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The Incredi-Bill National Press Club Address

Bill Shorten’s speech at the National Press Club was incredible. Shorten shifted the political narrative and claimed a very large space as his own, in less than one hour. The stage is now his. I see the future as something like this……

Bill’s Advantage

Bill Shorten has a very strong advantage over Turnbull. He has clearly denounced Trump’s promises and his policies. Whereas, Turnbull clearly wants to show his commitment and love of Trump and his support for his actions.

Trump is making a very ugly America. Nationalism is not kind, nor gentle and there are always casualties. Australians now have the chance to see nationalism in action. They will see what Hanson wants for us. Hansonism will come to life, and the people won’t like it. They will sit back and watch Turnbull condone it.

Regardless of how loud and proud some people have been or still are, of Trump and Hanson; via media they will be forced to take on the burden of witnessing the casualties of Trump’s nationalism. They will see children handcuffed and hear about people fleeing America in fear. From the freest country in the world, people will be seeking Asylum. It is happening now.


They will see a broken man crying for his brother. “Sending them back to where they came from” and how cruel and inhumane it is, will hit home for many.

They will see the ugliness and fear created by Hansonism and Trumpism as supported by Turnbullism and they will in turn, reject it.

People of Good Conscience

Those of good conscience will see people in emotional pain and distress and they too will feel emotional pain and distress. They will want it to stop. Helplessness will be a normal feeling. The fear it will happen here, will be a huge concern. Turnbull, with his support for Trump and Hanson is setting an agenda that he would encourage it. He would welcome it here. This message will be extremely clear to all Australians.

These people will look to the leaders who endorse the infliction of pain and distress on others and they will turn to the leaders who do not. Turnbull is a supporter, Shorten is not.

Regardless of how far on-board the populist bandwagon people may be; our test is always in crises. During times of flood, cyclones, fires and drought, asset sales and compulsory land acquisition of farming land, that is happening right now in Central Queensland; regardless of our political affiliation, our sexuality, ability or gender we stand united as one Australia. Race, religion and politics no longer matters.

Trump will deliver up a crisis, day after day after day. Hanson will promise to do the same here. The Morrison’s and the Christensen’s will clap their hands and cheer. Turnbull will stand back and give every indication he would never stop these crises happening here, as everyone in parliament is democratically elected.


As the discussion keeps unfolding around Trump, we will be discussing the casualties, like the man in the video above. Turnbull will be standing there in all his pomp and splendour agreeing that the pain of these casualties is right and just. He will wave a flag and and meep about secure borders. He will palaver on about ‘what we simply must remember and something about something and how important that something is.’

In addition, he will elevate high above us “Lucy and me” with a fondness of a Malcolm and Lucy story, fit for a 1980s edition of Woman’s Day. Turnbull and Lucy are his fantasy of Australia’s first royal family. The push for the republic back in the day is now quite clear. He has legitimate status as King and Lucy as Queen now. So, that is why a republic no longer matters.

Bill Shorten will be stating with conviction that these victims are human beings. That they are workers and family people. They are the casualties of an ugly right wing populist nationalism that we don’t need here and that we don’t accept. he will clearly state these actions towards others are unacceptable and he will detail how he will oppose it and condemn it.

It’s About Me. No! It’s About Them

Turnbull will continue with verbose lectures, poli-speak and blaming Shorten, throwing some union bashing in for good measure. Avoiding media questions will become more prominent and he will shrink further into his defensive shell and perhaps get a little angry and remind such journalists of ‘their place.’

Shorten will show more openness, engagement and genuine concern. He will apologise to the people for being part of the out of touch political scene. Shorten will show genuine contrition. He will follow through on the action he sets down to make it right. Shorten will be open and frank with the media and even if a prominent ABC journalist interrupts him 32 times; he will continue to be gracious and respectful, as a leader should. Always appreciating our quality journalism, pro-Bill or not. He will point to the existence of fake news and acknowledge the confusion it inflicts on every day citizens.

There will be more town halls, he will call out the media more on silly antagonistic questions. He will challenge the Government on job creation and also insist on transparency.

Staking Claim on a Space

Shorten will claim back the space of being a worker or union and proud of it. He will bear no shame for it. Others will follow, because there IS no shame in being working class or union. Turnbull’s solutions are all business focused, strongly focused on making businesses richer. Shorten is people focused, strongly focusing on making the lives of the working class and the poor, richer.

Turnbull will prattle on about removing red tape to improve quality of business. Shorten will outline a clear plan to improve our quality of life.

He will claim back the space that has been tainted and attacked by the right and openly slurred, by a taxpayer funded witch-hunt called TURC.

Bill Shorten will own this space because Shorten is the real deal. Turnbull is a fake and it is showing in abundance.

Shorten’s Qualities will Shine Like A Beacon

In a world of uncertainty (and now fear) for many as they watch Trump play God; charisma, fancy suits or pomp-speak are not the traits they will seek. Sincerity, honesty, stead-fastness/dependability are the traits they will seek out. Shorten has demonstrated that in spades for a long time now. As the world gets more uncertain, these qualities will shine like a beacon.

The NPC speech was particularly exciting for me, as I love observing strategy. Bill shifted the political narrative away from the populist rhetoric and delivered a sincere, honest, tenacious and steadfast, reliable alternative to the Prime Minister.

He set himself aside and laid out a clear agenda for jobs, families and Australia. Shorten established himself firmly as the political leader and the leading expert in this space.

There are no other politicians who can claim the space of caring for Australian jobs, putting on our kids as apprentices, giving our kids a quality education and understanding families and the disadvantaged.

Shorten laid claim to this space during his NPC speech and now he completely owns this space. At election time, jobs, the economy and families are always central and are the three biggest issues people care about. The stage is all his.

It’s Getting Crowded in Here

The right wing populist nationalist space is getting very over crowded. Especially now Turnbull and the two Bishops have jumped in there with Hanson and her nutty crew along with Christensen and Morrison and the entire channel seven breakfast crew.

Turnbull’s National Press Club address was gutless, weak, pointing fingers, shallow and evasive. A very stark contrast to Bill Shorten who will be Prime Minister for a very, very long time – very soon.

For those who judge Shorten by his ‘charisma level’ I say this too you:


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  1. havanaliedown

    Yes, all very nice. How much more expensive would Bill like electricity to cost in order to subsidise inefficient renewable energy subsidy schemes that will have no effect on the (ever-changing over billions of years) climate? Good luck with that!

  2. nurses1968

    Trish, I posted this elsewhere but on reflection decided to repost it, at least under an author that shows interest in such things

    nurses1968February 2, 2017 at 8:09 am

    Bill is continually out there selling the message and has done so for almost all the time of his Leadership.
    MSM fails to report the majority of these and they tend to be overlooked on online sites as well,
    The link for Bills transcripts is at the bottom, for those interested {if any :-{ }


    SUBJECT/S: Australian Jobs; Labor’s plan to protect penalty rates; Barnaby Joyce’s out of touch comments on housing affordability; Trans-Pacific Partnership; FIRB; Renewable energy; Queensland election; an Australian Republic; Australia

    TUESDAY, 24 JANUARY 2017

    SUBJECT/S: Australian Jobs; Trans Pacific Partnership; cyber security; Shoalwater Bay; jobs in the regions.

    SUNDAY, 22 JANUARY 2017
    SUBJECT/S: Bourke Street tragedy


    SUBJECT/S: Manufacturing jobs; Mike Baird; housing affordability; Mark Latham; immigration; Australia-US relations


    SUBJECT/S: Australian jobs; Turnbull Ministry; medicinal cannabis; MH370; West Australian election; The GST; George Brandis; Expenses reform

    TUESDAY, 17 JANUARY 2017

    SUBJECT/S: Australian jobs; Trans-Pacific Partnership; Yahoo data breach; Refugee resettlement; Turnbull’s Budget mismanagement; Centrelink debt debacle

    MONDAY, 16 JANUARY 2017

    SUBJECT/S: Australian jobs; Trans-Pacific Partnership; parliamentarians’ work expenses.


  3. Trish Corry

    I agree. His message has been consistent for a long time and he gets out and meets so many people.

  4. OldWomBat

    Dear havanaliedown, perhaps you could read the following article, but be warned, it contains some facts.

    “BHP Billiton Ltd., which forecasts wind and solar energy can achieve price parity with rival sources within a decade, is partnering in a battery-storage project to test technology that could be adopted at its remote sites.

    The world’s biggest miner is participating with partners, including Origin Energy Ltd., in the A$42.5 million ($32 million) Lakeland Solar and Storage Project in Australia’s Queensland-state, to test a 13 megawatt solar photo-voltaic installation and grid-scale storage, BHP said Monday in a statement.

    “We want to identify the technologies that have the opportunity to materially lower emissions,’’ Fiona Wild, BHP’s vice president, sustainability and climate change, said Friday in an interview in Melbourne. ‘’We are looking at batteries in a fringe-of-grid location and a lot of our locations fall into that category.’’

    For more on battery technology, click here

    Mining companies including Barrick Gold Corp. and Rio Tinto Group are installing or testing the use of solar power to reduce costs and emissions. In markets including Chile and Morocco, renewable energy sources already compete with non-renewable fuels on cost and will achieve global parity on a new-build, unsubsidised basis within a decade, BHP said.”

  5. Peter F

    @havanaliedown You should google ‘Tony Seba’ to learn a bit about what is going on.

  6. Kaye Lee

    “Bill Shorten will be stating with conviction that these victims are human beings. That they are workers and family people. They are the casualties of an ugly right wing populist nationalism that we don’t need here and that we don’t accept. he will clearly state these actions towards others are unacceptable and he will detail how he will oppose it and condemn it.”

    Manus and Nauru?

  7. Henry Rodrigues

    I watched Bill’s NPC address yesterday and I was very aware of his strategy and his demarcation of the battlefield tactics for the forthcoming election. So much so that the media, including and led by the usual discredited mob from CH 7, the Australian, the ABC (Sabra Lane) attempted to wedge Bill, but he was too adroit for them and they sat down thoroughly subdued. No doubt they’ll try again and again, but Bill and his equally capable Labor team will run rings around these miserable paid lackeys of these rich corrupt media owners like Murdoch and Stokes. Bill and Labor are ready and so is the Australian public. So when can we have an election ?????

  8. Jaquix

    Havanaliedown – the experts are strongly recommending the energy policy Bill Shorten is following (cant remember its name) They say it is the only credible one which will also LOWER electricity costs. But no, it doesnt suit the Coalitions polirical donors agenda, so its totally ignored.

  9. Harquebus

    Bill Shorten’s speech at the National Press Club was pure rubbish.
    He offered no real solutions and once more demonstrated his complete ignorance of our current dire situation. The sooner we are rid of him and his ilk and that includes all politicians from the major parties, the sooner we will have some chance of surviving the approaching hell that they have created.

  10. Ella Miller

    I remember writing about MSM, the Drum….

    How the day after BS speech there was not a word mentioned in the Launceston Examiner.
    Well this morning , there is a half a page on page 14….and the only mention of BS was in relation to MT donation to the Liberal

    So the MSM and the vested interest will try to ignore BS and if that does not work they will do to him what they did to Julia.

    It is up to us to act..demand that all voices be heard.

    I know once I am finished here I will be writing to the Editor of the Examiner once more and asking why the difference?

    Kay Lee,

    Did you notice MT reply to Cody’s letter was;

    the Corporate tax cut…why?

    so that in 10 years his mother will get a $2.00 increase and MAYBE a job.
    and in the same breath he told us he understands ……

    REALY ?
    MORE BULL DUST >>>blowing in the wind.

  11. Kaye Lee

    Yes the $750 more in your pay packet (mumbling under breath perhaps in ten years time) reminded me of Tony’s $550 we were all going to better off when he axed the tax, not to mention the jobs and growth that cutting the carbon and mining taxed was going to provide… oh wait.

  12. jim

    Ever since the LA Times published article on Mr. Musk gaining billions of dollars in incentives (public co..) to support growth of his businesses (renewable energy/battery storage), there have been several oil and auto executives trying to defame him. He has even been called a “fraud” by the chief of Murray Energy.

    The Tesla man believes that all this propaganda is to counter IMF study that revealed the fossil fuel industry received about $5 trillion in subsidies every year (or the dumbest thing ever in todays climate). He also previously said that Tesla gets pennies compared to the oil industry. the same could be said for Australias renewable energy.

    It is important to note the Big Three and ExxonMobil have been operating over the last century, while Tesla and SolarCity went public four and six years ago, respectively. Mr. Musk’s companies have been promoting renewable energy products aimed to reduce the global carbon footprint and the traditional vehicle & oil companies have become major sources of pollution over the years.

  13. Roswell

    Harquebus, you’d be better off spreading your doom and gloom on a Liberal site. They are the ones in power, so they’re the ones you should be advocating to.

    In Australia we will have either a Labor government or a Coalition government. The environment will be of more concern to Labor than the Coalition.

    You have said that you vote for neither. If that’s the case then you’re wasting your vote. It is people like you who saw the government returned, and thus will see the environment ignored. Labor offer more for the environment yet you ignored their message.

    You complain that people don’t do enough. Neither do you. You could have sent a message by voting.

  14. Jocelyn

    I have a lot of admiration for Bill Shorten, but would have a lot more if he would just do something about all the poor people in our off shore detention centres. They have been there for years, have been classified as asylum seekers, and still they languish there. Just get on with it and let them settle here. We have room for about 1,200 people, who will probably become very good, hard working citizens.

  15. Harquebus

    Want to die before your time? If so, just keep voting for the major parties.
    I did not vote for either of them for that reason. They are both occupied by fools and Labor will not fare any better than the coalition because, like them, their policies are drawn from the absurd.

    Except for my efforts in this place, you don’t know what I do.
    I challenge you and others to join my mailing list.
    Personal email addresses I will remove on request. Miriam English can vouch for that.
    BTW: Harry Cebex is not my real name.


  16. Ella Miller

    jocelyn, I agree.
    However, if you read the posts on facebook , you will be horrified at how many ill-informed people believe the LNP line.
    some of the statements are unbelievably stupid….just take a look.

    I really don’t know what Labor truly thinks on off shore detention…
    But I know this..they are wedged between a rock and a hard place.
    Till the LNP attitude is nullified..there is no hope…yet we all wish it were not so.

  17. jimhaz

    [So the MSM and the vested interest will try to ignore BS]

    It is not at all surprising this time around. Too long off from an election -why would they say much. Not his first Press Club address either.

  18. Steve Laing -

    If a tree falls over in a forest, and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If Bill Shorten makes a townhall speech, and nobody reports on it, does anyone actually hear it?

    If it was just about policies, Shorten would win hands down. But given the Coalition keep getting in without having any policies, you really have to ask yourself why they still keep getting into power, and focus on addressing those reasons instead.

    Whilst I may not always agree with Harq as our resident Eeyore (forgive me Harq) – he makes a very valid point. Much of this political posturing is simply rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. The world is in dire straits, yet I see absolutely no urgency from Shorten at all. He seems oddly committed to a system that continues to put idiots in charge, yet seems unwilling to change it.

    He is committed to adversarial politics – and I’m sorry, but that means of decision making and problem solving became discredited years ago, and unfortunately whilst the punters may not understand that, they seem to know it hence their ongoing disenchantment with politics.

    Sorry, but I’m afraid townhall meetings are so 19th century. They just don’t connect with the voters that are put off mainstream politics – the key swinging voters that Bill needs to convert. If that truly is Bill’s plan to transform politics, he is barking up the wrong tree (probably the one that has fallen over in the woods).

    So whilst he may win the next election, I’m sorry, but he isn’t going to be starting a new political dynasty anytime soon if he doesn’t change the system. The “money” simply won’t allow it.

  19. Robert G. Shaw

    Trish, a very passionate article.
    I have many concerns, but let me have a pop at this one first:
    You’ve devoted 4 short paragraphs on a broad, non specific, cheerio on Shorten’s desire to claim back the “proud” space, to highlight his “people focus” etc.
    Is there nothing more concrete than these platitudes?

    The reason I ask, one of them anyway, is that to those with any interest in this matter, the lesson from the US are, once again, most instructive.
    Did you read about the praise Trump won from the Unions when he killed the TPP, resurrected the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, and promised an immense infrastructure build?

    They near wet themselves!

    That minor/major coup by Trump got me thinking.

    I understand that the present day relationship between the Unions and Labor are highly problematic, to say the least, and that there definitely needs to be some kind of new narrative constructed and presented to the electorate that highlights both their dovetailed history and the positive steps forward each are willing to undertake toward those elusive goals – jobs, growth, renewables, wages, and security.

    Now if Turnbull say, was able to pull off a Trump, and push through similar Union friendly, pro-growth, labour intensive programs, what is the rebuttal from Shorten, from Labor? (Keep in mind the two primary constituents of Left ideology and their antagonisms).

    I’ve sat here, cup of tea in hand, and for the life of me cannot find a serious rejoinder.

    Can you?

  20. jagman48

    Any party that tries to change the way we treat refugees would do so at their peril. Unfortunately Australians are without a doubt racists even though we deny it.

    Bill Shorten and the Labor Party know this well.

  21. Ella Miller

    Steve Laing,
    further to my post 9.34 am
    I have just sent off a letter to the Editor of the Launceston Examiner.
    Asking why the speech by Bill Shorten was not reported on ,yet, they gave a half a page to MT.Why the difference?
    Whilst I doubt if the letter will ever see the light of day..I did point out that as a consumer I expect a reply..
    I wonder???

  22. Kaye Lee


    In a word, sustainability.

    Possible job creators:

    Renewable energy
    IT in the public service – they are desperately in need of inhouse experts
    High speed rail
    Public transport infrastructure
    Public housing construction
    Aged care
    Child care
    FttP NBN
    Mine restoration
    Australian content in government contracts
    Tree planting
    Water management and conservation – purification and use of waste/storm water
    Recycling and repair/reuse

  23. nurses1968

    While we are on about leadership and charisma has anyone heard from the Greens in the last few months?
    Surely some of the closet Greens on here could maybe do an article on the factions splitting them at the moment?
    “Internal tensions within the Greens have boiled over, with members of the hard-left of the party grouped around NSW Senator Lee Rhiannon forming their own faction dedicated to the “fight to bring about the end of capitalism”.

    The formation of the group calling itself “Left Renewal” is an escalation of an ongoing battle between the so-called eastern bloc of the Greens and the group they dismiss as “tree Tories”.

  24. Kaye Lee

    If it interests you, why not do an article nurses

  25. Steve Laing -

    Nurses – because I think that a significant number of Greens voters don’t come in the “rusted on” variety who will just accept any old tosh as long as the venerable leader says so, nor are they particularly bothered about the usual squabbles that appear to go on in all political parties, but Labor supporters only care about when its another party that is doing exactly what they do. But why are Labor voters so interested in the Greens factional infighting?

    Personally, I couldn’t give a stuff – to me it just show how parties are a corrupting influence in democracy. But I’ll continue to preference the Greens ahead of Labor because they at least understand what the priorities are, namely the environment and the state of the political system. Labor, on the other hand, support renewables yet are also happy to support the biggest coal mine in the world. Odd set of principles. Political expediency, you might say, but personally I’m always wary of those who seem happy to sell out on their values.

  26. nurses1968

    Steve Laing –
    “But I’ll continue to preference the Greens ahead of Labor”
    As it seems does a large % of commenters on here,so why then the interest in Labor. whether Bill has charisma, whether he speaks out often enough etc etc
    Wouldn’t it seem sensible to have an article or two now and then about the “party of choice” of so many ?
    Why is what Labor and Shorten do important and obviously Di Natale and the Greens not?
    If you don’t bother to know whats happening with the Greens party obviously you’d be voting in the dark .
    Sounds like Hanson voters
    So. which section of Greens are you supporting . Left Renewal or “Tree Tories”?

  27. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    I like the idea of Bill getting out and about and discussing important issues with communities throughout Australia to increase voter engagement and knowledge.

    However, he’s only one person and the burden should be distributed through the elected members of the party.

    All the recognisable Labor pollies should be rotating around Australia at regular intervals, so that they can discuss their own shadow portfolio issues and listen to community voices on ideas of how to proceed on issues and policy formation.

  28. nurses1968

    Jennifer Meyer-Smith
    They are out and about,
    The following were with Bill at the events/doorstops with Bill on just those mentioned above
    In the past 3 days Tanya Plibersek has, beside other events been
    Yesterday 2HD
    Tanya Plibersek has criticised the Prime Minister for keeping his political donation News24
    Tanya Plibersek.Pat Conroy to speak on the importance of Gonski.
    Richard also spoke with her about a number of other key Federal issues including our health care system.
    Medicare Task Force on the Central Coast 21 hours ago – Deputy Leader of the Labor Party Tanya Plibersek will join a number of MP’S in the afternoon tour around the Coast
    1 day ago – Funding: Shadow Education Minister Tanya Plibersek with St Mary’s Catholic College, Gateshead students and Shortland MP Pat Conroy
    Labor says Government ‘missing in action’
    Opposition Leader Bill Shorten said the temporary ban was “appalling and ought to be ended as soon as possible”.

    “I urge Malcolm Turnbull to reconsider what our nation’s position ought to be and rethink what he should be saying on our behalf,” he said.

    Labor’s Tanya Plibersek said the Government was “missing in action” and needed to provide Australian travellers with clarity.
    1 day ago – Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese wants Pauline Hanson to dump a West Australian One Nation candidate who called single parents “lazy.”
    1 day ago – Anthony Albanese is campaigning in Perth with his WA colleagues
    Federal Member for Grayndler Anthony Albanese – AKA DJ Albo -has caught Community Cup fever and is set to take on Melbourne in a one-off show to support the Rockdogs and Megahertz.
    The night is being put on to support not-for-profit Reclink Australia, who aim to rebuild lives through sports and the arts. All proceeds will go to Reclink.
    NSW Labor Events
    23 hours ago – You are invited to join Anthony Albanese for an Inner West cultural experience.

    LABOR MP Anthony Albanese has railed against Coalition members who are refusing to consider changes to negative gearing

    That is much the same with all shadow Ministers and MPs.
    Whether they are reported or not is the concern, but they are out there doing the job

  29. Jennifer Meyer-Smith

    This is getting out and about: regular public meetings throughout Australia attended by leading Labor pollies and similar to QandA where members of the public (not necessarily rusted on Labor supporters) get to ask about issues and policy formation.

    It also means members of the public get to have follow up discussions where they have proposals that need addressing and that could be developed into effective policy making.

  30. Freethinker

    I just wonder what Bill will do if he becomes the Australian PM and Trump still be the USA president.
    That will be a nice test to see if he back up his words with actions.

  31. Carol Taylor

    Interesting that the Liberals in recent times have been spruiking “clean coal” as an alternative to renewables, however both AGL and Origin Energy have both replied with a firm, “Not interested”, with Origin Energy stating that they intend to shut down their coal-fired plant within two decades. (Australian Financial Review). By golly, those Libs are doing their best to talk up their own investment portfolios..or am I just suspicious that their talking up is motivated purely out of self-interest.

  32. Carol Taylor

    Freethinker, I’m hopeful that Bill will do a Trudeau against Trump. You do not earn Trump’s respect by being meek, he’ll just treat the person as an “easy-beat”. Wishy-washy Turnbull will simply be stampeded by Trump and made to look even more flaccid than he already does…which of course is what is happening.

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