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Michelle Landry Must Resign and Force A By-Election in Capricornia

Michelle Landry, LNP MP for Capricornia must resign. The Liberal National Party have now admitted they went to the election based on a blatant lie. Turnbull said he will bring back integrity to politics He must insist that Ms. Landry resigns today.

On 3rd February, I published Is the Defence Land Grab” Turnbull’s Carbon Tax Lie? This article details the timeline and agenda through an analysis of press releases, Hansard, the Defence White paper and the Budget.

My timeline shows that the Liberal National Coalition either knew they were going to acquire land, or they are severely incompetent and had developed no contingency plan for the expansion to house the Singaporean Army at Shoalwater.

They say a week is a long time in politics. However two weeks have revealed two things. The first is that Peta Credlin admitted on national television that the Gillard’s carbon tax lie was just dirty politics made up by the Liberals and it was never a carbon tax.

The second is that Marise Payne admitted that the LNP knew before the election about the land grab.

Michelle Landry needs to admit that either she did not know about the land grab or she is incompetent. So incompetent that she did not inquire as to the impact of the Defence training deal on her own constituency. For either one of these she MUST resign.

Although the Government has now backed down on compulsory acquisition, after protests and rallies; the electorate was prevented from voting on all the facts at the time of the election, due to dishonesty by the now Government.

Please Sign the Petition and Insist Michelle Landry Resigns. Force a By-Election in Capricornia.



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  1. andrew moran

    Much of the entire LNP campaign was based on lies.
    The denial of its plans and policies about health care for example was confirmed in the detail of the Budget it hid throughout the campaign.
    A reality the media, in its ignorance and/or complicity chose to ignore.
    And those who shouted ‘Liar’ at Labor were the biggest liars of all.

  2. Keitha Granville

    Resign because they lied? Gotta be joking, they’d all have to go. And that is never going to to happen.

  3. Pilot

    Bob Menzies lied over and over, Mal Frazer was the greatest liar of them all, Johnny Howard just couldn’t stop lying, enough said about the walking lie Tony Abbott, and now mighty Mal “Trumble” is just about beating the whole lot put together. It is in their DNA, they are simply liars looking after their own best interests and the expense of OUR nation. Poor ol’ Don Chip would be spinning like a centrifuge in his grave!!

    They are a disgrace!!!

    The lying bastards are feathering their nests, but bet your bottom dollar, they’ll find something to lie about and get the MSM to support that lie to take them to the next election.

    Personally I think it about time the Australian public took to the streets and voiced their collective concerns over these liars. Sadly it ain’t going to happen.

    Come the revolution, I call dibs on driving the first bulldozer through Vaucluse and surrounds!!!

    Village bloody idiots, the lot of them!

  4. Klaus Petrat

    Turnbull won’t sack her. He has no integrity and whatever he says, counts for zip. Spineless character that fake.

  5. Klaus Petrat

    Yes, pilot. 100% correct. Aussies need to go to the streets to get this vicious, lying, fascist mob out of government. Playing of vulnerable people against mentally challenged people is a tactic deployed by the fascist in the late 30s

  6. Kronomex

    Landry will be told to sit in the background with her head down until the furore blows away. You know and I know the Sock Puppet is going to do nothing because the one seat majority is the only thing keeping him as “leader” and “PM”. A starving zombie wouldn’t touch Turnbull.

  7. Terry2

    Whilst Barnaby Joyce has said that compulsory acquisition of the land required by the Singapore defence force is ruled out, what I’m hearing is that the Singapore money being offered to landowners is quite lavish.

    It would be a very single-minded grazier who is going to be able to resist the sort of money being put on the table. Particularly as they are likely to be able to afford to upgrade to a bigger property with enhanced grazing potential with that sort of money.

    The government have made this commitment to the Singapore government who are footing the bill, they won’t walk away now.

  8. Trish Corry

    This is about the lie before the election. It was compulsory acquisitions until the protests came to a head.

  9. jim

    It’s Blatantly obvious that ALL TV channels in our once great country and the Newspapers and “Googles search algo’s” themselves has been murdered or ( more right wing search results by ,hard right wing religious thugs who allowed child abuse in the RC church by mrabbit when he took monies from the RC into child abuse Child abuse and gave it to the RC into unions. result 4,400 cases so far for the hard right wing “catholics” to answer for, result: 1 union member convicted (and would of been convicted even in any case).

  10. jim

    Abc TV; “One of the country’s largest operators of coal-fired power stations has joined the chorus of big business, unions, welfare and environmental groups calling for an end to Canberra’s blame game over renewables.”

    Gobsmacked just Gobsmacked some said referring to the LNP and their nuance to pay big polluters extra cash and in the face of record heat waves ,Gobsmacked.

  11. Alan Baird

    You vote and you always get a politician. “Truthiness”, “fake news” etc all arose from one field of human “endeavour” (a loose term): politics. The second (and main) outpost of this “fake facts franchise” are the Murdoch media. Like the politicians of the extreme right that they represent (and are represented by), they spend all available time racking their brains attempting to come up with “Look over here!” moments timed to coincide with the political branch. They routinely succeed due to the very clever electorate here in Oz, reading Terrors & Huns, and listening to right wing radio 2GB etc, surely a relly of Rupe’s.
    No aspect of the current wall to wall, seamless, noisy and brainless brouhaha is more illustrative of truth-bending than “the budget problem”. The “look over here” command is displayed by references to the various people getting small amounts of money from Centrelink etc. Its polar opposite, the “ignore this completely… sshhh!!!” command is the continuing blight on our finances by current and past MPs and PMs bleeding the government white with huge per capita “entitlements”, you know, those things that Joe Hockey said were OVER… er… for hoi polloi (us), not… cough, cough, for politicians… But keep watching. The contrast in medicine prescribed will only become more obvious. Even the Labor Party becomes confused and doesn’t say… much… on this subject, anyway.

    PS. Love Barnaby’s reaction to the Singapore Army invading New England. Now this is a “Nothing to see here!” moment, (a very close relative of the “look over here” moment”), judging by the perfect reflex knee-jerk action, ‘cos there’s no better knee-jerk than Barnaby. His next step would be to deny being DPM and a member of the Coalition. Who knew?

  12. Michael

    And do not forget, Kronomex February 14, 2017 at 10:49 am, the continued agile innovation of AusPMship revenue stream through generous periodic donations!

    Should ask Scomo when the breakeven point will be reached and what is today’s LNP’s return on investment index? – better still the expert, Sinodinos

    Just trumbling along …..

  13. paulwalter

    This a case of an airing of dirty Landry, but it has a basis in fact in the way the Nats constantly betray their own battler base (Wilmars anybody?).

    Handmaids for Trumblesque neoliberalism, they are, which is why the illness is terminal

  14. 245179

    Coal seam gas extraction / fracking etc etc, add these to “it’s going to bite us”, we are going to be mauled.

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