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About “Boofhead”

A person’s appearance is the most challenging thing to write about because one doesn’t want to be insulting. Nevertheless, when such things have a direct bearing on the electability of an individual, the writer needs to make a judgement.

Many factors come into play when accessing one’s ability to lead, and I referred to them many times during the past decade when criticising Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison.

Now the Liberal Party have elected Peter Dutton as their leader and finds themselves confronting the same problem: a leader has no character.

His appearance is but one of the numerous flaws that make him unelectable. At times his appearance can be positively frightening. I watched an interview with him last week in which he appeared grotesque to the point wherein he looked menacing, even absurd. Perhaps it was the lighting, but his face seemed to lack definition. From it, two small black eyes appeared. The right one was blacker than the other.

No doubt he can be a frightening-looking man. Women, in particular, I’d assume find him so. I’m not being silly here, but perhaps he should consult a make-up artist.

But let’s take a few steps backwards and do a background check.

Wikipedia tells us that:

“Peter Dutton … is an Australian politician who has been Leader of the Liberal Party and Leader of the Opposition since May 2022. He has represented the Queensland seat of Dickson in the House of Representatives since 2001and held ministerial office in the Howard, Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison Coalition Governments.

Early Life

Dutton was born on 18 November 1970 in the northern Brisbane suburb of Boondall. He is the eldest of five children, with one brother and three sisters. His mother, Ailsa Leitch, worked in childcare, and his father, Bruce Dutton, was a builder. Dutton finished high school at the Anglican St Paul’s School, Bald Hills.

Police career

Upon leaving high school, Dutton graduated from the Queensland Police Academy in 1990. He served as a Queensland Police officer for nearly a decade, working in the drug squad in Brisbane in the early 1990s. He also worked in the sex offenders squad and with the National Crime Authority. In 1999, Dutton left the Queensland Police, achieving the rank of senior detective constable.

Business activities

On leaving the police, Dutton completed a Bachelor of Business at the Queensland University of Technology. He and his father founded the business Dutton Holdings, registered in 2000; it operated under six different trading and business names. The company bought, renovated, and converted buildings into childcare centres, and in 2002 it sold three childcare centres to the now-defunct ABC Learning. ABC Learning continued to pay rent of $100,000 to Dutton Holdings. Dutton Holdings continues to trade under the name Dutton Building & Development.

Note: A comprehensive biography of Peter Dutton is available on Wikipedia, and I suggest you go there if you require more information.

What we know about his character

(My apologies for repeating what I wrote a little over a fortnight ago, but I feel that it was important to include in this article).

1 Let’s begin in here when:

“… News Corp Sunday political editor Samantha Maiden wrote a column critical of Jamie Briggs. Dutton drafted a text message to Briggs describing Maiden as a “mad fucking witch” but inadvertently sent it to Maiden. Maiden accepted an apology from Dutton.”

2 Before the 2016 election, Dutton said of refugees:

“… many won’t be numerate or literate in their own language let alone English”, and “These people would be taking Australian jobs”. Turnbull defended Dutton by stating he is an “outstanding Immigration Minister”.

3 And this:

“Dutton denied claims made by Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young that she was spied on during a visit to Nauru.”

4 But:

“The spying claims were later confirmed by the Immigration Department and Wilson Security who carried out the spying operation.”

The spying claims were later confirmed by the Immigration Department and Wilson Security, who carried out the spying operation.

5 When the then-prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations in 2008, Dutton was the only member of the Coalition frontbench to ‘boycott’ the apology.

He excused his absence by saying the apology was:



Five years ago Dutton told the Sydney Morning Herald that he didn’t understand its symbolism and importance to Indigenous people at the time. This was when his name was being brought up as a potential future PM. This albatross around his neck over the apology has been there – and will continue to be there – for some considerable time. He can make all the excuses he likes, but he’s going to have fun trying to find someone who believes his excuses.

5 Sudanese gangs. In January,2018, Dutton claimed people in Melbourne were “scared to go out to restaurants” due to “African gang violence”.

6 Peter Dutton resigned from the Police Force 20 years ago, but a cloak of mystery has always hung over it.

In his maiden speech in Parliament in 2001, Dutton said he’d witnessed:

“… the best and the worst that society has to offer during his time in the force.

I have seen the wonderful, kind nature of people willing to offer any assistance to those in their worst hour, and I have seen the sickening behaviour displayed by people who, frankly, barely justify their existence…”

Interesting observation. I wonder which one has had the most influence in his political career.

7 Mr Dutton, during the 2019 election, was forced to apologise after he accused his rival of using her disability as an excuse to not move into the electorate.

8 He thought that performing an anti-marriage equality song at the NRL Grand Final was a good idea. Because it was “free speech”.

Dutton also criticised a list of 20 high-profile CEOs who signed a letter urging the prime minister to legislate for same-sex marriage and singled out Qantas CEO Alan Joyce.

“If Alan Joyce and any other CEO wants to campaign on this or any other issue in their own time and on their own time, good luck to them,” he told a Queensland LNP conference crowd.

9 Dutton did, however, raise a few eyebrows when he suggested “special treatment” of white South African farmers earlier this year, claiming they were being “persecuted” and faced “horrific circumstances”. Apparently, this didn’t go down well in South Africa – its government demanded Dutton retract his comments.

10 In 2015 Dutton joked about the plight of Pacific Island nations facing rising sea levels due to climate change. And who was he telling the joke to? Well, none other than Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison. Abbott was prime minister then and had just returned from talks with Pacific Island leaders about climate change in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

They were late for a meeting about Syrian refugees, and Dutton remarked that they were running to “Cape York time“. Abbott replied that there was “a bit of that up in Port Moresby”.

“Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door,” Dutton quipped back.

11 Peter Dutton identifies as a Christian, but his public activities in that space are rare.

12 More recently, as the new Opposition Leader, Dutton suggested that specific portfolios required a different tone or a different language than others and that he hoped people wouldn’t judge him by it.

13 Dutton’s wealth – including extensive property holdings and his wife’s child care business – continues to be a talking point. Estimates have been anywhere between $5million and $300million, depending on who you read and how it is calculated. I have no idea what his worth is, and I refuse to engage in speculation.

The pedlars of verbal violence and dishonesty are the most vigorous defenders of free speech because it gives their vitriolic nonsense legitimacy. With the use of free speech, the bigots and hate-mongers seek to influence those in the community who are susceptible or like-minded.


After all the racist overtones, the belittling comments, the callus detachment and straight-out xenophobia, is he really saying it was only an act because that’s what different portfolios demanded? How insulting to those who sought our refuge and demeaning to those who would offer it. And how evil of those who would believe him.

Dutton’s worldview seems to have been formed from a series of pessimistic experiences without comprehending the meaning of optimism.

And for old time’s sake:




My last post: Why is Scott Morrison remaining in the Parliament?

My thought for the day

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  1. New England Cocky

    It as reported that Benito DuddoSpuddo was a practising member of the informal Queensland Police Aboriginal Abuse Unit who, two weeks before being eligible to receive Police Long Service Leave ”retired” from the Police after complaints about kidnapping a small group of Aboriginal youths, transporting them across Brisbane in a Police vehicle and releasing them on the roadside to make their own way home.

    Early in his career it was reported that he sought to be pre-selected to a safer electorate because there was then every chance that his incumbency would be lost at the next election.

    As a Minister he gave personal approval for a mate’s two French au pair girls to enter Australia while too many legal refugees were sent home to face unknown consequences.

    A political party with no principles, no morals and no concern for the best interests of Australian voters deserves a life long ”leader” with no character to fill the position Leader for Life of the Loyal Opposition.

  2. Wam

    No pool yet, lord, so your words are more easily digested. Dutton’s world view is shared by all coppers, I have ever met both personally and on social media. Similarly the service personal with whom I have come into contact are overwhelmingly on his wavelength. Politics and religion are formed by one”s family experience. Aristotle, St Ignatius and Lenin were as one on thee power of indoctrination of kids. That upbringing (private education Jews, xstian, Muslim) allows you to select the truth that will drive your opinions which, in turn, create your personal bias. Religion and political views are most difficult to change from outside but, like you, I hope the visible dangers of greenhouse gases, debt and the economy and war will lead to your thought becoming a reality. Go Albo expose the pricks.
    A google wander through pollies net worth is fun for selecting numbers to suit your purpose but from the days when I thought an ex copper worth $5m was outrageous. Dutton is now $100m in front of Turnbull. Look ‘‘em up and there is definitely something crook in Tallarook.

  3. Grumpy Geezer

    “A person’s appearance is the most challenging thing to write about because one doesn’t want to be insulting” is not a dilemma I suffer from when it comes to the Nasties. Dutton’s resemblance to a starchy staple is something I think I’ll probably exploit.

  4. Kathryn

    Dutton isn’t just a callously inhumane, insufferably arrogant, born-to-rule political psychopath, he is downright DANGEROUS! Dutton is widely known to be an unconscionable, committed racist and a cold-blooded, undemocratic fascist who hasn’t got one drop of compassion, integrity or credibility! Like most members of the degenerate LNP cabinet, Dutton is a remorseless, unprincipled pathological liar who has proven willing to tell any lie, stoop to any degenerate act or sacrifice anyone in order to enrich and empower himself. Dutton has all the worrying traits of a megalomaniacal narcissist who is loyal to no one except the weak excuse for a human being that sneers back at him in the mirror each morning! Dutton’s inhumanity to the poorest, most vulnerable people in our society borders on sadism! It has become clear, over many years, that making other people’s lives an intolerable misery appears to provide Dutton with one of the few sources of pleasure in his wretched life.

    Dutton makes Voldemort look like Santa Clause; the fact that he was despised by his OWN colleagues in the police force and even by many members of his own political party, says so much about Peter Dutton – NONE of it good! The fact that the LNP cabinet had to stoop as low as it could go, digging deep into the squalid bowels of their appalling morally-bankrupt, inhumane and totally corrupt cabinet, to drag up the absolute worst, most heartless and depraved political psychopath they could find to become their next misguided “leader” is an indication of how bereft the LNP cabinet is of anyone with intelligent foresight, compassion and/or integrity!

    The ONLY people who are as bad and deluded as Dutton, are the type of hard-lined xenophobic racists, regressive alpha-male misogynists and/or totally gormless, Murdoch-manipulated, politically unaware fools who would even consider supporting or voting for a man as malevolent, undemocratic and dangerous to everything Australians cherish as Dutton!

  5. Canguro

    re. Dutton and the author’s comment that ‘perhaps he should consult a make-up artist’, I’m in agreement with the Geezer on this matter.

    Given Dutton is unlikely to garner sufficient support or respect given the weight of accumulated baggage, one may as well go full Monty in the suggestion box.

    My two bob’s worth:

    He should grow a moustache, if he’s capable given the creeping alopecia. I’d suggest a smallish rectangular shrub, in line with the nostrils, extending to the upper lip but no further.

    Body implants are a thing. For this man, given the expanse of available head space, a pair of smallish pyramidal cones, like the budding horns of a young ram, at the top of the forehead where the slope of the skull begins would enhance his features most appropriately.

    Ear-sculpting. A snip & tuck, giving the upper ears winged tips to accentuate his hawkish features would be a real winner with the goth set and worth the effort.

    And finally, tongue-splitting. No lizard look is complete without a bifurcation of the licker, and in his case it’s almost a necessity given he’s the current pin-up for the old saw of ‘white man speaks with a forked tongue’.

  6. GTX

    He’s a Sontaran. Say no more.

  7. GL

    He’s a nightmare made real.

  8. Phil Pryor

    Peter Duckwit-Futton is often compared to a potato, but surely it is one that has traversed the inner tubes and been excreted after many days. Our Opposion leader is a lump, a dropping, a racist who makes all colours lovely except white, the colour of racist wierdos, willywhackers and wobblers. Ex constable from Queensland Dutton is about as repulsive as conservative sausage shakers go, a sight and sound from a horror story long gone, Ugly inside and outside the regressive skull…

  9. Mr Shevill Mathers

    John, as usual, you nailed it 100%. As long as Dutton and his acolytes form the LNP as an opposition-(the Libs could never win in their own right) Labour will remain in majority government-and they need to if we are to become the lucky country we once were, to rise from the ashes of a decade of wrecking ball self interest that has trashed Australia.

  10. The AIM Network

    How embarrassing.

    Clearly couldn’t be helped.

    Hopefully for MT the stars were aligned differently in the year of birth.

  11. John Lord

    What a dreadful thing to have to live with.

  12. Harry Lime

    Dutton is,not to put to fine a point on it,is a total prick.Always has been, and always will be.His wife’s protestations not withstanding.His value as an oppostion leader are fucking less than nil.Things like him come along every now and again to remind us just how shitty humanity can be.

  13. leefe

    ” … sickening behaviour displayed by people who, frankly, barely justify their existence … ”

    You sure he’s talking about his time with the police and not his political career (and fellow party hacks)?

  14. Max Gross

    The old saying says “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Dutton proves it false.

  15. Albos Elbow

    There are no female Sontarans. As a species of clones that were bred by machines they seem to have only one gender.

    How the hell did he amass a net worth of $300m?
    Oh that’s right, he was a climate denying minister in Tawney Rabbitt and Scummo’s governments, who opposed renewable energy and approved every coal and gas mine put in front of him and he did favours for rich and powerful people, and he got very lucky and made a lot of cash money at Crown Casino and he is a good saver . . .

  16. Terence Mills

    Dutton came under a lot of scrutiny for profiting out of government policy when the Federal government, of which he was a cabinet member, increased taxpayer subsidies directly to the childcare centres that the Dutton family started investing in.

    Dutton said at the time that his commercial lease agreements with ABC Learning Centres is above board and in no way linked to his role as Assistant Treasurer and that there was no conflict of interests.

    Labor’s Penny Wong noted that “He (Dutton) has previously answered questions to the Parliament in relation to the childcare tax rebate and he has also been happy to issue press releases trumpeting the Government’s achievements in the childcare tax rebate area,” she said.

    As with all such things involving Dutton’s business dealings, the matter was swept under the carpet with no further investigation. But it does seem strange that Dutton was involved in the policy directing taxpayer money to childcare centres at the same time as Dutton’s business interests extended to the very same childcare centres.

  17. Harry Lime

    Currently watching the Dutton thing being interviewed by Speers confirms in spades he is yet another naysaying zero,who will do or say anything,as long as he’s putting shit on Labor..equivocation on steroids Consensus on any policy Labor may put forward is never going to happen.Spud seems to have not noticed he was in government for the last nine years..40 years in the wilderness is probably optimistic.

  18. Phil Pryor

    This Morning, Sun.19, I turned a m radio to f m, to avoid His Ugliness, Herr P Duckwit-Futton on the ABC insiders program. and why is the turd there? He was raving about not being in a government in exile. We have a new government, yet to fully get up steam, ready to erase some of the ill fame, evil, laziness, inadequacy, crookedness of the long nightmare Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Mighty Mismanagament Era, and Slimy Speers and the regressive ABC have Dutton on as if he was currently relevant. Dis Effing Gusting. Duckwit-Futton should not even be on morse code…

  19. Izzzie

    He looks like a thug.

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