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What Abbott actually said

Weird and graceless. Shorten’s description of Abbott’s G20 address to world leaders was spot on. We all know that Abbott doesn’t perform well at public speaking. And we never expected him to say anything inspiring, intelligent or even informative at the G20. It’s not like he was going to admit he’d been wrong about climate policy and could Obama and Xi Jinping please help him to fix his faults. No, what we expected was for him to be uninspiring, unintelligent, and to say not much at all. Like he usually does. Because let’s face it, we’re used to three word slogans repeated slowly, spread out amongst ahh, err, arh, urms ad nauseam. But that’s not what we got from Abbott yesterday. Surprisingly, we got worse than this. Which is why it’s worth taking a closer look at what he actually did say.

The closest I’ve seen to criticism of the speech from the mainstream media, who surprisingly unwrapped Abbott from his Teflon coated bubble wrap for a millisecond to give him some negative feedback, was that the speech was more suited for a domestic audience than a meeting of world leaders. This is true, but was by far the least worst thing about what Abbott actually said. As a member of that domestic audience for whom the speech was apparently targeted, I found it highly offensive. Not just partisan, immature, whingey, unbecoming of a Prime Minister, badly delivered and embarrassing to the country. Look at what he actually said and I think you’ll be offended too:

‘Two issues in particular that I lay before my colleague leaders: we have tried to deregulate higher education, universities, and that’s going to mean less central government spending and effectively more fees that students will have to pay. We think that this will free up our universities to be more competitive amongst themselves and more competitive internationally but students never like to pay more.’

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought Pyne’s argument was that deregulation of university fees would make fees less expensive? Pyne has also argued that his policy is a ‘good deal’ for students, although this was clearly never the case. How is it a good deal to be paying more for something and having to pay interest you previously didn’t pay, whilst getting the exact same product you used to get? But the point is, Abbott’s government always argued that this policy was about improving the university sector – not about balancing the budget. Yet yesterday, Abbott was using this policy failure (let’s call a spade a spade that has failed to get through the Senate) as one of the reasons he’s finding those revolting peasants in his kingdom so terribly hard to force into line. Because students ‘never like to pay more’. Apparently Abbott’s budget woes are nothing to do with his and Hockey’s incompetence and are instead apparently all university students’ fault and their sense of entitlement that they should be able to get an education without taking out a mortgage on their future. An education, by the way, that benefits the long term economic success of Abbott’s precious economy. Not that Abbott seems to be able to put two and two together in this way. Abbott hadn’t finished yet though, because it wasn’t just the students who were to blame. It was also the sick.

‘The other reform that has proven very, very difficult for us is to try to inject more price signals into our health system. For a long time most Australians who went to see a doctor have been seen at no charge and we would like to see a $7 co-payment for people who are going to see the doctor. In most countries this is not unusual. In most countries, this is standard that the doctor can charge a fee, but it is proving to be massively difficult to get this particular reform through the Parliament.’

Those pesky sick people and their sense of entitlement that they should be treated in a health system that they pay for through their taxes that was set up to look after all Australians from cradle to the grave. How dare these revolting peasants think they should be able to see a doctor for free when they are sick! But at the heart of this whole argument is that a ‘price-signal’ (you know, like the carbon tax was a price signal to reduce carbon pollution) will reduce visits to the doctor, and will therefore reduce the cost of this universal health sector, which is funded by Australians through our tax system. The only way this could ever possibly be the case is if Abbott believes that Australians aren’t really sick and are actually just whingey hypochondriacs who need to be put off from their whingey hypochondria through a price signal. Or, his government believes that poor people who can’t afford the $7 co-payment should put up with being sick and shouldn’t be treated for ailments that could become much worse if not treated, such as lumps that can become a range of life threatening cancers or a heart problem that could easily be treated before it becomes catastrophic heart failure. Perhaps Abbott would prefer the poor just died without costing his budget any money. See why I felt offended? I was also frustrated that Abbott forgot to mention that his great-big-GP-tax was not actually going to be used to fund a budget surplus. It was being used for a $20 billion research fund for use by the private research sector. At the same time as Abbott is cutting the apparently wasteful CSIRO. Funny the small facts Abbott chose to leave out of his grand whinge.

But ultimately, if you were really listening, you’ll have heard that it wasn’t just the students and the sick and hypochondriac Australians who are to blame for Abbott’s inability to fulfil one of his apparent four core promises to ‘get the Budget under control’. Because right up front, Abbott said this:

‘…it doesn’t matter what spending programme you look at, it doesn’t matter how wasteful that spending programme might appear, there are always some people in the community who vote, who love that programme very much’.

Get that people? It’s all of us voters who are so stupidly in love with government spending on programs that are just a complete waste of government spending. It’s all our fault that Abbott can’t balance his books! Us stupid voters refuse to let him send a wrecking ball through our civilised society that we have spent generations building! How dare we block his wrecking ball!

So yes, I was offended, as a member of the domestic audience that was the true target market for this speech. But once I had calmed down and thought about it for a moment, I realised that I was also incredibly proud of Australians. Abbott can blame us all he likes. But the fact of the matter is that the worst of Abbott’s budget – the parts that hit the most vulnerable hardest – like the GP co-payment, like Pyne’s assault on the higher education sector – are being blocked by our democratically elected leaders in the Labor Party, the Greens, various independents and low and behold, the Palmer United Party. So we might be dumb enough to elect Abbott in the first place, but I hope the world leaders, and those across the world who may have been tuning in, can see we’re not dumb enough to let him wreck the place, no matter how hard he might be trying.


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  1. babyjewels10

    Totally agree with you Victoria.

  2. John Fraser


    Abbott …. the moron …. thinks that the G19 Leaders can vote in Australian elections.

  3. Kaye

    Correction the “worst of Abbott’s budget” would be the welfare cuts.

  4. John Fraser


    Actually everyone is being polite and sociable by referring to Hockey's Budget as "unfair".

    Its now been 187 days since Hockey presented his Budget to the Australian parliament.

    A stinking carcass that no one wants to talk about.

  5. George

    Yes, I was listening and picked up on every little face slap of the Australian people too. Thanks Victoria for enunciating so clearly. Abbott, like any bully, chose to whinge to those he thinks will give him succour. If Obama and Xi Jinping’s maneuverings are anything to go by, he’s seriously misguided. Again. Oh well, at least he’s still got Harper and Cameron.

  6. John Lord

    If government legislated to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat in processed food we wouldn’t need a research fund to tell us what we already know.

  7. bobrafto

    Forget the shirt front, it’s time to trot out the biggest pineapples for Team Australia.

  8. aravis1

    Spot on, Victoria. It does help to know there are lots of us who hear and see and judge, and also who are trying to keep our sanity in the face of this filthy Scabbers (apologies to J K Rowling).

  9. Florence nee Fedup

    What Abbott is claiming, is the cuts he wants to make, are a waste money. .

  10. BeeTee-Ess

    Abbott will never be mistaken for a statesman, will he.

  11. stephentardrew

    Good read Victoria and spot on John. Can’t reduce those sugar, salt and fat levels because, after all, that corporate welfare thing is so much more important than the suffering of plebes. Make em sick and send em home to die while taking seven bucks a visit. Great logic that.

  12. Kerri

    I was also offended at the emphasis of description to “illegal boats” for the benefit of Widodo I presume!!
    Abbott really doesn’t get the media does he? He really can’t comprehend that what he says in one place will be heard by EVERYONE not just the people in that place? Take the visit kids in a cancer ward to claim a private trip to Melbourne blurt in caucus. The media are largely to blame for not calling him out more often. Why do the media keep up his Teflon coated facade???
    Why support him?
    He is a jerk and the whole world knows it!!
    A few online have been critical of the praise Obama’s speech to QU attracted. The usual just coz he’s the US President, supporting the superpower etc and normally I would have agreed. But the important point of Obama’s speech was his recognition that the people of Australia, especially the young and the educated and the progressive people of Australia DON’T agree with their elected representative. Obama spoke like our leader should have. It is utterly clear that Obama can see the abject stupidity of the Abbott Government by his very public embarassing of Abbott. First with Xi Jinping and then with his QU speech. I would so love to hear what the world leaders REALLY think of this neanderthal buffoon? It is a matter of time before we are driven to poverty when the world sanctions our products to force climate change action. When Abbott is finally removed we need to petition hard to have his pension removed. Why should we pay the most destructive Prime Minister in Australian history to live his life in comfort? On second thoughts make that the pensions of this entire Government!

  13. JulieT

    I think his speech writer secretly wants to see him go down the gurgler. You bet you are.

  14. Nick

    Abbott is nothing more than the puppet of the IPA and the Murdoch press. His entire public life has been to aid them at the expense of the electorate reinforcing how important it is to limit the power of both the IPA and Murdoch before our country is ruined.

  15. Marcus

    Wasteful spending programs? What, like Direct Action? The gold plated PPL scheme? An uncapped Private Health Insurance Rebate? Wars in the Middle East? Also, Abbort, I will countenance the removal of the senate *after* you have brought in Mixed Member Proportional representation for the Lower House….OK?

  16. stephentardrew

    John Fraser:

    How about stinking carcass I am sure Hockey would appreciate it.

  17. lefturnahead

    Thank you for a good read Victoria,i cant type anything else because the heat here in Brisbane at the moment is really knocking me about a bit,but i am sure the pm has a ”’ plan” to fix that.

  18. bobrafto

    I don’t suppose you peeps read an article in the SMH by Wahid Aly blaming Shorten for goading Abbott into making the shirt front threat.

    If that is true, Shorten has pulled a swifty on the biggest incompetent fool Australia has ever seen and for the world to see. A brownie point for Bill.

    Aly goes on to say that Abbott is responsible for his own words, so true, which proves what a chest beating fool he really is.

  19. Jacquie

    Well done Victoria! Add to this the fact that he “forgot” to thank the Aboriginals Elders of the land on which they were holding the summit Even Obama, and Cameron got that one right.
    It is not enough that the majority of Australians are frustrated by this total moron. That our newspapers and tv news are aided and abetted by people who seem to lack any kind of moral, or ethic fiber as to be constantly LYING through their back teeth when reporting on this numbskull. It is the fact that he is being supported by a Cabinet totally lacking in any humanity or compassion, and the fact that if we were REALLY living in an democracy, we would have had a DD by now because Abbott and Co were not able to get their Budget through. Another fact is that the GG seems to be turning a blind eye to all the ineptitude and corruption happening in front of our eyes. Bribes being given- nothing. Lies and promises broken- nothing. The obvious fact that the $7 is going to Tony’s mates AMGEN and not EVEN back into our health system. That our Minister Against Women has had most of the womens refuges around the country closed. There are just too many hurts to list.
    The best things about the G20- apart from the fact that most Brisbanites LEFT, is that the WORLD sees what we are dealing with. The saddest things is that he was voted in by the people. And now we are stuck with him. We need the ALP, the Independants, (and more of them are coming,) to bring back to the table the things we as a society and as a nation, care about.
    The stupid people who support him will always be stupid. But it only takes 4% of us to make a revolution, and when it hits, lets make sure that Abbott and his gang of wreckers get NOTHING. He needs to be stripped of every parliamentary privilege. Even if he is just s patsy for Rupert & co.

  20. Ruth Lipscombe

    Who advises this dreadful ‘joke’ of a PM.
    Surely even the equally dreadful Murdoch press cannot put a positive ‘spin’ on this one!

  21. marg walk

    Seriously isn’t it time to call upon the governor general to step in .I can not watch this buffoon any more he and his merry band have caused irreparable damage to this nation , and for what ? Time we had a royal commission into politicians. The total disrespect of this man ! he is NOT a minister for women or anything else. As for a pension NO way and I think it is time to reconsider why we pay these people a pension at all after all if they are worth their salt they would have plenty of opportunities out in the REAL world.They are highly paid so its not like they can’t make it in life. Time for a new unbiased media although we already have the ABC which the LNP are decimating.We need to get rid of murdock too seems he has too much say for a person who deserted this country . I never thought I would see such a disgusting government that seems out to get those that are the most vulnerable. He is a failure in my eyes all round

  22. John Fraser


    Absolutely no "cognitive dissonance" with Abbott.

    Everything he holds dear is "crap".

  23. Carol Taylor

    I noted that one confused Japanese journalist ask, but this is domestic policy? Abbott continues to be an embarrassment, like a spoilt toddler throwing a tantie because he didn’t get what he wanted. While the adults talk climate change Abbott sulks…

  24. townsvilleblog

    Victoria, as usual you are right on the money, however the future is a second and a third Hockey budget, which will no doubt include these nasties and PUP which are effectively a conservative political party, who I don’t trust to continue to hold out the extremes in the conservative LNP budgets. It is now when we see the real damage Shorten and his right wing mates did when knifing two sitting Labor PMs.

  25. lawrencewinder

    Good article… it’s also interesting to note that on “Insiders” today Joe “Cereal/Toyota Killer” Hockey was pushing the same frustration line. The only effect this has though is to force them to explain/expose more of their real “Free-Market” agenda and their determination to rip to shreds anything that looks like a social contract.
    They are not governing for the nation!
    They have no mandate and are not a legitimate government.

  26. John Fraser


    @Carol Taylor

    Almost all children throw a "tanty" occasionally …. *hit we had one lot of neighbours whose 3 year old boy (must emphasise "boy") hugged the fridge for 3 hours screaming that he wanted an ice cream. Gotta be honest here we were debating to call the police or go over and give the kid a smack.

    Abbott has been doing it all his life.

    And no one has "smacked" him.

    Incorrect !

    Nicola Roxon did on a couple of occasions.

  27. gina zoia

    “Add to this the fact that he “forgot” to thank the Aboriginals Elders of the land on which they were holding the summit Even Obama, and Cameron got that one right.”

    unbelievable! and yet, why am I surprised?

  28. virtualnonsense

    I would love to have been a fly on the wall to watch and listen to his party’s reaction to the speech Abbott made. Surely they also see it for the cringe-making whinge-fest it was. I caught most of the speech and I seriously thought it was a piece of satire – surely the PM of Australia wouldn’t be so stupid as to whinge to other world leaders about the policies his party can’t get through… I also wonder, why isn’t his party getting rid of him? And do the people who voted his party in, are they please with his party’s performance to date? Where is the mature govt people allegedly voted in?

  29. BeeTee-Ess

    Maybe Malcom Turnbull suggested the topic to him?

  30. Annie Byam

    Great article Victoria – thank you.


    @George ………. the Abbott might still have Harper in his corner ( just ), but I’ll bet you Cameron has backed right off.

    Diplomatically of course.

    Diplomacy, truth, at least proper / correct ( if nothing else ) speaking abilities, are ideals and conduct that the Abbott has never heard of, learned about, read about or knows in any way.

    A shameful, disgrace of a man. ( man ? …. )

  31. Sportysa05

    @@@ Salstarat November 16, 2014 at 12:04 pm & @@ Kerri November 16, 2014 at 10:38 am

    Couldn’t have said it any better myself!

    Anyone even finding an iota of sensibility or intelligence or logic in their destructive “policies” and dumb dumb’s unintelligible spew needs to get themselves to a doctor fast, a lobotomy is required…oh wait, we have all the lnp delusional sheeple to thank for the f-wit we have as the PM! (you notice i dont say our PM…some of us through the 3 word slogans, the murdick/msm/cretin propaganda pre election)!!!!! 🙁

  32. Salstarat

    Could there BE a WORSE, more Neanderthalic cretin running a country anywhere else in the world? They just DON’T come worse than the rabid Abbott. You could blindfold anyone, get them to walk out in any street, in any neighbourhood, pick ANYONE or ANYTHING with a pulse and get a better leader than the uncultured, totally inarticulate bogan that stands at the helm of our internationally discredited and condemned government right now! Abbot is desperate for the positive attention he will NEVER get … he swaggers around the world stage like a demented cowboy, umming and aahing his way into cringe worthy notoriety, spewing out antiquated, draconian policies that will drag this once progressive country back to the dark days of the repugnant Menzies! Abbott is like an immature, puerile little school boy, flexing his muscles at Putin and shamelessly using the international forum of the G20 to air his parochial dirty linen which ultimately showed his abject FAILURE at pushing through Sloppy Joe’s callous, totally inept budget.

    Everything about Abbott screams FAILURE .. you only had to look at Angela Merkel, the respected Chancellor of Germany, shaking her head and rolling her eyes to see the level of scorn and derision Abbott brings upon himself (and, sadly, our country) as an interloper who has been DUMBED DOWN to idiocy! The G20 was the opportunity Australia had of having an input in REAL WORLWIDE ISSUES like climate change, the Ebola crisis and world trade impact … did Abbott seize the chance? NO! He crawled up on the stage and mumbled about the $7.00 co-payment that us peasants refuse to pay to visit a doctor and how the snivelling students refuse to come to the party and allow themselves to drown in debt at a crucial time of their lives (this, despite the fact Abbott got HIS tertiary education fully subsidised under the enlightened Whitlam government)! This tragic, insular speech was made in front of Angela Merkel who is a leader with foresight who has just recently introduced FULLY SUBSIDISED higher tertiary education into Germany! Abbott was SO DELUDED he actually thought he was preaching to the converted … thought he was going to get a sympathetic ear …Once again, Abbott did what Abbott does best … FAILED SPECTACULARLY! Yes, World Leaders will not forget Abbott in a hurry, they can barely hide their snickering derision of this insignificant political leper! Abbott didn’t get the fame he so desperately wants but he DID get long-term disgrace and notoriety that will ensure he remains a pariah until such time Australians grow up and vote out the most disreputable fascist in our history.

  33. stephentardrew

    You know I never would have thought that anyone could make George Bush less demented.

  34. John Fraser



    Once again Australia thrashes the U.S.

    And Australia voting to get rid of Julia Gillard and getting stuck with Abbott beats the U.S. by a full year after they voted against Obama.

  35. stephentardrew

    John Fraser:

    Whoopee we win yeah!

    Where are all the flags, balloons and marching bands?

    Now why the hell do I feel like absolute crap?

  36. John Fraser



    Hockey is the prize.

    Australia keeps rejecting his "gift to Humanity".

    Sometimes politely referred to as an "unfair Budget".

  37. mars08

    Soooo… this is the self-absorbed buffoon which sections of the MSM were eagerly trying to rebrand as a “statesman” after the disapperance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. This is the village idiot who was praised in the Murdoch press, for his “emerging status as a global statesman”. Oh dear…

    Have they no shame?

  38. stephentardrew

    Do you see it now aged brethren the mirror image of that doyen of stupidity William McMahon.

    Mind you I think McMahon was an unknowing fool whereas Abbott is in full bore frontal chest beating demented mode.

    Lets hope Rabbit, Joe and co meet an equally sticky end.

  39. aravis1

    O clever Bill! Cleverer than all the shouting Scabbers did in opposition. Keep it up, Bill! Scabbers is perfect for being led into trouble – Peta’s been doing it for years!

  40. mars08

    John Fraser:

    …Australia thrashes the U.S.

    And Australia voting to get rid of Julia Gillard and getting stuck with Abbott…

    A couple of points…

    Whether GW Bush was, in fact, elected as President is open still to debate. There is no such doubt over Abbott’s victory. The Australian electorate knew who they wanted.

    As for Australia voting to get rid of Gillard… I suggest you shift your focus to the ALP…

  41. John Fraser



    Are you saying that the Australian electorate voted for Abbott and his wonderful policies ?

    Or are you saying they voted for Abbott because he is such a Statesman ?

    Or, could you conceivably be saying the Australian electorate voted for Abbott because they love him ?

    Please elucidate on why you think the Australian electorate voted for Abbott.

    As opposed to not voting for the ALP and Julia Gillard.

    Now remember Rudd only got to go to the election because the ALP had been spooked by the Murdoch media and the relentless negativity of Abbott.

  42. diannaart

    Could someone from the Labor (or any party that is not up to its armpits in the arse of neo-economics) please, please, point out that government services such as bulk billing medical service, university fees and so on ARE NOT FREE – we the people who live and work in this once great country PAY for all this through our taxes – that is what taxes are for.

    The claims by Pyne and the rest of the coal-ition that people are getting something for nothing is a blatant lie.

  43. Billy muddle maudlin

    A $100K degree would have some pre-requisites like tertiary entrance scores?? The unis just wouldn’t be able to enrol just anyone to get the money? What about the unemployed? Currently, centrelink send clients to VET providers(unregulated and in the news for training child care workers who on graduation cannot change a nappy) the pyne nut has given the unemployed up to $96000 for training. That is billions floating just waiting for a signature from anyone conned by an ad. No regulation beyond registration, no prerequisite for enrolment, no time limit, no assessment of outcomes. Just a great big debt for 90% of us? Should this not be at least as big a concern as the 10% smart enough to pass exams. Isn’t there anyone in the labor caucus who didn’t go to university???

  44. Kaye Lee


    Abbott, Hockey and Cormann act like the money is theirs to spend how they see fit….$12.4 billion on fighter jets FFS???? Like THAT’s a priority. How about cutting fossil fuel subsidies since “the age of entitlement is over and there is no reason that we should be helping profitable companies”.

  45. John Fraser


    Abbott answering questions from Journalists on ABC 24.

    I hope the Dentists Association is watching and send him some floss to get that piece of chicken out thats stuck in his teeth.

    tst !

  46. John Fraser


    Abbott ….. "1.3 billion people around the world do not have access to electricity"

    Then goes on to laud coal.

    Those 1.3 billion people do have access to either the sun, wind and tides ……. renewable energies that Abbott doesn't want to acknowledge.

  47. Florence nee Fedup

    Which make more sense than coal.

  48. Florence nee Fedup

    Cameron now on.

  49. cuppa

    He reminds me of a chimp throwing his shit around.

  50. mars08

    John Fraser:

    …the Australian electorate voted for Abbott and his wonderful policies ?

    Or are you saying they voted for Abbott because he is such a Statesman ?

    Or, could you conceivably be saying the Australian electorate voted for Abbott because they love him ?

    Please elucidate on why you think the Australian electorate voted for Abbott….

    Maybe any or all of those reasons. And possibly other reasons as well.

    BTW… it was about 50% the “Australian electorate” which voted for Abbott, not all.

    Do I know why so many people voted for the Coalition. Hell no! But I have my suspicions. One of them being that they saw Abbott as one of THEIR kind. Another being that they fell for his fear-mongering and negativity. Then there was Labor’s never-ending leadership spectacle.

    The point is that we are, ostensibly, a democracy. Nobody was coerced, or (openly) bribed to vote for this horrible mob. But about 50% of the electorate did. That is how a democracy (even an unhealthy one) works. Sad but true.

    We get the government we deserve.

    “…As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    ~H.L. Mencken (1880-1956), American journalist and critic

  51. Wayne Turner

    The moron known as the artist formerly known as The Opposition Leader.Still in his boring predictable attack dog mode.

    One Term Tones will always be an embarrassment to this country,and has no idea on delivering speeches to the world.The rest of the world think he’s a bad joke too.

  52. John Fraser



    Then why would you post this :

    "Whether GW Bush was, in fact, elected as President is open still to debate. There is no such doubt over Abbott’s victory. The Australian electorate knew who they wanted."

    The idiot Bush was …. geddit it …. was President for 2 … got that ? …. 2 terms.

    The Australian electorate "knew what they wanted" …. the makers of thalidomide thought they knew what pregnant woman wanted , and those results were catastrophic.

    Now the Australian electorate is getting catastrophic results from the Abbott government.

    " Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard."
    H.L Mencken (1880 – 1956)

    "Democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors."
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

  53. Florence nee Fedup

    Yes. sadly is a legitimate duly elected government, according to the Constitution, We must respect it’s right to exist. Does not mean we have to like it, or must\ not criticise it.

    It has been a good day. Yes we have witness democracy at work. This government did not get what is set out for. Did not get the G20 to support it’s budget measures. It hope to manoeuvre the adoption of similar measures in the G2o drive to increase growth. Did not happen. In fact for Abbott the opposite has happened., CC is now fully back on the table. Makes it harder for them to justify repealing CEF suite of bills. In fact makes their repeal of the MRRT also look dubious. Yes, not toxic big bad taxes as Abbott said, but taxes suitable, necessary for the times. Not that CEF was a tax.

    Also there has been action promoted, to take subsidies from fossil fuels. Not that this made Abbott happy. To bad for him, Whether he likes it or not, coal is on the way out. Both China and India have said they will be ,moving away from coal. It appears that China is talking to Russia about gas supplies.

    Abbott now he needs to convince the public that the budget policies he cannot get passed, are good for the country. Suspect this is impossible to do. We are not against cuts being made. Many believe he is hitting the wrong targets. Abbott needs to show us he has the ability for good governance, Blaming everyone else is not on. At the end of the day, politics is the art of the possible;. That is true for all governments. It takes political and negotiating skills. Is doable.

    Gillard and Whitlam both proved that. No on said it was easy. Even Howard had to horse trade.

  54. Florence nee Fedup

    Christine Lagarde has given herself 48 hours to get Obelo package in place. All involved in G20 will be getting a letter, stating what they are prepared to do.

  55. guest

    The coalition is rather wedged on the issue of what to do with Abbott. Either they try to out-stare the criticism and the declining polls or they ditch Abbott and face the barrage of abuse about a “knifing” and “blood on their hands.” Perhaps they can engineer some departure without embarrassment, but what it might be is hard to imagine.

    Meanwhile, the Murdoch press, the IPA and certain “think tanks” continue to support Abbott. The interesting thing about the Murdoch press is that they seem to support Abbott and do not question his judgement very much. But the continual publishing of Climate Change denial makes a mockery of the Coalition’s Direct Action plan.

    If the Climate Change denial is sincere, the Murdoch press is making a mockery of Abbott. If they support the Direct Action plan, they make a mockery of their “alternate”published view of Climate Change. If they are sincere about both, then they are in a tangle; Direct Action is, as Palmer says, a waste of money.

    Both the Coalition and the Murdoch press must be rather shocked at the agreement between China and the USA, adding to the impact of other counties around the world which are looking beyond 2020 and setting higher emission reduction targets for the future. Abbott looks more isolated than ever. He is lost in his own thought bubble and with just one year past, beyond redemption.

  56. John Fraser


    Its all ok …. according to Hockey …. for the Republicans to make Obama a "lame duck President" and not support his agreement with China.

    But its not ok for the Australian Senate to block his Budget.

    And doubly so for the House of Reps not to support Hockeys Budget.

  57. mars08

    John Fraser:

    The Australian electorate “knew what they wanted” …. the makers of thalidomide thought they knew what pregnant woman wanted , and those results were catastrophic.

    That’s exactly my point. The Australian electorate was relentlessly told that the nation was sick. Then, with the help of the MSM, they were sold a hazardous, unstable, unpredictable wonder drug to turn things around.

    There’s no doubt they were duped, but enough of them DID buy the product and the result IS catastrophic. Time will tell if they are willing to also buy the re-branded version in a couple of years….

  58. Salstarat

    Have to wonder about Tricky Dicky Abbott (Phony Tony’s father). 100 Million sperm … and Baloney Tony was the BEST he could do? Good grief!

  59. nettythe1st

    Another face slap was Abbott praising the Queensland Premier in 1920 for abolishing the Legislative Council so he would have ultimate power in the Legislative Assembly. Abbott would have been wishing he could abolish the Senate. “You bet I am!!”

  60. bobrafto

    John Fraser
    There’s no denying climate change.

    The full moon was out a couple of days ago and you come out today to have a verbal stoush. lol

    Meanwhile have a peek at this

  61. Florence nee Fedup

    I am not being nice, Abbott’s budget is toxic. Today, I believe that G20 discredited Abbott'[s toxic budget, as a means of promoting growth., Yes, he put it out on the world stage, as a lecture to other leasers, as the way they should be doing things. Nothing in communique about cutting welfare. Nothing about cutting government services such as universities. Nothing at all. Nothing about austerity budgets. He wanted G20 to support his actions, to use as a batting ram against Labor, forcing them to pass his budget. Why he thought they would ever back him, is beyond me.

    Was a very humiliating experience for Abbott, having to read that statement out. Yes, he delivered it nearly a hour late, interfering with exits plans of the leaders, Not even a apology. Was asked if Obama refused to accept some of his views on fossil fuel. I suspect Obama won.

  62. JohnB

    Abbott’s LNP is causing Australia to miss the renewable energy boat; in selfishly serving/protecting their fossil fuel sponsors they merely delay its collapse and suppress development of our own domestic renewable energy export industries.
    The laws of greenhouse gas physics say we must not burn at least 70% of known coal reserves, or else Earth will become uninhabitable for organised human life.
    The choice is stark – there is in fact NO choice.

    If China and India are serious about addressing their unbearable industrial air pollution and escalating co2 emissions they would immediately place a significant tariff on all coal imports – say 10%, rising by 1 to 2% per annum.
    All funds thus collected fully allocated to developing and implementing local renewable energy supplies. Coal based energy grids are ill suited to the requirements and affordability of their masses of extremely poor citizens and coal’s associated water/atmospheric pollution has in many areas have exceeded human tolerance/endurance.

    Local based micro-grids powered by wind, solar etc. represent a cheaper, cleaner more sustainable alternative to extending costly diverse, dirty and poorly maintained power infrastructures. Portability and small scale is is a boon to remote diverse settlements and small industries, where essential clean water is scarce and getting scarcer.

    Coal is their past – clean renewable is the future, and the sooner they get started the bigger advantage they will achieve over the coal exporting/dependent laggards.

    This LNP ship of corruptly sponsored self serving fools are leading Australia down a very dark hole indeed.

  63. Florence nee Fedup

    Why is Hockey allowed to get a way with his statement that Obama has to get his deal with China and climate change propositions through a hostile congress. Hockey, of all people must know this is not true. Obama can use legalisation that is alrady in lace. Legalisation that has been tested more than once in court. He will just add on to what already exists. If the Republicans try to rescind the law, Obama will just veto their actions. Yes a new President can reverse things, but the Republicans have to win first. Hilary is lading contender at this time. Also what Obama proposes is nothing like DA, which Hockey must also know. Obama will cap emissions. To break the cap, will involve penalised. Maybe DA will have caps, but will not have penalties.

    Just wish they would cease lying.

  64. Anomander

    “Students never like to pay more”.

    Like Tony’s daughter who happened to score a $60,000 course and a plumb job afterwards through her own hard graft and no association with her father at all?

  65. Lee

    “Like Tony’s daughter who happened to score a $60,000 course and a plumb job afterwards through her own hard graft and no association with her father at all?”

    Don’t forget Abbott, who became an Australian citizen so he could qualify for a Rhodes scholarship and deprive a real Australian of it.

  66. jane

    “Just wish they would cease lying.”

    Good luck with that wish. They are the party of liars and why not. They have been rewarded for it time and again with a hefty dose of cheerleading and utter lack of scrutiny by the msm, while at the same time hypocritically attacking Labor for the lie that didn’t occur.

    Even now, to read a truthful critique of Liesalot’s pathetic performance at the G20, we have to turn to social media and sites like the aimn.

    You’d could have been forgiven for thinking that after being confronted by the US-China pact on climate change that Liesalot would have toned down the coal rhetoric, but for Tony the one trick Pony, doing so was unthinkable. So instead of a speech fitting the international flavour of the G20, he could do nothing but whinge and whine about domestic politics, in particular that he can’t persuade the Senate to pass his dog of a budget.

    If he thought that would raise his stature in the international community, he’ll be sadly disappointed. All it will have done is mark him as weak and ineffectual, completely lacking in negotiating skills, unlike his predecessor; a remarkably skilled negotiator.

  67. bobrafto

    Has anyone picked up on Abbott when he said the leaders should speak from their heart instead of a script?

    Was he planning to pull a swifty on them as he done on voters?

    We all know that he said we should only believe him when he is speaking from a script.

  68. mars08


    Don’t forget Abbott, who became an Australian citizen so he could qualify for a Rhodes scholarship and deprive a real Australian of it.

    That’s true… not many Aborigines get the opportunity to be Rhodes scholars at Oxford!

  69. bobrafto

    Clive Palmer is a professor of what I don’t know and btw he is also an Australian Living Treasure, really, google it, along with Dame Edna and a few others.

    I can understand why Dame Edna got the gong, she was Australia’s greatest drag queen export to the world. But Clive……

  70. Salstarat

    There are many neoliberals who like to make a fuss about the moron Abbott being a Rhode Scholar! Well, everyone should remember that attaining a Rhode scholarship in the 1970’s in NSW was not that impressive! There was a set criteria: the applicant had to be good at sports, had to have gone to the “right” school (which also indicated that he had to have come from a wealthy, privileged background), in those days, had to be male and had to have average academic ability. I personally know two people who were in the same law/economics classes as Abbott at Sydney University and they inform me that Abbott was, indeed, exceedingly mediocre. He was a despised, boorish bully on the campus of Sydney University, an extremely unpopular thug who used to scream out homophobic and misogynistic “jokes” outside the debating room on campus. Nothing has changed … Abbott is still the same moronic, thuggish, misogynistic little pariah he was then!

  71. Elizabeth Michael

    Abbott has undone every good thing Labor put into place. The NLP are scum. If hate alone could kill them, they would all be dead. PAUL KEATING PLEASE COME BACK AND LEAD THE LABOR PARTY.

  72. Kaye Lee


    I also went to Sydney Uni with Tony Abbott and I can confirm what your friends said. Tony was a loud blustering bully who had no life experience but who sought to dictate to everyone else how they should live their lives. He was against contraception but had no problem leaving his pregnant girlfriend. He thought he was good at football but he never made it into the First XV. His hatred of feminists was always on display. I didn’t find him intimidating, much as he wanted to be. I just found him ignorant and boorish and I have watched his rise in politics with increasing amazement. Tony was a joke to all except his little band of bovver boys – you know the type that has to look around for his guffawing audience as he hurled abuse at homosexuals. Tony has been promoted way past his level of incompetence and he isn’t smart enough to take advice from anyone except his spin doctors. He isn’t there to make our country a better place – he is there to make as much money for himself and his backers as he can.

  73. Möbius Ecko

    I agree with the beating in the backrooms, and that can be seen by the fact he’s now trying to sell up his climate change credentials, as usual with a bagful of lies.

    Still the MSM bulletins this morning were mostly leaning positive for Abbott and Hockey with especially the Channel 9 early bulletin, the one aired on Qantas flights, going overboard in selling them up.

    On spinning his climate change credentials, where overnight he’s gone from it being crap to it being a core tenet of his, did anyone else catch his massive up spin on the woeful 5% by 2020 target, which experts agree is overly ambitious? That 5% now actually equals 19%, which according to Abbott is substantial and something he is confident will be achieved.

    I knew Abbott has always had a problem with 1+1 but now he has 5 = 19 where 5 ≠ 5 = 2.

    As to achieving his 5%/ Why he and the government are so confident that DAP will achieve it is like Howard did, they are going to cook the numbers, and in one instance do it by counting future things that haven’t happened. Howard counted the capture of carbon from trees in the future that weren’t going to be chopped down because of his ETS though he didn’t remove the carbon from the equation from trees that were being chopped down or were slated to be chopped down by the timber industry. Remember Gunns was in full swing clear felling huge swaths of Tasmanian forests and timber clearing in Victoria had also been increased.

    Howard Commits To Emissions Trading Scheme

    Of interest are the last four reports that looked at ETS.

    2007: Prime Ministerial Task Group on Emissions Trading final report
    2007: National Emissions Trading Taskforce final report
    2011: Garnaut Climate Change Review updated final report
    2014: Climate Change Authority Greenhouse Gas Emission Targets and Progress Review final report

  74. Möbius Ecko

    And I see this morning that the MSM G20 snow job for Abbott and Hockey is in full swing. The way Channel 9 were canvassing it Hockey is close to being the saviour of the third world and Abbott did such a great job leaders of the world are falling over themselves to be seen with him and to listen to his great wisdom.

    Most of the other bulletins I caught quick glimpses of weren’t much better.

  75. Kaye Lee

    I severely doubt that is the case ME. From what I am reading Tony took a beating in the backrooms.

  76. mars08

    I can’t believe you all missed the most significant story out of the G20… Some protesters burned the Australian flag!!!! How ghastly!

    I know because TEN News told me…

  77. Lee

    Yeah really tragic. It’s a bit of fabric made in China.

  78. Lee

    I can’t believe all the tossers on Tony’s Farcebook page telling him what a wonderful job he did at the G20 and how he is an inspiration. We’re so doomed.

  79. mars08

    Lee… that’s what all the Public Affairs and Community Engagement people are for….

  80. Lee

    “Lee… that’s what all the Public Affairs and Community Engagement people are for….”

    Ha ha well he needs to stop paying people to post crap on his Farcebook page and start writing him some decent speeches. Whoever is writing them now needs to be sacked.

  81. Paolo Soprani

    Thank you Victoria for your wonderful article. I feel sick now every time I listen to the fawning Canberra Press Gallery talking up these boorish oafs in government. I listened to a couple on the radio this morning (you know who) trying to be nice to Tony Abbott. I am sure that if they told it as it was they would lose their jobs. How sad it is. The game has changed. These dreadful people in power, with their lies and ideological baggage, are wrecking this country and nobody knows or cares. And the press gallery cannot do anything about it. A tragedy really.

  82. Roswell

    Thanks for another great read, Victoria. Nailed it as usual.

  83. Florence nee Fedup

    Abbott is desperate for someone, even one person to tell him he is right, what he is doing is amazing. Sorry, he got the opposite. Cannot stand up in QT, saying the world agrees with his budget. No pats on the back for Abbott, just brickbats. We even have Alan Jones attacking Abbott. I suspect, revelling in what he sees his role as king maker. Imagine he sees Morrison as the true PM. Would be surprise if he was pushing for Bishop.

    The only message Abbott manage to give the forum, was that he was incapable of governing, getting his legislation through. Yes, telling the country, along with the world that he is a failure.

    Naughty Bill will not allow him to do as he wants.

  84. Florence nee Fedup

    I wonder if Hocky has time to listen to Merkel today.

  85. Florence nee Fedup

    ABC 24 has split the screen. Merkel on one side, the Chinese leader on the other.

  86. Erotic Moustache

    Sadly, Jones’ “attack” on Abbott amounted to little more than the former telling the latter that he isn’t a sufficiently large enough right-wing cretin. Not sure there’s anything positive to glean from one mindless prick telling another mindless prick to be even more mindless.

  87. Kerri

    Sadly Lee and others I suspect he writes his own speeches. Regarding himself as an “almost journalist” and a contributor to Murdoch BS. No one could write such drivel as he does. Embarassing too on the weekend to see Obama speaking so well. Dropping in colloquilalisms and rarely referring to notes. As my daughter said ” yeah because he knows what he’s talking about and believes what he is saying”
    In a nutshell!!

  88. Marg1

    Spot on Victoria. This man is a total idiot – too many punches to the head, I think.

  89. Lee

    Another great highlight from the G20 – Obama acknowledged the traditional occupants of the land but Abbott did not. Many government-run gatherings acknowledge the indigenous folks so to forget about them at the G20 is a major faux pas, especially from the one who calls himself the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

  90. shdrlu

    Bullseye Victoria, I really wonder what would it require for the Murdoch Press & Shock Jocks, short of machine gunning aged pensioners
    and disabled Australian people every morning in Martin Plaza , Federation Square, Rundle Street mall etc to even mildly criticize T Abort and his dreadfully incompetent government. ( Gawd help us all !! )

  91. mark delmege

    He might be lame but he can still quack… Its a pity Lee that Obama is working against history in other parts. His coup outpost in Ukraine is just downright nasty and it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to understand why Putin would make the following comment on German TV

    ‘Today there is fighting in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainian central authorities have sent the armed forces there and they even use ballistic missiles. Does anybody speak about it? Not a single word. And what does it mean? What does it tell us? This points to the fact, that you want the Ukrainian central authorities to annihilate everyone there, all of their political foes and opponents. Is that what you want? We certainly don’t. And we won’t let it happen. ‘

  92. Win jeavons

    So now the big bully blames the public for refusing to be bullied, and whines like a spoilt child to the rest of the world . Let’s give him much more common decency to grizzle about. First PM I find utterly , hopelessly offensive.

  93. John Kelly

    What a well rounded and coherent argument. It will be a future reference point for me.

  94. Kaye Lee

    Yup, that’s a stance I am happy to go along with. March in March said in a loud voice “Not in my name”. Common decency is a cause I am happy to be annoyingly persistent about.

  95. Harry Dickulous

    To all those readers outside Australia I would like to apologize for Tony Abbott. There’s simply no excuse for this man and I’m sorry he’s in the public arena and inflicting himself on everyone. A mistake. Big, big mistake.

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