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Abbott can’t take rejection. Hide your onions.

In what can only be inspirational news for the ALP, failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced his intention to embark on a DIY election tour of marginal seats. This piece by Paula Matthewson spells out the possible consequences of this decision, none of which are especially enticing from the LNP point of view.

Abbott, it appears, is incapable of dealing with rejection by his party. He simply cannot accept their decision to lose him as leader. He’s lately taken to informing the public that of course he supports the Turnbull government because it’s built on Abbott policies. This claim led in turn to Turnbull’s bizarre plagiarising of a line from the US television series Veep, to the effect that what he signifies as Prime Minister is “continuity with change.” Julia Louis Dreyfus, star of the show, is reportedly “dumfounded” at Turnbull’s appropriation of a slogan writers decided upon solely because of its utter meaninglessness.

Obviously, the continuity with change to which Turnbull refers is his appropriation of Abbott’s policies (continuity) delivered to the people by the new PM whilst wearing a better suit (change).

If the Veep people are ever short of material they could do worse than check out the LNP: Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce threatening to slaughter Johnny Depp’s dogs, Bronwyn Bishop’s penchant for helicopter rides, Tony Abbott’s strange compulsion to publicly consume raw onions, George Brandis and his electrifying description of meta data, please, somebody stop me.

Few would disagree with Abbott’s belief that Turnbull’s government has retained his policies. However, the most relevant question Abbott apparently declines to ask himself is, why did his party get rid of him if it wasn’t about his policies? There had to be a sound reason for them to resort to the trouble and embarrassment of chucking him out, and in the chucking risk the ridicule of being perceived as just like the ALP with its Gillard/Rudd musical chairs.

The LNP is a gift that keeps on giving. Abbott is a gift that keeps on giving. His inability to deal with rejection is a godsend for the ALP. Have you all got your popcorn?

This article was originally published on No Place For Sheep.

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  1. townsvilleblog

    The obvious paralysis within the LNP Turnbull government following the resignation of Minister Bruff around Christmas time, followed in quick succession by the sacking/resignations of both Minister Briggs and Minister Robert has split the Liberal Party almost down the middle. To add to the disunity within the Liberal Party, as if they needed any more disunity, is added to by the former Prime Minister Tony Abbott visibly destabilizing the government by taking every opportunity to comment on his successor keeping his wretched ultra-right wing policies.

    All this political chatter is dragging support away from the disunited Liberal Party, and the last thing this party needed is renewed talk concerning Senator Sinodinos the LNP government’s Cabinet Secretary and his appearances before the NSW ICAC Corruption Commission. Mr Abbott is obviously running for re-election in a safe Liberal Party seat so as to have another go at the Liberal Party leadership, and thus he hopes, the Prime Ministership.

    The nation took a giant gasp of relief when Mr Abbott was knifed by Mr Turnbull however, not the National Party who don’t like Mr Turnbull. Mr Abbott openly states Mr Turnbull is running on Mr Abbott’s ultra-right wing policies that Australians dislike immensely, will logical thinking Australians really give this divided LNP another term of furious ultra-right wing LNP policies? If we re-elect the same government and expect a different result in policies with perhaps Mr Abbott back at the helm, we would be crazy. I don’t think we will, we have been badly burnt by the LNP and I for one don’t expect the Australian people to come back for more austerity policies, when we know that big business is not pulling their weight and their LNP mates are doing absolutely nothing to address the matter.


    Shaun Newman

  2. stephengb

    Dont hold your breath, thinking the LNP have cooked their own

    it never ceases to amaze me that there are a lot of Abbott supporters, and LNP supporters who just keep peddling the same old rehotric coming out of rhe LNP and its propaganda MSM!

  3. bobrafto

    failed Prime Minister Tony Abbott

    onion head pic

    rejection by this own party

    scorned by the public

    ridiculed on the net



    The Prince Phillip ultimate stupidity

    One can cop all this shit when one believes in their own spin. Other mortal souls would be frequenting the mental ward.

  4. David

    When William Congreve (1670-1729) wrote the immortal words ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ in his novel The Mourning Bride, he got the gender so very wrong, one Anthony Abbott is proof of that

  5. Salstarat

    The dumbed down, gormless, stratospherically deluded, arrogant psychopath, Abbott, would be the BEST gift yet to Labor winning the next election. Perhaps this is Grabbit’s ultimate plan … to sacrifice his nemesis, Turncoat, sabotage the LNP then, like Lazarus rising, ascend to the throne once again in his true-to-form role as a whining, sniping, backbiting, vicious, vindictive, Leader of the LNP Opposition … just press REPLAY !!!!

    Most of my friends and I stand proud as people who have NEVER and will NEVER vote for this bible thumping, sanctimonious and thoroughly offensive and depraved hypocrite! Surely, even the most stupid, Murdoch manipulated, intellectual midgets (which would describe 100% of Abbott supporters) wouldn’t be so deaf, blind and catastrophically dumb as to vote this crass, inarticulate BOGAN in again, would they? could they? God, when one realises that the overwhelming majority of idiots that support this grotesque aberration are pensioners aged over 76 years of age, you feel like screaming out to them: WTF are you THINKING? If the incessant LIES, non-stop remorseless BROKEN PROMISES, the callous disregard for any semblance of humanity, the wilful environmental vandalism, the myopic, inane Captain’s Picks, the internationally embarrassing and totally inarticulate mumblings are not enough to make INTELLIGENT people think again before they elevate this monster to the helm of our politics again, I don’t know what is. Mind you INTELLIGENT ABBOTT SUPPORTERS has to be the CLASSIC oxymoron of the century, eh?

  6. Lee

    Strange as it may seem, Tony Abbott still has plenty of supporters in the electorate.

  7. John

    It’s Trump and Abbott’s time to rule. They could become the greatest comedy team since Abbott and Costello.Instead of Who’s on first.They could do a routine called Who’s the dumbest?

  8. RosemaryJ36

    Salstarat: I am 80 and have no intention of voting any representative of this government back in. Nor did I help to put them in power, however disappointed I might have been with the dysfunctional ALP. However my children, all intelligent people, do not share my views of the government and I seem incapable of convincing them that another LNP government puts us on the road to nowhere. Exactly where their votes will go I do not know but believe me, I am working on the issue!

  9. Gangey1959

    Re turdbullshitartist’s speeches.
    From the hilarity on Melbourne’s afternoon radio last Thursday , the ipa/lnp pm’s speechwriters get their material from cartoon network.
    Are ‘Scooby Snax’ an allowable ministerial expense ? And based on the assumption that the pm is Shaggy, who in the cabinet is scooby?
    As long as anyone with half a braincell votes below the line and puts lnp last we’ll be ok. Let’s face it, we cannot possibly be worse off than we are now.

  10. Kyran

    Just when you think this global tilt to the right can’t get any more inane or insane. There is a petition circulating in America at the moment to allow attendee’s at the Republican National Congress to bring their guns with them. The resultant discussion appears to be about their 2nd Amendment rights being compromised.
    This is where the leftiebolshevikbleedinghearts really fall down in international discourse. They contribute to the non-conversation about who’s rights supersede who’s.


    If they had any sense at all, they would be hitting the petition with ‘yes’ votes. If they had any sense at all, they would toss a few fire crackers into the meeting. They could then await the inevitable outcome and start a discourse about Darwinism. Sometimes,”The best way to convince a fool that he is wrong is to let him have his own way.”
    What does this have to do with tiny? The ‘man’ who can’t handle rejection? He would never reject an invitation to be a key note speaker, surely!
    Ah well, if that doesn’t work, I can only suggest you don’t purchase popcorn. Do what they do. Buy shares in the popcorn business.
    Thank you, Ms Wilson. As an impoverished leftiebolshevikbleedingheart, I’m off to the fruit stalls refuse bin. If this git comes a travelling, I want to make sure I have the appropriate onion to share with him. If I get the trajectory right (continuity), it will invoke change. Take care

  11. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I know this sounds weird but a part of me can see Abbott as a traumatised individual.

    Abbott is a test for all of us. Go too easy on him and he’ll deprive you of your rights and standard of living.

    Go too hard and you may suffer the inconvenience of a guilty conscience that you have taken advantage of an inferior and vulnerable human.

    I hate having a conscience for thinking this way.

    When Abbott was LNP leader, I had no qualms in wanting to defeat him any way necessary. Abbott, as a dysfunctional LNP backbencher and angry person, is just a bitter, little nobody now and could be ignored (just to annoy him more) although it is good to have eyes in the back of your head coz he’ll stab you in the back when the time suits him.

    Turnbull beware and Shorten prepare!

  12. stephentardrew

    Good one Michael.

  13. wam

    ‘most’ means you know some who voted for the rabbott.If they are anything like my fb friends they are not retired and voted for the coalition because labor did not refute the lies about the economy they will repeat the dose because little billy avoids the morning shows and the economy. My electorate do not think he lied my electorate think he succeeded as pm and, like rose, no amount of common sense gets through!!!!!!!!!

  14. John

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith; You feel that way because your a reasonable human being. Abbott is just another psychopathic fundamentalist. Just like Hitler. He’s beyond help. He’ll wreck the place before he gives in.

  15. Jennifer Wilson

    Hi, Jennifer, I’ve searched my conscience and I feel fine about going hard on Abbott: yes, he’s a very damaged human being, and mustn’t be allowed to inflict anymore damage on other human beings. I’d support him getting therapy….

  16. Rob2

    @Salstarat I just love your accurate descriptions of the pathetic psychopath.
    @Jennifer Meyer-Smith and @Jennifer Wilson he/it does not deserve ANY sympathy, understanding or support of any kind. He was/is incapable of giving anything similar to others so like the worst of heinous mass murderers he should be made to suffer his own worst fate.

    For the sake of our sanity and good health, I just wish the MSM and the Blogosphere would/could just IGNORE HIM. I know this is unlikely for the remaining time till the election but I can only wish the earth and hell could swallow him up.

    The sight of him makes me sick with revulsion. The sound of him is an ocean of pain. I just want him to GO AWAY, DISAPEAR, F*OFF .

  17. Salstarat

    Rob2, fortunately there are a growing number of people – millions – who feel just like us! Let’s hope there is enough to vote this despicable little fascist into oblivion at the next election. Cheers!

  18. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    Yes, it was a moment of weakness last night in my feeble attempt to understand why a reptilian mind like Rabid’s operates that way. 🙁

  19. Backyard Bob

    I sometimes wonder what the Internet would look like if adjectives were banned on social media for 24 hours.

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