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A Quick Merry Christmas…

Ok, I didn’t notice quite as many people complaining about Christmas being cancelled this year and aggressively saying that they’d say: “Merry Christmas!” to people whether they like it or not… It may have been because thanks to the fact that Labor is in power, they had so many other things to complain about… like the fact that Labor is in power and the election is still a long way off…

Although Clive Palmer’s ventriloquist dummy in the Senate, Ralph Babet, did send out a Christmas message where he complained about people dividing the community by saying things like “Happy holidays”, and if there’s one thing he can’t abide it’s people who divide us when we all should be one country with one flag and one point of view… which just happens to be the one that he has.

Whatever, I’m going to wish you all a Merry Christmas… even Mark Latham who was X-ing a thought – and I use the word loosely – about the Sydney rain and how this meant that bushfires were unlikely so those Greens were wrong for the fourth year in a row. Of course, he ignored the fact that they were right in 2019 when we had so much of Australia burning that our Prime Minister had to retreat to Hawaii for safety. Still, if you’re going to chastise a political opponent for getting things wrong, it weakens your case to admit that they have occasionally got it right. Either way, I’m not sure that rain in December necessarily means that we’re completely safe from bushfires before the summer is out. After all, the Ash Wednesday bushfires were in February… Still that happened last century and Mark has a way of ignoring anything that happened a long time ago… Like the fact that he was in a different political party… or the fact that he was gloating that he and Pauline were still buddies and all the lefties were wrong and they stayed buddies until Mark become too offensive even for her after being deemed too offensive for Sky After Dark a few years before that.

So Merry Christmas from me, Mark, because I’m wishing everyone that no matter how much of a tosser they are. I’m full of the warmth of the Christmas spirit and I’m not referring to any eggnog brandy or other cocktails… One thing I’ve always said about cocktails is that they tend to be exaggerated so one shouldn’t listen to them any more than one should allow anyone to upset one’s day on Christmas. If your Uncle Brian happens to be telling you how great it was that the Voice was defeated, just smile and nod and tell him that it was defeated so he should just stop using his because we all voted against him speaking… It’s not true but it’ll confuse his argument long enough that you can bring up something like how good it is that Collingwood were premiers which will get him talking about that if he’s a Pies supporter and if he’s not, it’ll annoy him more than anything so he’ll complain for ten minutes how a free kick paid/not paid in Round 16 was the only reason that they won…

Whatever, try and have a good day and if you’ve been good, Santa will give you lots of presents but if you’ve been bad, Matt Canavan will give you a lump of coal.

Merry Christmas!



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  1. JulianP

    Thanks Rossleigh; I wish you and yours the same, and a safe New Year.

  2. Carol Taylor

    And happy everything to you too Rossleigh. I find Happy Holidays so inappropriate because many people do not get holidays. Plus the very word holidays means Holy Days and is clearly of Christian origin, and Christmas means a Mass for Christ. So whether it’s Christ-mas or Holy-Days it’s all very Christian, and not only Christian but of a particular Christian sect. Perhaps we ought to be saying Happy Paganism given that almost every tradition has pagan origins from the Yule log to the mistletoe.

  3. GL

    And don’t forget to pass out on the lounge after a hefty lunch half an hour into Die Hard.

  4. New England Cocky

    Let us work to make 2024 happy.

  5. Paul Smith

    Go jollily amid the noise and haste and remember that some mongrel is always trying to steal your presence.

  6. Terence Mills


    We have a lot to thank those Pagans for………….there are a few round my way – one using a leafblower at 7am on Christmas day, clearly a ‘woke Pagan’.

    Happy Festivus to all ……………..even though that was on 23 December !

    We still have invasion day to look forward to.

  7. LOVO

    Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year to you all 😇
    io Saturnalia 🍻

  8. wam

    Thanks, Lovo, that’s they way I do it! There is no room for a god in xmas.
    Dance of the cuckoo, last century, I often had a beer on Capricorn on Dec 22.
    just watched ABC America and on trump woman said trump wont face court and the bloke, with a tiny bit of hair on the top lip, said ‘happy holiday’.

  9. Clakka

    Season’s greetings, may your harvest be plentiful, and wishes for a peaceful 2024.

  10. Douglas Pritchard

    Hope all you legends have a good one.

  11. Michael Taylor

    Thank you for this post, Rossleigh.

    Every year I do a Christmas post – and I even started one for this year – but then I was taken to hospital and couldn’t finish it.

    You’re a face saver.

  12. tess lawrence

    Dearest Rossleigh, Michael and Carol Taylor, the AIM Family, readers and contributors alike. Blessings for the season – and for the New Year. May Peace be more prevalent a word than War in 2024. May Love be more prevalent than Hate. May kindness and not cruelty be
    elevated and shared amongst all. May children have hope in a future that we elders have already damaged, May we all work together to make the world a better place than it is on this Christmas Day. The impossible can become probable, if we make it so.

  13. Rossleigh

    Get well, Michael. Christmas isn’t the best time to be in hospital but when it’s all said and done, when IS a good time to be in hospital?
    And thanks to everyone else for your kind comments…

  14. Florence Howarth

    Michael I am sorry to hear you are in hospital. Carol, I hope he gets well soon. Merry Christmas to all.

  15. 2353NM

    Michael, if you are in hospital at Christmas you really need to be there – get well soon.

    Happy festive season to all and let’s hope 2024 treats us well.

  16. Canguro

    MIchael, get well soon and back to your home & garden, and many thanks for your fine work in hosting this outstanding forum for showcasing the various theatres of the absurd. Much appreciated. Grant

  17. A Commentator

    Hope you’re ok MT, I’m sorry to hear that you’re ailing.
    Best wishes

  18. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, everybody. You are too kind.

    I’m home now, but I have this fear that my release may have been premature as I can’t do much other than collapse into a heap and complain about it excessively.

    Here’s a tip: If anybody ever offers you a generous dose of pneumonia… decline.

  19. David Tyler

    Cheered to hear that you are at home, Michael. Only just learned about your pneumonia.

    Rest up for as long as you can. (Your wonderful Carol will doubtless be keeping a close eye on you.) You are right about hospitals. They boot you out as soon as you show a few vital signs. But it’s sacrilege with a living national treasure such as your good self. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. All our love and best wishes, David, Shay and family.

  20. Michael Taylor

    Thank you, David.

    One of the nurses tried to cheer me up by saying I’d be there for the hospital’s famous Christmas dinner.

    Hmmm. I need to speak to their cook. Serving me only one roast potato is sacrilege. I like at least five. I also prefer them cooked.

    Give my love to Shay.

  21. Phil Pryor

    Best wishes, especialy to the old, ill, desperate, disillusioned, and all the others not covered, as the season of some rest, reflection and recovery unfolds, for too many are not in good circumstances and the world faces a worsening future…

  22. Clakka


    Good that you are home, Michael. Being in a heap and complaining is all part of the good fight. Being in hospital, like in an incubator, anything floating by could attach itself. For me, in my one and only stay, even though immune suppressed, they served me Klebsiella pneumoniae, I became a heap wailing like a banshee – it refused to stay.

    As a side note, Klebsialla pneuminiae is the most deadly type. It takes many Oz indig, and resides persistent in the soil. Beware when gardening.

    Get well soon. Season’s greetings to you & yours, wishing you a good harvest and a more peaceful 2024.

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