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I started writing something about the Sri Lankan family currently being held on Christmas Island. Apparently the two year old was separated from her mother and cried the whole flight and I had this nice little dialogue about how separating children from their parents was a good thing because it deterred people from coming here – at least by boat – and therefore it saved people from drowning…

I stopped because I suddenly realised that we were hearing much the same thing from Peter Dutton and, well, I sort of lost my taste for trying to outdo the man and actually come up with something that can exaggerate him to the point of satire. It made me remember how his wife wondered why people think that he’s a monster when he’s quite nice when he’s at home… That’s really good to know. I’m relieved that he doesn’t keep his own children behind razor wire or use the excuse that he’s only exposing his wife to psychological torture as a deterrent to his children.

Still, it was Scott Morrison rather than Peter Button that started the whole “We don’t comment on on-water matters…” We should have realised then that the freedom of the press to report was under threat, but certain journalists were too busy praising his clever political move. Not that I’m blaming them for not realising that once you let a politician tell you that there’s nothing that they need to tell you because it’s a secret but you can just trust them because they’re in charge and how good is that, then you should realise that it’s only a matter of time before laws are passed that make it difficult to criticise them without losing your job or ending up in jail.

There’s too much blame in the world. I once suggested that it worth it for most organisations to pay someone whose job it was to take the blame. Whenever anything went wrong, it was their job to say: “Sorry, it was my fault so stop arguing about who’s to blame and start fixing the problem.”

Of course that wouldn’t work in the Liberal Party because if they actually fixed any problem then there’d be no problem and they’d have nothing to blame the Labor Party for.

Anyway, just like I’ve started to notice that the rhetoric on Adani is shifiting to suggest that environmentalists are making businesses afraid to do business with them, I’ve noticed that Josh Frydenberg has started to suggest that it’s companies paying out all those profits rather than reinvesting it that’s causing the economy to stagnate. It’s a subtle shift but it won’t be long before we hear that it’s the timidity of business that caused the recession and nothing to do with government policy and it wasn’t for that damned recession we’d have a surplus but what’s a man to do?

Similarly in Britain, Boris is suggesting that any attempt by the people who disagree with him to actually stop him from shutting down Parliament will increase the chances of a no-deal Brexit. Yep, come October it’ll be all their fault that Boris couldn’t manage to strike a deal and it’s the lack of a deal that caused all the problems not anything to do with those who drove the whole Brexit process.

And good old Donald is never responsible for anything unless it’s a good thing. He’ll take the credit for a sunny day, but not the fact that his tweets have knocked several billion dollars off the stock market.

How about if we just agree that everything is my fault? I mean absolutely everything even if there’s no chance that it’s actually true. because then the next person that tries to blame someone else can just be told that we know whose fault it is and they can then be asked what they intend to do to help fix it!


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  1. MrFlibble4747

    As Dutton demonstrates, he has no compassion, therefore he is not qualified or capable of fulfilling his role and should be sacked.

    He is clearly unqualified and/or unsuitable for the role, we need a human being.

  2. Rhonda

    I hear you 💜

  3. Keitha Granville

    re Dutton and his own family – I am reminded of the commandant of Auschwitz whose family actually lived at the site with him.

    Are we at that place yet ? I would suggest we are.

  4. wam

    It is too early for proof but the brexit damage has been done and boris doesn’t need a plan to succeed. Trump’s people think he is chosen by god. The rabbott was of that mind and completely amoral with the certain knowledge everything he did was for god. (pell conviction may make it hard for him but rationalisation is natural for the believers in god of abraham).
    Trump has the wood on china and his silly tweets are unlikely to cost him a second term..
    That leaves scummo he is different and his beliefs are more secretive, they seem stronger, weirder, less tolerant and more hypocritical to all other than his group. My memory of the man’s image is a smarmy lying cheshire just an insincere untrustworthy smile.the smile of a destroyer.
    The tamil family? 65 years ago a woman was taken from a plane in darwin and menzies won 4 elections on her.
    This incident and xmas island stunt, shows how far this government and the high court will go to declare any born in Australia may not be an Australian. Seems to me that the children should be applying for an Australian passport?
    As for Adani, thanks, bobby.

    McFibbie4747, surely you do not consider compassion as a defining quality for Dutton’s job?? The job requires a devout and dedicated zealot with the hide of a rhino Short of execution or leasing a ship to return the asylum seekers who would be more successful or better qualified?

  5. Rossleigh

    Wam, yes p, Morrison may well be the weirdest.
    Recently Morrison defended the daggy dad wearing baseball caps as: “That’s just who I am.” I couldn’t but wonder are there any photos of him in a baseball cap before he started campaigning as PM.

  6. Terence Mills

    Listening to Zed Seselja being interviewed this morning on the Sri Lankan family’s plight. He, as a stalwart of Peter Dutton, had to save himself from demonising this family instead he washed his hands of the matter and told us that the law is the law and no matter what contribution this family had made to the regional community of Biloela, no matter that the two children had been born in Australia the fact was that they came by boat seeking asylum and that meant that they could never stay.

    When asked about ministerial discretion he avoided the issue entirely and insisted that the appeals and injunctions had run their course and by hook or by crook these people will be deported. Indeed, by implication he was saying that the more petitions, the more pleas from the community, the greater the stubborn resolve of Dutton and Coleman to deport these people.

    I didn’t vote for this !

    Not in my name, ever !

  7. RomeoCharlie29

    There should be a special place where those guilty of the sort of acts of inhumanity and cruelty like those imposed by Dutton on the Biloela family, are punished. The members of the Biloela community pursuing this family’s case have my profound respect. I attended the Friday demonstration in Darwin, belatedly, to hear of an injunction granted. And then I find that, again, they have been spirited away, this time to Christmas Island. I do not believe in Hell, but hope that something truly evil is visited on Dutton, and those of his minions who are so lacking in compassion that they can separate children from parents as they pursue their campaign of de- humanising this family. When one hears of the tens of thousands of illegals who arrive by air and are apparently beyond the reach of Dutton and his screws, it makes the relentless pursuit of this small family reek of vindictiveness.

  8. David Bruce

    This divide and rule game being played by ScuMo and Dutton will end in tears. When half the population are so angry and the other half so scared, as we seem to be in Australia now, I wonder how much longer we have before the people say enough is enough!

    We know now that writing letters to senators and other MPs will not change anything. Brexit, Boris and bully boy Trump are just distractions while the bankers and their Western puppets prepare the masses for conflict in the Middle East again. We know who the perps are and they appear to be above the laws the rest of us are expected to obey.

    I have a bad feeling about the Australian Government now. The obvious vindictive, vicious, cruel, amoral and evil behaviour of a minority in government has changed the perception of Australia and Australians to the rest of the world. It is not a good feeling to be part of it!

  9. Maxoz

    I would lay money that the majority of Biloela folk voted coalition.

  10. Kaye Lee

    Biloela is in the electorate of Flynn where 20% of people voted One Nation.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Ring Dutton’s office

    (02) 6277 7860

    Ring Ken O’Dowd who has been speaking to ministers trying to help the family as the local member

    (07) 4972 5465

    Ring Scott Morrison

    (02) 9523 0339

    Ring your local member and plead for some humanity

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