recipients including pensioners if they are re-elected to the government benches, an action that will enrich a private corporation at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.

    Let us also mention that when we talk about re-electing the LNP to government.

  5. wam

    1 true, lord, but if labor rejects usuka then dutton has a field day 2 break a promise dutton has a field day not break a promise dutton has a field day 3/4 clearly, as reflected in the polls, people and the media blame government 5 too much is the subjective point nobody counters that with not enough and as soon as he takes a holiday morrison’s trip is forgotten. 6 timing, lord, how does you or the ‘concerned’ albo explain the lack of planning?? 7/8 the loonies weapons 9 forced by inflation but will only adversly affect some voters directly without much positive for Albo. 10 a huge win for dutton and a long term loss for labor as many labor voted no and many yes may vote loonies. 11 no show without punch and albo has to punch the rabbott, the copperman and the multiminister with left hooks and dutton with a right cross. The debt and deficits need repetition Yes the trash of the last 10 years has gone. Dutton et al are renewed.
    ps Crow you are spot on robodebt was a disaster and labor MUST milk it and other failings on the media. Even Natalie what its name and Karl baby cannot disagree as the dole mob watch the morning shows.
    Many of us think thed intervention was poorly thought and even poorlt executed.
    But it affected Aboriginal people so no votes there.

  6. Ian Joyner

    Gerard Henderson is Warren Mundine’s father-in-law. Of course he’d promote the lost referendum as a great success. He was probably part of Dutton’s plot against Albanese.

  7. Lyndal

    Where do the Teals / Community Independents lie in this analysis? There are eight of them, and most if not all have taken what were regarded as Liberal seats. The swing to Teals cost the ALP a decisive majority as well. At the next election, will Teals successfully defend their seats, and will their numbers increase?

    I think that any consideration of future Parliaments needs to look more seriously at the role of these independents, and also the Greens’ parliamentary cohort. The competition is not just ALP versus Coalition.

  8. Michael Taylor

    Lyndal, I wouldn’t be surprised if Labor loses votes to progressive independents next election, and possibly elections after that.

    Judging from what I’m seeing across social media there are a lot of disgruntled Labor voters out there.

  9. corvusboreus

    Based on observations of my own electorate (Cowper), a decent teal branded Indi with solid grassroots connections and backing can take sizable chunks of primary votes from the Coalition, ALP & Greens in the HoR race.

    In the senate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Legalise Cannabis manage to pick up a seat or two next time around.

  10. wam

    The teals are dutton’s worry and there is a small danger to labor from independents, michael, but a huge danger from lnp preferences if labor woters leak to the loonies.

  11. New England Cocky

    @ Michael Taylor: Agreed. Indeed, this dissatisfaction with LABOR is slowly morphing into voter reaction.

    For example, the Great Northern Railway (GNR) between Armidale & Wallangarra, about 216 km long, was closed by a NSW LABOR government as a financial saving to subsidise the expense of the Sydney metro network.

    Now a politically diverse local group is actively campaigning for the renovation & re-opening of the GNR after a LIARBRAL$ proposal to rip up the railway tracks to form a Fail Rail Trail between Guyra & Ben Lomond to support Beetrooter’s financially unviable Northern Inland Railway. There ALREADY EXISTS a quiet sealed country road alongside the GNR between those two locations.

    Consider the angst of these group members when Transport NSW ”proudly” announces the end of a $30 BILLION spend to reduce road travel times between the Blue Mountains and Sydney CBD by 30 minutes ….. despite road users ”discovering” that this mega-spend plan is inadequate ….. because city dwellers need public transport NOT roads. The GNR got $0.00 government funding during this same building period.

  12. Terence Mills

    The question was asked in a radio program I was listening to (on the ABC no less) : ” has Peter Dutton done sufficient to prove to the electorate that he deserves to be our next PM ?”

    The response from a right leaning pundit was : “well, for a man who has not enunciated any policies, who lacks personality and charisma and who consistently says NO to any policy initiative put up by the government, I suppose you could say that he’s not quite there yet BUT the big winner for Dutton and the coalition was to defeat the Albanese referendum and he can chalk that up as a major triumph .”

    Just how shallow are we ?

  13. Phil Pryor

    So called intelligent observation on this topic should note clearly that P Dutton has no qualities above daily functioning, and that done without known merit. We need people with a view of the greats, with a desire to serve and an ability to learn. We will not get a Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein, Oliphant, even a Chomsky or Nugget Coombs ,but we must hope for better, not a conservative stain in a gutter. We should Never, Ever, forget the filth and stupidity of such as Howard, Abbott, Morrison, and their supporters, donors, patrons…

  14. wam

    I admired Albo when, as minister for local government, he recognised the skill and worth of my darling.
    He needs a lot of ‘no! no! no! attitude plus vigorous attacks on dutton, sussoneverything and the bandit from his team or he will be the last labor only PM. ps A great quest waltz of the cuckood but irrelevant when albo continues to take the traditional labor line of trying to do the right thing and, like gillard, gets pilloried by dutton’s dunces and rupert’s ratbags.

  15. Kathryn

    If misguided, Murdoch-manipulated fools REALLY believe that the cruel racist sociopath, Peter Dutton and his appalling, totally corrupt, self-serving and undemocratic colleagues in the LNP deserve to win another election after the chaos, dysfunction, inhumanity, mismanagement, waste and non-stop rorting of taxpayer funds by the LNP during their hideous reign as the worst, most inept and fascist regime in our history, then these Murdoch-manipulated LNP supporters have very short memories, foolishly believe that the LNP represent working- and middle-class Australians (that will NEVER happen), are completely oblivious to the chaos left behind by the Annihilators in the LNP and/or are as blind as Mr Magoo!

    Totally unconscionable, vindictive political psychopaths like Abbott, Morrison, Dutton, James Paterson and Simon Birmingham – and the rest of the sociopaths in the LNP cabinet – were (and still are) absolutely DETERMINED to cheat, lie, stomp on the carcasses of anyone who stand in their way and character-assassinate anyone and everyone who have the integrity and courage to oppose the LNP’s escalating level of depravity in order to prevent the LNP from rising, yet again, into fascist power like some demented Behemoths!

    To all those misguided right-wing muppets out there who choose to cling on to the delusion that the diabolical LNP deserve yet another chance to be re-elected, allow me to remind them of the destruction, waste, incompetence and damage the LNP left in their wake as the worst, most fascist and inhumane regime in living memory:

    DESPITE all the LNP’s history of incomprehensible political corruption – outlined in a link below showing an incomplete list, compiled by Chaser, exposing the LNP’s shocking level of political corruption and incompetence – and the fact that so many sanctimonious members of the LNP (particularly Abbott and Morrison) attempted to HIDE all this corruption behind a thin cloak of nauseating bible-thumping hypocrisy!

    IN SPITE OF their condescending elitism that saw them cruelly target the poorest, most vulnerable people in our nation;

    DESPITE their insufferable born-to-rule arrogance and their open contempt for ordinary working- and middle-class Australians;

    IN SPITE OF their appalling history as a condescending pack of white, male supremacists who are prepared to defend and protect the appalling misogynistic predators in their midst and when even one of the few women in Abbott’s cabinet (Julie Bishop) astutely described her male colleagues as a pack of “swinging d*cks” !

    DESPITE the fact that just about every member of the devious LNP have absolutely no regard and zero remorse for their outrageous, disingenuous and endless pathological lies;

    IN SPITE OF the LNP’s unspeakable level of callous inhumanity and their cruel targeting of the poorest, most vulnerable members of our community;

    DESPITE the LNP’s self-serving rorting and their catastrophic mismanagement of taxpayers’ hard-earned funds that grotesquely enriched and empowered THEMSELVES and their grasping multi-billionaire “mates” in the Top 1%;

    DESPITE the catastrophic fall-out of the now notorious and ILLEGAL Witch Hunt known as ROBODEBT that caused the preventable suicidal deaths of so many desperate Australian citizens!

    IN SPITE of the fact that the prosperity-obsessed, short-sighted fools in the LNP – at State and Federal levels – are absolutely DETERMINED to sell-off and privatise EVERYTHING Australian taxpayers value which includes the devious undemocratic infiltration of our ABC by the LNP who parachuted a wide range of blatantly right-wing-biased, LNP-supporting hacks like David Speers, Patricia Karvelas, Fauziah Ibrahim, Ita Buttrose (as Chairwoman) which, no doubt, will facilitate the eventual privatisation and sale of our national broadcasting station to their Propaganda Minister, Rupert Murdoch!

    DESPITE the fact that the dangerously undemocratic LNP/Murdoch/IPA Alliance are determined to push through their Agenda to defund and obliterate Medicare, our hospitals, State-owned transport, the ongoing horrific defundment of State schools, TAFE (which the LNP have already privatised) and the sale of our precious water, gas and electric supplies to foreign-owned corporate predators including Optus (which is now mismanaged and owned by the Singaporean-based company, SINGTEL (Singapore Telecommunications) whose mismanagement, no doubt, had a LOT to do with the recent Outage!

    IN SPITE OF the LNP’s undemocratic alliance with the totally-biased right-wing hacks in the Murdoch press and the deplorable Institute of Public Affairs (aka the IPA) – initiated by Murdoch’s father, Keith Murdoch – a random collection of cruel, self-serving right-wing extremists and dangerously undemocratic, avaricious neoliberal capitalists;

    DESPITE the LNP’s continual support of the depraved megalomaniac, Benjamin Netanyahu and his army who are, right now, committing the most heinous war crimes and genocidal murder against non-Jewish Palestinians by bombing hospitals, bombing schools and shooting down unarmed, defenceless, non-Jewish Palestinians (and their little children) fleeing from Netanyahu’s heartless persecution;

    IN SPITE OF the fact that these pompous, deluded political sociopaths (and their gormless supporters) keep claiming that it is they, the inept LNP, who are the “better economic managers” when, the fact is that when their reprehensible government were justifiably kicked to the gutter at the last federal election, it was discovered that the ONLY thing the corrupt, self-serving Abbott/Morrison regime left behind was an almost insurmountable national deficit of $1 TRILLION – the worst debt in our nation’s history!

    IN SPITE OF ALL THE ABOVE: the waste, the rorting, the misogyny, the non-stop pathological lies, the malignant cruelty, the LNP’s deluded sense of arrogant superiority and their inherent self-serving corruption outlined above (and in the link below), the power-obsessed, demonic, regressive LNP are not cowered, have NO SHAME, have ZERO REMORSE and, clearly, have not one iota of insight!

    This is a RED FLAG WARNING that the LNP have stooped to a gutter level of born-to-rule depravity that can only get worse if the uncompromising, perverted LNP rise to fascist power again!

    IN SPITE OF ALL the above, is there anyone out there with an IQ ranging in double digits – and even the most minute levels of compassion and foresight – who, in all consciousness, REALLY believes these appalling miscreants in the LNP deserve another chance? REALLY? There can be no doubt that it will take YEARS for the ALP to repair all the damage, destruction and chaos left behind by the LNP which includes the catastrophic damage the LNP have wrought on our (once) fine international reputation! Australians must insist: NEVER AGAIN!


  16. Cool Pete

    Michaelia Cash is a bloody idiot! You don’t need a law degree to know that the independence of the High Court is part of the checks and balances, and you only need to follow current events to know that it was lawyers for the refugees who brought the challenge, not the Labor Government! Potty Boy Dutton only respects the High Court when it makes decisions he agrees with, but we need not forget that Justice Geoffrey Flick warned the bastard that he was not above being sent to prison for contempt of court!
    Andrew Bolt complained that when twitter was twitter, that people said that he “talked f***en shit.” Well, ain’t that the truth?! No wonder some refer to his preposterous shitshow as “A Backside Shits At 7PM.” And Bolt farted that he couldn’t understand how people emptying their bowels on stage could be considered art, but he empties his bowels on Sky News for half an hour five nights a week!

  17. Roswell

    You don’t need a law degree to know that the independence of the High Court…

    True, Pete, but you do need commonsense. She missed out.

  18. Zathras

    They may lose a bit of skin but I just can’t imagine voters would rush back to the coalition as if they suddenly had all the answers to the problems they left behind in the first place.

    The Murdoch cheer squad always make the same noises. They always constantly attack the Left when they are opposition yet never(!) seem to defend the Right when they are in power and if the economy continues to improve, albeit slowly, they may again be disappointed.

    (Convicted racist) Andrew Bolt does not have a good track record of predictions and has even abandoned “the :planet is actually cooling” claim but has stayed firmly in the coal worshipping club.

    Labor’s weakness has always been that they fail to defend themselves effectively, assuming that voters are smart enough to work things out for themselves but now needs to go a lot harder and expose the shortcomings of the opposition – not just the historical ones but as an alternative government.

  19. Terence Mills

    A bit off-point but I see that Representative George Santos has been expelled from the US Congress. Oddly it’s because he lied…………..about everything !

    Saturday Night Live gave him a musical send off to the tune of Elton John’s Candle in the Wind :

    “And it seems to me that I lived my life like an evil Forrest Gump.
    I’m the guy who lied even too much for Donald Trump.
    And you all got to laugh at me, and I say lucky you
    My candle burned out long before I could flee to Peru.”

    What is the world coming to when you can’t lie in politics – the Liberal Party and Spudley Dutton will be horrified !

  20. Michael Taylor

    Terry, my favourite George Santos moment was when he was challenged on his claim that he is Jewish.

    “No, I didn’t say I am Jewish,” replied the Olympic medalist / war hero / Nobel winner, “I said I was Jew-ish.”

  21. Phil Pryor

    George Santos, a streak of diarrhoea coated in poo and encased n a hollowed turd, within a skin resembling a defective republican.., very Trumpy.

  22. Terence Mills


    That must be what they call an alternative fact !

  23. Michael Taylor

    Terry, he wriggled out of that one rather cleverly.

  24. Clakka

    With the now world-wide movement of democracy wreckage being funded by the greedy fossil-fuellers, and neo-christian fascist evangelists, and added to by a msm concentration ruled by seriously corrupt, greedy, power-hungry old men, who care only for their wealth and world-wide domination via colonialist era despotism and white-supremacy. They are together the deliberate destroyers of the democratic project, the drivers of environmental vandalism, hate peddlers, and the demagogues controlling the culture wars.

    The crushing of peer-reviewed science, education and understanding, ethical competition and social cohesion are the tools of their dominion. That their application of these tools leads to a confused populace riven with anxiety, fear and prone to adversary and war, matters not to them, and in the alternative serves to drive sensation from which they derive profit.

    That such demagogic plays of aristocrats gave rise to the Great War, and then the roll-on of divisive political absolutism, WWII and Vietnam, all where the fossil-fuellers and militarist industrialists profited massively, it is no surprise it has been relaunched.

    Since the rise of self-appointed aristocrats, the fascist Thatcher, and bible-bashing idiot, Reagan, the push has been on. The fossil-fuellers and militarist industrialists have backed-in political absolutism until the virtual wreckage of Britain and America and the targets of their covert imperialism. Of course, the broader, aspirational populace remained confused and increasingly nationalistic – for a while, until after Brexit and the wars such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Central America, the Arab Spring, and Syria etc, all under the auspice of the mandate of globalization.

    But just in time for the demagogues, a new war front emerged – Climate Change – an invisibility – perfect for the divisive rhetoric of belief. And thereby, with it the application again of nationalistic siege mentality, and the device against immigration.

    To say such demagogic machinations have not worked, defies the realities of history. The broader populace always pay the price, but after a period where they bury their dead, regret and rebuild, behind the dark curtains the demagogues adapt and prepare to go at it again.

    We are seeing the breakdown of functional democracy and executive governance. Everyone is held to ransom by information, disinformation, corporate capital imperialism, and at the ballot box. For example, where the populace asserts its rights to independence of (confused) thought, in Malaysia we have seen the election of myriads of mini-parties, and independent candidates, such that the functioning of parliament is bogged down and executive governance virtually stalled. In Israel we have seen a plunge to a totally inept series of coalitions lead by Likud and the corrupt and bellicose Netanyahu, and most recently in Holland, Wilders earning the most seats, but utterly askance and unlikely to be able to form a coalition to facilitate a functioning government. Likewise Javier Milei, in Argentina.

    In Oz we have seen recently the affect of the demagogic loud-hailer, where the populace asserts its rights to independence of (confused) thought in voting down the ‘Voice’. Dutton has said he won’t be PM. His and the LNP objective in the short term is to wreck Albo and Labor.

    IMHO, in Oz, the great risk to Labor, and the nation as a whole, is the election of a plethora of mini-parties and independents from which to form an unwieldy coalition that slows the governmental process and makes it more vulnerable to the demagogues, and aspiring despots.

  25. Florence Howarth

    There is a big error in the headline. There has been no rebirth. The Opposition is a party of leftovers *& dead walking.

  26. Terence Mills

    Interesting and somewhat disturbing to now find that ‘Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price rejected 52 interview requests from the ABC during the Voice to Parliament referendum, with the public broadcaster citing its futile pursuit of the senator as an example of its efforts to cover the campaign fairly’.

    She and Wazza Mundine led the NO campaign and in my view probably were the single most persuasive element in defeating the referendum. The fact that Price actively avoided being questioned by our national broadcaster implies to me that her snake-oil would not stand up to scrutiny or hard analysis.

    Since the referendum these two have gone very quiet indeed : was that their job for the coalition, a one trick pony and rider ?

  27. wam

    There was not a case for anyone to vote ‘no’ without a vested interest.
    The ABC is powerless and no longer fair, so why would Price run the risk of questions?? .
    She fits easily into Kathryn’s list but nobody of importance will read it.
    I doubt if albo will diseminate any of it to the grass roots as ammunition for bbqs and school functions.
    Who believes israel would, knowingly, let hamas kill in order to attack palestine???

  28. Zathras

    Mundine is a millionaire who is firmly associated with the mining industry and yet hypocritically complained about aboriginal “elites” driving the “yes” vote.

    Price and her supporters spoke proudly of her former role as deputy mayor of Alice Springs but neglected to mention that she quit that job after six months into her 4 year term and achieved nothing.

    After failing to win the seat of Lingiari a couple of times she was finally dropped into a Senate slot where her voter base came overwhelmingly from the wealthy white areas – yet she was presented as somehow being a representative of the remote settlements.

    It’s a shame these things were not mentioned when they mattered.

    Unfortunately voters also have very short memories and have all but forgotten the horrors of the Morrison years.

  29. Cool Pete

    GL, I very much doubt that the Liberals despite Ley’s plan, will win back every Teal seat. Let us not forget that part of the reason why Tone the Botty was booted out of Warringah was not just that people were sick of him, but that he was against social chance and action to address climate change. And then, when they brought in Devestation, she increased Steggall’s margin. And some of the highest Yes voting areas in the referendum were in, wait for it, Teal seats!
    After nine years of the Liberals ignoring women, I hardly think that they’ll run back to them when someone who was pressured to resign as Health Minister over the misuse of a jet will be welcomed back with open arms. There’s a word for people who would.

  30. Terence Mills

    From The Australian : ‘An internal ABC review has found its coverage of the Voice referendum was dominated by Yes supporters.

    The national broadcaster’s 2023 Voice to Parliament Referendum report found that 51 per cent of voices appearing on the ABC during its referendum coverage were in favour of a Yes vote.

    In contrast, just 23 per cent of speakers platformed by the ABC were in favour of a No vote, while the rest were neutral or undecided, The Australian reported.’

    When Jacinta Price went to extreme lengths to avoid ABC interviews whilst appearing on SKY at every opportunity, how can the ABC ever achieve balance on these issues ?

  31. Centrelink customer

    Several months ago, I contacted Anthony Albanese via pm.gov.au and submitted a report of another illegal debt scheme administered by Services Australia. Later his office told me they won’t provide me with a response (no reason given) and they forwarded the report to Amanda Rishworth. I still have not received a reply from her office regarding legality of their review decision. I raised concerns that their review was conducted by an anonymous “delegate or authorised officer” instead of an authorised review officer. There was no phone number of the decision maker. Services Australia got thousands of dollars from my payments as a result of the decision.

    I reported the abuse to Mark Dreyfus but his office denied his responsibility for such matters. they forwarded my report to Services Australia. Again, no response from Services Australia.

    I sent numerous emails to ACOSS asking to take action and protect many other welfare recipients affected by the scheme. ACOSS made no comment on legality of such reviews as any other government official I reported to. ACOSS refused to answer how many reports of the abuse they need to receive to take action.

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