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A last ditch attempt

Currently, very few countries are making meaningful attempts to battle against climate change, so their efforts, while valiant, will likely be wasted.

But here, in Australia, as well as in the above-mentioned countries – and also in many other small to medium countries – we could start a peaceful revolution.

Planning has been the obvious missing element so far.

Prioritising is also extremely important.

The UN, through the IPCC, is clearly highly concerned about the failure of major countries to even begin to make any sensible plans.

We need to phase out use of coal, gas and oil as soon as possible BUT – we can only do so if we have adequate sources of renewable energy – GLOBALLY.

Is that Priority #1?

We need to replace existing vehicles which use petrol or diesel with electric vehicles – which will include lorries, buses, trains, utilities and sedans.

Is this Priority #2?

Do we have engineers who can devise efficient means of recharging electric batteries while a vehicle is in motion as well as in a charging station?

Is this Priority #3?

We need to reduce population growth, which means we will have to stop the movements in the USA and elsewhere against abortion as well as deliver more effective family planning programs.

A family of 1 or 0 children should be prioritised, at the same time ensuring that the poor, who rely on having a large family, to try to ensure their survival, can, instead, be assured of being provided with adequate+ resources.

Is this priority #1A?

I am not an engineer, a communications specialist, a social worker or anything other than a concerned human being with an enormous sense of guilt that I have, for decades, ignored the information which is now causing such concern.

We need to ask the UN to organise the formation of community planning groups, world-wide, which can work in a coordinated fashion – and at maximum speed – to develop – AND IMPLEMENT – plans THAT OUGHT TO HAVE BEEN GENERATED 50 YEARS AGO.

I was 3 when WWII began, so I am well aware that, in a real crisis, MOST people will accept shortages and loss of convenience and comfort IF THE AIM IS FOR THE COMMON GOOD.

We need to massively reduce waste and increase recycling and re-purposing.

There alone is a heap of jobs!

We need to re-direct those producing, for example, clothes, the volumes of which are driving Op Shops crazy!

Similarly, we need to produce vehicles for private use which concentrate on efficiency and effectiveness and minimum waste of resources.

And we need to work really fast!

We need to transform the world – fast – which is not impossible but sure as hell will not be easy!

Above all we need to ensure everyone has the basic needs for life. Not for a life of luxury but one which has sufficient food and basic resources – AND a realisation that their own well-being, and that of all others on this planet – are of equal importance.

This will mean that the currently wealthy will have to divest themselves of financial resources, which can then help to support the really poor.

Maybe a Universal Basic Wage needs to be really considered, with additional payments made for scheduled work completed.

We are trying to save human life on Earth – as well as the environment and all its other inhabitants.

This is not a Socialistic nightmare but a real effort to prove that everyone really does matter and none should be ignored.

Those who have got wealthy through oil, gas and coal will resent the idea – even more so if they have to hand over their wealth to support the poor.

If they really do not want to be part of the effort on Earth, then maybe they can colonise another planet! NOW!!

“The good times – they have gone” is indeed true and we must ALL adapt to new terms of living.

This is a very amateur attempt to outline what and why we must do ASAP if the world is not to be destroyed by climate change.

We all united to fight COVID-19, and while it is still with us, most of us have survived.

Saving life on Earth will not be easy but it has to be attempted.


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  1. John Hanna

    You appear to be describing a managed economy rather than the capitalists, consumerist, corporatist one that we have. It will take a complete transformation of the mindset of all world leaders to achieve the required changes.
    Replacement of individual transport by a comprehensive network of government provided transport funded by taxpayers and NOT privatised for profit might be a good start.
    The profit motive and outsourcing of government functions has undermined any progress for the general good of mankind. We need governments that truly act for the general welfare of the people they are supposed to represent, failure needs to come at a high cost for them.

  2. Keith

    On climate change Australia is the pits. Before Abbott killed the Labor carbon emissions policy, emissions were going down. Since we have had a very inadequate goal to reduce carbon emissions.

    The Federal government ignores climate science, it metaphorically throws petrol on the fire of climate change through opening new mines and gas fields. In return Australia receives blood money … climate change kills, destroys businesses, destroys homes and vehicles, and infrastructure.

    While individuals can reduce their carbon footprint, it is governments that can have a far greater impact on climate change, all we currently get is spin. The government advertising on they’re so called progress on reducing emissions is false advertising. It is a pity that they are getting away with it and there does not appear to be any sanctions that can be applied against their bs.

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