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Just when I started thinking how pleasant it is here in New Zealand where the press don’t report everything that the person leading the Liberal Party says – they don’t even report on what the titular head, Turnbuckle, says – the person determining policy pops up in London to explain that just because scientists agree that doesn’t mean that they’re right.

Of course, anybody who knows anything about science will understand that scientists don’t know everything. In fact, science is all about finding out what’s not true in the hope that this brings us closer to understanding what is true. However, there’s a big difference between suggesting that much of what we believe as scientific fact will be found to wrong and saying, as Tony Abbott did at his speech, ‘…in October 2009, I observed that the so-called settled science of climate change was “absolute crap”.’

While the media have picked out some of the more ridiculous things about Abbott’s speech, such as the idea that global warming, like coal, would be good for humanity, the rest of it still makes it one of the strangest speeches of the past year (and I am including Trump in that!) For example, while he argues that anyone should have the right to question the conclusions of scientists, he complains that such people are subject to “the Spanish Inquisition”. Apparently, it’s only scientists who should have their views challenged; the average bloke is being attacked by the “thought police”.

To me the most bizarre part of the speech was his insistence of his own infallibility, while acknowledging that much of what he said until he was dumped by his own party was a complete lie. Compare “In Australia, we’ve had ten years of disappointing government” with the conclusion of his speech, “A tendency to fear catastrophe is ingrained in the human psyche. Looking at the climate record over millions of years, one day it will probably come; whatever we do today won’t stop it, and when it comes, it will have little to do with the carbon dioxide emissions of mankind.”

Didn’t Abbott tell us that he was instituting Direct Action to help combat climate change? Or was it just another way to hand government money to Liberal Party donors?

Whatever, if you want satire read the full transcript.

I’d like to refute the evidence Abbott used just so I’m not accused of trying behave like those Spanish Inquisition people… I know, I know, You didn’t expect me to bring out the soft cushions and next I’ll be shutting down free speech.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any evidence. Just a whole lot of jumbled assertions like the idea that the 2013 election was a referendum on one thing: Labor’s carbon tax, as well as Labor’s complete loss of control over our maritime borders… two things, the 2013 election was a referendum on two things…

I probably should leave the last word to Professor Roger Jones From Victoria University:

“I read the speech in full. Abbott is clearly quite unhinged from reality.
“He tells the GWPF the lesson he has learnt, from being in, then out of government, is to speak his mind. And what a strange, bizarre place it is. Surrounded now by a big fence that clearly refuses the entry of facts and the egress of any sense, just like our Federal Parliament House.”

And for those who didn’t expect them:


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  1. Zoltan Balint

    Rossleigh if you look at it Abbott is right in calling out scientists not being 100% certain about climate change but only 97 to 98. This needs not a defensive approach but the need for some one to ask the question of Abbott what proof and what consensus in any trusted authority can he show the opposite. We know scientists would be only 3% on his side so what authority that could know and comment. Accountants lawyers polititians bakers his dog … what group will stand behind him 97% and would oppose climate change 3% only.

  2. wam

    well said prof jones if you are certain of opus dei and do not risk reading or hearing anything injurious to that truth you can take any stance to achieve your goal.

    I laugh my head off at the rabbott’s climatising speil because he got his start from the loonies voting down the wong/turnball price in 2009.

    The rabbott makes good copy????

  3. Matters Not

    Mr Brisbane re:

    anybody who knows anything about science will understand that scientists don’t know everything

    Are you sure? Are you in the myth busting business? But they never make that claim – do they?

  4. Rob

    Very poor writing about this raving lunatic. I’m sure you wouldn’t use such nice words about a raving lunatic from a non-English speaking country, but abbott’s one of us and oh so funny, he’s just a little weird but harmless really. Nuts like him or dear Pauline should be condemned. They’re dangerous because they’re followed by and influence thousands of lunatics, racists and violent rednecks

  5. Zathras

    If 97 Doctors all diagnose you with some disease then ignoring them and listening to 3 others won’t suddenly cure you.
    It doesn’t make you look intelligent, just delusional.

    As for his associating a belief in AGW with “sacrificing goats” he should remember that he once devoted himself to a life of wearing funny hats and dresses, worshipping idols, counting beads and ceremonially eating “cannibal crackers” as a form of absolution for doing bad things.

    Was he lying then or is he lying now or has he never told the truth?

  6. Peter F

    Turnbuckle? Turncoat?

  7. seawork

    It has become obvious that a big change in politics is due.
    All citizens standing for any form of politics, from local government to federal politics, should have to undergo a psychiatric and intelligence test.
    We have now arrived at the stage where a certain member of the Pauline Hanson mob is obviously certifiable and should not be allowed anywhere near parliament house.
    Obviously Abbott should be confined to an institution where he can do no more harm.

  8. Terry2


    Obviously Abbott should be confined to an institution where he can do no more harm.

    We tried that : Canberra…. but he escaped !

  9. guest

    Abbott is a first class ning-nong. He is a technological ignoramus who persuaded the naive Turnbull to cripple the NBN at great expense. Now he has just gone half-way around the world to deliver garbage to a meeting of people who have come, presumably, to see if this man is for real. He is a proven, self-confessed liar. Should he not be in Warringah reassuring his electorate that he is capable of representing those voters and that he is necessary as their Parliamentary representative? Or have those voters decided they do not need any representation and it does not matter who occupies the seat? Which means he is free to roam about like some bizarre, loopy C19th side-show entertainment. Ray Hadley seems to treat him like some pet in need of some attention every now and then, a kind word of encouragement and a biscuit.

    Is this what politics has become?

  10. diannaart

    Abbott is 100% correct versus climate scientists at only 97%

    ‘Brave’ billionaires from mining sector aided by ‘plucky’ politicians, have uncovered the scientists’ plot and are trying to warn public that business as usual is the only way to go.

    Uluru is being sold by its owners as they want to live in cities now.

    Elvis is working in a video store at an undisclosed location.

    Pigs demand more airspace at Tullamarine.

  11. rossleighbrisbane

    Abbott is more than 100% correct according to a number of media personalities who know more than everyone.

    Remember it was scientists who invented the atom and vaccines so we need to listen to businessmen and politicians because they have never misled us… unless they’re Labor or Green.

    Uluru can’t be sold because then we might discover the truth about that dingo and then we’d find out about Port Arthur.

    Elvis actually died as a baby and it was his twin brother Aaron who made all the films and music!

    Pigs don’t need more space at Tullamarine because lately they haven’t seen any reason to land and are flying nonstop!

  12. diannaart


    My days would be empty without you.


  13. Max Gross

    Nothing Abbott says means a thing. He is a demented hooligan. Trouble is, ignoring him won’t make him go away. Capsicum spray?

  14. Dave

    Still in opposition, to anything and everything. Totally irrelevant, the fool is no longer a joke though, he is just a bigotted, destructive, ignorant stupid dinosaur who doesn’t deserve the media attention he gets, nor to be sharing the 21st. Century with The Real World.

  15. Pappinbarra Fox

    Maybe that Liverpool kiss that missed a couple of eons ago really did have an impact. Can’t decide if it was a good one or not.

  16. Zoltan Balint

    The less intelligence a person has the more intrenched they become when questioned or challenged. Tony will never consider that he could or was wrong. As shown by his actions he is getting deeper into denial and now his argument is at a point of clear stupidity and even some of his followers are questioning what he is saying.

  17. Zathras

    Cold snaps kill more than heat waves?
    Tell that to those killed in the extreme flooding events or the increased storm intensity we have seen over the last few years, not to mention the rising extremity of bushfires.
    According to the World Health Organisation, an increase in temperatures will also add to the death toll from more widespread tropical diseases.

    Carbon Dioxide aids in plant growth?
    Yes it does but it also promotes a decrease in the nutritional value of plants.

    I suspect it all comes back to the miracle of good old coal for the ignorant Abbott..

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